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NAOMI: “I want to ask a little bit about some imagery I have been presenting myself. First of all, can you shed some light on what my eye watering is all about and perhaps some things with my vision that have been going on, not right now but in the past?

ELIAS: And your impression?

NAOMI: My impression is almost literally an overflowing of sadness that I’m not allowing myself to express another way. (Elias nods) And that’s it?

ELIAS: An automatic release of energy.

NAOMI: I thought so. Can you give any suggestions on how to neutralize that? (Pause)

ELIAS: I shall offer one exercise, and I shall also offer to you to be paying attention and allowing yourself distraction, but the exercise shall also be influencing in emphasizing that to you and actually moving you into more of an ease of not discounting yourself. I shall express to you to incorporate the action, the physical action, each time you are noticing your own resistance or noticing your own acquiescing or noticing your expression of receding and denying yourself your own expressions, each time you notice, engage the physical action of dancing. Each time!

NAOMI: (Laughs) Each time.

ELIAS: And within quite a short time framework you shall be dancing so very often that you shall be amusing yourself and begin to appreciate yourself!

NAOMI: And I will be experiencing some lunacy there and enjoying it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) This also serves another purpose, for it is an actual physical action in which, if you are allowing yourself to genuinely incorporate this exercise, you shall find yourself incorporating that action in physical locations with other individuals observing, which moves you into an expression of trust. For, your attention must be upon yourself and in allowance of your own trust, and not focused upon concerning yourself with the perceptions of other individuals, which is also an excellent practice in focusing your attention on you in the moment and offering yourself that acceptance.

NAOMI: I think that would be highly efficient.

ELIAS: And it is also an expression of playfulness. (Chuckles)

NAOMI: Yes, I can always use more of that. (Elias laughs) Physical imagery again – what am I telling myself with blood sugar levels when they drop so fast? I believe that’s what’s happening. It’s only very occasionally, but it happens really fast. Do you see anything?

ELIAS: Exhaustion.

NAOMI: Really!

ELIAS: You generate this manifestation in time frameworks in which you have been incorporating a prolonged force of your own energy, and to gain your attention you generate this physical manifestation to stop.

NAOMI: So it would really be helpful if I would find some other way to recharge physically before that happens?

ELIAS: No. It would be significant for you to be paying attention in those time frameworks to your energy and how you are generating a tension and forcing yourself, forcing your energy to continue. Your indication, your evidence is to pay attention to the DOING aspect of you, time periods in which you are DOING contrary to what you want and you continue to push your energy and yourself in a direction in conjunction with expectations, rather than with what you want. You have become quite proficient at that action.

NAOMI: Actually, I’m pretty good at it. (Laughs) But now that I think of it, all the occasions I can think of happened at work, and I do physical work which can’t really be stopped at that point.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of stopping. It is a matter of paying attention to HOW you are doing – not what you are doing but how you are doing, for the how is significant. You may generate any action, you may choose to be engaging any action, and HOW you express that action is significant.

For if you are generating an action and you are generating a perception in fun and allowance and ease, you generate a specific type of energy. If you are incorporating the same action but you are also forcing your energy, expecting of yourself, and your energy is one of tension, you generate a very different projection of energy and a very different experience.

NAOMI: Dancing might help that also!

ELIAS: Quite. (Chuckles) For it is as I have stated, a physical action which allows the release of energy.” [session 1450, September 28, 2003]

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