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MICHAEL: “So really, we have to pay attention to the man in the mirror.


MICHAEL: Because whatever he’s doing, that’s what’s happening. (Elias nods in agreement)

KAUSTUBH: Elias, would you say that fear is form of opposition?

ELIAS: Yes, for it is an opposition of yourself.

KAUSTUBH: How about situations where the apparent power is unidirectional, in the sense that when I consider myself with respect to government, regulations, laws, or when I have to travel to other countries, I have to get all this paperwork done to get a visa. I feel myself to be pretty powerless with respect to that and I work myself up a lot in such situations. I do recognize that it is opposition, however what could I do to neutralize that opposition?

ELIAS: Remember, you create what you concentrate upon, and as you continue to concentrate upon lack and the inability to accomplish, you shall continue to express that.

In allowing yourself to relax, perhaps begin to alter this automatic fear and these automatic expressions by incorporating an exercise of appreciation and acknowledgment. If you are within each of your days allowing yourself to acknowledge some accomplishments within your day, that reinforces your trust. It also interrupts your concentration upon lack, for you are acknowledging accomplishment and what you have. In that also, express some type of appreciation of yourself in the least twice within your day.

KAUSTUBH: So in such a scenario, when I’m appreciating myself, I may still have these feelings of fear...

ELIAS: Yes, but you are interrupting that and you are reinforcing your trust of yourself, which shall override the fear. It shall allow you to incorporate more of an expression of confidence and acceptance within yourself and allow you more comfort within yourself. Also practice relaxing, for tension is an automatic by-product of fear. You automatically incorporate tension within your physical body consciousness in association with fear.

The appreciation exercise is tremendously important and very powerful. It matters not what you appreciate. It matters not if it is in your estimation large or small. It may be in your estimation almost insignificant. It matters not. If it is a genuine expression of appreciation, it is powerful enough to interrupt these automatic responses and to reinforce your trust of yourself.

KAUSTUBH: So my take on this particular example is that I may still have to go through all the red tape, however I will not create these twinges. I would still have to do all the paperwork but not I would not feel it.

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: I found it helps me in that situation, if I sort of ask myself why I feel this way. I remind myself what you always say that I’m sort of projecting it, but in the now I’m okay. Then the tension goes away, at least to the degree that I’m more comfortable.

ELIAS: Being present in the now is very important.

KAUSTUBH: These days I’ve been noticing my energy a lot. When I’m projecting opposition, I notice it and I try to ask what is causing the threat in me. I do answer the question but somehow it does not convince me, in the sense that I still believe that the power is one way and I feel that I am powerless. I try to interrupt it...

ELIAS: Correct, which is the importance of acknowledging and appreciating, for that generates an action that allows you to interrupt. It is not a matter of convincing yourself. It is a matter of incorporating a different action that interrupts those automatic expressions.

DANIIL: During private sessions with you, I guess I’m not opposing you as much I would oppose other individuals. That would be an example of feeling appreciated and appreciating, feeling friendly and sharing. That would be an example that I could draw upon in interaction with others.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.” [session 1861, October 22, 2005]

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