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MIKE: ďMy method for connecting with information ... and it sounds silly, but I canít seem to finish or continue certain things that I can be comfortable doing to be connecting with information, such as playing one of my numerous instruments, meditation, or whatever. Iím aware now that part of that not finishing stuff is part of my intent, but since Iím always speaking to me, what are the ways that Iím speaking to me ... which youíve already answered. What is it that I could use as my method, so to speak, to be connecting with information, that I could actually stick with?

ELIAS: And why shall you choose one singular method?

MIKE: Well, because I canít seem to ... I mean, when I say I canít finish the music, I mean as soon as I sit down with my instrument, I start playing it, and then I want to put it away, so I donít even get into the thing of starting to connect with information.

ELIAS: I express to you, Mikah [Michael], that you experience boredom quite easily, and therefore you offer yourself many different expressions and directions, that you may be continuing to be stimulating of yourself. Therefore, it may be inefficient of myself to be expressing to you any one particular direction, for you within yourself shall be turning your attention to be creating of that expression of stimulus.

In this, be remembering that you are moving within the framework of mass beliefs that you must be connecting with information in quietness. This is not necessarily the situation. You may be connecting with information in any manner that you choose, and it is not necessarily facilitated by meditation or quietness. This is merely the method that has been officially accepted within the beliefs that you hold within your societies.

MIKE: Okay. So Iím not offering myself, somewhere out there in imagery or whatever, a method or something? Just be listening?

ELIAS: I shall offer to you, Mikah [Michael] engage a bike ride.

MIKE: A bike ride?


MIKE: Okay....

ELIAS: This shall offer you the opportunity of stimulation within physical and visual. It shall also provide you with an element of quietness, that you may be allowing yourself to drift and to be connecting with information, but incorporating simultaneously different aspects of stimulation in doing, so to speak, an action.

Therefore, you are not confining yourself to sitting quietly and boring yourself or engaging tediousness of your musical instruments, which becomes more of a chore than fun, and in this expression of engaging the physical activity of a bicycle ride, you may be allowing yourself to be connecting more efficiently.Ē [session 388, April 27, 1999]


MIKE: ďLately, actually for a long time, I only get little snippets of my dreams, like the dream I had with myself with long hair, which I know that one was very purposeful, as are all dreams.

But why havenít I been remembering my dreams like I used to? I used to remember like three or four dreams, like the whole or most of the scenario. Now I only get maybe like an image or two out of maybe one dream that I have, and I was wondering why Iím not remembering.

ELIAS: You are creating this situation for the reason of your distraction.

To this point presently, you have been distracting yourself, that you may not necessarily view those areas which you wish to be addressing to, for subjectively you choose to be addressing to belief systems and moving into a wider awareness and more efficient expression, but objectively you also battle with this, fearing that you may not necessarily approve of yourself in true depth of exploration.

Your dream state is your communication from essence to focus. It is your communication with self and offers you much imagery that is pertaining to your reality, and many times addresses to the issues that you are addressing to and engaging within your objective waking state.

In this, you are choosing presently not to be holding the memory objectively of your interaction within this dream state, for you are not necessarily wishing to view what you are communicating to yourself, for what you are communicating to yourself in much of this dream interaction is very much in like manner to the information that I am offering you presently, to be noticing and to not be distracting yourself. But within objective expression, you are quite pleased with your distractions, and this is offering you a temporary comfort and fun, which you interpret as freedom.

MIKE: (Laughing) Oh boy!

ELIAS: I express to you that this type of freedom may be more restricting than you realize.

MIKE: Yeah, Iím becoming more aware of that.

I have purchased some materials to be helping myself quiet down, and I was wondering if and will this be indeed helpful, like Iím looking for it to be. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And your ride is not efficient enough?

MIKE: What?

ELIAS: Your ride physically is not efficient enough? (Pause)

For it is not spiritual enough!

(Humorously) Horrors, that we engage a bicycle ride and physical activity within pleasure and fun within your countryside, for this is not a spiritual activity in seriousness, and shall not quite be as efficient as other spiritual manifestations!

I express to you that if you are so choosing, you may engage in these methods, and if you are lending yourself to them, you may be accomplishing in this area. You may also temporarily be experiencing frustration, for your physical thought process leans in the direction of distraction and chatter, does it not?

MIKE: Yes!

ELIAS: (Humorously) And shall you not accept that the great and powerful Elias is holding an awareness of this inner chatter that you create continuously, and has offered to you an efficient method that shall quiet this chatter? Ah, but it is not the spiritual, Tibetan offering of the monks that clink cymbals and burn incense and meditate for great enlightenment. Very well! (Mike cracks up)

You may engage your equipment and you may engage your methods, and subsequent to these methods, you may attempt your ride and you may compare, and you may offer to me what direction is more efficient.

MIKE: Well, from that, Iím taking a guess that the bike ride would be more efficient!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! Give me no credit for knowing of the energy that I read within you! (Chuckling)

MIKE: (Laughing) Okay, um....

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you that you may not be engaging these methods if you are so choosing. They may be helpful to you, although I am merely offering you cautioning to be anticipating and not surprised if your inner chatter continues, and you engage frustration in attempting to be engaging this quietness without distraction.

MIKE: Maybe I should try the bike ride before I try this!

ELIAS: It matters not!

MIKE: ... Okay. Alright, hereís one. I didnít see anything peculiar about it until Candace [Nicky] brought it up, about how much it annoyed her, which I didnít let it affect me too much, but then I started noticing Ė maybe it was bleed-through action or maybe it was something from another focus Ė a habit of mine in which I always have to be chewing ice when Iím drinking something. I always have to get the ice out and chew on it, and I was wondering, what is that?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This offers you a distraction in the area to be quieting yourself. Now; look to this action that you create, and let us return to our discussion which we have engaged just prior to this questioning, in our discussion of your other methods or your bicycle riding.

In this, as you engage a physical activity that requires no thought process but offers you movement and stimulation of physical senses, it offers you enough distraction that it allows you the opportunity to quiet yourself and to be paying attention to another element. It may be being attentive to another individual or to a programming, to musical engagement. It may be merely to be observant of the environment around you. But it is a physical action which engages physical senses, which provides just enough stimulus to allow you to be directing your attention in other areas and not battling the banter.

MIKE: Fascinating! I never thought of it that way!

ELIAS: This requires no thought process of yourself. You are engaging this activity with no thought, and automatically. This is an automatic physical response that you have created that releases your thought process and allows you not to be engaging your chatter.

This be the reason I have offered the suggestion of the bicycle ride, for this engages physical senses that require no thought process, but provides you with just enough distraction and physical stimulation that it shall free your attention to be engaged in quietness and shall allow you to be attentive to a singular direction.Ē [session 398, May 18, 1999]

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