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Monday, October 28, 2002

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“Terminology: Reincarnation, Remanifestation, Simultaneous Focuses”

“‘Oversoul Seven’ and the City”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Luana (Ring).

Elias arrives at 2:44 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon again!

LUANA: Good afternoon, Elias. I don’t know where this is going to, because what you said earlier about “Oversoul Seven” was... Maybe I’ll change plans here, but we’ll just proceed ahead and see where it heads to.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: I want to cover first the three new members of our green group who work with some of this material. I’m going to give you their names, and if you’ll tell me their family, essence and name and alignment and orientation, element and their musical tone and so on and so forth. Is that all right with you?

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: The first one is Raven. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Burr, B-U-R-R (BUR). Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Sumari; orientation, common; emotionally focused. And you wish musical tone?

LUANA: Yes, please, and color.

ELIAS: Second octave high C. (Pause) Color, sienna.

LUANA: The next person would be Carol. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Timote, T-I-M-O-T-E (tim oh TAY). Essence family, Gramada; alignment, Milumet; orientation, common; emotionally focused; musical note, D; color vibration, mauve.

LUANA: And the last one is Marlene. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Califoe, C-A-L-I-F-O-E (kah LEAF oh); essence family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi; orientation, intermediate; musical note, first octave bass cleft G; vibrational color, orange.

LUANA: Did you mention element? I may have missed that with the last one, with Marlene.

ELIAS: Emotional focus.

LUANA: Is it possible without them here to also say how many focuses each one of these three has?


LUANA: Okay, with Raven? (Pause)

ELIAS: Six hundred forty-two.

LUANA: With Carol? (Pause)

ELIAS: One thousand eighteen.

LUANA: And with Marlene? (Pause)

ELIAS: One hundred thirty-seven.

LUANA: Are any of these first or last focuses, final focuses?

ELIAS: You may inquire of the individuals, for their impressions shall be accurate.

LUANA: Are any of the five in our group presently associated in other time frames, either in a group or in other relationships?

ELIAS: Together?

LUANA: Yes. (Pause)

ELIAS: All of you.

LUANA: All of us have been together in another time. What did we work on or accomplish in that time as a group?

ELIAS: You have manifest several times in relation to each other, not necessarily manifesting with a group purpose, so to speak.

LUANA: What would be the earliest time frame of our first interconnection together? (Pause)

ELIAS: Ninth century.

LUANA: How were we interrelated at that time? In what capacity?

ELIAS: Friendship within the same clan.

LUANA: How about in the future, are we relating there as a group also? In what capacity? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Some incorporated as friends and others in intimate relationship.

LUANA: That’s probably fairly complicated to go into that.

My partner Jim is one of the group of the five people, and this is a really important question for him. He has not necessarily been focused on either the Seth or your material, but I talk to him frequently about it. He says he believes in it about Monday, Wednesday and Friday but not necessarily the other days of the week.

One of the problems that’s come up for him is he’s greatly frustrated over the idea of remanifestation or not remanifestation. I have tried to explain to him from my reading about simultaneous time and about essence being many focuses that they happen all at one time and so on and so forth. But then maybe something will come up with Seth or there was something on your page about the “next developmental focus,” and it makes him angry and frustrated because for his logical mind he wants some clarity on it. I don’t seem to be able to offer him the information or offer him understanding in that way. I wonder if you can just briefly say something to him that will help him to understand the principles involved here.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, recognize and understand that information is offered to individuals within this physical dimension in association with the capacity of your physical objective understanding and willingness to assimilate. Therefore in relation to some expressions, they may be offered in association with the willingness of the individuals receiving that information to assimilate what is being offered and their capacity in relation to their beliefs to be receiving information. Another factor is the essence which is offering the information and the direction that the individual essence chooses in relation to their individual intent or agenda, so to speak.

Now; as to your previous teacher, so to speak – Seth – this essence offered information to be stirring the pot, so to speak. The objective was to be introducing information to be helpful to individuals within your physical dimension to be recognizing beliefs and their expression within this physical dimension. The offering of information was not intended to be contrary to beliefs but rather merely to expose the existence of beliefs, and to offer information to individuals within this dimension that may be an aid, so to speak, in helpfulness in your movement into an objective awareness of this shift in consciousness, recognizing that the action within that time framework was approaching the objective insertion of this shift in consciousness but not quite being expressed yet, continuing to be acknowledging of the subjective movement of the shift in consciousness. Therefore, the emphasis was not upon offering information that may necessarily move outside of your beliefs or conflict with your beliefs. The intention was not to be expressing information that would generate more conflict or trauma in association with shifting but to merely offer information concerning beliefs, which was quite profound and significant.

Now; as I, in your terms, began objective interaction in energy exchange with Michael in association with initial groups of individuals, I also was acknowledging of the strength of the beliefs incorporated by those individuals that participated in interaction with myself, recognizing the big picture, so to speak. In that recognition, allowances were expressed temporarily in recognition that were those allowances not to be expressed, knowing that the movement would exceed those allowances and knowing your capacities to accept that movement for you incorporate tremendous intellect, information was offered partially and not expressed in a manner in which the movement of this forum would be thwarted. The individuals participating, and most significantly Michael who allows the energy exchange, would have not continued were I to have offered information in the capacity that is generated now.

Even within this time framework I offer information in increments, recognizing what the individuals participating in this forum shall accept and allow themselves to assimilate in conjunction with their movement in this shift and their widening of awareness. What you may have assimilated in your linear time framework ten years prior, you have moved far beyond now. What you may assimilate now you would have rejected ten years prior, for you would not have incorporated the capacity to assimilate, for your awareness had not widened to the point that you would allow yourself an objective understanding of that information.

Therefore, in association with remanifestation, this is merely another term for reincarnation. In association with the beliefs expressed within that time framework, the belief of reincarnation was revolutionary to those individuals participating in this group forum and was expressed in difficulty in acceptance of that concept. Therefore we have moved in increments in the offering of information, but swiftly.

I express the concept of remanifestation in the choice to not incorporate familiar terminology of reincarnation and to introduce beginning points of information that would allow for additional information and alteration of information which is not conflicting. For if you are choosing, you may be expressing an alignment with the belief of remanifestation. In association with linear time framework in your physical dimension, it may be termed as remanifestation, which is quite real, for you are associating with linear time.

In association with consciousness outside of this physical dimension – and not all physical dimensions incorporate linear time – remanifestation is relative to your physical dimension and your beliefs. Outside of this physical dimension, in actuality as essence what you are generating is a manifestation of all of your focuses simultaneously.

Now; in association with your beliefs once again, linear time and your singularity of attention associated with one focus, it may be deemed as accurate that you are expressing remanifestation. But moving beyond your beliefs or your familiar beliefs, moving beyond your familiar associations and expressing information that offers you the opportunity to expand your awareness and view yourself more fully as what you are without the veil of separation – which also is relative to this physical dimension – as you are offered information concerning all of your focuses being present and simultaneous, they are less removed. You need not seek them out in another time framework in which they are dead, or they have not yet been born, and it is more difficult for you to associate with their presence or as them being you.

Also, in the continuation of information that I am offering to you all, I intentionally continue to move in an offering of that information in a manner which you shall not automatically generate familiar associations with your beliefs, therefore allowing you to offer yourselves the opportunity to move beyond the familiar, to widen your awareness, to know that all of these focuses are you. It is not forward and backward. It is a sideways movement of viewing, and you do incorporate the ability in this now to move your attention and not merely view another focus of yourself, another manifestation of yourself, but to move your attention and be...

LUANA: And be that.

ELIAS: Yes, for you are. You also incorporate the ability to be yourself, continue to incorporate your attention with this manifestation, and be the other individuals simultaneously.

LUANA: Which is very well explained in the “Oversoul Trilogy” books, which I want to get into briefly, although I may make a change in the road here.

But there are a couple things I want to cover with the group. Carol is a new member to the group and is not familiar with either Seth or Elias. So in the process of trying to explain some of the things and tell her a little about the story, Carol saw behind me four tall robed figures. She seems to have an inner sight that’s quite well developed. I wanted to ask you about that. Is that merely something in her imagination, or were Speakers or whoever there? Were they there?


LUANA: Who were they and why are they there when we are having these meetings? (Pause)

ELIAS: They are other focuses of what you term to be members of your group.

LUANA: Ah! Are they belonging all to one essence of the group or different essences?

ELIAS: Different, one to each.

LUANA: So there were five actually there and not four?

ELIAS: What was viewed was four, but you are correct, there are five.

LUANA: Are these five essences that have been connected together in another time frame? Is that why those five have showed up?

ELIAS: They are the five essences of you.

LUANA: All of us?

ELIAS: Yes. They are other FOCUSES of you each.

LUANA: But my question was, those five focuses that arrived, are they there because those same five have been connected in our group before, like we talked about, like in the 9th century and so on and so forth?

ELIAS: No. They are merely different focuses of each of you that are offering energy to your participation with each other, and each of those are a focus that each of you have drawn.

LUANA: To the meeting.


LUANA: Are there any of the five of us that would probably have an easeful time of channeling?

ELIAS: This is a choice.

LUANA: Can any of the five channel?


LUANA: Merely by their choice?

ELIAS: Yes, and an openness and an incorporation of relaxation to allow either other aspects of their own essence to be channeled or an openness and an allowance in a relaxation for an energy exchange, but it is a choice. An energy exchange is different, for this requires the willingness and the agreement of another essence.

LUANA: I see. How does one get the agreement of the other essence to do that? (Pause)

ELIAS: As you express, any of you, an openness and a willingness to be engaging an energy exchange, you project an energy outward. In that projection of energy outward in a manner of speaking, figuratively it generates a type of beacon within consciousness, and an essence that may be choosing an energy exchange with an individual within your physical dimension may be drawing to that beacon.

Now; it shall choose whether it shall engage that action or not, and it shall evaluate whether there is what you term to be a compatibility between the individual physically focused and the movement or the agenda, so to speak, of the essence engaging the exchange.

LUANA: Yes, I understand. All right, I want to go into a bit of “Oversoul Seven.” Now, you said earlier that this is a figurative story not a literal one, and yet I read in some of your sessions that you maintain quite strongly that this was an actual reality. I don’t know how to phrase it, but the feeling I got was that this is a potential that goes into a parallel reality and then with the intention of people they could eventually manifest this city.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: In conjunction with that, we’ve done some tiles with our group. I want to ask you first, is this something you are creating as you have created the story? Are you creating the potential by making the story in this city being able to manifest itself? Does it manifest itself in physical reality or only in parallel reality?

ELIAS: I am not creating it; YOU are creating it.

LUANA: We are creating it.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: It’s your idea, though, to create it?


LUANA: It’s OUR idea to create it?

ELIAS: Yes. I am reflecting your potential.

LUANA: To create this?


LUANA: There’s no originator of this story?

ELIAS: It is a cooperative.

LUANA: Is it a cooperative with the people that are in this forum?

ELIAS: And also the individual that physically engaged the writing.

LUANA: Jane Roberts?


LUANA: So it is her creation, in a way of speaking?

ELIAS: No, it is a cooperative.

LUANA: Who are the people who are cooperating in it?

ELIAS: You, myself and the individual that physically engaged the writing.

LUANA: I see. Is Seth also involved in this?


LUANA: Is Seth a focus of yours?

ELIAS: No, this is another essence.

LUANA: It is another essence altogether.


LUANA: We’ve worked on these tiles ... is this still an ongoing project?


LUANA: So, as people come together and intend buildings and parks and tiles and so forth, this is a possibility to manifest?

ELIAS: Quite!

LUANA: One of the things that Carol came up with... I want to show the tiles to you. They’ve given me impressions on them, too, and ask if they can be inserted. This was a very interesting evening we had about ten days or so ago with our group meeting. Everybody left except the three of us. I had set up a Ouija board earlier and thought we would try to do some channeling or energy exchange, but it didn’t work out that way.

The three of us sat there and didn’t actually even do the Ouija board because Carol had said that’s old fashioned, let’s not bother with that, let’s just go in and talk to each other inside and see what we see. So that’s what we did. Eventually – I won’t go through the whole thing – it didn’t take very long, but eventually she wound up with a wall which she perceived. She had some trouble getting to the other side of the wall, but we gave her some energy and she slipped around into the inside of the wall.

When she got in there, my partner, who was also involved, began to see this projection system, which was in “Oversoul Seven,” that began to project this scene of this city, the cityscape. Meanwhile when he said that, she began to see the people that lived there. They had different colored headbands on, representing the different essence families that were there.

She also looked down to see the tiles that were on the ground. The impression that came to her is the different tiles would sort of be like stepping stones, and that if she kind of hopscotched in different patterns on these stones, by doing so the pattern that was created would open different doors in the building that she could go into or that anybody could go into. The patterns belonged to the different essence families, thusly opening up the door and you could go inside and access what was in there.

Is this something just in her imagination? Is this something she perceived that is possible in 35,000 BC? Is she creating at the time and adding it to the story of how things may be? What are the parameters of this?

ELIAS: First of all, imagination is quite real. It is a communication avenue. I shall also express to you, as these elements are envisioned, they are created. This is the correlation with the book, that what you are creating now is being created in the future. Therefore, as you create these tiles and these structures, they are being created in the future. As you continue these creations, you increase the potential to insert that into this actual physical reality.

LUANA: Now, is this the future, the present of the future, or is this the future of the past? Because in the book it’s obviously both and both time elements.

ELIAS: Present-future, and once inserted, future-past and future-present.

LUANA: I wrote out a lot on that to try to figure out all those pasts and futures for sure. (Elias laughs) Has the City yet been inserted?

ELIAS: Were it inserted, you would be engaging physically visiting that physical city, would you not? And so would also many other individuals, merely out of curiosity. But it has not been inserted yet. This is not to say that it is not quite real already.

LUANA: No, I understand with the parallel reality. The people that inhabit those cities, are those the ones that are aware of it, have read the book and have worked to put the tiles in there? Are they the ones that eventually inhabit all these different cities?

ELIAS: Some, not all.

LUANA: Who are the other people?

ELIAS: Other individuals, future focuses of other individuals that may be in manifestation now.

LUANA: May I share some of the tiles with you before it gets too late?

ELIAS: You may.

LUANA: I asked Mary/Michael whether you could see through her eyes to see these things, and she said sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t, that it was up to you and her, I guess. So I want to ask you now, should I merely show this to you, should I describe it to you, or can you pick it up without my having to show it to you?

ELIAS: What may be most efficient may be both. You may present the tile and you may also offer description. In this manner it is unnecessary for myself to focus a streamline of energy to entirely incorporate a visual.

LUANA: There’s three or four of them here. I’m gonna hand this to you first.

ELIAS: It is unnecessary to offer in actual physical holding. You may incorporate holding and merely offer it.

LUANA: All right, and show it to you.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: This is Raven’s. This is her tile. These are the things she’s written about the tile. She said, “The osprey was my guide and took me to the tiled city. Four parts of myself merged to create a key for the future and these are the meanings. The spiral in the center with the butterfly is me today. The hat here, the yellow hat with the star in it, is a wizard. The arrow pointing upward is a Viking. The double circle with the cross through it is an Indian woman, and the eye is a blue lady.”

ELIAS: And the objective is to insert this tile into the City?

LUANA: It is.

ELIAS: And what is its function?

LUANA: Oh, the tile’s function itself?


LUANA: I did not ask that.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: I know that there are three different functions that you mention that the tiles may produce. One is tone or sound, a communication in tone or sound, one is telepathic information, and the third one is thought information. I don’t know which one of the three this is.

ELIAS: Very well. The tile is accepted, and you may investigate what is its function and where it shall be placed.

LUANA: Thank you. The second one is from Marlene and she’s actually done two of them here. They’re somewhat similar, but not really. One of them is a nested triangle upside-down with each other with a spiral in the center. The one that she did over here is also somewhat the same, which is a triangle with a spiral in the center. Her impression was that this is the earth mother, spiral is creation, pyramid is protection, constantly moving colors.

ELIAS: Alter protection.


ELIAS: Acceptance.

LUANA: To acceptance.

ELIAS: Accepted.

LUANA: Jim, who was not able to complete his but I want to describe it to you, his tile had a group, I think there were three men and three women, and they’re wearing long robes. They’re forming a circle with their arms around each other. His impression of this tile was receptivity and giving and taking – reciprocity. (Pause)

ELIAS: Accepted. With each of these tiles you may continue your investigation and your creation in their placement and their function.

LUANA: Thank you. I’m going to just take a second to grab my journal over here, because my tile I both drew, which I will show you, and Jim also made a computer generated tile which I want to share with you.

This is my drawing. The center here is active. It’s white and it’s active. It pulses, it moves constantly, and it sends out energy into the rings that are extending out in all four directions.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

LUANA: This is the computer generated image of the same one, which Jim did.

ELIAS: This is not a tile.

LUANA: What is this?

ELIAS: This is a generator. It is an energy generator which is within the City.

LUANA: Within the City itself?


LUANA: What are the rings?

ELIAS: The pulsing of energy. It generates energy which generates power, so to speak, in a different capacity from what you are familiar with in how you generate power presently through electricity and different methods. This is a generator that creates a power source of energy from no thing.

LUANA: Is it a power generator for the City itself?


LUANA: For the people?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking – not necessarily the individuals, but as a power source to generate equipment.

LUANA: Equal to solar energy or something else?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

LUANA: I would also like to show you, this is something that I created in 1975, when I first became aware... I was typing at a machine and I typed out the first startling words “the mind is such that you create your own reality.” That’s what came out. These two drawings came out of there and I thought they might be appropriate for tiles.

This is the first one that came out. These are opposite colors in harmony with each other. This became activated into multidimensions in this drawing.

ELIAS: And your explanation?

LUANA: What I called this at the time – I was into studying Jungian psychology – and what I called it is enantiadromia, which means the royal wedding. It is the wedding between subjective and objective souls. It’s the movement that all the time, no matter where you go through the dimension, there is always this wholeness. It’s a wedding between the part and the whole.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

LUANA: As a tile?


LUANA: Far out! Yay! I like that. The last thing – ‘cause we’re running out of time – one of the really important things I wanted to connect with you today to ask you about, I gave a talk at a dowser’s meeting a month or two ago, and this Carol arrived. As I said, she has not read any of Seth or Elias, but I bought her a book now and she has indicated she is interested in reading it.

In trying to explain a bit of the story of “Oversoul Seven” and how it has to do with the shift in consciousness and who we are and what we’re capable of and how we’re moving in that direction, she expressed to me that she thought it was a very good idea for me to take the story and explain it to people, to simplify it and add things from the Elias page and my understanding and all that. It kind of got generated a little bit further than that, and I thought to myself that I really would like to do that. I like being a storyteller, anyway, and to possibly put this on a CD, to take some excerpts out of the story, but just to tell the story in more simple and plain terms and insert some of the material of how it has to do with the shift and about the potential that’s opening for all of us.

I wanted to find out first from you if you agree that that’s a good thing for me to do, and second, I ask for your encouragement of keep opening up the information. I am re-reading it again and making a lot of connections that I didn’t before, which is filling me with inspiration and ideas and connections and all sorts of things that now make a lot of sense to me.

I want to know how you feel about that, because what I think I will probably do is ask either Paul to archive these CDs on his web page so people can listen to the information and make a connection with it, or possibly, if he doesn’t want to do it, put it on my own web page so that people can hear the story themselves. A lot of people don’t want to read and they don’t want to go through all the sessions and the rest of it, but they’re interested in themselves and they want to know about themselves. So I wanted to ask you about that, as my last question today.

ELIAS: I am greatly encouraging of your endeavor and I shall be offering energy in supportiveness. Engage your creativity, my friend, and engage your freedom. Express yourself.

LUANA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

LUANA: And I want to thank Mary, who’s you also, for her very generous heart and coming here and giving us this information this weekend. I know she’s tired and I’m going to not ask any more questions of her. So, my thank you to her – to HIM, Michael – (Elias chuckles) and to you today, and may we continue to play. And I’ll see you in the City.

ELIAS: I agree. (Chuckles) And you may extend my greetings to your friends.

LUANA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LUANA: They will be glad to hear that.

ELIAS: I offer tremendous encouragement to you, my friend. Continue in your adventure, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

LUANA: I, too.

ELIAS: In fun! Very well, my dear friend. I express to you, Ring, great affection.

LUANA: And I to you.

ELIAS: Very well. In fondness, au revoir.

LUANA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:41 PM.

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