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Sunday, April 28, 2002

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ďFriendship and Casual Interaction with EliasĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta).

Elias arrives at 10:09 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARCOS: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And how is your adventure proceeding, Marta?

MARCOS: Itís going places, places that Iíve never been before, so itís been very interesting.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Exploring undiscovered country, are you?

MARCOS: Oh, my god, yes! Especially at night in my dreams. Thatís been one of my, as you know, one of my ways of exploring and creating. Lately itís been not only fun but itís been very, very exciting, because Iíve been going places that are very fulfilling to me and just, you know, very exciting at the same time.

I was talking to Mary and I donít have a lot of burning questions, and Iím sure a couple of things will come up. One of the things I wanted to talk with you about is Iíve been missing you. Itís like you and I have a lot of conversations and a lot of interaction, and lately, just yesterday, I was sitting here having a drink and I thought, ďI know itís possible, but why canít Elias just come on in and we could sit down and have a drink and talk about anything and just share experiences and interact in a different manner than we normally do?Ē

Because thereís this thing about me asking questions and telling you my impressions and you answering. I guess what Iím trying to say, in a sense, is that itís not enough, in a way. Itís like I desire a different interaction, a different bonding, like two very good friends. Iím the kind of person that when Iím with somebody I like to touch them and I like to just feel that energy. I know it can happen between the two of us, but we go back to the age-old question of how do I allow myself to relax?

Anyway, itís not a question, but I just needed to say that because Iíve been thinking and feeling about that.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I may say to you that if you are allowing yourself, you may quite easily generate this type of interaction with myself and I shall be interactive with you in this manner.

Allow yourself to view the difference of how you interact with myself than you do with physically focused individuals that you define as friends. You view myself to be more of an authority, and therefore you interact with myself differently. But you may easily alter that expression and interact with myself, and I shall comply in similar manner to how you allow yourself to express with other individuals. Do you interact with other individuals and inquire to them to offer information concerning other focuses? No. Do you inquire of other individuals why you have a manifested a physical ailment? No.

What you do incorporate with other individuals is to offer without being asked your perception and your impressions and your thoughts concerning movement that you are engaging or some subject matter that may be interesting to you, and you discuss your daily experiences together.

I am quite capable of this type of interaction, but for the most part, individuals within your physical dimension do not generate this type of conversation with myself, for the expressions and influences of your beliefs limit you, and you automatically view me as different.

MARCOS: Well, thatís the conclusion I came to very, very firmly yesterday, and thatís one of the reasons why Iíve been postponing talking to you, because something just didnít fit.

Every time I would have a question for my next Elias session I would write it down and I would make a list, and a few days after that I would no longer need to ask that question because I would figure it out. That has been happening over the last year or so, or the last few months. A different kind of a feeling, if you will, comes over every time I think I want to talk to Elias, and I say, ďOkay, what do I want to ask him?Ē I really donít have any questions where I need to or want to ask any questions in the same fashion.

Yes, I can clearly recall all the previous sessions when I was interacting with you being the authority figure or you being the teacher and I being the student, and that just didnít sit right anymore. Not that it was wrong at that point Ė it was perfect then Ė but itís just unnecessary now.

So Iíve been thinking and Iíve been feeling Ė because I go much more with that Ė that I do interact with you. I talk to you more I think with my feelings than I do with my mind, which to me is very strong. Lately itís been like, boy, I miss Elias, but I miss him in a very different sense that I canít even... Iím not sure if Iím explaining it properly. I think you understand me. Yesterday I was just sitting here having a drink and I thought, ďWouldnít it be grand to sit here and talk and interact on just a completely different plane?Ē So I think, in a sense, thatís what weíre doing right now, because Iím not asking questions. Iím expressing myself in a way that I do very often to you, but I think Iím doing it more objectively now.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

MARCOS: I know you are, and I appreciate that very much. I think I just needed to say this for me perhaps more than for you, because I know youíre capable of that and understanding, and that makes me feel pretty good. So I think I want to share with you more than ask you different things.

ELIAS: And how have you been generating your relationships recently, my friend?

MARCOS: You know, I was talking to Mary a little bit about that. I loved her talk, especially the last one where she does talk about her relationships, and I could relate to that.

Itís funny you asked, but since I quit my job about five months ago, Elias, Iíve had a lot of time for me. Iím sure thatís one of the reasons I left. Thereís been two big things that have been pretty satisfying in my creation. Number one, on relationships, theyíve gotten easier. I still have times, moments, where the old energy, as I call it, comes up, but I can at least tell myself this is an automatic reaction and I can step back and I can go around it or go beyond it, and itís not there permanently. So thatís kind of cool. I recognize that a lot. I think theyíve been flowing, especially with Paul. I think over the last few months itís been really, really good. I feel very good and I know she does, too. Itís been really good.

The other thing which has also been very interesting is on this whole issue of money, where Iím really, I think, trusting myself to express it, because everyoneís asking me, ďWhat are you doing? What do you do now that you donít have a job? Are you concerned about this or that, and what will you be doing?Ē I really donít want to be doing anything a whole lot different than what Iím doing now. I believe that the moneyís there. So on both of those fronts, theyíre somehow very much related.

I think one of the best things Iíve done in years is when I basically gave up this sort of full-time work to do more interesting and more fun stuff, and itís been really good. I feel great, Elias.

ELIAS: This is quite liberating, is it not, my friend?

MARCOS: It is! Itís fantastic, just having this time to do things in the moment, on the spur of the moment, without having a schedule of things to do, things which I never really enjoyed anyway. I never enjoyed having a boss. Iím just creating differently, which is kind of different. And you know me, I donít jump into things; I take them and then I think about them or I just kind of put them on the side and let them be for a while, and then patiently I kind of mold them and then they happen after a while. But thatís how I do it, and thatís okay.

Iím starting to care a lot less about what people think or say, and just doing things in a much more liberating fashion, and the freedom is ... I canít even explain it. Itís just so grand. I mean, thereís not one single day since October 15 that Iíve regretted making the decision that I made. Itís just been wonderful.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And are you also noticing the grandness of your own expression and how this actually alters your reality, for you have altered your perception?

MARCOS: Oh, big time! Itís applying those very significant yet little things that weíve talked about before. Theyíre not so little, but in the end they are. Theyíre not so hard, but we place upon ourselves so much this very heavy energy that doesnít permit us to do that.

Iíve been noticing Iíve been changing, and as I do that I notice people change around me, too. Itís experimenting, itís fine-tuning, because it doesnít always work with the precision that you want it to, but itís there in a big way.

Itís also about allowance and acceptance, and I see that with Isabel, no? Iíve been spending quite a bit of time with her now, which has been really incredible in a different sense. Before, I can see when it was just very intense and in a way kind of nervous too, because I thought, ďOh my God, I better hurry up and experience everything that I can with her, because sheís growing up and sheís leaving.Ē And now itís a little bit more relaxing and itís a lot nicer in many ways. Sheís doing her thing as she always has in grand fashion, and Iím just enjoying that very much and learning from that, too. I mean, we bounce things off of each other in different ways, and we cooperate in our creations in a way that is effortless. Thatís my favorite word, Elias. Thatís the word that I think about all the time, and when things are effortless theyíre so free and easy and incredible. When something doesnít quite happen effortlessly, then I just let it go and I donít go there.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! But the experimentation and the exploring is quite fascinating also. Allowing yourself to be experimenting may be curiously exciting, is it not?

MARCOS: Very much. Oh, very much. (Elias laughs)

You know, one of the things thatís come up often both in my subjective and my objective realities is this thing with borders, borders with countries, borders with cultures, borders with languages, things like that. I keep dreaming about erasing borders, and in my involvement with some of my colleagues from graduate school, and especially recently, itís been about that, and sometimes I get very passionate about erasing borders. I think all of that speaks to all of the stuff that youíve been talking to us about as well, about sort of being one and being connected, which to me means a lot more, I think, because of my orientation and my intent, and that also has been coming up a lot, which has also been very fulfilling.

ELIAS: Ah, yes, for this allows you to experience the interconnectedness, which is a tremendous freedom within your own allowance of ease in movement. This also is not dissimilar to movement within other expressions of consciousness, the translation of excitement of exploring, for this is the action of consciousness in all areas, and also not generating boundaries or separations between your attention and any other expression, be it physical or nonphysical. For I am quite understanding of what you are expressing; within my area of consciousness that I occupy, there is a continuous exploring also. (Elias chuckles)

MARCOS: I think what Iím going to do is, one of my new avenues of exploration is to allow myself to change my perception to be able to interact in a different way with you, because I think thatís something that I desire very, very much. I know we do that on many different levels, certainly with dreams. I was telling Stella the other day about a dream where I ran into you a couple of times, and I think that as I have given myself this time and this freedom to explore in a different manner I also want to do that in a more objective fashion, because itís just very fulfilling.

There are just things that I want to do and Iíve given myself the permission, the time, the freedom to do them. And so with that in mind, you know that my house is your house and youíre always invited. I want to spend more time with you in a different way, because I think thereís ways and places that we can explore together.

ELIAS: Ah, very well! And quite exciting, my friend! (Chuckles)

MARCOS: Very much, very much. So I think with that I will say ďuntil the next time,Ē which I know will be very soon. Youíre constantly here, Elias, and you know how much I feel right now. I appreciate your presence and your interactions, and I really love you, guy.

ELIAS: And perhaps you shall allow yourself to be interactive with myself in your dwelling, and I shall incorporate my pipe, and we may discuss subject matters that are fascinating to you. (Chuckles)

MARCOS: Iíd love it!

ELIAS: (Laughs gently) As you are aware, I am continuously with you, my friend, and shall continue to be so, and shall be anticipating affectionately your allowance of friendship and casual interaction. And in the moments that you are generating frustration and wish to be offering expressions to another, you may call upon myself and I shall be compliant to support and listen.

MARCOS: Oh, thanks very much. I know exactly what you mean.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am QUITE aware that you do! (Laughs and Marcos laughs) Know that I AM listening! Ha ha ha ha!

MARCOS: Yeah, I know. I forget sometimes, but I come back to that.

ELIAS: And shall you offer my greetings to Paul and to Isabel?

MARCOS: Very gladly.

ELIAS: Ha ha! I anticipate our continued interaction together with them also.

MARCOS: Iíll let them know, Elias.

ELIAS: Now; be remembering, Marta, generate spontaneity and fun and be playful! Not so very much seriousness Ė you have incorporated enough of that expression! Ha ha ha ha!

MARCOS: Oh, yes, Iíve created enough of that for a bunch of focuses! (Elias laughs loudly) No more, no more!

ELIAS: You generate much more allowance in playfulness and spontaneity, and this is expressed in much more of an acceptance. (Chuckles) Continue paying attention to you and offering yourself that allowance. You generate much more of your own preferences and fun. Ha ha!

Very well, my dear friend. I shall be interactive with you, perhaps this day!

MARCOS: Iíd love it! Iíd love it! Youíre welcome to spend Sunday here.

ELIAS: In your festivities. Very well! I shall be present. (Chuckles) I offer, as always, my genuine affection and tremendous appreciation of you, and express to you, until we meet, au revoir.

MARCOS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:35 AM.

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