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Monday, June 03, 2002

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“There Is No Right and Wrong, and It Is Always Perfect”

“Other-Dimensional Focuses, the Greys”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anjuli (Miranda).

Elias arrives at 11:00 AM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANJULI: Good afternoon, Elias! I am much better! (Elias laughs) Elias, I would very much like to talk about the last session and about all kind of experiences and insights I later had, and also about the island sessions.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANJULI: After the last session I felt a tremendous duplicity relief, and that was such a relief, such a relief! During the session I was coughing and was not feeling good because I have had this affectingness, and at the same time I was focusing on what we did. This was a sort of extreme in experience. So there was a feeling of it matters not – it does not matter how I feel or how my body feels, I created what I wanted. It was a relaxing into still a little bit more of an opening to you and to myself and accepting myself.

ELIAS: Very well, and what information have you offered to yourself in association with this release of duplicity?

ANJULI: It is a general feeling of there is no right and wrong, and it is always perfect. It does not matter if the right and wrong is there, if I feel it. Like for example the affectingness, this could be perceived as wrong or limiting and as something that should not be there. But it was not limiting me in what I created, and therefore there is a recognizing of it matters not and that whatever happens is perfect for what I want to do.

ELIAS: Correct, for you are choosing whatever you are manifesting. You are choosing to manifest specific and precise actions to offer yourself information and to generate an awareness of your perception, and therefore offer yourself greater freedom within your choices.

ANJULI: Yes. Another duplicity release was when we talked about what Runi sees in Inmi. I was using again the names of Inmi and Runi, but truly meant you and me. Sometimes in the past I talked about them, although on the subjective I was expressing something about you and me. It was always in areas when I felt shy to express directly.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: This time when I again talked about what Runi sees in Inmi, you asked me what it means for me in this focus, so I had to talk about that. I had to express it, and this is also why I felt later such a relief!

ELIAS: For you are offering yourself permission to freely express and not to be camouflaging or withholding, and in that openness and that allowance of exposure, you express freedom.

This is the point, my friend, of my initiating of secret sessions, to allow individuals to openly express aspects of themselves or their experiences that they generally disguise or hold to themselves in fear of how other individuals shall perceive them. (1) But there are no secrets, and in this, you create a tremendous weightiness within energy in holding to certain experiences or in judgment of your expressions, and you allow yourself a tremendous experience of lightness in allowing yourself this exposure and vulnerability.

ANJULI: Yes, this lightness is what I felt after that session. What I also experienced after the session was a time in which I was focusing a lot again on the intimacy with self, and therefore I have not had so many experiences of communications with you as usual. I missed them sometimes a little bit, but I now know from the past that this connection is still there, and I don’t feel it so much because I have my attention on my own movements. And then there started to be a new feeling about the greatness of myself as essence and how I love myself as essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I allowed this to be. It is okay to experience this, and I do not need to create this old belief that when you feel you are glorious you have an ego.

ELIAS: Ha ha! I am understanding, and I am acknowledging of you, my friend, for in this you have also shifted your perception in allowing yourself to view that even expressions that you may generate that you had previously perceived to be bad for the experience may be uncomfortable, you are now allowing yourself the recognition that you continue to offer yourself information through those types of choices, such as your illness.

ANJULI: Yes, exactly! That was very interesting! I realized that I had thought that to be something negative. You said that the affectingness starts in one organ and ripples through the entire body, and this imagery shows me how what I do in this focus by shifting my attention ripples through the entire essence and through all of consciousness, as everything is connected.

I thought that probably I had communicated this to myself before during meditation, for example. Let’s say I have a beautiful experience in one energy center and then all energy centers respond. They are aligning and my energy field is expanding. I usually translated this experience as some kind of validation for myself but not as that, that in a few cells of my body or in one energy center or anywhere in my expressions something starts and then it ripples though my entire personality and all of the focuses and everything. As I did not listen to that communication, I probably decided to choose another way for to communicate it to myself by creating this affectingness...


ANJULI: a communication.


ANJULI: Ja, but Elias, without your help I would still not have got that! (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughs) But my friend, be remembering, I am merely responding to your requests.

ANJULI: Well, I created an allowance, so I still gave this answer to myself?

ELIAS: Yes. Ha ha ha!

ANJULI: Also I would not have got that because in my beliefs the affectingness was something I perceived as bad, and the message is after all about something that I viewed as to be good. So it is again about how you cannot get a message just because of a belief that is influencing my perception, and then I don’t get what I communicate to myself.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But in your terms you HAVE got it!

ANJULI: Yes. (Laughing) Oh, that’s true, yeah! Ah ja, then I probably have started to a little bit accept... Ja, that’s true, Elias, because in the days before the last session I have thought about duplicity and I had realized that we think it to be bad to have this belief. It is so much more difficult to accept duplicity than to accept the other beliefs! And I have thought to be a victim of this belief because I thought that it creates all kinds of terrible stuff for me and that because of that I then don’t create an allowance for to experience what I want to experience. I realized that I have started to a little bit accept that, that I can even accept the duplicity beliefs and that I do not need to use another duplicity belief for to not accept duplicity.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. (Laughs with Anjuli) I offer my acknowledgment to you, Miranda.

ANJULI: Thank you, Elias! During the last session I, because of my sickness, had to focus on that my body would work and that I was able to do the session. I focused on what we created because that was so exciting for me, and I still got the subjective energy exchange between us. It was probably not so clear in other sessions, but there was something in your energy that was fascinating to me when I thought about the entire session and how your energy was, and I tried to translate to myself what that was. There was some quietness or softness. You were maybe different in your energy because of my affectingness, but not only. This was also a... (Pause)

ELIAS: An expression of gentleness.

ANJULI: Yes. I felt a little bit like children feel when they do their first steps alone and they are excited about what they are doing, and the parents are watching them – this kind of gentle support of watching it....

ELIAS: Yes. I am understanding, and your analogy is quite accurate, my friend.

ANJULI: And then after the session something was missing, or I tried to do something and did not know into what direction to go. Later I saw it was about an integration of the entire experience during the session and the experience of creating your Alterversity into my reality. Probably it was also a little bit about the talk we had about what I see in you. I used my imagery of Runi and Inmi for to express that. You then asked me to express it. So when I thought about what was missing and about all of these experiences, I had for the first time the desire to share our island sessions, which I have so far considered to be secret sessions. A change started as soon as I thought about this sharing.

ELIAS: For it is unnecessary to be continuing secretness, for you are merely expressing a playful interaction with myself and this warrants no judgment.

ANJULI: Yes. So then I started to transcribe the first island session, which I so far had not even done just for myself. With this transcribing I again saw how perfect the time is of when I do what. Because to go through the first island session at that time gave me so many more insights about the session itself. When I remembered what happened during the very first sessions, then the first island session and also saw what happened later, I felt how everything we now are doing was somehow already in me at that time of our very first session. So I got a more holistic picture about the sessions.

ELIAS: Correct, and offering yourself a clearer understanding of your movement, and your expressions of fear and your doubt within yourself, and your movement into an expression of freedom – which also offers you a tremendous reinforcement in trust of yourself.

ANJULI: Yes. That is what I then felt after I have had this new perception. I felt how everything I want to create – meeting you at the island again and living at the Alterversity – suddenly came close, as if it had been a little bit more distant before. This coming close of what I have created was what I had been missing before. There have been fears about the sharing, and then I realized that when you share something it gets strengthened.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I have had a phone talk with Ahmed about my sharing. I have so far not even talked with him about a few things we do, although I know that I can talk with him about everything. He also said that when you share something it gets strengthened, and I saw from his reaction how unnecessary my fears were.

Ah ja, Elias, and when I had started to transcribe the session I still was not sure about sending it to the mailing list, because I thought maybe it has a reason for why they get transcribed officially and are sent out at that specific time when we get them. So I thought about that and then felt into me, and I felt it is all right to share the sessions with the group. There was still the question if I wait with that for today when I talk with you or if I send it out right away, and then I had such a strong desire to do it right away and to trust this feeling that I feel it is all right with me, and with you of course also, and to trust that. That was a great experience.

And you know, Elias, I created such a funny imagery for to validate that it is all right. On TV there was a movie about a love story, and there was an obstacle for the two who were in love with each other. But the two came together again when the one of them who was a writer did not hide anymore who he was and how he felt. He wrote the story of their love and published it through the Pyramid Press. (Laughing) Oh, Elias, I was so amused about that. My life really starts to be so different. There are miracles happening everywhere and you just need to see them.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are offering yourself a tremendous expression of validations recently, my friend, and I am tremendously reinforcing of that action and acknowledging of you.

ANJULI: Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha! You are quite welcome.

ANJULI: When I thought about what we talked with the sessions and about sharing them with the lists, I also had the feeling that I know at which time to do what. It was all right in the past to keep my island sessions secret, and I had to go through this on my own first. When the time comes you feel that you are now ready for to share the sessions, that is all right too?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: So I can feel into that, when it is all right to share it?


ANJULI: Let’s say I have the desire to share the sessions. Then everything else gets created around that? For example, when there is something in them about which I think that hopefully I do not confuse somebody... No, I can’t confuse somebody. What if somebody gets confused by that, all those what-ifs, and then I thought this is also about acceptance and trusting. I also had the feeling that I create in the moment because the past is also created in the moment.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: And this means that everything will be all right then. What you have communicated with others in your sessions and outside of them and the time in which others decide to read my sessions this will be all right automatically...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: ...when I have this perception?

ELIAS: Yes. It is your allowance in listening to yourself, in offering yourself permission to freely express and to generate what you want.

ANJULI: So we probably still think it is not created by us always. We still think there are others or there are areas with no choices, where you have to give in to how it is or something like that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, although you are widening your awareness and allowing yourself much more of an expression of freedom, liberating yourself from the automatic responses of beliefs and not concerning yourself with expressions outside of yourself as often, and therefore are reinforcing your trust and acceptance within yourself. In this, you are also beginning an objective recognition that in the moment, whatever you choose is acceptable and that you may accept those choices and not discount yourself in relation to those choices.

In your example of transcribing, in one moment you choose not to be engaging this action of transcribing and not to be sharing your conversation with other individuals. In recognizing that that choice is acceptable in that moment, you also generate an acceptance of your choices and your movement, and reinforce a trust within yourself concerning your choices. Subsequently you altered your choice, recognizing that you are not locked into any choice as an absolute. Therefore, within another moment you offer yourself the freedom to choose a different expression, and chose to be engaging this action of transcribing and chose to be sharing that transcription with other individuals. Both actions have offered you information and have allowed you to shift your perception.

ANJULI: And Elias, today I was transcribing the part in the second session in which I told you how I had read your earlier session about the childbirth imagery and at the same time my nephew had got his daughter. I listened to my laughter all the time and the joy I had about this imagery after my snuggle session with you on the island and the entire playfulness, and it was such a joy to do that. Then I looked into the Elias mailing list and somebody wrote that his cat had given birth to little kittens and that everybody is surprised because the cat was not supposed to be able anymore to have kittens. The individual posting that was so happy about that, and I couldn’t believe it when I read that on the mailing list. I thought this is just such so sweet, this playfulness! I was so much enjoying that, Elias!

ELIAS: Offering yourself considerable imagery, are you not? Ha ha ha!

ANJULI: (Laughing) Yes. I was definitely amused about it, Elias!

Could it be that Julia, the daughter of my nephew, is a focus of my essence?


ANJULI: And is my stillborn daughter, Ananda, a focus of her essence, or is this not to be considered as a focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: No, this is not actually a focus.

ANJULI: So this was just a very intense connection of me with that essence during the time of pregnancy?


ANJULI: Because actually this entire experience with her changed a lot, a lot, a lot! I think she just supported me in my movement a lot, my shifting from when I had been in the ashram and with the TM movement of Maharishi and all that, to finally arrive there with you? I created this and she supported it?

ELIAS: Yes, although I may express to you, the actual physical manifestation was your creation, for the other essence chose not to be entering and focusing an attention. Therefore, you created the physical manifestation. I may express to you, my friend, this type of action is not unusual. Individuals at times offer themselves the opportunity to express a tremendous appreciation or what you term to be love in such intensity that you generate an actual physical manifestation.

Let me express to you, this action is quite similar to that of an individual generating an actual entity of fear, but in reverse. At times individuals may express such an intensity of fear that they actually generate a physical manifestation as an embodiment of that energy of fear.

Now; in reverse, individuals also may be expressing such an intensity of an energy of appreciation or love that the individual in that expression of energy shall actually create a physical manifestation of this type.

ANJULI: Oh! In the past, when I was still in Maharishi’s movement, a medical doctor from India was telling us that he had had an experience with a woman who had never been sexually together with a man but got pregnant. The child also died, but is this the same?


ANJULI: Ah! And since we talked about fear, there were a few experiences in the past I wanted to ask you about. When I was a child or a teenager I sometimes had strong fears at night, and in some nights of that time my younger sister told me in the morning that she talked to me in the night and I had answered her questions although still sleeping. But that was not associated with fear. What kind of experience has this been, when I talk but I sleep and I give logical answers?

ELIAS: You do incorporate this ability. You ALL incorporate this ability, for you do not allow yourselves, many times, an objective recognition of your awareness and how acute it actually is. Your subjective awareness, as I have stated many times, is not subconscious and is not hidden and is expressed, but you do not pay attention and therefore you generate a perception that the subjective awareness is hidden from you, which it is not.

Now; in time frameworks within your sleep state, you continue to be aware of energy expressions of other individuals. In this, you may not necessarily incorporate an objective awareness of the energy expressions of other individuals, but you do continue to incorporate a subjective awareness, which is responsive and may engage conversation with another individual without the engagement of your objective awareness. For your subjective awareness may be entertained with imagery in association with dream activity, but your subjective awareness is engaged continuously. The objective awareness is designed, so to speak, in a specific manner in association with physical dimensions, which allows for the generating of perception.

Now; objective awareness may be engaged and may also at times be disengaged. In a manner of speaking, in your common vernacular, you may turn it on or you may turn it off. But your subjective awareness is always on. The objective blinks in and out; the subjective is continuous.

ANJULI: Then this is probably also what beings experience during the full moon, when they are walking around and are sleeping?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

ANJULI: About the fears I had as a teenager that reoccurred in the first years when I was in the movement of Maharishi, I had dreams about beings who were doing something to me. My fears were translated into a feeling as if I was visited by other beings that I perceived to be negative and harmful. I think that this probably was mainly created by my own fears. In that time I have learned how to deal with fear, because when I dreamt of those beings I started for example to not run away and to not fight them, but to quietly look into their eyes and to say something like I will now transcend you, or to do a prayer. It was always a not fighting it, not running away from it, but facing it, accepting it probably.


ANJULI: So the beings I perceived were a manifestation of my fears?

ELIAS: Partially and partially not – partially manifestations or objective interaction briefly with other focuses of yourself, of your essence within other physical dimensions.

ANJULI: Yes, and then I just was afraid of that because it was unfamiliar.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I had this feeling then later when I heard all the stories about what we call the Greys. My fear partially at those times had been that I was visited by some beings at night who hypnotized me and took me into their spaceship. I felt to be a victim and was afraid of them, and then they brought me back. I thought partially this really felt as if something like that had been happening. At the time when I heard about the Greys I was still afraid, and it stopped when I read your sessions. No, it stopped earlier, when I had a dream of meeting one of those beings, and this being showed me the tenderness of his body, so he did not seem to be very powerful physically. Then I dreamt of being in a spaceship with them and they gave me two of their small ones into my arms, and I was not afraid during the entire experience. Have I been experiencing a meeting of me with one of my other-dimensional focuses?


ANJULI: So these beings we call the Greys, and many of us connect with in dreams, are from another physical dimension, and we meet them and we translate the form they have in their dimension into the form in which they appear to us with those big black eyes?


ANJULI: And they are beings without emotions and that is why we feel so challenged by them?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ANJULI: They are fascinated by our emotions and by our dimension, so that is why we do this interaction with those focuses? They are interested in us and we subjectively are also interested in them, but we have these beliefs and that is why we are feeling challenged by that?


ANJULI: And those stories about them creating with us a new kind of children which are partially human and partially of them, is this true or not?


ANJULI: Because many have this imagery, that they create these small ones with them who do not have black eyes but blue eyes for example and look a little bit different. This has nothing to do with us, or what is that?

ELIAS: This is a translation, my friend. In actuality you are not physically generating an action of creating small ones through interaction with these other focuses, for this action would not fit in either dimension, and the expression of the small ones would not fit in either of the dimensions.

What is being generated in that imagery is a translation, for inwardly you know that these are other focuses of your essences, and you are attempting to generate a type of bridge of understanding objectively. Therefore the bridge that is created, so to speak, in objective translation is to be generating a being, so to speak, that is in-between, that is partially of that dimensional being and partially of your dimensional being. This is born of the knowing inwardly that these are actually other aspects of your own essences; but without objective information, you generate translations to offer yourselves a connection, so to speak.

ANJULI: Ah yes, I see! When so many of us have experiences with those focuses of that dimension, then probably we are interested into getting an experience from another dimension that is not using emotions for to understand our own emotions better, viewing from outside how it may be for somebody who doesn’t have them?


ANJULI: And then this is also what we are using in this imagery of the Star Trek Enterprise, for example, with the character of the android, Data? Because many of us love him so much, and he always wants to become human and to experience emotions but he doesn’t have emotions. Oh, I love him so much! I later thought that this is really interesting because we use that also as a bridge for to understand other dimensions and for to not be challenged so much by beings who do not have what we have in our dimension.

ELIAS: Correct. Ha ha! (Anjuli laughs) Quite creative!

ANJULI: So if you now would not use emotions during our sessions, I would not be challenged by that so much anymore as I would have been in the past. But I like it when you use a little bit of emotions!

ELIAS: Very well, my friend, I shall continue!

ANJULI: Yes, Elias, and then I thought about that other-dimensional focus that visited me in that night and suddenly sat in my bed. I tried to feel into his dimension and into how he probably looked like, and then I thought he appeared to me when he was here as a being with a body without head but with arms and legs, and that this was a translation so that he would fit into our dimension. This is not how he looks like in his dimension. Could it be that this focus was from that fluid dimension, that this was this sort of fluid focus I am sometimes connecting with?


ANJULI: Oh, Elias, that is just so, so great, because I love him a lot! (Elias laughs) Recently I had again such a strong connection with him, because I sometimes experience my interaction with you as if I touch your energy with energy arms, many little touches. I say something and then I feel with kind of energy arms into your energy and your response. Whenever I feel that I do that, I always connect it with that focus. Are they interacting a lot with these inner touches? They have a strong subjective interaction with others like that?


ANJULI: Yeah, and then they sometimes have the experience of running around as being this focus and other focuses in this dimension, and the crystal focus and the fluid focus, and this was all there. I felt a support. I am all of them, and I am more aware of being them, too, because the separation is not so much there anymore?


ANJULI: Do you always have this experience with a vast amount of all of your focuses in the various dimensions? They are there with you like my focuses were with me?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ANJULI: Oh, Elias, that must be interesting! (Elias laughs)

Our Alterversity that we created – I used the word Alterversity for to express that it is about a university for to alter the perception or something like that, but I am still looking for a word or what for that.

ELIAS: And I express to you no doubt that you shall create one! (Laughs with Anjuli) You incorporate a tremendous creativity, my friend. Ha ha ha!

ANJULI: Ah ja, and then about our island! In the first island session I had said that I had thought of Elianda as a name for our island, and now it occurred to me that Timothy’s essence name is Eliantan, which I did not know at that time. That name is so similar. Actually he was the first one with whom I shared what I had created with you and all of my feelings about the island. There must have been a reason for why I had felt drawn to share this with him and for the similarity of his essence name with this name I had considered for the island. Is he probably supporting a lot the creating of the island, our meetings and my experiences with you?


ANJULI: Could it be that The City which we have in the future is on an island too and we just do not see it yet, or is this on a country? Because I cannot imagine how... Our countries are so full of houses, and therefore I thought that The City is on an island also.

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, as this is what you term to be a future probability, although it is manifest now, in your now it does not incorporate a solid location yet.

ANJULI: Aha! But it will somehow need to start?


ANJULI: Then we somehow need to start it?

ELIAS: You already are, but the actual physical location has not been inserted into your reality, for it is not within your time framework – but you are creating it in your time framework.

ANJULI: But our Alterversity is existing already, because I created it?


ANJULI: Ha! Yes. Oh, and then I have a question for Ahmed and me. We are interested of which essences he fragmented from.

ELIAS: You are requesting...

ANJULI: ...for the essence names. Could you give us the essence names of which he fragmented from?

ELIAS: Very well. Opal, O-P-A-L, Briant, B-R-I-A-N-T, and Houwl, H-O-U-W-L.

ANJULI: Hah, interesting! And when I told him about Dunadin, he said he feels a strong connection with that essence. Is that correct? There is also some similarity in energy, probably.


ANJULI: I thought about how many future focuses I probably have. Seventeen?


ANJULI: In one session you said that there is a future focus of my essence which is interested in history. Is she from Australia?

ELIAS: New Zealand.

ANJULI: Oh, yes, I am sorry! I knew that it was New Zealand, because... I wanted to ask you about New Zealand, you are right! Because I saw on the map that there is a city in New Zealand with the name Dunedin, similar to Dunadin. Is she living nearby or what?

ELIAS: Near.

ANJULI: Ah, great, Elias! Is her name Catherine or Katie Shelly?


ANJULI: I have the feeling that she is like me, using many names. So she is using a name as a writer which is different than this one?


ANJULI: Yes, because I have in these past days a strong connection with her! (Elias is chuckling) Aha, now I have got a little bit more of information. Okay! We have to stop, but I would like to learn how to feel time frameworks of future focuses, because I still have some little bit of doubts in that area. My focus in The City, Andrea Bergeron, is she in the year ... I am not sure.

ELIAS: And you may continue your investigation, my friend!

ANJULI: Two thousand two hundred twenty? (Elias laughs) Elias, is it 2220?

ELIAS: Slightly more future.

ANJULI: More future, aha! And Chantal Liberte is earlier.


ANJULI: And Katie Shelly is later.


ANJULI: Aha, then I have a feeling for that and can probably ask for those time frameworks in another session.

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckling)

ANJULI: Ah ja, Elias, I meanwhile remember a bit more about our past meeting on the island! I am working on that, you know!

ELIAS: Very well! (Chuckling) And I shall continue to offer my energy to you also.

ANJULI: Oh, Elias, it is always so interesting with you!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I express to you a pleasurable experience, my friend, and as always I offer to you my affection.

ANJULI: Mmm, Elias! I love you very, very much!

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating our next conversation.

ANJULI: Yes, we will have it in two weeks, and meanwhile we are going have lots of playful interactions as always!

ELIAS: Very well, my friend, I shall be participating. To you, my dear friend, in tremendous lovingness, au revoir.

ANJULI: Au revoir, Elias!

Elias departs at 12:12 PM.


(1) The “secrets sessions” occurred early on in the regular group meetings with Elias. The first secrets session was in 1995; the transcripts of that first year are still not generally released. The second secrets session (171) was on May 04, 1997. Here are the original instructions for the secrets exercise from session 33, August 27, 1995:

ELIAS: I will incorporate an exercise with you. Our meeting within this forum incorporates connection, not only with each other but also within yourselves. This forum is designed here with the purpose of avoiding trauma. The way in which you will be avoiding trauma is to incorporate more awareness of self in connection with essence, also to eliminate as much separation as possible. Therefore, we will periodically incorporate exercises to widen your awareness of self, and in this incorporate less separation from essence and more connection with each other.

This week, I will ask you each to examine yourselves and your belief systems. I will ask you to focus on these at another awareness than only superficially, and choose within you something that you experience conflict with in a belief system, incorporating some element that you would view as “secretive” (pause for emphasis), an element personally involving yourself in which you would not be comfortable in sharing with another individual. You may be using your entire week to find this element! Therefore, you have much time to explore your own consciousness; and if you are bringing to this audience next week that you have stolen a piece of candy from a dime store when you were a child, incorporating a belief system that this is bad, I will be laughing at you and expressing that you think harder! (Long, silent pause)...

This does not necessarily mean an action. You may hold a belief system that affects you, that you only think about or feel but do not actually physically act out, but is affecting of your focus, for it is a belief system. You may express an action which you have engaged in that you believe that you must be secretive about. I will express more later. (Pause)...

I have expressed to you, first of all, that in reality there is no right or wrong. This exercise is expressly to illustrate to you how you disconnect and separate and create value judgments and influence your own selves and affect your own consciousness through belief systems. The point of this exercise will not be taken if you are not taking the step in connection and risking in trust. If you are not incorporating trust and if you are continuing to incorporate separation, you will experience trauma within your shift. My purpose in speaking to you is to avoid this.

And from the original secrets session (35), September 03, 1995:

ELIAS: In clarification also for this exercise, this, as I have said, is a beginning. You are as new babes to this awareness. I am not expecting that you will be “ripping yourselves open” in uncomfortableness, least of all for my benefit. As I have expressed to you, there are no secrets within essence. Therefore, the secrets are only within you. Nothing you will express to me will be shocking or so revealing that your essence has not already shared....

...You are thinking that you are so private and that no one knows certain issues that you have. This may be true within physical focus of those around you, but essentially there is nothing that is not known already; this being part of the point of this exercise. Also, the point is to be connecting with essence and also to be realizing the influence and impact of your belief systems.

Exercises: find out more about the secrets exercise.

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