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ELIAS: (1) “Now; I shall incorporate an exercise for you to be visualizing presently. Your subjective self stands within a field. Before you, within the distance, stands a castle. Your subjective self may see the castle. It is visually visible. The objective self may also see you, for you are visual to the castle. Between you and this castle that you wish to approach stands a tremendously thick field of briars. To reach one’s self within the goal, or the other, you must bridge those briars. Therefore, you must clear a path.

Your subjective and objective selves, as I have stated previously many times, are never out of communication with each other. There is no element ‘hidden’ from you. Your objective self is aware, and has access ability to the information within the subjective self. Therefore, do not be viewing these belief systems as hidden from you!

You have engaged an agreement. The objective self is responding to communication from the subjective self, within a desire to be moving through your briar patch and accomplishing the goal. Therefore, you move through the ‘thickness’ of energy which you have layered between your objective and subjective selves, but they work within communication and harmony within this endeavor. The acceptance of the objective self, within the desire to be accomplishing, has been made. The implementation of movement now engages another action. There is no conflict within desire. There is no conflict within your objective. You only were unaware, in not allowing yourselves to be ’seeing’ your briar patch and its thickness. Your desire to be forging a pathway through these belief systems has begun. Therefore, you shall be accomplishing.” [session 95, May 22, 1996]


ELIAS: “This evening, I shall begin by offering an addition to your present exercise and also to be instructing of an exercise that was offered previously, for those of you who were not in attendance within this forum at that time. This may be helpful to you in identifying your belief systems. This exercise was offered to these individuals previously. I expressed to them to be noticing of all of their expressions of belief systems, whether this be within thought or emotion or reaction to any stimuli. Each time you notice yourself responding to a belief system, note this. This will be helpful to you in identifying your belief systems.

One of the most difficult processes that you each encounter is identification of your own belief systems. You believe that you have eliminated many of your belief systems. This is a belief system also! Therefore, if you are noticing throughout your day each time you are responding to a belief system, you may better identify those belief systems which you hold. Therefore, you may better identify those which you hold strongly. Once you identify these belief systems, then you may begin to be accepting of these belief systems, but you may not accept a belief system that you do not know exists. You shall continue to hold the belief system that you do not identify.” [session 149, January 19, 1997]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: our break ended with a “pop-in,” in response to our lively conversation about healing and belief systems. (A “pop-in” occurs when Mary is speaking one second and the next, Elias unexpectedly “pops-in” and continues.)

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