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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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ďPersonal Responsibility and ChildrenĒ

ďJudgments from Others About Religious BeliefsĒ

ďAccepting the Shadows of YourselfĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Carollee (Theona).

Elias arrives at 12:35 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

CAROLLEE: Good morning. So, I was having a little bit of trouble contacting you. I looked at everything that might be going on for me about that, and I was wondering about past lives when I knew you. It seems like there were some. Iíve seen what I thought might be one of them.

ELIAS: And your impression?

CAROLLEE: Well, it looked like it was in England and that I was working in a type of roadhouse as a kind of a cook. People came by, travelers, and we cooked and entertained them.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLLEE: Yes? And I thought maybe in Scotland, then; I wasnít sure about that. Once I thought maybe I was also a wizard, and once I thought maybe I was working in an apothecary kind of situation.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, although not necessarily in the expression of wizard or sorcerer, but rather more of an expression of an herbalist.

CAROLLEE: I was an herbalist?


CAROLLEE: And we had interactions about that?


CAROLLEE: Any others that I might look at?

ELIAS: You may investigate another focus within the time framework of French Revolution...

CAROLLEE: French Revolution?

ELIAS: Yes, in which you engage the role of a soldier.

CAROLLEE: Yes? (Pause) Can we look at what you might have been?

ELIAS: A revolutionary.

CAROLLEE: A revolutionary also? Like companion revolutionaries?

ELIAS: No, in opposition.

CAROLLEE: Oh! I see. Yeah, I was feeling that opposition last time, after. I wasnít expecting that I would, but thatís what was there that time when I tried to have a session.

I feel like Iíve had a lot of focuses on this Earth plane. I was wondering if you could tell me a number?

ELIAS: Very well. Total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension, 1532. (Pause)

CAROLLEE: For a long time Iíve been writing and I have been wanting to have an expression of this in the world. I mean, Iíve always been feeling like Iím on the verge of it, but lately it feels like Iím changing probabilities back to, I think, one that feels closer to my original intent when I came to this life. It feels like Iím really coming into that probability, and I was wondering if you could comment about my writing. I feel like Iím really getting a sense of what it is that I have to say and what I have to say.

ELIAS: And what is your identification of your present inspiration?

CAROLLEE: What is my identification of it?


CAROLLEE: Well, it feels like Iím able to convey this shift in consciousness, aspects of it, by writing expressive nonfiction. That I could, without making a clinical book or a book thatís just what I call a how-to book or something, that I could tell stories and in that way demonstrate this shift in consciousness and attitudes of how I would see things and how I would see other people.

ELIAS: In relation to your experiences.


ELIAS: I am encouraging of you in this endeavor of creativity, for allowing yourself to be expressive and sharing of your experiences may also allow you, in a manner of speaking, a more comprehensive view in familiarizing yourself in objective understanding with you and also offering an expression outwardly in relation to other individuals.

CAROLLEE: In other words, a wider... Yes, I would like to have my work published more widely than it has been.

ELIAS: Offering yourself an expression of trust in the direction that you are choosing shall generate what you want.

CAROLLEE: Yes, it feels like thatís starting to happen more. It feels like thatís starting to happen.

ELIAS: This also shall be facilitated much more easily as you continue to pay attention to you and not concern yourself with what the writing thusly generates. Are you underst...

CAROLLEE: What the writing...?

ELIAS: Thusly generates. For as you allow yourself merely to express yourself and your experiences, you shall be offering yourself more information in familiarizing yourself with intimacies of yourself, and in that action you generate an objective benefit to yourself which automatically generates a by-product of creating what you want in relation to the outward expression of the book itself. Are you understanding?

CAROLLEE: Yes, I am. Yes, I believe so. Yes.

Also, with my teaching, it felt like for years I was just sort of drifting out of alignment with... Things felt out of alignment. Since I had this child, Gabriel, it felt like my lifeís really been coming to much closer alignment with my intent, actually. But when it came, ďWhy am I teaching?Ē it felt like it was right for me, and yet so far in an objective sense one would say it hasnít worked so far.

Iíve been looking at different avenues of continuing, and Iím now working with seven-year-olds, children, and it feels like thereís something, a way that Iím able to engage with them thatís transforming, thatís very exciting to me. With the high school students it didnít feel like I was able to have that happen. Somehow I wasnít able to create a rapport with those students. So I was just wondering about any insight that you could offer about my teaching and the direction and so forth.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you, you are engaging a process of redefining, in like manner to all other individuals within your physical dimension in association with this shift in consciousness. You are redefining terms and therefore redefining your reality, and in that redefinition of your reality you are moving into an expression of altering your perception which actually alters your physical reality.

In this, you are allowing yourself what may be viewed as a new movement in redefining your terms of teaching, allowing yourself to begin to generate an interaction with other individuals in a manner which redefines this term, acknowledging the knowing of these other individuals and expressing an allowance with them rather than attempting to be altering their expressions or setting yourself in an expression of authority of them, for you are beginning a recognition that this is not the point. These individuals are no less aware than are you, and in that recognition youíre moving your attention in a different expression of perception, acknowledging this recognition, and as I have stated, therefore redefining your terms of teaching. In this, my friend, you are also allowing yourself much more freedom.

CAROLLEE: Yes. Itís very exciting.

I have another Ė well, Iím always at a crossroads Ė but it looks like thereís a need for me to pursue more formal education. Iíve already pursued a lot of formal education. The languages seem to be an area that Iím drawn to. So, I donít know if I really do need to pursue more formal education. It looks like I do.

ELIAS: This is your choice. It is merely associated with your preferences, not necessarily a need but rather what you choose in relation to your preferences in directions.

CAROLLEE: After I had Gabriel, I went through a crisis and was in great anxiety for a long time. Then I was able to come home to Idaho where my parents had lived and create this life that in many ways has been very beneficial to me at this time. I often wonder if I will stay here, because there is a limited range of people to interact with and a limited cultural range. When I was in Spokane this Christmas, I had a dream that I was home in Washington where thereís a university, and there were some very light, very free, liberating images of education in that dream. I wondered if that home in Washington was an actual message that I gave to myself because thatís a place I might relocate. I wondered if you might comment about that dream.

ELIAS: You are offering yourself imagery in communication, you are correct, allowing yourself to view choices that may offer you more freedom in the type of direction that you are incorporating presently.

You are correct, you have allowed yourself to be expressing a familiar environment to be offering yourself a time framework of comfort in which you allowed yourself to concentrate your attention on you and therefore practice in trust and acceptance of yourself. Now you are offering yourself imagery in association with what you want objectively in the type of environment that you choose to create individually and allowing yourself more of an expression of freedom in your creativity.

CAROLLEE: My son Gabriel, itís been a very complicated situation, bringing him, having him. There were many complications, and Iím just wondering about...

Iím just wondering if you have any insight about my relationship with him. I know that he has an effect on my creativity that I feel is very freeing and positive. Itís wonderful having this childish energy after so long being around just adultís kind of energy.

ELIAS: As we spoke previously, let me remind you to be practicing in interaction with this individual in an expression of acceptance rather than expectation. I am recognizing the strength of beliefs concerning roles of parent and child and the association that you generate in relation to responsibility, but in this you also lean in an expression of assuming personal responsibility for this individual and associating that this is your role and that you must be expressing this personal responsibility for this individual, which is directly influenced by your beliefs.

I express to you, you are not personally responsible for this individual. Allowing yourself to turn your attention to you and expressing an acceptance of yourself shall automatically generate a quite different expression of energy outwardly in relation to him. For what you are expressing in this personal responsibility is an energy of guilt which moves your attention to the other individual and away from yourself. As you move your attention away from yourself, you perpetuate the lack of acceptance within yourself in relation to this individual, and you perpetuate the expression of personal responsibility, which as you express this outwardly in energy, the child experiences that energy immediately and reflects that to you in these types of expressions of lack of acceptance of self.

CAROLLEE: I see. Iíve been working on this, and I feel like Iíve been doing better. Iím beginning to incorporate this.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I am also understanding the tremendous challenge that is expressed in this type of movement, for there are many automatic responses which are generated in association with beliefs, and in this, the key is to be paying attention to you and therefore allowing yourself to notice these automatic responses and allow yourself choice, recognizing that as you continue to be practicing in acceptance of you, you also express an automatic by-product of acceptance outwardly.

I may express to you, energy is communicated much more efficiently, precisely and immediately than any language. In this, regardless of what language you incorporate, you all interpret energy most efficiently and you are responsive to energy expressions. It is quite real.

CAROLLEE: Iíve been looking at that more with people and the way that I see people and relate with them outwardly, and itís just that my energy is communicating and thereís no hiding from it. I think for years I was not able to do that and just felt like being at that level thatís not very real and genuine, that thereís no hiding from the energy, the creations...

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLLEE: ...of ourselves.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the reason that I have expressed many times, there are no secrets within consciousness. You may delude yourselves and create an idea or a perception that you may be secretive or hiding certain aspects of yourself from other individuals, and temporarily you may be convincing of yourself objectively that you are accomplishing that action. But in actuality your energy is quite obvious, regardless, and other individuals interpret energy quite clearly, as do you in relation to other individuals. You all incorporate tremendous ability to be interpreting energy quite accurately, regardless of language or even actions.

But this offers you, as you allow yourself to view, a tremendous liberation, for you do generate quite a concentration of energy in attempting to be camouflaging, whereas in allowing yourself an openness and a knowing of the expressions of energy, you generate a perception of ďit matters notĒ and you allow yourself a tremendous expression of freedom.

CAROLLEE: Thatís been starting to happen and itís exciting, especially in regard to sexuality. It seemed that I had a lot of blockages about that, was unable to express that aspect of myself, and so now it feels like Iím starting to just feel that it doesnít matter. Whatever is there, is there.

I was wondering about, Iíve been going to church and taking my child, and itís very bizarre to me. I was drawn there because of community and friendships and I also receive a lot when Iím there, and yet I donít... The belief systems, I simply donít want them. I mean, Iíve looked at them. Iíve been away from them; I feel like I donít believe them. I know enough energy is still incorporated there but Iím curious about the... What I seem to experience there is quite wonderful.

Itís like Iím feeling this energy and this creation without judging it, but when I try to communicate with some of the Elias people on the email list it felt like they stopped the communication when I mentioned God. So Iím just curious about this. (Elias chuckles) Maybe I misinterpreted their...

ELIAS: Not necessarily. (Chuckles) I may be acknowledging of your point, for I may express to you, you are not necessarily misinterpreting the interaction.

This in actuality is a significant point, my friend, for this is an example of what I am continuously expressing to you all concerning beliefs and belief systems, that they are intrinsic to this physical dimension and you are not eliminating them and the point is to be accepting of them.

Therefore, in any moment in which you yourself or any other individual expresses a judgment concerning another individualís choice to be engaging an alignment or an activity that expresses an alignment with a belief, you may quite be assured that this is the signal that you are NOT generating the point and you are NOT expressing acceptance and NOT moving in conjunction with this shift, and I acknowledge you in allowing yourself the freedom to be expressing this noticing in this forum.

For I may express to you, individuals within this forum DO generate distortion of this information and view themselves in some situations and expressions to be quite enlightened and continue to generate judgment in association with other individuals and their choices, and this is NOT the point and not the movement of this shift.

CAROLLEE: Yes, well, I was puzzled because there were several individuals that I felt that I had, I feel still that I have definite connection with and something to receive in the interactions, and they were all stopped when I mentioned... They were all stopped.

ELIAS: For individuals generate a camouflage, expressing to themselves that they have moved on or they have identified religious beliefs and have discarded them or do not incorporate them any longer, and this is quite incorrect. Individuals may choose not to be participating in physical outward expressions associated with particular establishments of religious incorporation, but this is NOT an expression of eliminating religious beliefs or the religious belief system.

You all incorporate all of these beliefs. It is merely a matter of choice and what you prefer and what you choose to be expressing, and there is no wrong or right expression in association with religious beliefs. They merely are. The point is to be allowing yourself to recognize their existence, not ignore them, not camouflage them, and therefore allow yourself the freedom of choice in how you shall express your wants, your directions, without limitation.

CAROLLEE: If I lived somewhere else with a larger community, I donít know if I would go to a church like I am, but when Iím there the richness is actually... And when I was in deep crisis I found that through these beliefs Ė spiritual, God Ė I was able to feel that I was aligning with the source in a way that I was able to heal myself.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this has been an expression of benefit...

CAROLLEE: Yes, it feels like it.

ELIAS: ...therefore there is no justification for judgment by other individuals or in relation to yourself. Do not discount yourself, my friend, in relation to expressions of other individuals.

CAROLLEE: Are you talking about the people that I communicated with in the group?

ELIAS: Yes. And in this, as you express the signal of disappointment or anxiety, you are allowing yourself to be discounting of yourself in relation to the expressions of other individuals. What I am expressing to you is allow yourself the freedom to pay attention to you and to generate what you want, and not discount yourself in relation to what other individuals may express.

But this offers you the opportunity, my friend, also to examine your apprehension concerning other individualsí perceptions.

CAROLLEE: Yes, I noticed that when I started to communicate with the email list, that I felt tremendously vulnerable.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLLEE: I seem to have this great vulnerability in interactions and I looked at it. It looked like maybe that underneath thereís this...

When I was looking at what you were telling me in my interaction with you, of having been a soldier and you having been a revolutionary, that somehow Iíve been looking at the darkness, looking at it without judging it, trying not to judge it and not to judge the darkness that Iíve seen in myself, seeing it as great, and seeing this alignment it seems that I have with this what I saw as darkness and lives that I seemed to have lived. I feel like I had a life where I was a Roman emperor or something and just times when I align with a power or force that has been called oppressive, that perhaps it was this underneath my... Some of these lives like with you, when I felt this life youíre speaking of was animosity. Iím saying a lot of things that are not that coherent together but...

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing.

CAROLLEE: It seemed like the events of September 11 and whatís been going on in the world that thereís a very intrinsic alignment that I have had as a being with darkness or these forces of darkness or that... I mean, astrologically my chart would show that, and I understand this is my creation of energy. Anyway, maybe you can address to this a little.

ELIAS: This in actuality is a significant movement, my friend, for in allowing yourself to be accepting of the shadows, so to speak, of yourself, you allow yourself much more freedom in your expression of yourself, for you allow yourself not to be creating judgment in association with the beliefs that express the identification of the good and bad of expressions and experiences. This is significant, for in allowing yourself to view and address to the shadow experiences and expressions of yourself, you allow yourself to pierce the depth of yourself, and in this, what you offer to yourself in freedom is the freedom to not incorporate justification, which is tremendous.

CAROLLEE: Justification for...?

ELIAS: For any of your actions or experiences.

CAROLLEE: So not to be operating on this double level.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLLEE: Yes, and then maybe this has something to do with the vulnerability that I feel in interactions?


CAROLLEE: Yes? And have felt with you?

ELIAS: Yes, for this is an unfamiliar expression, allowing yourself an openness and allowing yourself to widen your awareness and be addressing to and examining different aspects of yourself and your experiences and addressing to expressions of duplicity, not incorporating an expression of justifying your choices to express your worth. Allowing yourself to be trusting of your experiences and your expressions may be quite challenging, for it IS quite unfamiliar.

Within your focus, my friend, you have generated many experiences previously to be camouflaging and, in your terms, quite literally to be hiding from yourself, and you generate those experiences outwardly in many different expressions. THAT is familiar. What is NOT familiar is an expression of openness and vulnerability and a lack of justification of yourself.

CAROLLEE: I feel like this is what Iíve done with teaching, where the students all left my class. A lot of things objectively have gone this way for me in the past couple of years, and it just felt like the right thing for me to do was just to accept it, not justify it or anything, or explain it Ė I canít, really Ė but that this is whatís happening so I must be creating it.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLLEE: I was wondering about this Roman emperor, if you might tell me who this might be.

ELIAS: I shall be challenging you to be investigating. Ha ha!

CAROLLEE: The name is just on the tip of my tongue Ė itís Tiberius. Nero?

ELIAS: Prior.



CAROLLEE: Oh, I donít know the timeframe, but...

ELIAS: And therefore you may investigate. Ha ha ha! You have offered yourself a project. Ha ha!

CAROLLEE: I was wondering if you might tell me the intent of Gabriel. Or is that something that you do?

ELIAS: Offer your impression.

CAROLLEE: Itís something about creativity. I could see him as a musician or something about doing things a different way, doing things where he combines intuition and a mechanical ability and comes out with a new mix. Also, something about relating with community, because we donít have... Of course, the relatives arenít alive anymore. I also have been interested in community, and I thought that maybe thatís something that he conveys with me or to me.

ELIAS: These are different expressions and avenues that are and may be incorporated in branches or avenues of expressions of intent, but not necessarily the identification of the intent itself.

This individual generates many different choices of avenues to be expressing and exploring his intent, which is to be reflective. In this particular focus, the choice of intent is to be generating a continuous reflection in a manner which allows him to explore his response to other individualsí responses and therefore alter or, in a manner of speaking, in the exploration to twist the responses of other individuals to reconfigure them in relation to his responses.

CAROLLEE: I have been interested in community. Back in the Ď60s and Ď70s there were communes, and Iíve thought that maybe this is something that would come to be again. I also looked at it as an answer to my emotional dimension, because it seemed that creating a nuclear-type family was out of reach for me. Iím wondering if this might be something that would be created a lot, people incorporating a lot of what they learned in the Ď60s and Ď70s, and yet moving far beyond where people were at that time, what they were able to create communally.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, correct, for you are moving in an expression in association with this shift of recognizing the lack of separation of all aspects of consciousness, not merely in association with individuals, but with all that you create and all of consciousness as being expressions of yourselves. Therefore in a manner of speaking, you are correct. But the expression extends much greater in objective recognition than was generated in that time framework. There is a much wider awareness being generated now.

CAROLLEE: This individual, this being, Lazaris, I was drawn to him in the mid-Ď90s before I had my child, and I just wondered if you would comment about him. I saw him doing things, many of them similar to the way that you work but also different, and the way that heís creating with people that are incorporated here on Earth.

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your question?

CAROLLEE: If you might quantify that kind of creation, I think thatís my question. I was thinking about it the last few days. I was thinking that he might involve himself more with other families of consciousness than are drawn to you. I mean, I feel more specifically aligned because of Sumafi/Ilda. It feels very aligned. Thereís something intrinsic with the way I feel aligned with your information. However, I thought maybe he was working with different families of consciousness and they were more drawn to him.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Yes, you are correct, and I shall express to you as I have previously with other individuals, there are many expressions of consciousness in this time framework which are offering information and supportiveness to you as individuals within your physical dimension in association with this shift in consciousness, and all of these expressions are valid. They may be expressed differently in associations with different qualities of energy associated with different families Ė you are correct Ė but they are all valid. Individuals draw themselves to different expressions of energy in association with the energy that they themselves generate and view as resonating with.

CAROLLEE: Yes, I liked very much his concept of creating through resonance that he worked with a lot, resonating on a particular wave frequency and generating experiences from that.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This also is another point in association with what we discussed previously in this conversation concerning beliefs and judgments of beliefs.

Individuals view that the expression of myself may be better than an expression of another essence or another experience of channeling information, for I align with the expression of least distortion; but this is not necessarily better, it is merely different and is, in your terms, compatible with energy expressions of many, many, many individuals within your physical dimension. But this is not to be discounting that beliefs continue to exist and that they continue to be expressed.

I choose to be expressing in a manner which intentionally moves in a direction that is not familiar and therefore not reinforcing of familiar beliefs and commonly expressed beliefs, but it matters not for within your physical dimension the beliefs ARE expressed and there ARE automatic filtrations of the information that I offer in association with these beliefs, for they are intrinsic to your physical dimension.

CAROLLEE: Would you identify any family of consciousness with that being, or families?

ELIAS: You may inquire of that expression, rather than inquiring of myself to validate another expression of consciousness which is quite capable of offering that information itself.

CAROLLEE: I was wondering of my sisterís name, her essence name and alignment and family.

ELIAS: And offer to myself your impression concerning family and alignment.

CAROLLEE: Vold, I believe, Sumafi and Vold. Iím not sure about the Sumafi part.

ELIAS: Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Vold.

CAROLLEE: And her name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Dembe, D-E-M-B-E (DEM bay).



CAROLLEE: D as in dog, E, M as in Mary, B as in boy, E?

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLLEE: Well, I believe itís time. Itís been an hour, I think. I just want to thank you. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I shall be offering encouraging energy to you.

CAROLLEE: Thank you. When I think that Iím communicating with you, it almost seems like it is.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and you may assure yourself that I am recognizing and responding.

CAROLLEE: It feels like it!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I express to you anticipation of our next meeting and supportiveness to you in your sojourn.

CAROLLEE: Thank you. Thank you.

ELIAS: In great affection, my friend...

CAROLLEE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: revoir.

CAROLLEE: Thank you.

Elias departs at 1:36 PM.

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