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CAROL: “May I ask a question about dreams?”

ELIAS: “You may.”

CAROLE: “My dreams are symbolic. The dreams that I remember are symbolic. I never have dreams that are specific, things that I see manifest, per se. Do you have any comments about that?”

ELIAS: “Everything is a symbol. It is only your interpretation of these symbols. Every minute of your physical focus is a symbol to your essence. Your essence is very acquainted and accustomed to viewing all focuses in symbols. You do not view your physical focus in this way, so you think. (Smiling) In reality, it is all symbols. It only needs [to] be interpreted.

“You may do exercises in your waking states, which will familiarize you with symbols easier. In your visualizations, choose a focus of any moment of your present physical developmental focus. When you have visualized this moment, allow your focus to expand. You will notice other thoughts or remembrances occurring in your visualization. Do not block these. Some will seem completely unrelated. Some will be easily identified. Those which are easily identified, you may think you do not need to interpret. You will see many different pictures flash to you.

“In this way, when you incorporate the entire finished picture, you may take the pieces of it apart and then interpret them to yourself. In this same way, as you practice with your attention in your dream state, you will become familiar with your symbols. They are your essence language to you.” [session 10, May 28, 1995]

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