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ELIAS: “Let me express to you, this is another expression of pushing your energy. My suggestion to you in this time framework is to stop incorporating the ‘supposed tos’ or ‘not supposed tos’ or ‘shoulds’ or ‘should nots.’

CARMEN: I cannot believe how I hammer myself with those!

ELIAS: This is overwhelming and is merely perpetuating this circle of discounting yourself and of devaluing yourself.

Now; I shall suggest to you in association with that temporarily allow yourself to breathe, and if you express to yourself an identification of an action that you are incorporating or noticing an expression that you are generating, DO NOT follow that with ‘I should not be thinking this way’ or ‘I should not be expressing this energy,’ for that merely generates another expression in which you discount yourself again.

In that, you are generating your movement, digging into your tunnel, and rather than continuing to move within your tunnel, you continue to move to the beginning of the tunnel. You have already dug a tremendous tunnel. It is not necessary to move to the beginning of it again and be digging the tunnel larger. It is already dug. In this, you fit quite nicely already within your tunnel. The point is to be moving to the next heave of earth or the next rock and moving it out of your tunnel to continue to move forward. The mouth of the tunnel is wide enough. (Chuckles)

CARMEN: You know, sometimes, not often, but right now I almost feel like laughing about it. Because if I were to step outside of myself and look at myself, it’s like I cannot believe what I am doing to myself!

ELIAS: Ah! I shall offer you an exercise. (Humorously) I may express to you that you have generated an excellent movement in discounting yourself and being forgetful of your fun! Therefore, we shall incorporate an exercise to re-introduce you to fun.

Now; in this exercise, we shall be quite specific. It shall incorporate actual paint.

Now; in moments in which you notice yourself expressing a should or a should not, you shall apply yellow paint to some area of your body.

CARMEN: Oh my gosh! (Laughing)

ELIAS: In moments in which you are expressing or noticing that you are pushing your energy, you shall apply blue paint to your physical body. In moments in which you are discounting yourself and you notice, you shall apply red paint to your physical body. In these expressions, in any other type of discounting of yourself that you notice, you shall incorporate your creativity and you shall choose other colors and you shall apply them to your physical body.

I am expressing to you that you shall incorporate this action regardless of where you find yourself, in any environment. And I shall express to you that I shall wager you shall be incorporating laughter quite quickly, especially if you are engaged with another individual and you recognize that you must now be applying some color of paint to your physical body. This shall become quite humorous! Ha ha ha!

CARMEN: I think that in one day I could cover my entire body...

ELIAS: Ah! And perhaps this shall be an exercise that shall interrupt this circle and this pattern of devaluing of yourself, for you shall offer yourself the opportunity to now view yourself as your canvas, [and] perhaps you shall begin to express that secret rather than camouflaging.

CARMEN: So in relation to other people, the energy that I am creating is that they feel that I do not value myself, is that correct? Because you said there are no secrets.

ELIAS: Correct, although I may express to you that in the camouflage that you generate, what occurs many times with the other individuals is that they merely do not pay attention. They are, in a manner of speaking, noticing that you are expressing in a manner in which you are not valuing yourself and they are compliant with that.

CARMEN: Because when I am creating, they are compliant in my creating situations for them where quote ‘supposedly’ they can’t pay more. It’s not within their budget.

ELIAS: But that is what YOU are creating. That is what you are drawing to yourself, for you are not valuing yourself.

Let me also express to you, this type of camouflage does not incorporate you as the great humanitarian and it does not incorporate you as the good individual for you are being compliant with financial needs. It is actually you devaluing yourself and not expressing the type of energy in that value and appreciation of yourself to draw to you more of an outward reflection of that value, more of an expression of your value in reflection in the energy of the other individuals, and the individuals that you draw to yourself.

CARMEN: Well, that is the issue in this time framework, there’s no question, and it does affect my entire focus. The trauma I am generating is just debilitating, incapacitating. I do want to move beyond it or at least to the next rock.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And remember, in that tunnel, as you continue to move and uncover each rock, so to speak, each of them incorporates its own beauty and its own colors, and it in itself is...

CARMEN: That is what I have to learn or discover how to perceive, that thing about the shadows giving depth and dimension. Shadows are colors, too. That’s not an absence of color.

ELIAS: You are correct. They are.”[session 1519, February, 23, 2004]

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