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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

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ďThe Belief of Being InsignificantĒ

ďExpressions of ConceptualizationĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Don (Allard).

Elias arrives at 11:42 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DON: Good morning.

ELIAS: (Elias chuckles) And how shall we proceed?

DON: Well, Elias, I am sitting here with 11 pages of typed questions that I have. (Elias chuckles) As of three or four days ago, they just donít quite seem as relevant as they did. I had something that feels like my intellect sort of went numb or completely asleep, like something changed with it about three or four days ago.

Iíd like to start by asking you kind of a simple question about a possible focus of mine.

ELIAS: Very well.

DON: Do I have a focus in Victorian England with the name of Joseph? (Pause)


DON: Is it the Joseph Iím thinking of? Thatís kind of a hard question. (Elias smiles) Joseph Merrick?


DON: Oh my God! Oh my God. Yes, well, that says a lot. (Elias and Don laugh) So we were contemporaries!


DON: Yes, of sorts. Oh my goodness.

I had a dream... Actually, Iíve written some questions and this one question has to do with that. Oh, Iím actually quite shaken by hearing that.

I had a dream Thursday night, which was an unusual day for me as it was. When I woke up, just as I was waking up from the dream, I heard a voice saying to me, ďAsk her if you were John Merrick,Ē John Merrick being the name that Joseph Merrick is more known by now.

Earlier that day Iíd come to the realization, since reading your material, Iíve been trying to watch myself for the times I discount myself. When I catch it, I just try to look for the beliefs and remind myself that it is a belief and can feel that. But on Thursday I realized that I believe Iím insignificant. For the first time, even now, I know I donít really accept that or believe that is a belief. I donít see that as a belief.

I look at it from any direction Ė Iíve got the number of focuses and essences that must exist in the universe and I think, ďHow can one be significant?Ē I look at links of consciousness as being created all the time, and I think, ďIf one link were to disappear, why would that be significant?Ē

So, I can see how this belief colors all of my objective existence. If somebody cuts me off in a car, I think theyíre telling me Iím insignificant. I wonder if you could say something to help me see that as a belief rather than as the truth.

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is partially influenced by the belief of separation, which generates a specific expression in relation to perception.

Now; in this, as you separate and you view each focus, so to speak, as an entity, or you view essences as entities or you view any manifestation as an entity separated as a thing in itself, it is understandable that you may generate a perception in which you express the insignificance or the smallness of one manifestation. This, as I have stated, is quite in association with perception.

Now; this also is the reason that I continuously am offering information to individuals concerning perception, for this is what generates your actual reality. It is influenced by your beliefs, but perception defines all that you view and your associations with what you generate, what you view, what you create, HOW you view reality and all of the facets of reality.

Now; in this, the expression of separation is relative to this physical dimension and is a very powerfully expressed belief. One manner Ė which I have incorporated in example previously in allowing individuals to attempt to perceive this expression of separation differently Ė is to view yourself as an individual. You are familiar with your expression of yourself in this one focus as an individual. You are familiar with the identity of this one manifestation.

Now; without overwhelming yourself, concerning yourself with all of the expressions of consciousness, all of the essences, all of the focuses of attention that one essence incorporates, merely allow yourself to view yourself as one individual.

Now; in viewing yourself, allow yourself to recognize and perhaps investigate the concept of attention or the expression of attention.

Now; as yourself, you may move your attention in many directions simultaneously. You may incorporate many expressions, many actions, many directions in relation to attention simultaneously. Correct?

DON: Well, itís interesting that you say that, because Iíve been trying the attention exercise that you mentioned before, paying attention to all my outer senses as simultaneously as I can. Iíve become very aware in trying to do that how difficult it is not to have my attention on one specific part of the input from one sensory modality. Iíve been working on trying to enlarge my attention.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but this is an intentional movement. This exercise is expressed to allow you to view how you do NOT focus your attention, and allow you to become familiar with intentionally focusing your attention and manipulating your attention and therefore also manipulating intentionally what you generate.

But in your daily expressions, you do allow many facets of attention to be occurring simultaneously. There is tremendous input that is being generated within your daily expression. You may be listening to a broadcast or to music and not fully holding your attention upon the input of the music but incorporating awareness of that expression. You also are incorporating visual input. You may be in an environment in which, hypothetically, you may be reading a book and around you may be other individuals engaging conversation, and perhaps in what you term to be the background there may be music playing. There may be action and sounds from your street that are being generated. There may be differences in temperature, which your attention may move to and slightly notice. You may also incorporate a feeling of hunger or thirst, which your attention moves to briefly.

All of these expressions may be occurring at the same time, and your attention, although it may be focused more upon the action of reading the book, is moving and recognizing and noticing all of these other expressions that are occurring, for you in actuality are generating them. You are creating all of these expressions through your perception. You are creating the other individuals, the vehicles upon the street, all of the sounds, the differences in temperature, the movement about you, and your communication concerning whether you are experiencing hunger or thirst, all in the same moment.

Now; each of these expressions as noticed incorporates a movement of attention, and this is the key: none of these expressions lessen you as an individual. All of them are merely movements of your attention, but none of them change who or what you are. Correct?

DON: Correct.

ELIAS: Now; in similar manner, you are essence, and what you recognize as this physical manifestation is one attention of essence. Any attention is not diminished by any other expression of attention. Is your recognition of your feeling of hunger any less significant or important than your action of reading the book?

DON: No. I say ďnoĒ in that I donít even make that kind of judgment between them.

ELIAS: Precisely! For they are merely different expressions, but they are all aspects of you. They are different expressions, and your attention moves to recognize these different expressions of you. In similar manner as essence, the attentions are all being incorporated simultaneously, and one is not more significant than another. They are merely different expressions, and they are all occurring at the same time.

Now; as essence, in widening your awareness you may allow yourself to recognize that each attention is significant, for each attention is an expression of essence. It is not a part, just as your expression of hunger is not a part of you that you may separate from yourself as a separate entity and physically locate it in another position. It is an expression of you. In similar manner, you as a physical manifestation may not be separated from essence, for you ARE essence. It is merely movement of attention.

Now; within the design of this physical dimension, there is a strongly expressed belief of separation and singularity, which is tremendously influencing of your perception and therefore your perception generates singular entities. You generate a singular body consciousness; you create singular separate objects; you even generate singular movements Ė or a perception of singular movements Ė within the expression of your physical reality. But this is a belief. It is expressed, or has been expressed, purposefully to allow each attention its own purity of experience. But as you choose to be moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, you are also allowing yourself Ė as [is] every other individual Ė to be recognizing these beliefs and accepting them, and therefore offering yourself the freedom of choice. But what holds significance in this scenario, my friend, is the perception that you generate of insignificance of any aspect of attention, which you are!

DON: Well, I have to think about that. I think I got some of that.

I was thinking, you mentioned that our physical experience in this dimension is an aspect of a very pure, relatively pure, separation. Iíve been thinking about the love that we humans here often have of tragedy, and how we can see real beauty in that often and feel much passion about that. It had been my thought that that really comes from our appreciation of what we are doing here. (Elias nods in agreement) The beauty we see in tragedy is an appreciation of the separation that seems to be part of the core of human experience.

ELIAS: You are correct. I have expressed previously, this is actually a fascination that you generate within your physical dimension, for it is unfamiliar. In this, you allow yourselves to explore the tremendous diversity and creativity that you may manifest in physical expressions, and one of these explorations which holds a fascination within your physical dimension is tragedy.

DON: You had mentioned to me in my last session with you that experiencing intensity was a part of my intent and had been a facet of many of my focuses, and I can feel the validity of that. It seems like that experience of separation is one that Iíve particularly explored a lot. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. I may express to you also, these types of expressions of separation, of tragedy, of uncomfortableness, offer you an ease in generating emotional communications.

DON: Yes. Music is a trigger for those feelings for me. The feelings I feel in sensing what I judge to be the beauty and tragedy or difficulty or intensity are the same feelings that Iíll get when Iím really moved by music.

I have another question. Is it a good time to move on?

ELIAS: Very well.

DON: I feel two archetypes around me that Iíd like to ask you about, and they come sort of in different directions. One is a mercenary in some sort of Greco-Roman armor, and the other is a Buddhist monk. When I consider them Iím very struck by their similarities more than their differences. In my personal versions of them, theyíre both very ascetic and theyíve come to very similar understandings through very different experiences. As I was considering a question to ask of you about these two archetypes, I got an image of seeing them both side by side and then their forms being poured together, poured then into what is now my current physical form.

I feel like any interpretation almost I could make of these archetypes would have some validity. I think they could be focuses of mine, they could represent to me the harmony of the intellect and the intuition, and they could represent how we can get the same information from both our inner and outer senses. And yet I feel like thereís something more this imagery is telling me that Iím not getting. Do you have any comments on it?

ELIAS: I may express to you that all of your impressions and assessments are correct, and also that these are other focuses that you incorporate.

What is significant in what you have expressed is the imagery that you present to yourself concerning the pouring together to create one, for this is what we are speaking of this morning, this lack of separation Ė that although these are other physical manifestations, other focuses, they are also you and your attention is also them, that there is no separation. This is the significance of what you are offering to yourself, an avenue in which you may move your perception into a clearer understanding of the lack of separation, even in the expression of actual physical manifestations that it matters not.

Beliefs, although influencing of generating an actual physical reality, are illusions. They do influence perception, which generates an actual physical reality and therefore is quite real; but simultaneously to being quite real, it is also an illusion, very similar to what you within your time framework now view to be a hologram. It appears quite real, and in fact, in your terms, IS quite real, but simultaneously is also an illusion.

DON: Inspired by Mary and Ron and some others I read about in the transcripts maybe a couple of weeks ago, I made a slight attempt at an energy exchange, just kind of playing with it to see what it felt like. And while I forced things a bit, I did get the sensation of sort of a thin wall behind which I could sense this tremendous wild energy. It was reminiscent of energy Iíd feel in the few times I tried to meditate, where Iíve felt myself just zooming around in space. I felt like I got just a few droplets of this energy through this wall. I tried to translate them, all very conscious, in what I would call my normal consciousness, and it didnít make much literal sense but every other word was ďfreedomĒ or ďflightĒ or ďfly.Ē

Iíd like to ask you about this experience. First, my impression is that this is actually an aspect of my own essence I was sensing. I wonder if thatís correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DON: I was struck by how humorless it was! (Don and Elias laugh) Iíd like to think, well, thatís because I wasnít sensing that aspect of myself.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for this is an expression of emotion which is relative to your dimension. Within other areas, so to speak, of consciousness, emotion is not necessarily relative and therefore is not expressed. Emotion is expressed as a subjective communication to the objective awareness. Without the incorporation of objective awareness, emotion is unnecessary.

DON: One thing I had noticed, and Iíd also like just to see if you would confirm this, I felt from when I first started reading the transcripts that I could pick up conversational bits in the form of a voice in my head from you. Is that correct?


DON: And it felt quite clear to me. Your voice felt quite clear to me. What struck me was I really got the humor quite a bit, in fact you made me laugh out loud sometimes. (Elias and Don laugh) I wondered if that was a thing that you were able to do, introduce this feeling of humor as part of your facility in communication. I was just kind of wondering why it was missing... Iím not really wondering why, but comparing the lack of humor I felt in this one experience and the humor that I would get from you.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I may express to you, I have offered an interaction of a different aspect of attention of myself previously within this forum, not incorporating an expression of emotion and have allowed that to translate in this phenomenon objectively as an example to individuals of different expressions, different aspects of essence, and also to illustrate within this forum the movement and the expression of the filtration of energy and the configuration of energy which is expressed purposefully in this phenomenon.

I have expressed many times to individuals within this forum that within the area of consciousness in which I focus attention, there is no expression of emotion. It is unnecessary. It is relative to your physical dimension, for it is a base element of the blueprint of your physical dimension.

Now; I have also expressed previously that I intentionally filter energy through and configure it in a manner in association with this phenomenon to be translating a communication with you that does incorporate the expression of emotion, for you understand this configuration of energy, and you shall allow yourselves, in your terms, to connect with that expression of energy, and you shall allow yourselves to receive the information and assimilate it. For I may express to you, in not incorporating an expression of emotion or a translation of emotion in association with the energy that I project in this energy exchange, individuals do not focus their attention upon the information and do not assimilate, for it is unfamiliar and therefore the attention is moved to not be incorporating the interaction.

DON: That makes sense.

Regarding the conversations Iíve heard and had in my head with you, I feel like at times itís quite clear, and itís dependant upon the subject matter. I can feel my intellect Ė which were I to personify it, Iíd definitely know it wants to be helpful Ė but because of my beliefs, if I hear something or receive inner information I suppose from you or from any source, and my intellect cannot find a way to justify it in terms of my beliefs, then itís as if there is a line drawn by which I let no information pass unless it can find some circuitous route to allow me to believe I could have thought of that quote ďon my own.Ē I feel like when weíve conversed that line has been very clear and both kind of accepted, like ďoh well.Ē I would like to receive more of my inner information more clearly than I do. I wonder what you might have to say about that.

ELIAS: This, once again, is associated with your discounting of yourself and your worth in how you view yourself as less than or insignificant in your perception. You may allow yourself interaction with myself and accept that interaction and that information, for you view myself to be greater than and more of an authority. This also is another expression of discounting of yourself, viewing yourself as one manifestation singularly, one focus rather than an attention, and therefore expressing to yourself that you do not trust that you shall generate the same type of validity or quality of information through your own expression of essence.

I may express to you, my friend, as I have many times previously within this forum, you as essence are no different from myself as essence. You incorporate the same information; you incorporate the same movement. The difference between what you perceive as myself and you is that you do not incorporate the remembrance of yourself and I do.

DON: Yes, I can actually feel that, because when I first encountered your expression of that idea ... and yet, because of my conflicting beliefs, itís easy for me to forget that.

I have a quick question. Youíve spoken of how we process information, categorizing between thought focus, emotional focus, religious, and political. When I first thought about that for myself, I thought because I felt I could sense clearly the difference between feeling and emotion, I thought I was perhaps religious focus. But now, thinking of feelings of emotions I have lately, Iíll say emotionally focused.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DON: Iíve been trying the conceptualization exercise you gave some time ago, and my experience of it was that, without feeling any alteration of what I would notice as an alteration of my normal consciousness, Iíve been just trying to think of something and think of its action. Iíll usually get a sound thatís sort of an abstract sound. It differs depending upon what Iím thinking of, whether an object or a concept. Iíd like to confirm with you, is that my sense of conceptualization Iím practicing or is that something different?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. I may express to you also, this experience that you offered to yourself previously that you defined as an exchange of energy with another aspect of your essence is also another expression of conceptualization, experiencing the action, the movement of the concept, rather than the intellectual or the language expression of a concept, and rather than the feeling, so to speak, of it but the movement of it, the beingness of it.

DON: I think I have time for perhaps one more question. I had an experience when I was six years old I would like to ask you about. At the time Iíd been raised with a completely materialist point of view. I got in an argument with two fathers in the neighborhood about where we came from. We argued for a long time about it. They were arguing from a religious framework and I was doing my best to argue what I had been taught. Within maybe a half hour or so my father and his wife came over to rescue me. The adults got in a very heated argument about these two mass beliefs. And as they were arguing, it was twilight, just past it. I looked over to the horizon, and for the only time in my life, I saw a UFO skim the horizon and then dip below it.

First, with regard to that, looking back on it now I feel like that UFO, for lack of a better term, felt like it was very conscious of that particular situation that I was in and I felt some real affection from it. It was very aware of me. Also I feel some curious time blending with this incident that I donít quite understand. Iím not sure if Iím changing probabilities in my past or if that was sent to me, to this time... I donít really have words to explain it, but I feel something strange happening with time around that. I wonder if you could address that a little bit.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that you created this UFO, so to speak, now. I may also express to you that it is quite valid and quite real, and you allowed yourself to generate that creation and that experience in validation to yourself that there is more within your reality than may be recognized by many individuals and even yourself, and that there are expressions far beyond what you allow yourself even to imagine, but that all of this is you.

And in this, you set a probability in motion which you have been incorporating in your directions from that moment, in allowing you an openness to expand your awareness and to widen your expression of understanding of yourself and of your reality, incorporating much more of your reality than you may have if you had chosen a different probability. In this, your sense of blending of time is a translation that you are generating in association with the turning of direction in that moment and the recognition of the direction that you incorporate now.

DON: Interesting. That makes perfect sense.

A couple final things, Elias, in the last moment. First, Iíd really just like to tell you I appreciate your translation of my tone as an English sentence. I thought that was brilliant. I didnít get the humor in it for three weeks. (Elias laughs) That was excellent! So now Iíll go ahead and ask you in the way you usually give it. How would you translate my tone? (1)

ELIAS: And I may express to you, you may incorporate the first letter of each word and in this you shall form the word.

DON: I thought so! That was absolutely brilliant! I donít know how you did that one. (Elias laughs loudly) That was really good!

I appreciate it very much, Elias, and would love to speak to you again.

ELIAS: And I also shall incorporate pleasure in interaction with you once again, my friend.

DON: Oh, thank you.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I express to you, as always, tremendous affection and tremendous encouragement, my friend, in your journey. I shall continue to be interactive with you and I shall continue to offer you my expressions in the interim time framework.

DON: Okay. Iíll be looking for you.

ELIAS: Very well. Be mindful, my friend, and allow yourself the freedom to not be discounting of yourself.

DON: Yes.

ELIAS: Trust your expression and the vastness and the greatness of you, for you are worthy of your own validation. Until our next meeting, my friend, I express to you affectionately, au revoir.

DON: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:38 PM.


(1) In session 1049, April 02, 2002, Elias offers Donís essence tone as a sentence, per Donís request. Here is that interaction from that session:

DON: ďI was wondering if, as I would think you could approximate tone in various modalities, I wondered if you could give me my essence name as an English sentence? Is that possible? (Pause)

ELIAS: ďOne moment. (37-second pause) Very well. I may incorporate this game: All loving lures are readily dismissed.Ē

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