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Saturday, March 02, 2002

<  Session 1021 (Private/Phone)  >

“Holding Attention on Self in This Now”

“An Example of Interpreting Multiple Emotions”

“Kundalini Beliefs”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Ingrid (Allie).

Elias arrives at 2:12 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

INGRID: Good evening, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

INGRID: I am also fine. (Elias laughs) I was looking forward to this session because a have a few questions, more questions for you. Can I start?

ELIAS: You may!

INGRID: I found out a few more names where I think it could be focuses of mine. I wanted to check with you. One of them is Chita.

ELIAS: Correct.

INGRID: This is a focus?


INGRID: And Remy?

ELIAS: Rene.

INGRID: No, Remy... Oh, it is Rene?


INGRID: And Dilita?


INGRID: And Moshosha? (Pause)


INGRID: And Stablich? (Pause)


INGRID: And Talima? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correction: Talika.

INGRID: Alika?

ELIAS: Talika.

INGRID: Alika. And Vernell?


INGRID: And Janine? (Pause)

ELIAS: Janine. (16-second pause) Change L to N.

INGRID: Janine or how is it?

ELIAS: Janine.

INGRID: And Alana? (Pause)


INGRID: This is really interesting because I don’t get much more information than the names, except for one thing I got. I don’t know if my focus is Josephine, because I had some imagery that the name of the husband was Thomas. He was a great man. He had a big farm and they had two children. But I don’t know if this is in regard to Josephine or if it is in regard to someone else, to another focus. (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

INGRID: Is this in regard to Josephine?


INGRID: Can you tell me in which country this was? Was this in England?

ELIAS: No. Austria.

INGRID: In Austria? Very interesting. Could you give me a hint in which timeframe it was? (Pause)

ELIAS: Mid seventeen hundreds.

INGRID: Last night I had a dream and there was the number of 1475. Suddenly it was completely clear in front of my eyes, this number 1475. Do you have an idea what that means?

ELIAS: This is an identification of a time framework of a focus, but not this focus.

INGRID: Not this focus, another focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

INGRID: In this dream, there was one person asking me to write down what would happen tomorrow afternoon, and I tried to imagine something and I wrote down two sentences, but somehow I think I was not very successful. When I was thinking this morning about it, then I realized that it was the session with you this afternoon, what was happening. (Elias laughs) Did you have something to do with this?

ELIAS: No. This is merely your communication to yourself, an offering in imagery.

INGRID: Because before this I had the feeling that someone was sending me energy. It was a kind of a procedure, repeating and repeating again. I had the feeling I tried somehow to translate this energy but I think I could not do. Somehow I could not translate it. But it felt to me as if I would receive some energy, but I am not able to translate it.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and this is an interaction with myself.

INGRID: Then I wanted to ask you if you could give me a hint for which focuses I should look, which are important for myself in this timeframe? Could you give me a little help in this? Or is it advisable to do this for me?

ELIAS: You may allow yourself to be playful and investigate different focuses if you are so choosing, although I may express to you that it may be more beneficial to you to be concentrating your attention on what you yourself are generating in this now in this focus. Therefore, allow yourself an intimate familiarity with yourself, and this shall be facilitating much more of an ease in relation to your movement in association with this shift in consciousness.

This is an intense time framework presently, my friend, and in this, there are many challenges that in your terms are surfacing now in relation to the insertion of this shift, which as I have stated recently almost requires you as individuals to be turning your attention to yourselves in this present now to avoid expressions of trauma which may easily be created in this time framework, as there is a tremendous thrust occurring to be emerging into in the actualization of this shift.

INGRID: That’s what I felt actually, too. All these names, they came completely easily while I was resting and suddenly this came through without me doing anything. It just came up and I was writing it down. But I was not focusing. The only thing I wanted to know a little bit more was this Josephine focus and there at a completely different time suddenly this information came up very naturally and easily.

ELIAS: Quite.

INGRID: So it is also not interesting for me to know the other focuses in the same timeframe now? So it is better for me to focus just on the now and this focus?

ELIAS: Yes, correct.

INGRID: Then I wanted to ask you, did I have a focus as a dancer or chanter in Asia somehow? Because a few days ago I suddenly started chanting in a very soft way in a language I don’t know.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

INGRID: I also wanted to ask you, you mentioned one time that I have focuses also with you together, and I had the imagery that somehow I was either maybe your child or your niece or somehow a child in your environment. Is this true?


INGRID: Because somehow I heard myself saying, “Uncle Elias” and things like that and I felt like a child, very small, and when I made a little accomplishment I was telling you “Look what I can do!” And in this way I had the feeling it was like that.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. This particular focus is within the time framework of the French Revolution.

INGRID: I beg your pardon?

ELIAS: The French Revolution.

INGRID: That’s why I always loved French so much. (Elias laughs) Yes, it’s a very nice language. I like it very much.

Another question I have – because I always did take everything so much as absolutes – can you see, do I have a little progress in this direction, taking the things not so much as absolutes anymore? Is there some movement?

ELIAS: Yes. You are incorporating movement in this direction, although do not become lackadaisical and express to yourself that you are generating movement and therefore you need not be paying attention any longer. For this is significant, your allowance of yourself to be noticing the expressions that you do associate as absolutes, for this generates judgments.

INGRID: Yes, yes. But I realize that I am a little bit more aware of it.


INGRID: Then I have another question regarding my right hand and also my left hand. In the right hand, for quite a while I have pain in the whole hand and somehow I have not so much strength in this hand. Is this a temporary thing or is this something serious?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this physical manifestation is temporary. This is associated with a restriction of productivity. You incorporate strong associations with the value of outward expression and productivity, and in this, as you express judgments upon yourself concerning your productivity or the lack of your productivity in YOUR assessment – not necessarily in what you are actually generating, but in your judgment of your productivity – you view it as being restricted or lacking, and therefore you reflect this in a physical manifestation of restricting your physical hands and wrists in association with your judgment of yourself.

INGRID: As you said, I have a very much outward expression, and this comes to the next point I wanted to ask you. Because you always say in your sessions “stay in yourself” and this point, always in all my life, it made me some problems, because I did not know exactly where to stay when someone said “stay in yourself,” because I cannot somehow distinguish between me and self. So for example, I work seven hours a day selling beautiful clothes to ladies. I have to listen to them, what they want and so, and somehow I have the feeling all the time I am outgoing. All my day I am outgoing; I have the feeling I am never with the self. Can you comment on that, please?

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is a significant point, for as I express to you to be turning your attention to self and holding your attention with self, I am not expressing this in the exclusion of other individuals. It is significant that you allow yourself to hold your attention within self, but you also do interact with other individuals.

INGRID: At the same time?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; you...

INGRID: I don’t make this, I tell you. I tried. (Laughing) Either I am here or there.

ELIAS: But you do hold the ability to incorporate both. You may be interactive with another individual, you may be listening to another individual, you may be responsive to another individual, and simultaneously you may be aware of yourself and what you are actually generating and engaging.

For example, if you are interactive with another individual, hypothetically within your dress shop, and the other individual presents an opinion to you concerning a preference that they incorporate and you observe yourself responding in a manner in which you are attempting to be advising of the other individual, you may recognize that your attention is projected outward upon the other individual and not within self.

INGRID: Ah, I do this all the time. I do this all the time. I all the time give my opinion and things like that.

ELIAS: If your attention is focused within self, you may be engaging interaction with another individual and you may receive energy from another individual and accept it in the manner in which it is presented, and this shall generate no motivation to be attempting to convince another individual of your preference or your opinion.

INGRID: This is a very helpful point for me. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

INGRID: For I feel I have to work on this. (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is not to say that you do not incorporate an opinion and that it may not be different from another individual’s, but there is no necessity to be convincing the other individual of your preference or your opinion, for you are accepting of your own, paying attention to your own, and accepting of their expression also.

INGRID: Yes, yes. This is very helpful.

I have another question. Years ago I was on a very intense meditation course in a hotel, and when I entered my hotel room I had the feeling that there is a kind of very holy being in this room, a kind of presence in this room, which felt to me at that time as very holy. When I went to bed later on, I had the feeling that this being, this presence, was sitting next to my bed and I felt so at home and like completely blissful and completely contented. What was this?

ELIAS: I may express to you quite simply, this also was your allowance of a presentment of your essence...

INGRID: Because it was very nice.

ELIAS: you, that you may allow yourself to objectively experience the gloriousness of what you are. Regardless that you translate this to be an entity outside of yourself or separated from yourself, it matters not. You allowed yourself an experience to be recognizing of your essence.

INGRID: Sometimes I go through very painful emotions or I have to face certain aspects of myself which I could not face before, and then I feel like my hands are lifting up and taking my face in the hands and somehow comforting me. Afterwards when I am through this whole thing, I feel a very cool and fresh feeling in the areas of my eyes, as kind of spring rain coming down, so I experience it. Can you tell me what this is?

ELIAS: This in actuality is an efficient method that you have created to be offering yourself an expression of comfort.

Now; I may express to you, this is a method that you have generated with yourself in relation to what may be identified as beginning steps to allow yourself to move in the direction of listening to the message that is being communicated in emotion. For in your focus, as the individual that you are, the intensity of some emotions that you generate is expressed to an extent that it becomes overwhelming, and this generates an expression of fear in relation to the communication itself. The mere signal, the mere feeling of intensity of the emotion in its overwhelmingness, becomes a fearful expression to you.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking you inwardly have recognized within yourself that before you may allow yourself to receive the message of the emotion and allow yourself to examine what you are communicating to yourself, you first must be abating the fear. Therefore, you have created a method in expression with yourself to be offering yourself a comfort which expresses to you an allowance that you are safe and that you need not be expressing this fear in relation to your own communications to yourself. This in actuality is quite efficient in your creation.

INGRID: It brings me to the next point, because I am very often so frustrated because I cannot recognize any message. I try and somehow I have the emotion, I know it is a signal, I want to listen to the communication, and nothing is coming. It frustrates me so much when I try to figure out something and nothing is coming. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Offer to myself an emotion that you have incorporated recently that you have incorporated difficulty in recognizing the message, and we shall examine it together.

INGRID: Let me think. The only thing that comes now to my mind, it was not so much an emotion, it was an experience I had where I heard the voice of this little child again. I was watching TV, I wanted to see something on television, then the voice of this little child came in, and I behaved very badly to this little child. I was very angry and I said, “Go away,” and afterwards I started crying so much. I don’t know if it was me who was crying or if it was the child who was crying. I felt so terrible behaving like that, and somehow I cannot figure out what it was exactly.

Is it because I was so impatient, or I wanted it to go away because I wanted to listen to the TV and I felt disturbed? It is actually in regard to my experiences of four years ago, when this whole transformation started, that I felt disturbed by these voices very much during the day, and I just wanted these voices to go away. I felt somehow that I cannot stand it anymore. I did not want to hear this anymore.

Before, when I had the first two sessions with you, somehow I relaxed a little bit more and I could open up towards it again. But then it started to get more and more, and every time when I just was lying down and relaxing a little bit, the voice of this child is coming and talking to me, but it is not talking in a way that there is some sense in the things that it says. It is just present and just says a few words. For example, when I feel something, then it repeats the feeling somehow and it somehow does not give me any information or so. It nerves me sometimes, if you know what I mean. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well. This is an adequate example, for you are incorporating emotional communications.

INGRID: Yes, I have to say I am not proud of how I reacted.

ELIAS: Ah, but this also is an aspect of the communication, for initially you are incorporating a frustration. Subsequent to the frustration, you express anger, and subsequent to the anger you incorporate guilt.


ELIAS: Now; what is being communicated to you is, first of all, in the frustration, you are in the moment identifying to yourself that you recognize that you incorporate choices in relation to the experience that is occurring, but you are unsure of how to proceed and what choice to be implemented to achieve the desired outcome.

Now; as you continue, you move into an expression of anger, which is an extreme of frustration. Anger expresses in the moment the subjective communication that you now do not view that you incorporate ANY choices, and therefore you are helpless or powerless to be affecting of the situation.

You also are expressing an emotion of agitation, which is not anger, simultaneously. For in recognizing that you now have moved into an expression of no choices that you view and that you are powerless to be affecting of your experience, you generate an emotional communication to yourself, identifying that you are allowing another aspect of yourself to dictate your choices, that you may not incorporate a choice for this aspect has generated a choice for you and you are subject to it or victim to it.

INGRID: Brings up the old memories again.

ELIAS: And in this, subsequently you outwardly respond and thusly you generate guilt. Your response outwardly is your attempt to be regaining your choices, but thusly you generate an automatic response to your own attempt and you experience guilt.

Now; what this is expressing to you in its communication is that you have now devalued your worth and express more of a value of this other aspect of yourself, which is interruptive of you and which you are allowing to dictate your choices, and in this, the guilt is an expression of intensively devaluing you. This is the reason...

INGRID: How should I react then when this voice is coming and I feel disturbed? Should I just let it go? What is the practical way, the next step in this?

ELIAS: Acknowledge that you have allowed the expression and allow yourself the choice to not pay attention.

INGRID: I should not pay attention?

ELIAS: Correct. You may move your attention and you may allow yourself permission to generate your choice. In this particular situation, you may have acknowledged this voice, that you have allowed its interruption, and once acknowledging that, you may also quite objectively acknowledge yourself and express to yourself, “No, I am choosing to be engaging my television. I choose not to be listening in this now, and if I choose to be listening in another time framework, this shall be my choice, not one that is dictated to me.”

INGRID: This is very helpful. Because when I give in too much I have the feeling it takes over a little bit, you see, and this reminds me of the time before, and then I get this old feeling back again that I had at that time. Sometimes I have the feeling it’s just a kind of training for me to be aware, that maybe this voice is just helping me to be more aware of these kinds of things and go in the right direction. Can that be?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for it is your offering of yourself to be paying attention in the moments you become victim to your own expressions.

INGRID: Yes, that it is. This is also very helpful for me.

This is since a few years, I experience very often receiving some energy in my red energy center. This I could understand why it is. Exactly since four years since I went through this transformation, since then it started, and sometimes it is a little less and then it gets stronger again. I always receive this energy in the red energy center.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. This, I may express to you, as I have expressed to Enope, is directly associated with your own energy and your alignment with specific beliefs. This is not an outside energy which is affecting of you. This is your energy that you direct in association with this particular energy center, and it is directly associated with your alignment, with your religious beliefs in association with what you identify as Eastern beliefs in Kundalini.

INGRID: This I wanted to ask you also, because when this transformation started, before I had to leave the group, I had the feeling that my red energy center was extremely lively and then I always wanted to ask you if this is in direction with the Kundalini experiences. But now after I have been reading your sessions, I somehow feel that it is very much associated with religious beliefs, like you just mentioned.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

INGRID: I was reading books about Kundalini, because the effects I had, the side effects I had, were very much in tune with the kind of things they have been writing. But since I have been reading your sessions, I feel that I did rise a little bit above, so to speak, not in a negative way, but a little bit my thinking has been transformed in a different way, a more neutral way now.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and do not misunderstand. This expression may be directly influenced and associated with beliefs, but this is not to say that it is not quite real.

INGRID: Yes, it is very real. It’s very real!

ELIAS: Yes, for you are creating it. Therefore, it matters not that it is associated with religious beliefs. The actual physical manifestation is quite real. What is significant in relation to the beliefs is that you allow yourself the recognition of the beliefs and not be subject to them. But once again, recognize that you do incorporate choice.

You may manipulate your energy in any manner that you choose, and you are not eliminating belief systems. You are merely allowing yourself to recognize their existence, their potential influence, and allowing yourself to be accepting of that and therefore offering yourself the freedom of choice.

INGRID: Yes. I think in this way, in this area, I have the feeling I made some progress in this direction, but still I think I am more in the direction of tolerating them instead of accepting them. (Laughs, and Elias laughs) I am not completely at the end here. At least, it is my feeling that I am more tolerating and recognizing them, but I cannot accept them completely the way I would like to.

ELIAS: You CAN, you merely have not yet. But this is not to say that you cannot. And do not be discounting of yourself, for whether you have actually allowed yourself a genuine expression of acceptance or not, you ARE generating movement in that direction.

INGRID: Good, good to know. I have another question, regarding essence family, alignment and orientation of my boss’ wife.

ELIAS: And your impression?

INGRID: I think she has something, I would say Sumari, but the other thing I don’t know.

ELIAS: Essence family, Vold; alignment, Sumari.

INGRID: And her orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

INGRID: And her husband?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Zuli.

INGRID: I beg your pardon?

ELIAS: Alignment, Zuli; orientation, common.

INGRID: And where is the next question? This I have here, then I have another question. Many years ago I had a dream where I did see my mother of this focus and me together, and I could see that there was a big, big ocean wave, a big flood coming towards us, and it killed us both. We were close to a mountain and in the moment I was thinking, “Oh, if I would be on this mountain, maybe we could save our lives.” But in that moment the wave was already there and we both drowned and many other people drowned, too. Then I had the feeling afterwards that I was not afraid of death anymore and also not afraid of drowning anymore.

About seven years ago, I think it must be the same time where you told to me I started transition, I lived in Canada and I was swimming out in a lake and I turned back, looking towards the coast, and I did see that there was a distance between the coast and me. Never in my life I was actually afraid of water. I was always a good swimmer and I had never any kind of fear being in water. But in this moment when I turned around, I got such a panic that I am going to drown that I thought I am going to get a heart attack. I tried to get to the shore as quickly as I could, and since then I never could swim out anymore. I don’t know what this means. Is this in connection with the transition or what is this?

ELIAS: Partially, for partially it is associated with a bleed-through of another focus. In this, in the action of transition, at times – not always, but at times – you do associate with bleed-throughs in different manners than you may if you are engaging bleed-throughs not in association with transition. For you may allow bleed-throughs within the action of transition as symbolic messages, so to speak. Therefore, you configure the energy differently, and you may incorporate this in quite definite terms, such as this experience in which your symbology to yourself incorporates actual physical associations. In a manner of speaking, what you have generated in this symbology in physical experience is a manifestation of physical imagery of a turning point, in which you actually are offering evidence to yourself of a physical incorporation of turning of your experiences.

INGRID: I had a similar experience about three years ago when I was hiking in the mountains. I was with a friend and then somehow we got a little bit lost. She was going in one direction and I was going in the other direction to find out where we are, and I have not a good orientation. So I was walking a little bit too far and I could not hear her anymore, and I got such a panic because I felt so lost. There were all these mountains around me and I was completely freaking out. I was screaming and crying and I was completely freaking out.

I was thinking, “Okay God, if you want me to die now here, I am going to die.” The next moment I had the thought, “No, I don’t want to die here.” And in this moment where I thought, “I don’t want to die,” my feet were walking completely by themselves and I was out of this difficult situation immediately. It seemed to me somehow like a miracle, that exactly in this moment when I let go and I said, “I don’t want to die, I want to live,” I could find a way out of this difficult situation immediately. Was this also part of transition or a kind of turning point in my life?

ELIAS: Yes, an offering to yourself, first of all in an association with objective disorientation, so to speak, and confusion and what you associate as a lack of control, and an allowance of yourself to be experiencing a moment of trusting yourself without what you associate as control, and that you shall be responsive to you and shall not be hurtful to yourself.

INGRID: Because it was terrible, really a terrible experience. Since then I could not go up there anymore, in the mountains. (Laughs)

So, then I have another experience. It was also maybe 15 years ago or even 20 years ago that I was on a meditation course which was very intense, and when I was resting several times it happened that my mind left my body and I was traveling somehow. I did not leave the Earth. I was always in close contact with the Earth and not too far away from the Earth. But I went to different places and the colors I was experiencing were so bright and so beautiful and the freedom without the heaviness of the body was so exciting and so nice that sometimes I had the feeling I don’t want to go back there anymore. Then I heard after a little while that my spiritual master has said that these kinds of experiences are not so desirable because somehow they divide body and mind. So when it came the next time, I was thinking of my spiritual master and it stopped and it never came back again.

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your question?

INGRID: I was wondering what... This is a good question: what is the nature of my question? Is it something that I let myself into dependency of my spiritual master, or was it a good decision or not? That I want to know.

ELIAS: Ah. Therefore you are inquiring as to validation of what your master has expressed to you, whether this is correct or not?


ELIAS: I may express to you, it is incorrect.

INGRID: It is incorrect?

ELIAS: Yes. This is not what you may identify as a bad type of experience. In actuality, my friend, I may express to you quite definitely, you generate this type of experience and activity quite often. You merely do not always allow yourself an objective recognition of it. This is merely a projection of consciousness, and individuals create this type of action quite consistently and quite often.


INGRID: In the night or when? I don’t remember that I did this afterwards again.

ELIAS: This is what I am expressing to you. Generally individuals do not necessarily allow themselves an objective awareness of this action. But this is not to say that you do not generate this action. You do, you merely do not incorporate an objective memory of this.

Now; I may express to you, you may be noticing certain time frameworks which you excuse away, so to speak, which in actuality are evidences to you that you are incorporating this type of projection and you are not allowing yourself an objective awareness of it or memory of it.

Do you not incorporate moments in which you subsequently recognize that you hold no memory of a particular time framework? Many individuals incorporate this type of experience in moments in which they are engaging a mundane activity objectively. In this time framework, the activity may be a repetitive action. Many individuals incorporate this type of experience in association with your motor vehicles, in which...

INGRID: Actually I did not recognize this so much. You mean a kind of gap in between?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

INGRID: Where I am not aware of myself and where maybe I do this? No, actually I don’t recognize this so much, but it does not mean that maybe it is not happening. These experiences were so blissful and so nice and so... I suddenly had the feeling my being is moving through a tunnel out into the light. It never lasted too long, but it was a very nice experience. I think what is holding me back is the fear...

ELIAS: Correct.

INGRID: ...that I do something wrong. It holds me back, that I do something wrong which is not life-supporting for me.

ELIAS: Correct. For another individual has expressed this to you in relation to their beliefs and you have accepted that; therefore you have restricted yourself.

INGRID: Yes. That feeling I always had, and later when I was talking to one of our teachers, but I think they had not the ability to answer this question. This was always my feeling. But even if I wanted to do it again, until now I was not able to do it again.

ELIAS: For you incorporate a fear that you are engaging a wrong action. I may express to you an encouragement that you may be engaging this type of activity and allowing yourself an objective recognition of it as often as you choose. You shall not be projecting, in your terms, far from your physical body consciousness, and you shall not move yourself into an expression in which you shall not return, so to speak, for you are choosing to be physically manifest.

INGRID: Yes, yes. There was a time four years ago where I had the feeling I did not choose it anymore, but now I really have the feeling I am here, my whole body and my whole heart on Earth. (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am understanding. Therefore, as you are choosing to be participating in this physical dimension, and you are generating a motivation and your individual value fulfillment in association with this manifestation, you shall not project within consciousness away from this physical manifestation to the point in which you shall be physical affecting of your body consciousness. You continuously incorporate a subjective awareness of your physical body consciousness, in a manner of speaking.

INGRID: I never was afraid when these experiences happened. I never was afraid. It was the most natural thing in life. It was just nice and I let it happen. I had no idea about these things before. I was not reading something about that, it just happened completely naturally. Only when I heard this comment, then I got afraid.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding.

INGRID: Ja. So what you mean is I should just be open in this direction and let it happen if it comes?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes.

INGRID: And it is a good thing to happen? An interesting thing?


INGRID: Adventure...

ELIAS: An adventure.

INGRID: ...and playfulness. Then, as we are nearly at the end of our time, Elias, I wanted to ask you if you have any kind of thing you would like to tell me about something I am not aware of or something that you would like to tell me. Is there something?

ELIAS: I shall merely be expressing to you an encouragement to continue noticing and also to continue practicing moving your attention to you. Practice in your implementing of your allowance to be interactive and attentive to other individuals but also simultaneously attentive to self.

INGRID: Yes, yes. I am going to do this. I don’t know when I will talk the next time to you. For the moment I think this is the last appointment, but maybe it doesn’t take so long. (Elias laughs) So I thank you very much for your help and for your information, and I hope to talk to you again.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating our next meeting, my friend. Ha ha ha! I shall be offering playful energy to you in the interim time framework, and my encouragement. Therefore, you may be watchful for my energy, for it shall be present.

INGRID: Yes, I will. So, thank you and goodbye.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. In tremendous affection, au revoir.

INGRID: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:12 PM.

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