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GREGORIA: “My question’s a lot simpler. I need to know or learn how to relax so I can THINK about what my purpose is. I’m not even that far, as far as ... I need to relax. I just changed jobs recently from a lot of pressure and now I have zero pressure and I don’t know what to do with it. ...

ELIAS: And this is quite significant to you all, for the incorporation of freedom is quite unfamiliar. Once you offer yourself the expression of freedom you become confused and floundering, for you are quite accustomed to structure and the dictates of other individuals. Your question incorporates relaxing, and this also applies to you all.

The method in which you allow yourself to incorporate relaxing is quite simple. Allow yourself to pay attention, be aware of YOU in the moment. Within the moment initially you shall not be aware objectively of your process in generating tension, but once you have generated tension you shall be aware that you are creating that. In this, as you practice, eventually you shall be aware BEFORE you generate the expression of tension or as you begin to generate it.

But within this present now, turn your attention in the moment that you notice that you have already generated tension, and once you are noticing, focus your attention upon your physical body expression. Do not attempt meditation or visualizations or chanting or affirmations, for you have already generated the tension and therefore your concentration is focused upon that, and these other expressions shall fall by the wayside. (Chuckles) But you may quite efficiently divert your attention.

Focus your attention upon your physical body. Focus your attention upon your physical muscles and their expression of tension. Individualize your muscles. Recognize each expression of tension that you are physically incorporating. Begin with your shoulders and allow your attention to move from your shoulders, INTENTIONALLY DIRECTING THEM to relax and allowing that relaxing.

Move your attention to your solar plexus, for generally speaking this is the second most intense expression of tension that individuals within your physical dimension incorporate. You hold tension within your shoulders and that which supports what? Your thinking, your head, your neck. Beyond that you incorporate the constriction and tension of your yellow energy center, for this is the seat of your communication to yourself, and therefore you stifle this and restrict it and create tremendous tension within your solar plexus, attempting to silence your own communication.

Once you have relaxed your neck and your shoulders physically, and you have moved to relaxing your solar plexus and your yellow energy center, focus your attention upon your physical back, for this is the expression of the supportiveness of yourself and you incorporate tremendous tension in this physical location. In relaxing that physical area, in these three actions you have already sufficiently diverted and distracted your attention and efficiently allowed yourself to create a relaxation.

Thusly, focus your attention upon your physical breathing, for this also generates tension. As your breathing becomes more shallow, you allow yourself to incorporate tenseness. It is quite difficult and challenging to incorporate physical tension within your physical body if your breathing relaxes.

This is the reason that individuals incorporate the action of weeping, for you have incorporated such an extreme of tension within your physical body it automatically responds to release that tension, and in the action of weeping you incorporate breathing. In continuing weeping you restrict your breathing; but if you are allowing yourself the action of breath in volume, I shall challenge you to attempt to continue to weep, for you shall not incorporate this action if you are incorporating tremendous breath. You dissipate the tension and you may not continue the weeping. It is merely in the action of continuing that tension and shallowing your breath that you allow yourself to continue to weep. The weeping itself is an automatic expression of your physical body to release tension.

In diverting your attention to your physical body and its incorporation of tension, addressing to this and intentionally relaxing physical muscles, your attention shall be sufficiently distracted to allow you to relax. Once you have incorporated that action, merely express to yourself, ‘I incorporate choice. It is unnecessary for myself to be holding this tension. What is occurring within this moment? What am I generating within this moment that I need be incorporating this tension?’ No action. Practice with this action, my friend, and you may surprise yourself at how efficient you may become.


ELIAS: Very well.” [session 997, January 27, 2002]

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