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Energy Centers Appendix
compiled by Bobbi Houle

(through Session 400)

RED – feet, legs, large intestine, nervous system, spine, teeth, bones, male & female organs; grounding, sleep, meditation; radiates down; 12 rotations/second, 1/33,000 wave length; essence of physical manifestation, holds great power; immune system in conjunction with green and yellow

ORANGE – bodily fluids except blood, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, skin; sexual orientation & desire, life-giving, parenting; radiates out; connecting color

YELLOW – stomach, gall bladder, liver, small intestine, pancreas; breathing (diaphragm), singing, emotional-focus, detachment; radiates out & up; immune system in conjunction with red and green

GREEN – blood, circulatory system, heart, hands, arms, lungs, respiratory system; sense of touch, healing, emotion of love (transcendent), bravery, assertiveness; radiates up; immune system in conjunction with red and yellow

PINK – healing & connection, calming, nurturing; radiates up in conjunction with green; connected with green and works in conjunction with green; located between blue & green (between breast and larynx); helpful in aiding movement within other energy centers; manipulating of physical alterations in brain, body and organ temperature; allowing of physical incorporation of subjective actualizations; increase in psychic activity; provides a healing energy

BLUE – throat, vocal chords, ears, shoulders, nervous system; hearing, communication, loyalty, energy level, outlook, self-image, connecting, energy exchange; radiates up

INDIGO – eyes, head, nose, ears, brain; bodily expressions, energy exchange, thought, intuitive, thought-focus, creativity; last “physical color”

PURPLE – spirituality, energy of self in physical focus, physically-focused consciousness, directs all other energy centers, psychic energy; 1/67,000 wave length; radiates up & down; impulses in conjunction with black

WHITE – Regional Area 2

MAGENTA – Regional Area 3; transition, awareness of other focuses

BLACK – stream of consciousness of essence communication to physical focus

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