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Friday, October 04, 2002

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ďBrain Wave Frequencies and Energy CentersĒ

ďThree GiftsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 10:35 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JIM: Good morning! (Elias laughs) How are ... well, I know youíve been good. Howís life in cosmic-land, good?

ELIAS: Quite!

JIM: Life here on earth has been good, too, I must say. Itís gone into areas that I think are on my path. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah! You have discovered your path!

JIM: Yes, I believe I have! But it changes all the time. Itís nice to hear your voice. Iíve been recognizing you a lot up at the ranch and in other areas, but itís nice to hear your voice as well.

ELIAS: And you also, my friend.

JIM: Well, thank you. Where Iíd like to go to today, if we could, is you know Iím starting my new venture here with my supportive energy therapies. Itís been quite an effortless type of path, and a lot of things seem to fall into place. It feels very natural for me to be moving into this direction, and each day I get more confidence in myself that this is a direction that I, spirit, that Yarr is taking me, and Iím listening. Iíd just like to maybe discuss that for a moment, as far as my new venture and being with Tumold in intent and a Reader and moving into this direction of desire.

ELIAS: Very well, continue.

JIM: Oh, okay. (Both laugh) I just feel Iím so in line with my intent right now and with my inner self in guidance. Iím reading that right, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. And how is this affecting your experience?

JIM: I guess in effortlessness, in allowing ... I think Iíve just really opened up probabilities and areas and not saying it has to be any one way or any one thing. Itís like Iím drawing the best possible scenarios to me, in a way.

ELIAS: Correct, and you are also recognizing much more freedom and the benefit that trust is offering to you. For in that expression of trust of yourself, you allow yourself much more movement, much more of an accomplishment, and you actually generate what you want.

JIM: Thatís true! (Laughs)

ELIAS: I am aware! (Laughs)

JIM: Me, too, and thatís the cool part! I want to also discuss the energies of our body and our brain wave frequencies, as they relate to beta, alpha, theta and delta, and the connection of those with our body and with our energy centers, and get some insight and some information on the brain wave frequencies and their relationship to our energy centers and color. I seem to be involved quite a bit in this area, and Iíve noticed quite a few things myself, but Iíd like to get...

ELIAS: And what have you noticed and what are your impressions concerning these relationships?

JIM: It seems what we admit as brain wave frequencies consist of our own vibrational tone. In relationship to the energy centers, it seems that the beta relates to the lower energy centers, the alpha within the mid energy centers, the theta within the upper, the blue and indigo, and then it seems delta moves more into the violet, white, and black energy centers as being the very, very deep state of awareness, of consciousness Ė not unconsciousness, but just within ourselves within consciousness.

It seems that even though beta is designated as a very lively energy state of high vibration, where youíre doing a lot of tasks and a lot of things and focusing on things, it still seems to be based within your lower energy centers in a way; but then they do seem to move quite a bit, too, and they all interact. Youíre always in beta, alpha, theta, delta Ė I mean, you hold all of those energies within your waking and sleeping awareness.

ELIAS: Correct, but I may also express to you what you are assessing is quite logical but not necessarily entirely accurate. It is partially accurate, but not entirely, for I may express to you that you may reverse this beta and delta in your assessment. For let me express to you, in actuality this delta vibration is more associated with your red and yellow energy centers.

Now; I am understanding your logical assessment of the vibrational qualities and these different states, so to speak, of brain activity or of consciousness, so to speak. But allow yourself to recognize, Yarr, that your red energy center is extremely powerful, and this energy center vibrates, you are correct, at a slower speed, but this is quite purposeful for this energy center allows you clarity. Therefore, the red energy center generates the most clarity. The reason that it generates the most clarity is that its vibrational quality IS slower. Therefore, there is less opportunity for distortion or confusion.

Also, the yellow energy center is one of subjective communication, which is what you may term to be the communication of essence, you as a whole. Therefore, this is associated with the delta also.

Now; the beta is that of the abstract, and therefore resonates more with the energy centers that vibrate more rapidly.

JIM: Okay, which would be your violet and indigo.

ELIAS: Correct, for this allows for the creativity of the abstractness of your physical manifestations.

JIM: You could say when youíre busy and youíre doing things, youíre kind of more in your head.

ELIAS: Correct, and you are also generating more of the abstract and imagery, which requires an intensity of energy. In order to generate physical manifestations, physical imagery, it requires an intensity of energy. Therefore, your creativity and your abstract designs are generated in these vibrational qualities.

JIM: Okay, that makes perfect sense.

ELIAS: As to the identification of the other two, you are correct.

JIM: So then alpha would be within green and...

ELIAS: Orange.

JIM: Then your theta would be in the same areas, wouldnít it?

ELIAS: Pink, blue.

JIM: Thatís why when you move into the theta state, I guess, your concentration seems to become very focused within areas.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And you receive information easier, so that would be your communication, wouldnít it?

ELIAS: Correct, but this is also associated with objective communication. For the subjective communication is focused through the yellow energy center, and this is associated with what you term to be the delta.

JIM: Okay, the yellow being more subjective communication.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Well, thatís cool! That makes a lot of sense. That ties in a lot.

So my studies here recently, or for quite a while actually, with biofeedback and moving myself into those different states of awareness and trying to maintain a theta consciousness within my objective state seems to be I really have a drive to move to that area. Throughout the day and so forth, I see myself within my own energies and it really feels good to move into the alpha and even theta states objectively.

ELIAS: Correct, which they are.

JIM: Then actually moving into the theta, then, youíre also moving more into subjective awareness and subjective communication directly as you move down deeper into theta and then move into delta. So youíre actually connecting more subjectively, in a way?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for you are generating an allowance and an openness of the objective awareness, which may be more receptive to clarity and understanding of the subjective, which generates a clearer and more precise movement between the two. The point is to thusly allow yourself clarity in your objective awareness of what you are generating subjectively Ė not that that they are different, for they move in harmony and they move together Ė but this offers you the opportunity to become more clearly aware of what you are actually generating. For the objective awareness does not always pay attention to what you are actually doing, for it is occupied with what you are thinking or what you are feeling, but not necessarily what you are DOING. Therefore, this type of opening allows the objective awareness to translate more clearly and to recognize much more clearly what you are actually generating, and therefore you also become aware of what you are CHOOSING.

JIM: I can identify with that, and then understanding more and more of my orientation as soft, Iím understanding the language better and the communications more clearly and understanding my own language, I think.


JIM: Well, the only other is with the biofeedback machine that Iím going to incorporate within my practice, which seems like a pretty neat little piece of technology. Nothing that we canít do ourselves, but for me, Iím looking forward to using it as a learning tool. Also it seems to be a unit that, as a Reader, assists in reading people subjectively. Is that a correct interpretation of the biofeedback unit or what it can do?

ELIAS: Yes, which is quite understandable, and I may express to you this is quite natural. For as in all of your movements within your physical dimension and all of the equipment that you design, you create these instruments as reflections of your own abilities. Therefore, they are extensions of you.

JIM: Thatís what I feel it can be. That makes sense.

A dream that I had a while back where I asked to go to the Gates of Horn, that was a very cool dream. I was offered three gifts. One was the Excalibur sword, one was bloodstone, and one was three pounds of flax. (Elias smiles) I thought about this a lot, the symbolism of the Excalibur with Camelot and so forth, the bloodstone with its qualities, and the three pounds of flax being one of the descriptions that one of the Buddhists offered as an explanation for Buddha: ďWhat is Buddha?Ē

I was wondering about some insights into that dream, perhaps, perhaps just a brief ... and again, they were very tall people that offered me, and I felt a presence of you as well there, if I recall.

ELIAS: Correct. I shall express to you, the sword is symbolic of strength. The stone is symbolic of wisdom and appreciation. The flax is symbolic of understanding, therefore compassion. And these are the most significant expressions of self.

JIM: Okay! Very cool. Thank you!

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are quite welcome.

JIM: Well, yeah, thanks to all our friends. I went out and bought an Excalibur sword off of EBay and three pounds of flax and Iíve had a bloodstone for years, that I got from our previous session. (Elias laughs) Okay, that just gives me more trust in my path. I knew that dream was very lucid. I woke up right away and I had to write down my gifts. It was very cool.

ELIAS: These are the gifts of yourself, my friend, that which is the makeup of yourself, so to speak, the most significant expressions of an individual: the strength of their individual power of energy and how that allows you all of your abilities in whatever direction you may choose; the knowing that you incorporate this tremendous power and the appreciation, which is the expression of love, and in that the wisdom of the appreciation; and the quality of compassion, which is understanding. If you generate these three expressions in harmony with each other, you express acceptance and you generate fullness, and there is no expression that you cannot create.

JIM: Iím finding that out. Iím learning that, gaining more trust in that all the time.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You are quite welcome. I am acknowledging of you, for you have exhibited quite a difference in your energy in the expression of trust now, in difference to previous expressions.

JIM: You know, Iíve felt that a lot over these last months, year. Particularly Iíd say within the last six months Iíve felt a real difference. So thatís where itís aligned to.

ELIAS: And you are generating quite differently objectively also, accomplishing much more easily than you have previously.

JIM: Yes, and the way things seem to be falling into place and allowing that, itís all good! (Both laugh)

Letís see, this is kind of a fun thing. Iíve been trying to get information or thinking about things on this German focus as an artist and Iím not coming up with very much. It seems itís more hidden than my Whistler focus, and the Whistler kind of keeps coming up. I donít know if itís because itís more recent, but I was just kind of curious as to another clue as to my German focus.

ELIAS: Continue to investigate! (Laughs)

JIM: Okay. It will come up, I know it will. Itís that whole trust thing.

ELIAS: Correct, and trust your impression once you allow yourself to be connecting.

JIM: Well, gosh, a lot of the questions that I had from the past and so forth youíve pretty well covered, and I donít have that much more. I just feel so connected with you and the other essences, Otha and Ayla and Twylah and Tomkin and all the other essences, here lately, particularly yourself. It just seems that Iím very comfortable in what I ask for and my method of getting the information.

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of you in this, for you have generated considerable movement.

JIM: Thatís encouraging; thatís good to know. I guess I knew that but itís nice to hear! (Elias laughs) Well, as I said, itís just great to talk with you here a little bit and hear you and feel you more, and I want to just express my appreciation and affection for your friendship and for being there. I look forward to catching up with you objectively in a while Ė but it will be a while Ė but it seems kind of here lately that objective, subjective, whatever, itís still all good and Iím really learning that within self itís not that far away. Itís kind of a neat thing that there is omnipresence.

ELIAS: You are quite correct! (Laughs)

JIM: So, Iíll let you go. As I said, I canít really come up with anything else. Thank you very much for the comments on the brain waves and so forth. I can completely relate to that and the direction that Iím taking myself. It just feels so real and so comfortable. I doubt myself some times, am I going to be able to financially support myself and everything, and all the people around me are going, ďYouíll do fine. Youíll do fine; it will be great.Ē The people that I seem to talk to here lately are extremely supportive. I want to move those little thoughts of self-doubt out of my mind, and they get less and less and less.

ELIAS: It is merely a matter of practice, my friend, and you shall accomplish. You already are.

JIM: Thatís what I keep telling myself, look where youíve brought yourself and look what you are accomplishing and just how easy it is in a lot of ways.

ELIAS: Correct. Acknowledge yourself in this day, and each after shall be fruitful also. (Chuckles)

JIM: Okay! Iíve been hearing a lot of Oscar Wilde quotes here lately. Itís been pretty amusing. Youíre on commercials, youíre on the TV, and people are quoting Oscar Wilde everywhere, so he remains quite popular within our culture these days. I find that to be pretty amusing. Even though Oscarís not been around for a hundred years, he still has quite an impact on our culture and our society. Itís pretty impressive, I must say!

ELIAS: Curious, is it not, for he speaks again! (Both laugh)

JIM: Okay, well, Iíll let you go. And again, thank you, and itís been a real privilege.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I anticipate our next meeting, as always, and I continue to offer my energy to you in tremendous encouragement. You are accomplishing greatly, and I am acknowledging of you. I also offer as always my tremendous affection and fondness to you, my dear friend Yarr! I shall be anticipating our continued conversations.

JIM: Thank you, and I as well.

ELIAS: To you, my friend, carpe diem!

JIM: (Laughs) Carpe diem, Elias! Thank you.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

JIM: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:06 AM.

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