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PAMELA: “I feel in the last five, ten years, especially the last five years that I have made incredible inroads in consciousness, and yet I so rarely see outward proof or the outward result. It’s like I keep continuing my exploration of consciousness and that keeps expanding, but as you’re saying, I haven’t been allowing myself to feel my own personal power, my own personal abilities within that.

ELIAS. Correct. Define to myself what you assess as your ‘exploration or inroads of consciousness.’

PAMELA: Through meditation, through appreciating, feeling that I’ve had inspiration and information come to me in moments of contemplation. I never used to read anything but Seth, because there was a big fear element. I was afraid about the end of the world and what was going to happen and a lot of doom and gloom. There was a lot of doom and gloom information out there, so I cloistered myself.

Once I became aware in the middle of this last decade that there was a lot of other information coming through, I allowed that in. I’ve explored a lot of different things. I’ve looked into astrology and a lot of different healing techniques, just out of interest’s sake. They don’t seem to be my path, but I just found them interesting, like pieces of the puzzle. Again, I just love this search. I love this puzzle.

ELIAS: And you offer yourself considerable volumes of information, but you do not necessarily incorporate that information in relation to yourself and your trust of your ability to generate.

PAMELA: But I know that’s why I’m looking. I mean, I know that’s why I continue, and I do. When I read the sessions, that’s my goal: ‘Okay, how can I use this in my life? How am I doing this? How can I find this trust?’ I guess I’m just feeling that the level of lack of trust that I have... I wish there was just a light switch I could flip, but I can’t find that light switch!

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you first of all, you may begin in the moment. For what you are generating is acquiring, in your perception, more and more and more information, and projecting that you shall allow yourself to incorporate this information at some point. The point is now, and to begin, in the NOW, practicing. For, each expression of practice that you incorporate in each moment, in each situation, offers you another validation and reinforcement of trust.

Therefore, the manner in which you may begin is in each moment. In the moment that you are interactive with your parent and you notice that there is an expression of disapproval, allow yourself to move your attention in the moment. You are generating an expectation that if you offer yourself enough information, your reality shall alter itself automatically. This is not the manner in which you generate creating your reality. YOU create it. Therefore, you also create what you concentrate upon – not what you THINK of, for thought does not generate your reality. It does not precede it and it does not create it. It merely translates.

PAMELA: How is concentration different from thought, from thinking of something?

ELIAS: Concentration is associated with your beliefs and your associations. This is the concentration of your attention, and in this, you do create what you concentrate upon. If you are generating a lack of trust within yourself and manifesting that in an issue of approval, as you continue to not allow yourself to examine the beliefs that are influencing, you continue to generate automatic responses and a lack of choice.

You evidence this to yourself in outward manifestation, in which you generate interactions and reflections of other individuals which shall be disapproving, and you shall continue to seek the approval, for you are not paying attention to you. You are not receiving your own messages in your own communications to yourself, for you are not paying attention to what YOU are generating. You concern yourself with what is occurring outside of yourself and attempting to alter that.

But you are not even attempting to alter that – you are generating an expectation that if you merely offer yourself information and meditate in relation to the information that you offer to yourself, your reality shall magically and mysteriously create itself for you, and shall mysteriously alter. And it shall not, for you are the individual that is generating it.

This is the significance, which is tremendous, of paying attention to yourself, familiarizing yourself with you and your beliefs and your associations with beliefs, with your perception, and with how you move your attention and where you move your attention. For how may you offer yourself choice if you do not recognize what you are creating? If the responsibility of the creation is affixed to a situation or another individual, you automatically generate the automatic response of becoming a victim, for you are not generating that expression of your reality any longer, in your perception. Some other expression is generating it for you.

But in turning your attention to yourself and allowing yourself to be generating responsibility for creating your reality, what you actually create is a tremendous expression of freedom, for now you are no longer a victim. For if no other element is generating any aspect of your reality except you, you may choose all of it.

PAMELA: I understand that so well intellectually.

ELIAS: Ah, and I am quite understanding of this expression. Many individuals intellectually understand the concept, but it remains a concept and not a reality, for you have not moved the concept into experience.

PAMELA: Correct. And since learning about you, which has only been four months of reading some of the sessions, I really have been trying to learn to pay attention. That definitely is the challenge, interpreting your own messages, your own communications.

ELIAS: Correct, and also paying attention in the now, holding your attention in the moment, not projecting futurely or pastly. For you quite easily generate moving the responsibility once again from yourself to some aspect that may be future or past; which in actuality, if you allow yourself to genuinely examine this action, there is a tremendous separation in this expression also. For you view yourself to be who and what you are now, and not who and what you were as a child – that is another individual.

Therefore in projecting your attention to that child who is another individual, the responsibility shifts to that child, and once again is not expressed within you now. Which, once again, if you are not incorporating the responsibility, you are not generating your own choices and you are becoming victim to another expression, even an expression of yourself as another individual, as a child.

PAMELA: Okay, that makes sense. But if we can change the past, if the past is as fluid as the now and the future, then decisions we make in the moment ripple out from that, correct?

ELIAS: You are correct.

PAMELA: Do they change those past and future expressions the same way they can change who you are now?


PAMELA: So then you can have different memories of a childhood, let’s say...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: ...and what you’re doing is you’re tapping into all those different probabilities that were available then, anyway.

ELIAS: Correct. There are no absolutes. Even your experiences are not absolute.

PAMELA: I understand that intellectually again. (Elias and Pamela laugh) Well, I certainly will continue working with the paying attention, and probably will call you back after I work with that a little more, although I’ve been working with it. But again, it’s just challenging really recognizing the communications you’re giving yourself.

ELIAS: Allow yourself, my friend, within the few days to come, so to speak, allow yourself to experiment. And in this experimentation, allow yourself to genuinely hold your attention in the moment, regardless of any scenario that you create or involve yourself with in any capacity. And in the moments, allow yourself to attempt to genuinely pay attention to what you are expressing to yourself: what you are communicating to yourself in emotional communications, what you are offering to yourself through your outer senses, what you are generating in your physical body consciousness, and whether you are allowing yourself to relax your energy or noticing in a moment that your body consciousness is beginning to express tension and tightness.

In this, as you interact with other individuals, experiment, and in the moment that you begin to experience any input, allow yourself to remove the other individual from your perception. Playfully in the experiment, allow yourself to create the other individual as disappearing. Therefore, the other individual momentarily does not exist, and in that moment, allow yourself to notice all that you are generating within yourself and your communications to yourself: all that you feel, all that you sense, all that you are expressing.

This may be a helpful exercise to be incorporating in experimenting with moving your attention to you but also incorporating an active participation of generating your reality, and actually creating and actually manipulating your energy and allowing you to view that you actually do incorporate the ability to generate this.” [session 1070, April 30, 2002]

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