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VICKI: “Michael is confused about his dream last night. Can you tell us about it?”

ELIAS: “Michael is not practicing! Michael becomes frustrated because he cannot remember. He did very much better this day. Michael is expecting me sometimes to interpret for him. He has the ability to interpret for himself. Just as a child wishes its parent to do physical things for it or when it does not feel like walking it is expecting its parent to carry it, Michael is not trying to walk in some areas and expecting I will volunteer to carry.

“It is important for him to notice and practice in sleep time. It is also important for you to practice in sleep time. You spend many of your hours in this state. This is the easiest and most complete opportunity to connect to your essence. It should not be overlooked.”

VICKI: “How do you practice?”

ELIAS: “You may begin by speaking to yourself before you enter your sleep state. You may tell yourself to notice your movements through your dreams. You may tell yourself only simply to remember an impression of a dream. Always remember, you must begin with small steps. You cannot just fall asleep tonight and project to the stars automatically.

“You must practice. You may also try small brief exercises in your waking conscious state. You may find this to be an easier connection. You may begin with a visualization or a simple meditation.

“Here is a simple exercise that you may connect with which will help in your confidence. Sit in a chair. Relax your body. Briefly visualize something; whatever is comfortable for you. Do not focus too hard. When you feel yourself focused and relaxed, let your visualization go. Feel or imagine your body to melt into the chair.

“You will feel as though your very molecules will merge with the chair. This does not need to be a long exercise or experience. It is only to offer a shift in focus. When you are aware that you can shift your focus you will trust more and you will find it easier to connect with your dreams and your essence.” [session 09, May 24, 1995]

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