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Thursday, February 10, 2000

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“You Do Not Create Futurely”

“Source Events/Spur Points”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Deane (Leland).

Elias arrives at 2:49 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

DEANE: Ha ha! Hello, my friend! I’m sorry you had to wait, as you know. (It appears that this session was delayed for about an hour.)

ELIAS: Ha ha! But we meet again!

DEANE: I would also like to mention that this session will be a very private one, and will not go out on the net. I do not believe I will change my mind this time, okay?

ELIAS: Very well. This be your choice.

DEANE: The first thing I would ask is the orientation of myself, my wife, and my son. I have had much difficulty assessing this, but my guess would be soft for my wife and me, and common for my son. (Pause)

ELIAS: Your orientation of your son is common. The orientation of yourself is common. The orientation of your partner is soft.

DEANE: Okay, so I was wrong about myself. Well, that is okay.

My next question: I have been dealing with a lot of fear lately, especially about being sued by an individual regarding my quoting what he said as an example in an Internet posting I did some years ago. I accidentally – which I do not believe is accidentally – came across him while I was surfing TV channels a few weeks ago, making a comment that he had a surprise in store for these Internet people, and a wave of fear swept over me. Though to the best of my knowledge there is no case here, I still have these recurring bouts of fear. I have fears about being sued over the content of the mind control book I’m working on, and being sued about other things. I want to work through this, and I thought your comments would be helpful to me in this regard, especially regarding the Internet posting.

ELIAS: Let us look to the motivating element in these situations, and in your response. Your response is fear, and you identify that fear as a reaction or responsiveness to what you perceive to be a threatening element or an attack.

Now; first of all, I shall express to you that within your reality, there are no attacks and there are no elements that present threats. These are constructs of your perception which are influenced by your beliefs, and they are quite strongly held beliefs. Therefore, the response is also demonstrated in strength.

In this, you view that another individual or a situation may be attacking or threatening to you, for the identification of these definitions is that some element within your reality holds the ability to remove some “thing” from you.

In this, you also underlyingly feel a lack of control, which as we have discussed previously is merely another aspect of its twin of control. These are also aspects of beliefs, for in actuality, there is no element that you control or do not control within your reality, within consciousness, within all of reality. This is merely a belief which influences your creations through your perceptions.

But you perceive that some element of your reality or of yourself may be removed from you or detached from you or taken from you, and this is the element that influences the perception of attack or threat, and this is also the element which creates fear.

Now; no other situation, no other individual – within your reality or within all of consciousness – may diminish you. You may not become less than, but you perceive that you may be becoming less than, for each time you view that another individual or a situation or circumstance may be hurtful to you, you are also evaluating that these outside actions or influences or expressions are diminishing you in some capacity.

DEANE: Well, I understand. The threats, then, are not real. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Once again, this would be a construct of perception.

I am not expressing to you that threats are not reality, for what you or any individual may be creating in this type of expression within the moment is quite real, and however you perceive any action or any expression in your reality IS real.

I am expressing to you that it is an element of your perception; not that it is not real, but that your perception holds the ability to move in many directions and to be creating many different realities.

DEANE: Okay....

ELIAS: How you perceive any element within your reality IS what it shall be IN REALITY. Are you understanding this?

DEANE: I think what you’re saying is that if I perceive it to be, I’ll create it that way.

ELIAS: Not that you shall create it that way, but that it IS.

DEANE: Oh, I see. Okay. So if I think it’s a threat, I’ll perceive it as a threat, and it will be a threat to me.

ELIAS: Correct. You create in the moment. You do not create futurely. This is an important point. The outcome is now; not what it may be futurely, but it is now, and your outcomes are continuously changing. But you look futurely as you define the term of outcome. You do not view the outcome that is NOW created in your perception.

And as your perception alters, your outcomes alter, and as your outcomes alter, you move in different directions and create different realities. Each of them are reality in the moment, but they are also changeable. They are changed through the action of your perception. It shall be your reality! What you perceive IS your reality. (1)

DEANE: I think I understand that better. Sitting here at the computer thinking about this a few weeks ago, I was nearly overcome by a very, very relaxed feeling, and a sense that I was not even a target of this individual. I’ve never had that happen to me before in that way, or, if you will, with an intensity of that kind – of “Whew, yeah!” and relaxation. What was the source of this feeling? Could you tell me?

ELIAS: YOU. And in this, you have offered yourself an example of difference in your reality through perception.

Within one moment, you may be intensely experiencing one manifestation as created through your perception, and within the very subsequent moment to that initial moment, you may alter your perception, and your experience may be intensely different.

DEANE: So this is a lesson for me in perception, is it not?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, within this time framework, you and many, many, many other individuals are and shall be presenting yourselves with many examples objectively of differences in perception and the changeable aspect of perception, and how it is creating your reality and how it IS your reality.

For as you move in this time framework, you are beginning now to be inserting this shift in consciousness in objective terms into your reality, and in this movement, those elements that have been merely concept previously are becoming reality now, objectively – not in theory, but in practice.

DEANE: That’s quite interesting. I will look more for those things.

ELIAS: You are already presenting yourself with your example!

DEANE: Yeah, I see that, and I’m sure there will be more to come, will there not? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning)

DEANE: There are certain elements of improvement in the vision of my damaged eye. My eye doctor examined it, and left without seeing me. This sort of suspiciously looks like I am creating a lens for this eye – I have been attempting to do that in a number of ways – and my guess is that he saw the lens beginning to form. Am I creating a lens, and if so, did he see it?


DEANE: Huh. That’s yes to both questions?


DEANE: Hmm. Ha! I shall drink one for me this time! (Laughing)


DEANE: My friend, I am quite frustrated with not being able to secure an agent for my novel,”The Becoming,” that you helped me with. I can’t see how I can manifest this most probable probability of writing the sequel that you spoke about when I can’t even sell the first one! (Elias grins) I had these great feelings when I contacted the Litopia Agency, and I was quite shocked at their rejection the other day because I had these good feelings. I know that you had said in the past, listen to that small voice within me, and I thought that’s what I had done. I had these feelings, and I thought, “Yeah, man! This is it!” What’s going on here? Would you provide me with a few comments to help me work through this?

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I shall express to you that you are allowing other individuals to dictate to you your direction and your choices and your behavior. This be the first element that you may observe within self.

I shall also express to you that you are limiting yourself in “wait.” You look to the choices of other individuals, and you concentrate your attention upon their choices and not upon your choices. You lie in wait for the manifestation of other individuals’ choices, and allow this to dictate to you how you shall create your reality. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk!

DEANE: Well, there was this idea or a thought that crossed my mind when I read something, that the Internet E-books, as they call them, have not had their first million-seller, and I toyed with that idea. Would you care to comment on that?

ELIAS: I express to you, once again, that you may be moving in this direction if you are so choosing, in physical terms, and I shall be encouraging of you.

(Intently) I am expressing to you to be paying attention to self, and not moving your attention in the direction of focusing upon the choices and creations of other individuals.

You have created a choice within a particular moment. You have chosen to engage interaction with what you term to be physically a publisher, and in that action, you have moved in the direction of viewing outcomes futurely, and not paying attention to self, and not paying attention to the now and the outcomes that have been occurring successively throughout the “wait” time framework.

In this, you have focused your attention quite intensely upon the choices of other individuals, and have allowed a waiting and the dictation of those choices of other individuals to be immensely influencing of your direction and of your choices.

In your terminology, you have expressed to myself that you are waiting to be engaging your direction of another creative expression, for how may you be creating your term of sequel to a particular work if the initial work has not moved in the direction of your expectation yet? And I express to you, why shall you not continue in your creative expression? Why shall you limit yourself and express to yourself that movement must be created in certain specific manners or methods which are dictated by the mass belief systems?

DEANE: I get your point, sir. Yes, I do.

ELIAS: As you continue to focus upon self and create the choices within your reality that serve you in your trust and acceptance of you, you shall also move other elements within your reality that are of your creation.

DEANE: I can see that. Okay, here’s another question that’s really sort of a two-part question. My wife’s sister wanted us to invest in this overseas investment company that promised incredible returns. I refused because I think it’s a huge con job, and that investors will lose everything. My wife’s sister was so sure of this that she gave us the money to buy one unit of this investment, saying that we could repay it if it worked out, and if it didn’t work out, we wouldn’t owe her anything.

I believe the company is based in Australia. Could you tell me if I’m correct in my assessment? Are these people and their investment for real? Do you need a company name?

ELIAS: I do not, for I shall express to you once again, what you believe is what you shall create.

DEANE: I guess that applies to the other investment, which is another company in Dominica where her sister got us shares in a company that’s traded there, and of course, my next question was, is this company and the shares they sell what we would call legitimate? And you’re saying again, that’s going to be dependent upon my belief, right?

ELIAS: What I am expressing to you is that you are inquiring of myself in the direction of absolutes, and requesting that I offer to you information in the context of absolutes. “Is this company trustworthy? Are these individuals trustworthy? Is this investment safe?”

Now; look to your own questions and recognize what you are presenting yourself with in this imagery. What are you inquiring of me, in your direction of threats and attacks? “Are these individuals safe? Am I safe? Are these individuals threatening? Is my investment secure?” Your investment being YOURSELF.

DEANE: Well, that’s certainly a new perspective on that for me.

ELIAS: You are merely presenting yourself with objective imagery that is offering you the opportunity to view this subject matter from many different expressions and angles.

DEANE: Aha. That’s enlightening there! (Laughing) Okay.

Let’s see. Regarding other focuses of mine that you have confirmed, I tried to get some names. The future focus who reached me through hypnosis when I was a teenager, I got her name as Miriam Scott. Is that correct? (Pause)

ELIAS: Miriam Stott.

DEANE: I’m sorry, I did not catch the first name.

ELIAS: You are correct in this first name, in your terms. In the second name, you may replace the C with a T.



DEANE: Okay. Can you give me a time frame for her, how far in the future? It may not be in the future at this point in time, ‘cause I was a teenager back then. (Pause)

ELIAS: Time framework, within this century; what you would term to be final quarter of this century.

DEANE: Final quarter, okay. There was a Mexican focus. I have a picture of this man’s smiling face, and the name I got was Enrique Caledon. Is that correct, and could you give me a time frame there? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DEANE: I’m amazed at myself, Elias! (Laughing) A few years ago, I never would have thought that I was ever, ever able to do this!

ELIAS: Now amaze yourself once again and express to me, what is your impression of your time framework?

DEANE: Of his time framework or Deane’s time framework?

ELIAS: His time framework, and be trusting of your impression.

DEANE: Well, let me see what I can do here. I would say, probably in the 40s, 1940 or 1950. I have seen his village, the dirt street and the adobe houses, if you will. They are not very large, but there seems to be a string of them on both sides. Am I close?

ELIAS: You are close, in your terms. This would be a focus which occupies the time framework of late 19th century/early 20th century.

DEANE: Hmm. I have one more in that regard, because I tried these three people.

This one is a mountain man living in the wild all by himself. In fact, he is so much in the wild that he doesn’t really wear much for clothes. He’s naked most of the time, but he is what you would call still of civilization. I know I’m not talking any thousands and thousands of years ago. I’m talking probably here at the turn of the century, between 1900 and 1920, something like that, maybe a little before that. All I got was the name of James, and of course, I have pictures of in his mind. I thought it was unusual that there was no last name.

ELIAS: What you term to be last name is unnecessary in the creation of the choices of this individual. I may express to you that this individual occupies a time framework of mid-century, 19th century.

DEANE: Okay. I continue to see splotches of colors all the time, particularly purple and a pea-green. I have seen others too, but I see these two all the time, any time I look. Even today, as I was looking at the ceiling and talking to Mary, I saw these colors. Are these other essences assisting me, and the second part is, why don’t I see the Elias blue much anymore?

ELIAS: It matters not that you are not perceiving the particular color of blue. You are allowing yourself to be viewing different colors physically, as you have allowed yourself to merge the energy of this essence of Elias with other essences that participate in the facilitation of this exchange, and in this, there becomes a blur, so to speak, in the distinction of individual energies, for it is unnecessary to be separating of all of these energ[ies]. They are intertwined.

And in this, you allow yourself the continuation of noticing and recognizing the interplay of energy with yourself, and you continue to allow yourself visual interaction/recognition of these energies, at times to be prodding yourself in questioning, at times to be validating of yourself, at times to be challenging yourself. These energies are interactive with you continuously. You allow yourself to be objectively aware of their presence and interaction within certain moments in which you are concentratedly offering yourself specific directions and information.

DEANE: Now, I do notice that on occasion, and in fact when I was speaking with Mary earlier, I saw what I describe as a volcano of color. It’s almost like a slow flashbulb, and there were hues of purple and blue in that. Is that of any particular significance as opposed to just seeing a splotch like I’m seeing now?

ELIAS: You have allowed yourself this type of experience previously.

Now; you have engaged the allowance of this recognition in your interaction with Michael as you have allowed yourself objectively to be recognizing an exchange and interaction and interconnectedness between yourself and Michael within that time framework, and in this, you also have allowed yourself to view an exchange of energy and a movement of energy that has been created in conjunction with your exchange together. This is how you have allowed yourself to be viewing and translating objectively this type of energy exchange.

This may be quite easily accomplished within your interaction with Michael, for Michael projects energy quite easily and also quite strongly, and therefore facilitates an ease in the allowance in interaction with other individuals, that if they are so choosing, they may easily view the energy which is moving between you both, in a manner of speaking.

Other individuals may view this differently, but they may also view physical displays, so to speak, of movement of energy.

This also, let me express to you, moves in conjunction with the energy that Michael allows to be expressed in conjunction with myself, for there is an interplay of energy which is occurring within those time frameworks, and this is also allowed to be expressed outwardly through his interaction with other individuals.

Now; you at times may present yourself with a very similar type of viewing, and this type of viewing is a display of energy that you allow yourself to be objectively watching, so to speak, as you are participating in it and allowing yourself to identify the interaction in energy, not merely in communication, so to speak, which is objectively expressed within your language. Some individuals may view this in physical manner as a merging of energy fields.

DEANE: Hmm. Well, it’s fun seeing these colors. I pay no attention to them really anymore because they are so routine, except when I see what I call those volcanoes of color. Then it gets my attention, and when that occurs, I pay very quick and close attention to what I’m engaged in at the moment.

ELIAS: You are engaged in what you may objectively identify as a heightened intensity of energy exchange.

DEANE: Well, this leads to another question. How small of an event do we use to communicate with ourselves? For example, the other day I was hanging up my belt in the closet, and I dropped the belt. I stepped on something on the rug, and I found a sandspur and pricked my finger a little bit. I walked down to the pond and I tripped over a root. Are these just mundane things, just happenstance, or are these messages to me from myself?

ELIAS: Both. And once again, these elements of your objective imagery are offerings to yourself in your particular design of imagery.

In this, in one layer you may view that all that you do within your reality holds significance, and all that you create, regardless of how you measure your creations, is significant as to the offering of information to yourself, and you may also simultaneously recognize that all of your actions, regardless of how large you measure them to be, are merely experiences.

Therefore, as I have stated, they are both. They may be quite significant in the creation and design of all of your imagery to yourself, which offers you information within every moment that you are creating, and they are also merely experiences.

DEANE: (Laughing) I have been watching for these communications more so than I ever have before, and one here just a week or so ago, when I was emotionally involved in all these perceptions that we talked about earlier, along comes a woodpecker and he lands on top of my television antenna, which is a metal bar, and he starts pecking at it with great fervor, making one hell of a racket! I went outside to see what it was. I thought I knew what it was, and there he was, pecking away, and I thought, well, what beautiful imagery to myself, because the antenna is like receiving information and data, and here was the bird, and I laughed because it was like saying, pay attention to yourself. Am I not right?

ELIAS: Yes, you are, and I may express to you once again, all that you do, all that you create, all that you are offers you information within every moment, and what you allow yourself to be noticing is what you offer to yourself in that moment – in the most beneficial manner in that moment – be it to be recognizing any element of your reality that you assess to hold great depth, or be it merely the appreciation of the moment without its “cosmic meaning.” (Grinning)

DEANE: Okay! I have one ... well, it’s my next to last question. In a session on September 2 of last year, you mentioned the creation of a global mass event that was to be a Source Event. Can you comment further and be more specific on what this event is? Specifically, what did you mean when you said it was a grave undertaking? That phrase to me has sort of an ominous meaning attached to it. Are we speaking of something that would most likely take place on May 5 of 2000, as had been discussed with you before?

ELIAS: No. Within different physical time frameworks of your physical dimension, you create the choice to be inserting elements of – or translations of – Source Events into your physical reality within this dimension. Each Source Event which may be translated and inserted into your physical dimension and reality is what you may term to be a grave undertaking.

Now; in this, you are participating in that action presently in this shift in consciousness, which is a grave undertaking, and as you are participating in this insertion of this translation of this Source Event into your physical reality, there are points, so to speak, in which you move in directions collectively to be creating of certain actions that shall facilitate the manifestation of certain aspects of this shift in consciousness into your physical reality.

What I am expressing to you is, there are some elements of this shift in consciousness which you may perceive to be gradually inserting themselves into your objective reality. You widen your awareness, and in increments you insert certain awarenesses, certain actions, certain manifestations into your physical reality.

But as is your design throughout your history, in a manner of speaking, in this particular dimension, you also create focal points at times, or spur points, and in this, you create a particular manifestation that serves as a spur point or a motivational point to be moving you collectively into new directions and manifestations.

You may look throughout this previous century, and you may view physically how you have created these spur points in what you term to be discoveries or inventions, and those points have turned your direction of what you insert into your reality, and they turn the direction of attention, with the collective attention, physically.

DEANE: None of those would be considered a Source Event, would they?

ELIAS: Not in themselves. They are manifestations in the translation of the Source Event. Source events may not be inserted in their entirety into this physical reality, for this physical reality does not accommodate the vastness of a Source Event.

DEANE: I was trying to get a handle on exactly what this Source Event would be.

ELIAS: Beyond the Source Event that you are engaging presently? You are already engaging a source event.

DEANE: The shift being a source event?


DEANE: I see. Okay.

ELIAS: Or the TRANSLATION of the Source Event into this physical dimension. As I have stated, the entirety of a Source Event shall not be manifest within your physical dimension, for your physical dimension does not accommodate the vastness of the expression of the Source Event, in physical terms. It shall be inserted in consciousness, but not within physical expression.

DEANE: Okay, that’s further understood.

ELIAS: What I have expressed to you is a turn point as to a spur point, so to speak, of the source event, the Source Event being this shift in consciousness. But the spur point, at the mid-point APPROXIMATELY of this century, shall be tremendously altering of your physical reality, opening avenues which you do not view as open presently.

DEANE: Does something like this occur like on one particular day, or is it a gradual thing that happens at this turning point?

ELIAS: At these spur points, what occurs is an actualization of a probability within the moment that many other actions radiate from.

Point in a case: You may look to your physical developments within your previous century. Approximately mid-point within your previous century, a spur point was created to turn the attention of the mass in the direction of exploration of what you identify as space.

DEANE: Hmm. Well, I understand then. That’s not something that just occurs at the certain chime of a bell.

ELIAS: Although there is an initial action or thought or creation that spurs it to fruition.

DEANE: Well, I thank you, my friend, and of course my last question is regarding anything that you might further say that you feel would be of benefit to me.

ELIAS: I shall merely express to you, Leland, be allowing yourself to be moving around your obstacles. Allow yourself to recognize that although you view obstacles before you, they are not stationary and they are not immobile, and in this, you may continue to be focusing upon self and creating your choices and allowing yourself freedom in those choices, and that allowance of freedom shall be influencing of the elements that you view presently as obstacles.

DEANE: I thank you very much my friend, and as usual, I shall tip one for you in your honor this evening!

ELIAS: Very well! I offer to you great affection and much encouragement, as always, and I express to you an energy of surrounding love.

DEANE: Thank you very much Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I express to you this day, au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:48 PM.


(1) I have changed a word in the following sentence: “And as your perception alters, your outcomes alter, and as your OUTCOMES alter, you move in different directions and create different realities.” The capitalized word “outcomes” was originally the word “perception.”

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