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Friday, November 08, 2002

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ďThe Belief System of Authority, Incorporating CreativityĒ

ďMore about ProjectionĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Steve (Soloron).

Elias arrives at 2:15 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

STEVE:: Good afternoon! How are you?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) As always. And yourself?

STEVE:: Iím doing okay, doing okay. (Elias chuckles) I guess I wanted to start this session with just some vital statistics for everybody, seeing as how this is my first one-on-one session with you.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE:: First I wanted to start with myself. I donít know my essence name, but my impression is that the letter ďVĒ is involved in it somewhere. My family and alignment impression, I guess that I am Sumari aligned with Sumafi, and my orientation, I believe, is common. Now you can have a bash at it and let me know.

ELIAS: Correct!

STEVE:: Really!

ELIAS: Essence name, Soloron (SOH loh ron)

STEVE:: How do I spell that?


STEVE:: I really like that essence name! Iím glad. (Elias laughs) I like the sound of that; I guess thatís the idea. And I am Sumari, aligned with Sumafi?


STEVE:: Wow, Iím pretty happy about that. My orientation Ė common?


STEVE:: Letís move on to my friend Lauren. I donít really have any impressions from her. I think sheís either belonging to or aligned with Sumafi Ė Iím sorry, Sumari.

ELIAS: Alignment. Essence family, Borledim; orientation, common; essence name, Bella, B-E-L-L-A (BEL lah).



STEVE:: Ah, okay. And how about my brother? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Ariax, A-R-I-A-X (are ree AXE).

STEVE:: I think heís gonna like that!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And your impression?

STEVE:: My impression! I would say Sumari and Gramada.

ELIAS: Reverse.

STEVE:: Belonging to Gramada?


STEVE:: Aligned with Sumari?


STEVE:: Glad to see I was right on that one, partially. And orientation common?


STEVE:: And what about my friend, Joy?

ELIAS: Essence name, Muset, M-U-S-E-T (mew ZAY).

STEVE:: Thereís definitely some Sumari in there somewhere, and I had an impression of I believe Vold.

ELIAS: Essence family, Vold; alignment, Sumari.

STEVE:: Wow, Iím doing pretty good here. Common orientation?


STEVE:: Now we move on to my parents, my mother first of all. Iíd say belonging to Borledim, aligned with Tumold?

ELIAS: Correct.

STEVE:: Common?


STEVE:: And her essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Shyll, S-H-Y-L-L (SHILL).

STEVE:: Now finally my father Ė I believe belonging to Sumari, aligned with Borledim. (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

STEVE:: Iím doing pretty good! I guess my impressions are pretty reliable. (Elias laughs) Common?


STEVE:: And his essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Laz, L-A-Z (LAHZ).

STEVE:: Thank you! That makes me feel pretty good about my impressions! (Elias laughs) Theyíll certainly be happy to know their essence names. Itís certainly an item of interest among those in physical focus.

Now letís go on to some questions about me. First of all, what is my intent in this focus? My impression Ė because I know youíre going to ask me for my impression Ė is that I have chosen in this focus to experience the insertion of the shift in its entirety, to provide support and assistance to others in relation to this movement, and to recognize the vast abilities of the individual, both mine and others. Thatís my impression.

ELIAS: As the general theme which defines the intent, yes, you are correct. (Pause)

STEVE:: Is that it? (Both laugh) I donít know if youíve got more to tell me about that or what!

ELIAS: You recognize that you do choose more specific avenues to be exploring that direction of intent.

STEVE:: Such as?

ELIAS: As you move through your focus, you do choose what may be termed as more defined experiences to be accomplishing that exploration of that intent, exploring self and experimentation with your abilities in many different manners, and also allowing yourself to be paying attention to the movements of other individuals and therefore assessing and assimilating the actions of other individuals and the experiences of other individuals that you may translate many of those experiences into experiences that YOU choose to engage.

STEVE:: I have most certainly noticed that throughout my life thus far. Iíve noticed somebody will go through something and Iíll think, ďWow, thank god Iím not that person!Ē and next thing I know itís happening to me, too! (Elias laughs) So now I have a fresh new perspective on it and on myself, as well. I can almost tell that this is a just barely conscious decision on my part to go through this myself. I guess Iím trying to walk a mile in everyone elseís shoes!

Now we come to my employment, my current state of affairs. This past year and a half, as youíre probably quite aware, has been quite educational for me. Iím currently dealing with a situation thatís putting me face-to-face with the idea of authority, in all of its splendor. The imagery Iíve created is quite appropriate, from the plain white metal windowless building in which I work, to the barbed-wire fence around the place.

Management is, in my opinion, completely incapable of providing me with any sort of guidance or leadership, and what Iím learning now is, why should they be? I have every right to direct myself, and I think itís that realization thatís the reason Iíve created this situation to begin with. Two years ago, I just figured Iíd get a job and be happy, but now Iím being motivated toward a more fulfilling albeit somewhat scary territory.

Iím starting to apply to graduate schools, and Iím looking to get my Ph.D., not because I feel inadequate but because I find myself attracted to the projects and the opportunities that would be made available to me in the academic world. Of course, there are a lot of ďwhat-ifsĒ in that, like whether Iíll get accepted, where Iíll get accepted, and whether or not Iíd even like it there, or if this is just the whole ďgrass is always greenerĒ syndrome.

I know that I have to pay attention to myself and trust myself, and thatís what Iím trying to do, but Iím just tired of being unhappy with the direction that my life is presently going. As much as I try to believe that I can steer my own ship, every morning I find myself waking up and going to that job, wishing I was somewhere else.

So my question is, whatís your take on all of this? What kind of movement am I creating here and in general, particularly with respect to my movement through the shift in consciousness? And I know you donít much like crystal-ball questions, but I sure would love it if you could give me a glimpse of what Iím moving toward in the future. Iíve had a few psychics tell me that Iím going to invent something and become wildly successful. As much as I know that psychicsí predictions are far from absolute, Iíd sure love to see that one come true.

ELIAS: And you realize that this is your choice, for you do incorporate the ability to actualize that type of manifestation if you are choosing. But what may be more significant in this present now is an examination of what you are creating NOW and how that movement influences what you may be creating futurely. For what you create now is your indication, so to speak, of what you shall be creating, for all that you do create is created in the now.

But what may also be significant in this scenario is your communication that you are expressing to yourself. In this, express to me what you assess in relation to your own communications to yourself. You express that each morning you awake and you are experiencing this feeling of discontent. What are you communicating to yourself?

STEVE:: I suppose I am communicating a sense or rather a knowing that the situation that I am creating is not necessary and that I may move into more fulfilling avenues of action, but I donít feel that I am currently creating those probabilities. I donít feel that I am currently creating that situation where I am making my own decisions and controlling my... I know that I am creating my own reality, but it sure doesnít feel like it sometimes! I guess Iím experiencing some conflict in that direction, because I know that I can do more and do more of my own value fulfillment than I am currently doing.

ELIAS: Very well. What do you view in your current movement that you present to yourself as an obstacle? How do you assess that you limit your choices?

STEVE:: Well, right now what I want is to go to grad school, to get a higher degree Ė or another degree, not to use comparative terms! Right now the limiting factor is that I need money to maintain a certain comfortable lifestyle so I donít have to move back in with my parents. I need a source of income and the job market in my particular industry isnít very good so I donít have many opportunities to move into other places.

Also, if I am going to be going to graduate school in say September of 2003, then I only have a couple of months between now and then, and part of me is saying just go through it and save up as much money as you can and then leave when you get accepted somewhere, when you are ready to go to graduate school. Iím not sure if that answers the question!

ELIAS: And how do you view this option, so to speak, as unacceptable?

STEVE:: Because I donít like my work environment. I donít like being told what to do. It reflects to me a sense that I am not steering my own ship, and to put it simply, it doesnít feel natural for me. It doesnít feel like this is what I ought to be doing. Now I know that in essence there is no ďought to be,Ē but I feel like Iíd rather be... If I like won the lottery tomorrow and I could be independently wealthy, even if itís just from now until the moment I go to grad school and then my life could go completely normally from that point on, then I think Iíd feel a little bit better about myself! But I guess itís just when I go to that job, itís just a haven of other people trying to direct me, and that definitely does not feel natural to me.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; let us examine this movement, and I shall suggest to you that you listen to what you have expressed to myself. Listen to what you are expressing and how you assess what you are creating or what you are not creating and how you associate with this scenario. For you are expressing strong mass beliefs, and you are also expressing your lack of trust of yourself and your lack of belief that you actually do create all of your reality and that you actually incorporate the ability to steer your own ship. For much of what you are expressing is directed in relation to other individuals and structures that you assess are dictating to you your choices, but this is a choice also, my friend, to allow that action to occur. Therefore, what may be significant in your movement presently is an observation of yourself and how you allow certain structures or environments or establishments to dictate to you what your choices shall be.

Now; you also mention that were you to incorporate winning the lottery, even temporarily until you offer yourself the opportunity to be incorporating school again, that you would be quite happy. I may express to you, my friend, it is quite interesting how very many individuals express this wish to be incorporating this winning of your lottery as a cure-all, even temporarily. For this suggests that you shall incorporate happiness and solutions to challenges in the mere creation of money, which is quite interesting.

For as I have expressed previously to many individuals, contrary to what you actually are creating, the generation of currency or money is in actuality quite easily accomplished in your physical reality. There are other manifestations that you create in what you term to be a daily basis which incorporate a tremendous volume of more energy than the creation of money. But the significance in this particular expression of creating money is that you and many, many, many other individuals incorporate the belief that this is not a manifestation that you create. It is a manifestation that is acquired. Therefore, you are dependent upon scenarios, situations, other individuals to be acquiring of this particular manifestation of money, and this is the challenge.

For in this situation that you are creating presently, you do incorporate many choices. You may choose to be incorporating different employment or you may choose to continue in this employment, and you may choose to continue moving in the direction that you are presently and continue to generate conflict and challenge, or you may continue in this present employment and choose to be directing of yourself.

STEVE:: I think that I am trying to create the last choice that you said. Iím trying, in what Iím doing now, to take my current employment and shape it to something that is more comfortable and feels more natural to me.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this is the base point of this discussion. For in this, I am aware of what you want and the direction that you want to be incorporating. I am also aware of the challenge in generating that direction, for you doubt your ability to accomplish that type of expression. For you incorporate these beliefs that express to you that it is in certain situations necessary to conform to the rules of the established environment, but this is not necessarily the situation. In this, it becomes confusing of how you may incorporate your creativity within those confines. What I may express to you is that it is unnecessary to be attempting to create within the confines. You may move outside of the lines, my friend.

STEVE:: Iíve been trying! At least I believe that Iím trying.

ELIAS: But it is quite interesting what you present to yourself in actual objective imagery in your physical manifestations in the representation of confinement and the strength of the barriers and the boundaries. But this also is quite creative, for you offer yourself actual physical manifestations to mirror or to reflect to you the strength of your beliefs.

Now; I may express to you, a beginning point in this movement may merely be to acknowledge these beliefs, not to attempt to be changing or incorporating the thought process that you may move outside of the beliefs that you align with, but rather acknowledge the beliefs that you incorporate, and once acknowledging those beliefs, recognize that you are not bound to them in black and white choices. Once you have acknowledged the beliefs that you incorporate, you may also offer yourself many more choices in relation to those beliefs.

You may be incorporating a belief in which you express to yourself that certain individuals within your reality incorporate authority and therefore incorporate the ability to manipulate more power in certain situations than do you yourself. You may express to yourself, ďVery well, I am acknowledging that I am incorporating this belief concerning other individuals and this position of authority,Ē and in acknowledgment of that belief, you continue to view another individual as incorporating that authority, but you may allow yourself to not discount yourself or view yourself as less than and allow yourself to move in different directions, in a manner of speaking, around that authority and incorporate the dance Ė therefore acknowledging your belief but also acknowledging yourself and your choices.

In a manner of speaking, my friend, you may view this scenario and this dance, so to speak, as an incorporation of what you may term to be pretending, which may be quite creative and even incorporating fun, for you do believe that the other individual is the other individual. Therefore, you continue to incorporate the belief that you actually are not creating the manifestation of the other individual: the other individual is creating themselves and their own manifestation, and you are interacting with the other individualís manifestation and you are not creating it.

In this, you may express to yourself, ďVery well, the other individual is creating this manifestation and I am not, therefore the other individual may believe that they incorporate this authority. I shall allow them that belief that they are incorporating this authority position, and I shall continue to create my reality in the manner in which I want but also acknowledge this authority and appease the other individual.Ē This is a demonstration of creativity, for it is an acknowledgment that your beliefs are influencing your perception, and in this, you also acknowledge that these beliefs are not to be eliminated. But you also may manipulate your energy in relation to your beliefs, and in that manipulation of your beliefs, you may incorporate those beliefs in a manner which allows you to direct yourself.

STEVE:: Thatís very poetic! (Elias laughs) I definitely like the sound of that. Iím gonna have to read over the transcript to soak it all in! I do feel, like I said in the beginning, that this past year and a half have been very educational for me, because I do feel that I sort of made my beliefs quite solid, in three dimensions, and Iíve kind of given myself a bit of a scare. (Steve and Elias both laugh) I feel that Iíve made some progress in this realm, that Iíve definitely widened my awareness over the past year and a half to one in which I am recognizing my own abilities, which is again in line with my intent, and I feel that this experience is proving to be very beneficial.

I want to talk for a little bit about movement that I am creating to be occurring once I go back to school. I know that you donít like crystal-ball questions, so Iím not going to try and pry too much into future events, but... (Laughs) Iím not really sure what Iím asking! I guess what I want to know is, am I creating movement that will lead to me developing an academic career or at least achieving more closely to what I want? Iím not saying that Iím depending on academia to provide me what I want, but rather Iím looking around to see where I can find opportunities that I like and I am trying to incorporate those opportunities into my experience. Am I creating movement that will allow me to be more in line with what I want and to create my own direction in a professional sense?


STEVE:: (Laughs) Thatís great to hear!

ELIAS: Now; I may also express to you, allow yourself to examine your association with limitations, for this is significant. You are generating movement now in the direction that you want in association with academics and in association with what you want to be expressing futurely, so to speak. You are already moving in that type of expression. But the significant belief that you may be examining concerns, in a manner of speaking once again, this expression of authority; not necessarily authority in one individual, but authority in association with institutions and what they may offer to you rather than what you may generate or create yourself, which is limiting.

STEVE:: I feel that by placing myself in these situations or rather by creating these situations, I am bringing myself to realize exactly what I believe in or the limitations that I am placing on myself, and I am attempting in that to move out of them, to simply recognize my own personal flexibility and to sort of shed away some of those limitations. Iíve noticed that from when I was very young, Iíve been sort of in a steady progress of very rigidly keeping myself under very strict rules, regulations and guidelines and over the years learning that I am not bound to these rules and guidelines, and little by little I am moving into a greater expression of freedom with every significant step that I take.

ELIAS: Correct, and I am quite acknowledging of your allowance of yourself in this expression. I am merely expressing to you the suggestion of examination of your association with certain limitations in relation to the movement which you desire, for it is significant that you recognize in the expression of your individual fullness of yourself that your creativity and your expression is not limited by what you perceive to be outside institutions, that you may incorporate your creativity regardless of how it may seem unconventional, and you may introduce your expression of creativity into environments that you perceive to be more rigid. And you are correct; you are already generating this type of movement in the environment that you have created presently in relation to your employment...

STEVE:: Iíd like to think so!

ELIAS: ...which, in a matter of speaking, serves you as a practice area.

STEVE:: Itís nice to hear that Iím moving along (Elias laughs) in alignment with the shift especially, because I absolutely love reading about the shift and what is to come in the next 73, I suppose, years. I really hope that I will be able to see the shift in its entirety, and I hope that Iíll be cognizant to see the whole thing happen.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, this also is a choice and is not dependant upon years, for you may actualize the insertion of the entirety of this shift in consciousness now, if you are so choosing.

STEVE:: Okay, can we? (Both laugh) Iíd love to; I want to get started! Iím ready to see chairs turn into tables and to see apples pop into my hand!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Mere parlor tricks, my friend.

STEVE:: Itís that ďgee-whizĒ kind of stuff that fires up the imagination! I have been trying to have an out-of-body experience or projection off and on for a long time now. Iíve been interested in it since I was like 11 or 12 years old, and I havenít been able to pull it off. Every time I try, when I try to meditate I either get distracted or I keep nodding off.

I read the ďsnapĒ exercise and I tried it for a bit. (1) I need to work at it some more. I know I havenít given it a tremendous amount of practice, but I was wondering if you could lend me some energy in that direction and help me get the ball rolling in my future attempts. I really want to move in the direction of learning these things, to try and become aware of what Iím creating and to become familiar with myself on my own, because that would really help me to feel... I donít know. I think it would just help me to believe in my ability to create my reality if I were creating this kind of movement.

ELIAS: Very well, I certainly shall, and also I shall express to you the suggestion that you practice this type of action with your sibling.

STEVE:: Really!

ELIAS: In this, you may each, with each other, choose a physical location of which the other incorporates no objective recognition of. Once choosing a physical location that the other individual is objectively unaware of but [that] you are aware of, express the challenge that your sibling project and in your terms visit the physical location that you are aware of, and therefore may express to you the experience and you may validate and vice-versa.

Therefore, you offer yourself physical evidence and validation, for your sibling may express to you to be projecting to a physical location that you are unaware of but that he incorporates an awareness of, and as you allow yourself to incorporate the images of the other physical location, he may validate to you your accuracy and this shall reinforce your trust of yourself to be incorporating this action. It also may serve as another type of practice that you may incorporate. Once you are allowing yourself more of a trust of your ability, you may be also allowing yourself more freedom in your mobility objectively in your awareness of your projections.

Now; let me express to you also, as you incorporate this action recognize that it may not necessarily be expressed as rigidly as you think, for this is an action that is quite natural to all of you within your physical dimension. You project almost continuously. You merely do not incorporate an objective awareness or noticing of all of the projections that you incorporate.

In this, you may be incorporating a brief visualization, not necessarily a meditation, but a brief visualization in which you allow yourself merely to relax and de-focus, so to speak. In that action, your energy begins to drift and you present to yourself different imagery. It may not necessarily be expressed in physical images or what you term to be mental pictures. It may be expressed in impressions, but you shall incorporate a recognition of what you are presenting to yourself.

As an example, you may be incorporating a brief relaxation and allowing your energy to drift, and you may incorporate an impression of a chair. It may seem to you that you are being distracted for you are thinking, but recognize that thought is a translation mechanism. Therefore, as you offer yourself an impression, you also may turn your attention to thought to translate the impression. Therefore, the thought is expressed ďchair.Ē

Once you have offered yourself the translation, you recognize [that] rather than discounting yourself and expressing to yourself, ďOh, no! I am thinking!Ē acknowledge, ďAh! I have translated an impression: Ďchair.íĒ Allow yourself to move your attention thusly to the image and offer yourself more detailed information concerning the chair Ė its color, its style, its time framework. This is the manner in which you begin to recognize the information that you are offering to yourself and allow the imagery to flow more freely in an objective recognition of it.

As you practice in this type of recognition of projection, regardless that it may not necessarily feel that you are projecting, you are, and as you offer yourself this type of practice, you shall allow yourself more of a trust of yourself and of your movement, and you shall allow yourself to incorporate more of an objective manipulation of that type of movement. In that type of movement, you shall in increments allow yourself more and more of a realization of the type of projection that you wish to be incorporating.

STEVE:: I have another question here. I guess Iím kind of running out of time but I did want to cover this.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE:: My mother told me that when I was very little, she was in my room one day and she looked at me and suddenly it seemed as if I started to radiate; not visibly, but she said that it was as if she could suddenly see into my soul or essence or what have you, and she was just overcome with emotion. Can you tell me what that was all about?

ELIAS: First of all, express to myself your impression.

STEVE:: My impression is that I almost opened up to her. I allowed my mother the opportunity to see me as an essence rather than simply a focus of an essence.

ELIAS: Correct, which also you may recognize as quite in alignment with your intent.

STEVE:: How so?

ELIAS: For in association with the movement of the shift in consciousness and your offering of energy in an expression of encouragement, so to speak, of other individuals and their movement in this shift in consciousness, you offer an expression of yourself in relation to another individual in which that individual may objectively retain, so to speak, the memory of that experience and therefore incorporate more of an ease in allowance of information in association with the movement of this shift in consciousness. That action reflects to you through the other individual, in which you also offer yourself the opportunity to experience what the other individual has experienced.

In other terms, you generate the action of expressing yourself as essence in all of its splendor of consciousness as an expression objectively to be shared with another individual. That individual also in turn, so to speak, expresses a reflection to you in other manners, but nonetheless an expression in reflection, therefore offering you the reminder of yourself, which as we have been discussing this afternoon, this is quite in alignment with your intent. For you generate movement in which you assimilate the experiences of other individuals, as we have discussed, and thusly you allow yourself to translate those experiences and generate similar experiences within your expressions.

Therefore, this experience is a clear example of the method, so to speak, in which you create your movement in every direction. You offer an expression, you present yourself with another individual that generates an experience, which is in actuality a reflection of what you have expressed, and thusly you choose to be generating the experience also, in a different manner.

STEVE:: I guess we should probably wrap this up for now. I just wanted to mention one more thing. My brother is trying to find a job out in Oregon, and I was wondering if you could lend some energy toward that or maybe even help me lend some energy toward that, toward him finding something so he can get a job and move forward. I just wanted to throw that out there. I guess we should wrap this up.

ELIAS: Very well. It shall be my delight to offer energy to your sibling in his adventure and endeavors.

STEVE:: I will certainly try to project with him. Itís funny, because he and I have always been interested in that sort of thing. We sort of got interested in that together and weíve tried doing things like that before, so thatís just interesting that you mentioned that. I will certainly try that! (Elias laughs) It should be a tremendous adventure! Iím looking forward to it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I am greatly encouraging of you, my friend, to be incorporating more fun!

STEVE:: Iím trying!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I shall be offering you encouraging energy in that expression also! Ha ha ha ha!

STEVE:: Thank you very much. I really enjoyed this. Iím really glad I got to talk to you one-on-one. Iím wearing a red shirt, by the way. I hope itís to your liking! (Elias laughs) But my energy is red today, and I appreciate my expression!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well, and so shall I!

STEVE:: Thank you! Thank you very much. I guess Iím going to bid you adieu or auf wiedersehen and hand Mary back to Mary, so to speak.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be incorporating this expression of red as our signature of our friendship. Ha ha ha ha!

STEVE:: Thank you! Wow, youíre deviating from blue, I see! By the way, I think that my own essence color is a bluish-green. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, teal.

STEVE:: Thatís the color of my car, actually! (Elias laughs) So it was meant to be. My essence, Soloron, seems to like to communicate to me via music.


STEVE:: Is that also correct?

ELIAS: Yes, which is you, my friend!

STEVE:: Yes! Iím communicating to myself. Sometimes we havenít the words to describe it, but Iím doing my best.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding! (Both laugh)

STEVE:: This has been so much fun. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting and the report of your progress in association with your projections with your sibling.

STEVE:: I certainly hope to have something to report.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And so you shall.

STEVE:: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To you, my friend, in great affection and fondness, au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:18 PM.


(1) This is Eliasí ďsnapĒ projection exercise, paraphrased from session 291, June 26, 1998:

1. Decide on an objective: another location, a person in another location, another dimension, another time, or another focus which you are greatly motivated to see. Choose specifically. Repeat this several times to yourself before beginning your visualization. Remind yourself that this is a wondrous adventure and this is FUN!

2. Set a timer with a bell or alarm for ten minutes.

3. Allow yourself quietness and relaxation. Visualize yourself on the top of a mountain [or you may create a different location], and experience fully all the aspects of the visualization. Engage ALL of your outer senses within this state. Move into a total mergence of the visualization.

4. The alarm bell will be your SNAP. Think immediately of your intended direction and wait. Do not allow yourself to drift into other thoughts. It is unnecessary to repeat your direction over and over to yourself. Wait and hold within the thought. In less than five minutes a new visual will appear. You may manifest an ďastralĒ body. You may move freely about, and manipulate.

5. Be accepting of however you project and your manifestation of that projection, and not anticipate or expect a certain ďmethodĒ for its accomplishment. Recognize that you shall create the most efficient manner to be projecting without fearfulness.

6. Do not be discounting if you experience a partial projection but also snap back to your physical form, for you have accomplished initially! Do not be discouraged if you are not initially accomplishing! Continue practicing; it offers familiarity, and familiarity offers ease and effortlessness. Practice is quite beneficial to you.

Exercises: find out more about the SNAP exercise.

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