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Friday, December 13, 2002

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ďBeing in the Now, How Do I Manifest Futurely?Ē

ďWhat Happens to Negative or Fearful Thoughts and Energy?Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jen (Margarite).

Elias arrives at 3:00 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JEN: Good afternoon.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) We meet again!

JEN: How Ďbout that! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: And how goes your adventure?

JEN: Well, I think itís very safe to call it an adventure Ė Jenís big adventure! (Elias laughs) As you are probably aware, my adventure seems like itís just taken on more and more energy since we last met, which was about six months ago, seven months ago. My next adventure is to be changing my physical location for a short time, which feels really fun.

It feels so wild to be expressing such different aspects of self and seeing some of what youíve talked about manifest in a way that is absurdly easy!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And you have moved far from our first meeting, have you not?

JEN: Our very first meeting Ė oh god! (Elias laughs) The tomb of darkness!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And the frightened little rabbit into the great adventurer! (Laughs)

JEN: How neat!

ELIAS: And now incorporating fun! As I continued to express to you repeatedly to attempt to be incorporating fun, and now you are! (Chuckles)

JEN: Yeah, and it seems like itís only just begun on some levels. Thereís always this notion that you have fun and that itís going to be for a finite period of time because you have to pay to play, sort of thing.


JEN: Iím recognizing that maybe thatís not so the case.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Iím hoping itís not the case. (Elias chuckles) So I have a bunch of questions.

ELIAS: Very well!

JEN: I also want to let you just ramble, because I know you like to do that.

ELIAS: (Tongue-in-cheek) I am highly insulted!

JEN: (Laughs) But ramble eloquently!

ELIAS: Of course! Ha ha!

JEN: Which one should I start with? I want to talk a little bit about being in the now and yet trying to focus on what you want. If Iím thinking of something I want futurely but Iím trying to be in the now and Iím trying to allow my thought to be more of an interpretive tool than a tool to project, it seems like thereís a little bit of a conundrum there. Being in the now, how do I manifest futurely?

If I think I want to create some sort of employ that holds meaning and provides some sort of income and creates flexibility and allows me to live in different places, by the very act of just thinking about that, throwing that energy out there and then letting it go and focusing on where I am right now, what I am doing, is that in a way creating futurely? Or is it really not about even thinking futurely of plans? And how also is that different from imagination? Isnít imagination thought on some levels?

ELIAS: Imagination is another avenue of communication which offers you a specific type of communication, which is designed to be inspiring.

Now; your question may be responded to in several manners, for if you are inquiring of whether you need to be incorporating a thought process in association with generating what you want futurely, the response is no. But recognizing that most individuals, such as yourself, do in a familiar action incorporate thought processes concerning what you may want futurely, and you incorporate that tool of thought in conjunction with a movement of energy to generate what you want.

Now; the key is to be remembering to be paying attention to the now and paying attention to what you are generating and what you are creating now, for in a manner of speaking, for the most part, most individuals do not generate what they want in certain expressions immediately. This is not to say that you cannot, but you do not.

JEN: Thereís a delay.

ELIAS: Yes, which is associated with your beliefs and also associated with not paying attention to what you are doing. Therefore, in your physical terms and associations, there is a tremendous expression of wasted time. For as you are not paying attention to what you are actually generating in the moment, in the day, and you continue to focus your attention upon what you want futurely, you do not intentionally direct your energy and your actions in the now to be facilitating creating what you want in the future.

[But] if you are incorporating listening to your communication of imagination, and you are listening to other avenues of communication, and you are paying attention in the now, and you are allowing yourself a familiarity with the influences of your beliefs in your mundane actions throughout your day, you may more efficiently be directing your energy intentionally to be expressing steps, so to speak, to generate what you want in the future. But this also is expressed in paying attention in the now, in the moment, directing your energy and also paying attention to yourself and knowing what you are doing.

JEN: Right, right. Itís not asking why; itís asking what.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Thatís a big one. That was a huge shift for me.

ELIAS: It is not that this question of why is invalid, but it is so very automatic to you all that you do not answer this question. Therefore, if you present a different avenue to be channeling your energy in evaluation, you express more of a likelihood to be offering yourself responses.

The question of why invokes a laziness within you all, for this offers you an excuse to merely move in circles.

JEN: Iíve got a question along the same lines. What Iím hearing you say is that in regards to my question, putting some thought into future wants may help generate that as long as my focus then comes back to the now. If you spend a lot of your energy futurely focused in thinking, youíre not in the now.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Now I have sort of two questions. One is if my future thinking goes in what I would construe as negative, for instance if I wanted to ask you a question about an involvement with people that is perceived to be unsafe Ė is that making sense? (Elias nods) Ė then if I think about that and I notice whatís happening within my body, that thereís a fear that creeps in, thereís a visible feeling of energy change in my body, how is that...? Iím sending that energy out to the universe...

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: ...and I donít want to manifest that fear because obviously I donít want that to happen, but whatís happening to that energy as itís being sent out there? Obviously Iím not pulling it back into me.

I ask myself, ďWhatís going on with you when youíre creating that fear in your mind? Youíre scared because of the belief systems around that issue and you should be more careful,Ē and then I go into trying to understand myself a little better about this sort of expansiveness that Iíve felt within self. Then all of a sudden the fear is gone because now Iím back in the now a little bit more.

Initially, where is that energy going thatís fear-based energy, and how impactful is that energy potentially in creating what you donít want? You know what I mean?

ELIAS: I am quite aware. This is an interesting question, for this is an example of the manner in which most individuals associate with energy. This is a very common expression within individuals.

You view energy as an entity. Therefore, as it is expressed, figuratively it is as if you are projecting outward from yourself this ball that floats around within your universe, and this ball now has become a separate entity. You have created an expression; you have pushed it outward Ė in your terms, projected it. Now it is floating and it is directing of itself, and it is seeking out some thing to attach itself to and therefore send a message. Once it has attached itself to its target, it expresses the message, ďMargarite has sent me. Go to her, for she is calling to you and is fearful that you shall appear. Therefore, materialize and actualize her fear!Ē This is not the manner in which energy moves.

Yes, you are correct that you generate a potential to draw to yourself either positive or negative expressions, if this is your concentration.

Now; concentration, once again, is not expressed in thought. It matters not how much you THINK. What matters is how much you are concentrating upon certain expressed beliefs.

JEN: Consciously concentrating?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Or rather, I may express differently. Not that any concentration is not conscious, but you may not necessarily be objectively aware, for you are not paying attention.

Now; in this, you may be expressing an energy of fearfulness in a moment, and you may be projecting that energy outwardly. If you are not continuing to express that energy outwardly, the potential to draw that type of expression to yourself dissipates and it becomes unlikely.

You project energy outwardly and the energy itself is merely an energy projection. You create this action continuously. In the energy that you express, you draw to yourself other individuals in association with what you are expressing. You automatically draw other individuals to yourself not accidentally or coincidentally, but intentionally, purposefully, to reflect what you are expressing within yourself.

Now; you may recognize that you may be experiencing moments in which you are projecting a fearful energy. But as you also recognize, as you move your attention to yourself once again, that fearfulness dissipates, for you empower yourself in reminding yourself that you create all of your reality.

JEN: Right, and if Iím choosing not to create an illness...

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: ...then I wonít create it.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Good. So Iím not moving in that direction. (Elias nods in agreement) Thatís my take on it. Donít tell me any differently! (Laughs)

ELIAS: I shall not! (Both laugh) This is your point of power, my friend, in the now and in paying attention to you, for this is what offers you choice and allows you to move your perception wherever you choose.

JEN: Iím starting to get it a little bit. Itís nice to feel like Iím making a little headway.

In the area of the beliefs surrounding money and not working right now, itís been very interesting to try and gauge my relationship with money. I am trying to trust in myself that I will create flow in some capacity in a way that is in alignment with whatís happening for me, so itís going to be maybe money from different places. I donít know yet. That was part of the earlier question about futurely and trying to use my imagination to throw stuff out there.

Iím a little bit uncertain as to how to handle things with my family, where I feel that my father, who has held the purse-strings in some respects, is dealing with his own issues regarding money. How much do I want to go in the direction of acknowledging it and acknowledging what I see happening? But that again takes me out of the now. I know heís not creating my reality, and I donít want to go into the place of feeling like a victim around his issues and him saying yes one day and no the next. Iím not quite sure whether or not to go in the direction of saying anything or letting it go, because in some respects by saying something I may be fueling my own angst. Does that make sense? (Elias nods)

So Iím looking to find out your feedback as to whether or not it makes sense to go in the direction of having a dialogue with him Ė this is all energetically speaking Ė or whether thatís going to continue my own discounting of self and my own ability to create monetarily, money flow.

ELIAS: And what are you expressing to yourself within yourself?

JEN: Regarding whether or not to have a conversation with him? Well, Iíve been on the fence. Lately Iíve been thinking that I want to have a conversation and just say, ďI know what Iím doing is unconventional and I know itís hard for you to understand that.Ē I donít know. Gosh.

ELIAS: What is your hesitation in expressing yourself? The point in your movement now is to be offering yourself freedom, and this freedom is allowing yourself to express yourself without limitation, to not restrict yourself in fearfulness, to acknowledge yourself, to appreciate and trust yourself, and therefore offer yourself the choice to freely express you, regardless of what you perceive other individuals may be expressing in response. For in trusting you and acknowledging you, you generate a different type of energy.

JEN: Right, and people respond differently to that energy.

ELIAS: Quite correct.

JEN: And this has been fantastic. In the last six months I have noticed it, when people I donít know smile at me and say, ďHey, how ya doiní?Ē Iíve got to imagine thatís somehow connected to all of what Iím trying to embrace through this material, and paying attention.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, in evaluation within yourself of this question of whether you shall engage this interaction with your parent, genuinely allow yourself to listen to yourself and to notice what influences of what beliefs generate a hesitation.

JEN: Itís mostly fear. Itís mostly fear that I wonít be able to create a flow for myself or that somehow someone is going to put the barriers in my stream, so to speak. When I go there, it feels like fear.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Which is not trusting myself.

ELIAS: Correct, for someone is not going to generate for you or generate your barriers. If you are expressing barriers, YOU are creating that. Other individuals do not create for you. Therefore, even in the scenarios in which you do not acknowledge yourself for you associate that you are acquiring some thing from someone other than yourself, you have created that. Therefore, it matters not. The reality remains that you are not acquiring; you are creating that scenario.

JEN: Great. So then in my intent of moving down south and starting a musical event, if my intent is pretty clear and Iím focusing on self, even though from many outside perspectives it looks like a completely nutty thing to do, I will be able to create my reality in a way that I deem is successful as long as Iím trusting self.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: It does get back to the whole thing of when fear creeps in. I guess the thing that I can just constantly say to myself is, ďWhat are you doing right now, and what is the fear about?Ē...

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: ...and look to the belief systems that are generating the fear.

ELIAS: Correct, and therefore offer yourself choice.

JEN: Iíve never asked you what my intent is because I knew you would ask me, so Iíll tell you what I think.

ELIAS: Very well! (Laughs)

JEN: It seems like itís been a quest to know self on some levels or to delve into self, and it hasnít always been that way. But from an early stage I remember going to this Unitarian church, seeing this little stick figure and the stick figure saying, ďWho am I?Ē and it had a huge impact. That is one of my earliest memories. It seems like a desire for connections on some levels, spirituality, and definitely more recently, the desire to have fun and playfulness. I donít know if thatís all intent.

ELIAS: They are many different directions of the general intent.

Now; in your terms, connect the dots. What would you view as the general theme in all of these experiences? The general direction...

JEN: Oh, to be exploring is sort of the general theme, but I donít know if thatís what you mean.

ELIAS: To be exploring what?

JEN: Me and this physicalness, this physical dimension.

ELIAS: And...?

JEN: And what else could there be?

ELIAS: I may express to you, all of you within this physical dimension are expressing that exploration, for this is the nature of consciousness.

JEN: Oh, so I didnít really dial it down too well, then, did I?

ELIAS: (Laughs) The point is to be allowing yourself to generate an evaluation of the entirety of your focus, viewing your experiences, viewing different specific avenues that you move within or have moved within previously, and allowing yourself to recognize and identify what the general theme of all of these experiences is.

Yes, you are correct, you are exploring, but what are you exploring? You are exploring self. You are exploring the physical creations within this dimension, as is every individual that chooses to be within this physical dimension or all of consciousness. But each individual chooses their own direction of how they shall be creating that exploration.

I shall offer you a key. Look to yourself and look to your natural flow of energy, what you naturally generate within yourself. In a manner of speaking, you may view it as a personality trait.

JEN: You mean my tremendous amount of energy?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In this, as you allow yourself to discover what you naturally generate within your expressions, you shall also offer yourself a clearer understanding of your intent.

Your natural expression and what you naturally generate is also what allows you successful interaction with other individuals, if you are allowing yourself to express that. For in that movement, you naturally draw to yourself other individuals that you express a comfort with and that you allow yourself your natural expressions, and you do not limit yourself as much.

JEN: A lot of those conversations with people are about spirituality and about expansion of consciousness, but those are all general.

ELIAS: You are correct, but this is an aspect of your general theme, your intent.

JEN: So my intent could be general.

ELIAS: The intent IS a general theme.

Now; your exploration in this focus is to be exploring spirituality in relation to what? That is your question.

JEN: Iíve always hated fill-in-the-blank. I like multiple-choice! (Elias laughs) I donít know Ė the physical, the talking with people, the engaging dialogue with people. Making change would be swell but thatís kind of...

ELIAS: Your intent in this focus Ė I shall merely offer it to you, and this shall be easier! (Laughs)

JEN: Donít say that! I might not get it. I freeze up in exams!

ELIAS: (Laughs) It is not a test.

JEN: I know. I feel like I ought to know the answer. Christ, itís me!

ELIAS: It is to be exploring spirituality in relation to all of the physical experiences within your physical reality, and pulling together the idea of spirituality with corporeal expressions to generate a whole picture in relation to yourself and your interaction with other individuals, to pull together the objective and the subjective, to recognize the spirituality and the physicality as one.

JEN: That makes sense. That would explain why I get so frustrated with whatís happening in the world. When I read the paper and I see the connection of everything and yet the disconnect thatís happening and the intensity with which that disconnect is growing and growing Ė which, in my thinking, is because it has to become more of an intense disconnect in order for people to understand the connect.

ELIAS: For many individuals, you are correct.

JEN: Which is very frustrating, because I feel like sometimes I get it and I feel very powerless, so I read the paper and I shout things. I canít watch the news because Iím a raving lunatic when I watch it. (Elias chuckles) Iím not kidding! So I see some of that picture. What do I do with that energy? What do I do with some of the knowingness that I feel? Iím feeling the connectivity...

ELIAS: Express this.

JEN: I know itís not about changing other people. Iím seeing it within self, and Iím trying to dial into my own flow.

ELIAS: Recognize your powerfulness, for what you express in acceptance, in recognition in the lack of separation, in the interconnectedness, THIS energy moves outward and is affecting.

JEN: So the dialogues I have with people when weíre all on the same page about the connectivity and everything, thatís where my sense is, where weíre throwing energy Ė not throwing it, because itís not leaving me Ė but weíre projecting energy.

ELIAS: Correct, and that is affecting.

An example Ė you choose to be interactive with myself. I express an energy in an exchange with you. Do you view that this energy exchange that I engage with you is affecting and interactive only with you?

JEN: Oh, no.

ELIAS: Correct, for the energy that I express in interaction with you, you radiate outwardly to many, many, many other individuals. Therefore, myself, as what you view as one entity, expresses an energy to one other entity, you...

JEN: Itís the ripple effect.

ELIAS: Correct, and you may view physically that action, for you are aware of how many individuals are affected by the energy that I express to you, for you express it outwardly also.

JEN: Right, and Iím passionate about that. But Iím equally passionate about seeing the disconnect on our planet right now. I know that everything is connected, but itís really upsetting sometimes to feel like, ďMan, weíre far away!Ē It feels far. In my linear time, it feels like a long time before things can get connected. Yet I am heartened at times to have dialogues with people and feel like thereís connectivity happening.

When you said to me at one point that I have tremendous potential of energy, itís like thatís swell and Iím down with that. I know thereís a lot of energy here but Iím not always sure where it should be going. Maybe it comes back to just trusting and accepting self and that I am choosing the path, that I just need to be a little calmer and that the things that sometimes I imagine, like trying to make a movie about this, that those things might manifest. Maybe thatís my way of making it.

You know, my father thinks that I should run for president. Heís nuts, but you know! You could be my personal advisor, cabinet-level post! (Both laugh)

So, you know what Iím saying, itís just sometimes I get more excited about being able to use this material in my own life and I want to feel like everybodyís onboard.

ELIAS: And this is your choice, how you choose what direction you shall be expressing yourself within. It is also your choice, in association with your preferences, the manner in which you shall express this and the number of other individuals that you express your energy with physically.

But do not misunderstand, for some individuals do incorporate a tremendous inspiration and desire to be expressing their value fulfillment in association with an output of energy and an affectingness in physical terms that they may view in volume. This does not discount in any manner an individual that chooses not to be interactive with other individuals at all, for the volume of energy that they express is the same. It is merely a difference in choice in association with each individualís value fulfillment.

JEN: I recognize that within self. Thereís times when thereís tremendous energy going towards wanting to connect with others on a physical plane, but then thereís also a desire to be very quiet, which has been a real departure for me in terms of just spending more time with me and developing the relationship with me.

ELIAS: Correct. Also be remembering, within your times now, as the shift is moving more objectively, there is also much more potential for overwhelmingness. Therefore it becomes tremendously important that you pay attention to yourself, and you recognize your motivations, and you allow yourself to be generating directions in which you incorporate fun Ė not struggle, not obligation, and not false nobility.

JEN: False nobility Ė well, is there a true nobility?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

JEN: The true nobility would be one that would be really aligned with self.

ELIAS: Correct, and being the straight little sapling.

JEN: Thatís cool.

Whatís this coincidence that I have with numbers all the time, when I look and I see 2,3,4? I notice it all the time.

ELIAS: And what do you offer to yourself in impressions?

JEN: I think itís a flow. I think itís a flow of energy thatís just become familiar.

ELIAS: Partially, and also partially a reminder to yourself of movement in moments and succession of moments.

JEN: Is that about being present?

ELIAS: Yes, and therefore directing yourself in a succession of moments.

JEN: Not to get too far ahead of myself. (Elias nods)

Iím trying to figure out what Iím communicating to myself with this tension in my right foot. It feels like a ball of energy. It feels like energy within self thatís not flowing out of my foot. I know that there are people that have created some things like this and theyíve had surgery, theyíre not wearing the right shoes Ė thereís a whole plethora of beliefs as to why Iíve created this. But Iím not going there! Iím trying to figure out that Iím communicating something to myself.

The only thing I can come up with is that the foot signifies sort of like a forward motion. Either it has to do with fear and the changes that Iím going through right now or....

ELIAS: Hesitation.

JEN: But Iím not hesitating! Iím going!

ELIAS: But there are some expressions of hesitation that you are generating. Not necessarily denying yourself an actual physical movement, but doubtful of whether you are engaging the right action, whether you are moving in a direction that shall express successfulness, and in that doubt there is an expression of hesitation.

JEN: So am I manifesting an actual physical or actual energetic blockage in my foot, then?

ELIAS: Not necessarily what you may term to be blockage but a holding of energy.

JEN: So if Iím recognizing that, then I should be able to understand what the beliefs are behind that, be in the now. I would like to lessen that physical affectingness and Iím not being very successful at that. So is it a matter then of just continuing to focus back to self and just keep working on what the doubtís about, asking myself what the hesitationís about?

ELIAS: Yes, and allowing yourself to relax within yourself and your energy. You may also, as you are already aware, physically manipulate energy in any physical area of your body consciousness.

JEN: Physically manipulate it by touch, you mean?

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Iím working on that. Thatís an area that I want to pursue a little bit more, this whole notion of the school, the healing hands type of approach. I donít know if itís my calling or not, but the whole notion of energy. I believe that weíre just Ė not just Ė that weíre energy. Thatís just such a powerful, neat concept, the notion of being a stream. You can just envision it as just a stream of energy. Itís not a physical body anymore.

ELIAS: And this is another avenue, more specifically, within the general theme of your intent of your exploration, pulling together the physical and the nonphysical.

JEN: Which is why yoga probably has been so impactful in my life. Thatís nice to know. Thatís validating to self in the direction that Iím moving regarding this school.

I got into a discussion with Matt yesterday about him feeling like the energy in the United States is just so bad right now with the way our leadership leads that he feels he needs to be out of the country. He just needs to get out of the country. He wants to live out of the country. I didnít agree with him, because first of all, I donít think itís just the United States. Itís a planetary thing, probably.

I said I would ask you about his question and whether or not you feel that thereís an intensity of energy within the United States, within the borders proper of the United States, thatís different from other places on the planet and that might make oneís own spiritual development more challenging because of whatís going on here right now.

ELIAS: No. It is a matter of perception.

JEN: Thatís what I thought. We wonít stick on that too long! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles)

He did have another question. Matt goes in this direction a lot with psychedelics and being able to experience other dimensions through psychedelics. I donít doubt that people who do that are seeing a different aspect. Itís something Iíve thought of checking out for myself. Whatís your take on how that alters someoneís perception of this physical dimension, and how does it enhance or hinder their spiritual...?

ELIAS: It does not. In itself...

JEN: Isnít it your perception of taking the drugs and your perception of what you think that drug is going to do?


JEN: So really you could get to that same place without taking the drugs.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: If you believe, ďI take this tea and Iím going to see other things.Ē

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Itís kind of like manifesting the apple in your hand.

ELIAS: It precisely is. It is influenced by your individual beliefs. Therefore, you influence your perception and thusly you create the actual physical manifestation, and it is quite real. But as I have expressed to many individuals, it matters not what you consume as any type of substance. In actuality, in themselves they are neutral and incorporate no power, so to speak. The power is expressed within each of you and associated with your beliefs that you believe that certain substances shall alter your perception.

In actuality, it is not the substance that is altering your perception. It is yourself allowing yourself to defocus or generate more of a flexibility in your attention. You incorporate the substance as a focal point, but the action is being generated by yourself. You may generate the same action without any substance, and in similar manner you may be incorporating many substances and generate NO response.

JEN: This brings me to a question. The reason weíre here in this physical form, you said, is physicality Ė you use ďsexualityĒ for physicality Ė and emotions. So often this exploration of your material and the notion that Iím creating my reality, when I go there and recognize that I am essentially energy, sometimes this material takes me out of the physical. Because even though I am here and I am physically focused Ė Iím really not sure how to bring in this question Ė but sometimes this material and the glimpses of knowingness that I get take me out of this dimension.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JEN: That doesnít seem to be the point of being here. I chose to be in this physical form.

ELIAS: But you are.

JEN: I know I am, but...

ELIAS: You are expanding your experiences in relation to your manifestation within a physical dimension and allowing yourself to incorporate more flexibility with your attention.

JEN: So really, a lot of whatís happening with this shift is recognizing those abilities within self...

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: ...letting our streams flow and being able to enjoy this experience.

ELIAS: You are all of essence.

JEN: We are essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: And thereís nothing greater than us.

ELIAS: This is a focus of attention.

JEN: And thereís other focuses of attention out there, too.

ELIAS: Countless, and they are all you. This is one attention. It may not be separated from the whole.

JEN: No, but itís separated for the purity of the experience.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

JEN: What we get at sometimes with this material is the lack of separation and knowing that weíre much greater than this physical form, and weíre tremendous bodies of energy.

ELIAS: Correct, and no one attention is any less important than any other attention.

Just as within this physical experience, you incorporate attention and you move your attention in many directions. Once you disengage this conversation with myself this day and you physically move yourself to another location, you have moved your attention and it is no longer focused upon our conversation. This does not express that it does not exist and that that movement of attention may not be re-incorporated. It is a matter of movement of your attention in different experiences. All of these manifestations are also attentions, generating different experiences.

What you are incorporating now as you are shifting and widening your awareness is to offer yourself more of a flexibility of your attention in this focus, allowing yourself to recognize yourself as the whole of essence, which at times Ė yes, you are correct Ė does move into areas of nonphysical expressions.

JEN: How do you see me? You donít see a physical body right now, do you?


JEN: You see energy. So what do you see? Do you see colors? Do you see vibrational...? Energy isnít something you really see, so it must be like a color. Do you hear tone?

ELIAS: These are physical expressions. They are associated with physical functions of your physical body consciousness. Although I speak to you through the physical body consciousness of Michael, I do not necessarily incorporate the senses.

JEN: Weíre communicating energetically...

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: ...more than verbally.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: I feel like weíve been in communication of late. Itís just a knowingness.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Itís very fun. (Elias laughs) I notice much more of a playfulness within me that I have not been privy to for most of my focus.

ELIAS: I am QUITE acknowledging of that!

JEN: Thank you! I wonder if Iím shifting from a choice of being a final focus or not.

ELIAS: No. Let me express to you, this is another belief, so to speak, that individuals incorporate in association with the designation of a final focus, that you generate an association of somberness.

JEN: Well, I was so somber and so serious for so much of my life.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JEN: I could be the poster child for final focus on that belief!

ELIAS: Ah, but this is not necessarily an expression that is absolutely associated with a final focus. Many individuals that are a designated final focus express a tremendous zeal in their life.

JEN: So I might do more of that.

ELIAS: Now. (Laughs) It is merely a recognition of a different type of expression, that you are not bound to an expression of seriousness, and this is not necessarily better or more evolved or enlightened.

JEN: I understand that, but itís more fun! I mean, if I have to choose between being serious and somber or playful and fun, Iím going to go with playful and fun.

ELIAS: This is what I am expressing to you.

JEN: But thereís duplicity within that! I recognize thereís duplicity.

ELIAS: You are correct, for previously...

JEN: But thatís a part of being in a physical dimension, too.

ELIAS: Correct. Previously, your association was that the seriousness was better, more responsible, more intellectual, more enlightened. Now you offer yourself different information, that you are no less enlightened or intellectual, that it is not better necessarily to be incorporating such seriousness, and that you may offer yourself equal volumes of information in playfulness as you may in seriousness.

JEN: I want to ask what Davidís essence name is. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Kaylim, K-A-Y-L-I-M (KAY lim).

JEN: My sense about David is that he acts as a mirror to me for the creative aspect within myself. Thatís been really wonderful, to allow that aspect to come forth. As we move forward, and assuming that we do this project together, I want to continue to trust in myself. But I find it challenging sometimes to be around someone who seems to not trust himself much in his desire to manifest a film or his creative side.

What Iíve been trying to do, because I had been going in the direction of offering helpful advice which was like running my head through that wall, is to bring my attention back into self. But itís still frustrating to be around someone who...

ELIAS: (Interjecting) What a wondrous opportunity for you to be expressing the example of the straight little sapling, and not attempting to fix or alter the other individualís reality!

JEN: Right, because heís doing it for whatever reason he needs to do it.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: I donít even say that to him because he gets all pissed off. So thatís how I can be the most helpful, is really turning my energy and my attention back into me.


JEN: Thatís what Iíve been doing. Itís a very unique feeling, but Iím trying to go with it. Hopefully thatíll be helpful if we do this endeavor together.

ELIAS: Quite. (Smiling broadly)

JEN: Why are you smiling like that, Elias? Come on!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I am greatly acknowledging of you, Margarite. You have offered yourself a tremendous expression of information and you have assimilated and you have begun an application. This is to be acknowledged.

JEN: Thank you. Your information is most helpful.

Are there any helpful tips you want to give me in like the two and a half seconds we have left? (Elias laughs) Iím just making sure we hadnít missed any important questions!

I was going to ask about Charlie. Were we husband and wife? (Pause)

ELIAS: In several focuses.

JEN: Heís got a sweet energy. (Elias chuckles)

Closing, parting words of wisdom? Itís going to be a while before I objectively see you again.

ELIAS: Be adventurous and do not limit your freedom! Express your potentiality. You are bursting with energy; express this.

And you may offer my greetings to your sibling and my invitation to be engaging conversation with her also, in some time framework! (Chuckles)

JEN: It would be wonderful for the three of us to get together again. I assume that you are in dialogue with her subjectively.

ELIAS: Continuously. (Chuckles)

JEN: Well, Iíll pass that along.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you as always, my dear friend, tremendous affection...

JEN: Thank you, and likewise, Elias.

ELIAS: ...and I shall continue to be expressing encouraging and supportive energy to you.

JEN: I like the little blue dots!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) In great fondness, Margarite, au revoir.

JEN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:05 PM.

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