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Monday, March 25, 2002

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ďBlack and White AssociationsĒ

ďAllow Yourselves to Relax and Flow with the EnergyĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Shahma (Fiona).

Elias arrives at 12:38 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SHAHMA: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how are you creating your adventure?

SHAHMA: Well, thereís not a whole lot of excitement. (Elias laughs) Things are kind of in a... Actually, not much drama is going on. Iím not experiencing any real drama in my life for the last few years, or the last maybe three years or so, but inside I go miles. (Laughs) Iím always traveling in my thoughts and in my imagery. (Elias chuckles)

So letís see, one of the things I wanted to ask you is, several years ago, I guess it was in 1982 or so when I was reading a lot of Seth stuff, when I first started reading that stuff Ė this is kind of a round about way of getting to something Ė but I had this dream in this vivid, living color and I was flying through the air on the back of a plane. I was hanging on to like a trapeze bar and flying, and I was hanging off the end of this plane. We were flying through what appeared to be a stadium of people. It was filled with people, and I was wearing this hot-pink tutu! (Laughing) Everything was, like I said, in living color.

All of a sudden the scene switched, and I was in some little room somewhere. There were a few other people in there, but everything was gray, like a black and white TV or film, and somebody was saying something about that I missed my chance or something like that, and the phrase ďyou missed the boatĒ comes to mind.

When I woke up from the dream, it was like immediately upon waking up from that dream, I sat up and I thought to myself, ďIím going to die of cancer at the age of 63,Ē which is a really WEIRD thought to have after that dream!

Then about three or four years ago my golden retriever, who was 12 at the time, created lymphoma. It got worse and worse, and I ended up taking him in and having him put to sleep because I couldnít carry him. I had to carry him down the stairs to go to the bathroom and stuff; he couldnít walk very well anymore. He was just in too much pain. I have a thing about that, about pain.

Iím wondering if the relation of the cancer thing, Iím wondering if somehow that was an instance where he might have created the cancer instead of myself.

ELIAS: You are correct.

SHAHMA: Okay, thatís what Iím wondering about. I donít really understand the dream, how the dream related to my thought of dying of cancer at the age of 63. That was just... It kind of stuck in my mind.

ELIAS: Offer to myself your impression concerning the dream, and I shall offer you an interpretation.

SHAHMA: Well, in the first place, in the first part of the dream, I think I was probably out of body. I was flying through the air, and everything was in this vibrant color, and people were actually cheering me in the stadium. (Laughs) There was this excitement, and I feel that I was out of body. Then when it suddenly switched to this black and white and that sense of ďoh, you missed the boat,Ē I think that I was creating a judgment upon myself as to not being able to measure up to the way I saw myself in the out of body experience part. Am I close?

ELIAS: Yes. You are partially correct and have offered yourself partial information in relation to the dream imagery. I may express to you the initial dream imagery, which you presented to yourself in vividness, was an expression to yourself in recognition of potential and the tremendous freedom which may be realized in that potential in association with your choice to continue movement within this physical manifestation in association with this shift in consciousness.

The second aspect of the dream imagery was an offering to yourself of information concerning your doubt in whether you actually incorporated the ability to accomplish the movement to allow yourself that freedom, and therefore you also, in that doubt, generated a communication to yourself that in continuing to express a doubt or a discounting of your ability, you alter the potential and therefore create an energy which generates a potential to disengage rather than struggle with your skepticism in relation to your abilities.

Now; all of the expressions offered in this imagery concerned potentials and you allowing yourself to view different potentials, that you may allow yourself choices. In this...

SHAHMA: That would go along with, the last time that I talked to you I was describing that I had suicided at age fourteen and the doctors said that I had enough of the chemical in me to kill ten people but I didnít die, and you said that I had offered myself a longer timeframe in which to transition. I think that there have been other times when Iíve felt like I wanted to give up the struggle by disengaging, but I havenít ever actually wanted to create that again, that scenario.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and you are correct. This is an automatic association that you generate in certain time frameworks. Not that you actually engage an action to create that choice to be disengaging, but many times you generate associations in which your dream imagery is quite accurate, for you view the situations to be quite black and white. Therefore, your automatic response to the black and white expression is to generate an association or a thought process concerning disengagement.

Once again, your automatic association is communicated to you offering you imagery of the black and whiteness of your associations, and as you awake, you generate the thought of creating a dis-ease that shall allow you an acceptable method of disengagement. But the point is the disengagement.

In this, you are also correct in your impression that your potential of energy is expressed quite strongly with your associations. Therefore, in relation to the black and white aspects of your perception to this point, you generate an energy that leans strongly in the direction of actually creating many of these black and white scenarios and not incorporating other choices, for this method, so to speak, is quite familiar to you.

In exchange with the creature, there is a recognition of that potential and that automatic association, and therefore the creature incorporates the choice to manifest the physical expression rather than you generating the physical expression.

Many times individuals choose to be in agreement with another expression of consciousness, such as a creature, to be creating this type of allowance of themselves, in similar manner to what other individuals generate in relation to dream imagery. Many times individuals create dream imagery to allow themselves to experience some probability or potentiality and therefore allow themselves to not generate that experience in objective waking state.

SHAHMA: The other thing that this brings up is something else that I was wanting to discuss with you. The first half of the dream, where I was experiencing a lot of fantastic wonderful energy and flying through the air and everything was in vivid color, for several years I will periodically kind of go into this spontaneous... Itís like a fantasy, where I am speaking to people. It may be a group or it may be just a single person, and Iím feeling this kind of welling up of energy.

I think a lot of times I hold myself in. I hold my energy in because I have this fear that Iím going to... ďWhoa! If they only knew what was going on in my mind!Ē Iím just feeling this really powerful energy, and I have a tendency to sometimes clamp down on it so Iím not intrusive with people. I think my energy sometimes gets too strong.

But going back to the imagery that I imagine with myself, I have felt at different times that I am a speaker, and at the same time itís probably been the most fearful thing for me to get up and be in the spotlight, where Iím actually speaking to people and theyíre really paying attention to me.

In fact, at one point a few years ago, I did a firewalk. There was a firewalk on my property and it was really exciting. The imagery that I created for myself was that if I could walk across those hot coals, then surely this thing that Iím so afraid of, of getting up and speaking, that if I could walk those coals that surely I could do the other. Do you see what Iím saying?

Iím not quite sure where Iím going with this, but I think itís all related to this strong pull that Iíve had lately, allowing myself or making myself available for an energy exchange. I was doing that for a while but it didnít seem to go; I didnít seem to go very far with it. I have a real strong feeling that I would kind of like to just be out of the way and for it to occur without my beliefs or my thought processes interfering and creating distortion. Iím really afraid of some sort of distortion.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; let me express to you, once again allow yourself to recognize your automatic expression and association with the either/or, the black and white. In this, what you are presenting to yourself, first of all, is an expression to motivate yourself to examine your beliefs in association with yourself and your expectations of yourself and your beliefs concerning how you are perceived by other individuals, which all contribute to an expression of fear and discounting of yourself.

LISTEN to your expressions. You concern yourself with how your expression may be affecting of other individuals. In actuality, more accurately expressed, underlying that identification is that you generate a concern in relation to how other individuals shall perceive you, and this is expressed in relation to how you perceive yourself and that if you are allowing yourself a genuine freedom to be expressing yourself and what you want, this shall be intrusive to other individuals. No, it shall not. This is the influence of your beliefs, which are quite strong. But you are offering yourself the opportunity to examine these beliefs and therefore offer yourself the freedom to choose and to express in the manner in which you want.

Now; you are correct, you do incorporate an ability and a desire to be interactive with other individuals and expressive of yourself and of information. And once again, the black and white aspect of that enters the scenario, for you do not incorporate the trust of yourself and of you as essence, that you are equally aware and incorporate the same energy and information as any other essence within consciousness. There are no higher or lesser essences. In this, as you do not trust your expression and your ability to offer information yourself, you move your attention into an association of the black and white, that if you allow yourself to offer information it must be in the expression of an energy exchange with another essence, for the other essence shall present information more accurately than yourself...

SHAHMA: (Laughs) Yes, I see that.

ELIAS: ...and that it must be generated in a particular manner, for Ė this is another association of your lack of trust of yourself Ė you must remove yourself entirely, or your objective awareness entirely, for you do not trust that you shall not tamper with the information and therefore distort it.

Now; the issue that you are presenting to yourself is not actually concerning whether you shall allow yourself to engage in an energy exchange or to be channeling information...

SHAHMA: From my own essence.

ELIAS: ...which you may filter through other layers of consciousness of your own essence into an objective expression. This is not actually the point, although you may choose either action. But as I have said, this is not the point.

What IS the point of offering this imagery to yourself is that you allow yourself to examine and address to strongly influencing beliefs that are limiting of your choices and your freedom to be expressing yourself, which you already incorporate somewhat of an objective awareness of how you limit yourself in relation to other individuals. You are correct, you do hold a constricting expression of your energy in doubt of your abilities and in fear of how you shall be perceived by other individuals, but this also concerns your acceptance of yourself. For in generating an acceptance of yourself and a trust of your abilities, you shall no longer concern yourself with how you shall be perceived by other individuals, for you shall generate outwardly what you create inwardly: an acceptance and a trust and not an expression of what you perceive to be negativity.

SHAHMA: I think that in the last couple of years I have relaxed a little more in that respect. Iím accepting myself somewhat more, but there are times, like when I was speaking of this great feeling of energy that sometimes occurs within me, I have this feeling sometimes that it feels like a dam is gonna burst. I guess Iím afraid of being overwhelming with people, and I guess probably if I would just relax and allow myself to express myself that none of those things would happen.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHAHMA: I donít quite know what Iím trying to say here...

ELIAS: I am understanding. Let me express to you, my friend, the initial movements in offering yourself permission to express yourself and what you want in freedom are the most challenging, for these movements initially are generated with the objective knowing that you are allowing yourself and also continuing to generate an expression of fear. Therefore the fear continues, and in many scenarios the fear intensifies as you DO allow yourself the actual expressions initially of freedom. But you also generate a validation of yourself in each experience, and this, in each experience, quiets that expression of fear.

Once allowing yourself the initial expressions of freedom, you quite quickly quell the fear, for the validation of yourself and your accomplishment and your allowance of yourself to genuinely view that this is quite real and that you do actually hold the ability to generate your choices and your freedom and your expressions of what you want, that expression of validation becomes much louder and much more intense in your objective awareness than that of the fear.

The natural movement and desire of consciousness, of essences, is to be freely expressing and offering satisfaction to themselves and offering an expression of preference and pleasure. Therefore, although within your physical dimension you do generate an objective expression of fear concerning some scenarios in relation to your beliefs, your natural expression of energy is contrary to fear, and therefore allowing yourself to generate freedom, even in an expression of fear, the validation is a natural expression of essence and this becomes quite overriding to the fear.

SHAHMA: Yes, I think I know what youíre saying. There have been times when Iíve allowed myself to be VERY expressive and free with my energy and I do receive a lot of validation objectively, and people have described me as vivacious, which was kind of surprising to me! (Laughing) But I have felt very exhilarated in the process.

ELIAS: Quite! And you generate an objective experience and feeling which is actually accompanied by an emotional communication, which you may or may not actually pay attention to in those moments. But you do generate somewhat of an objective recognition of that communication, for you generate the signal of the feeling, not merely of exhilaration but of a sensing that you hold the ability to accomplish ANY expression and that you are UNBOUNDED in that moment. It may be experienced temporarily, but you do offer yourself an objective recognition of it, and in actuality, this is quite genuine. You do hold the ability to be creating in a boundless manner. You do incorporate the ability to create ANY expression, ANY manifestation that you want, quite literally.

This is one of the wondrous aspects of this particular physical dimension. Although you view yourselves to be quite limited, I continue to express to you all the tremendous diversity that is incorporated in this particular physical dimension, for you have created a blueprint in this particular physical dimension that allows for tremendous expansion and allows for tremendous freedom. This is the reason that this physical dimension is incorporating this movement of this shift in consciousness and inserting that Source Event into your physical objective reality.

I have expressed from the onset of this forum, this shift in consciousness is unique to your physical dimension. It is not being incorporated in other physical dimensions. For, this particular physical dimension allows for an openness that may accommodate this type of expanded expression and alteration of your physical reality but continue to incorporate the design of this physical dimension, which is a wondrous expression or invention of consciousness which you participate within.

SHAHMA: Itís really exciting actually, thereís so much going on. (Shahma laughs with Elias)

Letís see. I had a couple of questions about my... I have whatís been called fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and actually in the last couple of years Iíve gotten much, much better. Iím feeling so much better, but in the last, say, couple weeks or so, Iíve been experiencing kind of like a flare-up. Iím not even sure that... They call it fibromyalgia and thereís a feeling in the muscles of pain, but thereís also this sensation that I get that is rather painful of my skin that feels almost like a rushing of energy, like chills but accompanied by pain. Itís very uncomfortable to me. When it flares up, I feel this kind of painfulness all over my body.

Thereís two things, thereís two areas where Iím thinking that maybe it has to do with holding my energy in, but then thereís also this belief system of Iíve been ingesting too much sugar lately or something like that, and itís affecting my body. Iím aware that I have some of those beliefs. What occurs to me in that respect is that if I do have those beliefs that I shouldnít be eating certain things. I could be creating the thing because of my beliefs.

ELIAS: Quite.

SHAHMA: But I also feel like itís some energy thing, and Iím wondering what your thoughts are on that.

ELIAS: You are correct in both of your assessments. In recognition of your beliefs, you do create expressions in association with your beliefs. The point of recognizing your beliefs is to allow yourself choices, knowing that one choice is not better than another choice. They are merely choices and it matters not which direction you move into in association with objective imagery. What matters, so to speak, is merely that you know objectively that you do incorporate choices.

Now; in association with the expression of energy, you are also correct. There is an affectingness of energy. Partially it is an affectingness of what you have identified in this restriction of energy that you generate, holding to your energy field, which is affecting of the physical body consciousness. For energy shall be expressed, and therefore as individuals constrict their energy field, they do generate Ė and you do also Ė expressions of physical affectingness that shall allow them to express energy but shall also allow you a communication that you may be objectively aware of the action of holding to your energy or constricting it and the time frameworks in which you are creating that action.

Now; let me also express to you another identification of what has been occurring with you recently, for this has also been expressed en masse.

SHAHMA: You mean with everybody? Or with lots of people or...?

ELIAS: Many, many, many individuals in mass expressions Ė in different manners individually Ė but in recent time framework there have been tremendous energy surges in relation to the movement of this shift in consciousness.

Let me express to you, my friend, this is quite real and individuals respond to these energy surges, for they are also participating in these energy surges, collectively. You each generate different and unique imagery in relation to these energy surges, but the commonality that you all incorporate in association with these energy surges recently is an expression of automatic tension. This, in actuality, is quite interesting for...

SHAHMA: Because weíve called it forth!

ELIAS: ...for you have generated these energy surges quite purposefully. But you have generated them in a different manner than you have previously and with much more of an intensity, and your automatic responses collectively have been to generate a tremendous expression of tension.

SHAHMA: What seems to be helping me lately with this is, my impression is or my feeling is that I need to, when this occurs with me, that I need to just relax.

ELIAS: You are quite...

SHAHMA: If I really allow myself to relax and kind of flow with my energy, then I get this feeling of heat, which feels good. Itís relieving or something.

ELIAS: Quite. You are quite correct, my friend, and I have been expressing recently to many, many individuals, this one action is KEY within this time framework, that you allow yourselves to relax and allow yourselves to merely flow with the energy that you are generating and that is being expressed en masse. For the more you generate tension, the more you also generate an intensity of uncomfortableness.

Each of you are expressing that in your own unique imagery, but you are all expressing it in the commonality of tension. The one expression which you all may incorporate commonly is to be allowing yourselves to relax, and this shall be tremendously alleviating of what you are generating objectively in your individual experiences.

SHAHMA: Right, which is what weíve been talking about this whole time, really, in a way, is just allowing the energy to flow, allowing myself to be, to express myself in the way that I want. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct. Do not concern yourself with what you perceive to be expectations of other individuals. Allow yourself to examine the expectations that you express to yourself, and therefore allow yourself to choose not to be generating those expectations, for they are unnecessary and they are also quite restrictive.

SHAHMA: (Sighs) Well, the time is about up. I had a couple of real quick questions, just a couple of impressions I wanted to run by you. One was about my golden retriever that died. When I got him and for the longest time, I had the impression that he was at one time a seal. Is there any...?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SHAHMA: Cool! And then I have another dog, Bambi, who actually I call him Bambi because I had the impression of a deer at one time, that he had an experience as a deer at one time.

ELIAS: You are correct.


ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I am acknowledging of you and your allowance of your impressions concerning energy configurations! This may also be helpful to you objectively in other expressions, as you allow yourself an awareness of different energy configurations in relation to yourself and other individuals. Not that they incorporate reconfiguration of consciousness in...

SHAHMA: But youíre referring to other focuses that they might have had, my impressions in that respect or...?

ELIAS: Partially, and also partially in energy fluctuations of individuals in your interactions with them now. For individuals also reconfigure energy, and in that reconfiguration of energy within a focus in the now, they do not merely alter their expression but they alter themselves.

You all create this action at times, and in this, in your allowance to be recognizing of reconfigurations of energy, this offers you information, for it once again offers you choice. In knowing that you receive the energy expression from the other individual, it is also your choice how you project that outwardly in relation to your perception. Are you understanding?

SHAHMA: I think so. Well, not quite.

ELIAS: An individual may reconfigure their energy expression and you may be interactive with the individual. You are interactive with their energy projection.

Now; they may be reconfiguring their energy expression outwardly in relation to how they perceive themselves in a particular time framework. As an example, an individual may be experiencing a time framework in which they are tremendously discounting of themselves, and therefore they perceive themselves in a negative or a disturbing manner and they may project that energy outwardly for they have reconfigured their energy expression. In their actual physical manifestation, they may actually alter their physical appearance and presentment of themselves in their creation of themselves.

In this, you receive the energy expression and it is YOUR choice of how you shall configure that energy and interact with it and project it outwardly in your manifestation of the other individual in your perception. Which offers you, once again, the freedom to be expressing YOU and what YOU want. You may not necessarily want to be generating a perception of the other individual in that negativity, for your association may be that it limits your expression with the individual. Therefore, you may configure the energy in relation to the other individualís blueprint but generate the individual in YOUR perception in a different manner, to allow you a freedom of the type of interaction that YOU want.

SHAHMA: (Big sigh) Iím gonna have to give that some more thought! (Elias laughs) I think I know what youíre saying. I have experienced the change in configurations of other individuals. Itís the rest of it Iím going to have to give a little more thought to as far as my perception of that individual and... (Elias chuckles) I know what youíre saying. I know that I know, but Iím not quite translating it. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I am understanding.

SHAHMA: If I might, I just have one quick question about some energy that I was... I was kind of experimenting with energy last night, just kind of sitting quietly, and I just allowed myself to experience whatever came to me visually as I relaxed. What I experienced was this sort of a dim soft lighting effect, where initially there wasnít a lot of color, just faintness, and it was kind of pulsating toward me and spreading out. Itís hard to describe, but I think you know probably what I was experiencing. After maybe a minute or so I would get like sparkles or some flash of color, but for the most part it was this pulsating kind of soft dim light coming toward me and then spreading out, like ink on a blotter effect.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And your impression?

SHAHMA: My impression was that either I was allowing myself to relax enough to experience another essence or my own essence.

ELIAS: You are correct in your initial impression that you allowed yourself an openness in your relaxation to present yourself with an objective awareness of another essence.

SHAHMA: Back when I was in the group that we were doing a little bit of channeling, I thought I was in contact with a couple of essences. One I call Tamal and the other I call Kahlil. Would that be the same essence or...?

ELIAS: Second essence; yes, you are correct.

SHAHMA: Kahlil?


SHAHMA: Am I correct in the name on that?


SHAHMA: Thatís what I thought. I used to get a lot of green energy associated with him.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. This is a vibrational quality that is what you may express as closely associated with the energy expression of that essence.

SHAHMA: Iím just gonna play with that, then, and let you go. (Laughs) I donít want to take any more of Maryís time. I know she has someone else lined up there, so. Itís been SO wonderful talking to you!

ELIAS: And you also, my friend. I may express to you great acknowledgment of your movement and your allowance of your awareness.

SHAHMA: Thank you.

ELIAS: And in this, I also continue to offer you tremendous encouragement and shall be playful with you in energy, as always.

SHAHMA: Thank you. I appreciate it.

ELIAS: I may express to you once again, as always, great affection and au revoir.

SHAHMA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:41 PM.

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