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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

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“Scatteredness and Lack of Motivation”

“The Importance of the Shift”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Pamela (Pviette).

Elias arrives at 9:07 AM. (Arrival time is 40 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAMELA: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome!

PAMELA: Thank you. The first thing that I would do is to express my gratitude to you and to the entity I know as Seth, for these wonderful concepts have been daily companions of mine for most of my life and have just added such a dimension of pleasure and enjoyment and exploration, and I just would like to express that. It’s really nice to be able to say it personally, the way we do to a human when we express our gratitude, so I express that to both of you. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Smiling)

PAMELA: I would like to start with exploring the idea of resonance. It seems to be something that has been such a hallmark of my life, so important to me, and I understand it to have to do with frequency. Somehow, it seems wrapped up also with integrity and color. It just seems to be such an important signpost for me, telling me when I want to move forward with something and explore it further or when I want to stop in that direction and move in another direction.

I’m wondering what you can share with me about it. I think I recognize that resonance is perhaps involved with consciousness versus the mental aspect of my mind. But there’s something so nurturing about it that I’d like to know what you might say about it.

ELIAS: Very well. What you are speaking of in this terminology is an action, an action that is created through a vibrational quality, and what you have generated within your focus is incorporating vibrational qualities in resonance as a type of method, so to speak, that you allow yourself to be listening to yourself, to be recognizing impulses and impressions in relation to essence, and to be allowing yourself a flow of energy that you trust.

Now; you are correct in your assessment that vibrational quality is associated with color and tone. Therefore within your translation of what you experience in this resonance, you may also associate that or translate that into an incorporation of either color or tone, and it shall fit.

The term, as I have stated, of “resonance” is actually an action, not necessarily a thing or an entity. It is an action of recognizing and allowing particular vibrational qualities.

Now; these vibrational qualities are expressions of consciousness. Therefore they are truths, for truths translate in some manner or another into every area of consciousness. There are many expressions within your physical dimension that individuals associate as truths or believe to be truths, when in actuality they are merely expressions of beliefs associated with this physical dimension and are relative to this physical dimension, and do not necessarily translate within other areas of consciousness or within other physical dimensions.

Truths, in actuality, translate into your physical dimension – for they translate throughout consciousness – but are generally viewed as unimportant within your dimension. Tone and color are both truths. They are expressions of consciousness that translate throughout all of consciousness.

I may express to you this word of “translate” is quite accurate, for the expression of the truth of color or tone within nonphysical expressions of essence are displayed differently than they are within your physical dimension. Therefore, they are translated. But regardless of the translation, there is an allowance of some aspect of fitting into your physical dimension. Therefore, there also is some aspect that translates into knowing within your physical dimension. Many individuals pay little attention to these truths, but they are translated throughout the design of your physical dimension.

You allow yourself to open and to accept the vibrational quality of these truths and incorporate that as your method within your focus of paying attention to yourself and trusting movement. I may express to you, this is quite efficient. For if you are choosing to incorporate a method – which all of you within this physical dimension are so very fond of choosing methods – and if you are incorporating a method, one that is associated with a truth is quite efficient.

PAMELA: Thank you for sharing that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAMELA: And that leads me to wanting to discuss the concept of creation, creativity and my relationship with creativity. For my childhood and young adulthood I was absolutely, literally terrified of creativity, but I defined it as artistic, painting, and those methods. But I would do anything in the world to evade being asked to be creative. As I worked with my consciousness, I realized that actually I was creative in every moment of my life, that to cook a meal, to write a letter, anything I did in my life, the colors I chose to wear for the day, were all creativity. And so, of course, it’s allowed me to flower and blossom with it, and now I have these wonderful, incredible creative passions that have bubbled up in the last decade.

But I have found that I’ve gone from an area of being ... I do want to say that when I was terrified of the creativity, it resulted in horrible depression that I was able finally to resolve. Now that they’re flowering and bubbling up and the joy that I feel from them, I have found that I’ve gone from being able to really focus and concentrate in my life to feeling very scattered and almost distracted. I have so many things now that I want to do, and I will try to make a door open here or there and I just don’t seem to go anywhere with any of them. I feel the need to be developing in a way that society recognizes, with income and a livelihood where I know my income is coming from. While I’m enjoying and having fun with the exploration, I would like to understand my relationship with creativity better and what’s important for me to know now about it.

ELIAS: First of all I shall say to you, many individuals are experiencing similar scatteredness. Many individuals are experiencing presently lack of motivation or a type of movement in confusion, not recognizing a specific direction.

Now; this type of expression and experience is quite associated with the movement and acceleration of this shift in consciousness. Individuals within your society are not merely experiencing this confusion and this challenge in choosing a singular direction; throughout your globe individuals are experiencing this, for this is associated with this shift in consciousness. Individuals are turning their attention to self and attempting to direct themselves rather than being directed by other individuals or societies or mass beliefs, and this is an unfamiliar action. For you continue to attempt to fit within the reality that is familiar, and the difficulty that arises is that you are not objectively yet recognizing that you already are altering this reality. Therefore, what is familiar does not fit any longer.

In a manner of speaking, as I have expressed previously, the action is similar to holding a round peg that has been quite familiar to you, and throughout your focus previously you have held the ability to insert this round peg into its round hole. Now the hole is triangular, but you continue to hold to the round peg. As you attempt to force the peg into the hole, you become confused: “Why shall it not fit?”

The reality has changed and is continuing to change. Now that you have moved into this time framework of your new century, your new millennium, you are objectively inserting this shift into your actual objective reality, your waking reality, and it is being evidenced all around you. But you are not quite paying attention to the evidence that is being exhibited within you, within your own movement and change in association with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, there is an automatic action in attempting to continue with the familiar, but the familiar now becomes the unfamiliar.

In relation to confusion and scatteredness, you attempt to focus your attention in one singular direction, and in that action, in the familiar, your association is that this shall be the path that you shall engage which shall generate what you want but also allow you the expression of your creativity.

You are extremely diverse beings. The incorporation of singularity and separation is being dissipated in this shift. You have explored your physical dimension. You have explored the expression of consciousness in this physical dimension to its fullest in the confines of singularity and separation, and this is the reason that collectively you have chosen to generate a new Source Event and insert this shift in consciousness into your reality objectively to allow you new expansion in exploration.

As you are aware, consciousness is not a thing beyond you, out there. You ARE consciousness. Every aspect of you is consciousness, and the action of becoming of consciousness is a continuous movement of exploration, folding in upon itself, which you mirror in this physical dimension. In this, the action of folding in upon itself, or yourself, is not limited to one expression. Creativity, as you have become aware, may be expressed in numberless manners. It is a continuous expression which is natural to essence. Therefore as you are essence, it is natural to you.

I am quite aware of your recognition of your experience in attempting to stifle creativity, for any individual that attempts to stifle their natural flow of energy in creativity shall experience communication from their subjective awareness which translates into emotions that offers them the identification “you are denying your choices.”

The denial of free flow of energy, the denial of playfulness, the denial of choice is the one expression that may move essence to weep, for it is the expression of itself. But you have discovered the expressions of creativity, which do not merely lie in artistic expressions but in all that you may create within the diversity of this wondrous dimension.

PAMELA: Did I plan that stifling prior to creating this incarnation as just a method of exploring that avenue, or was it more something that I seemed to create after birth?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAMELA: It was after birth?


PAMELA: As a result of family dynamics and other dynamics that I was also creating at the same time?

ELIAS: Yes, and choosing that expression moment by moment. Each moment is an outcome, my friend. Choice is always available to you. This is not to say that you objectively view your choices or allow yourself the recognition of your choices. Therefore, you may move into automatic responses, which are also a choice, but they are limited choices – quite limited choices.

PAMELA: It felt like I had placed myself in a vortex that was just downward spiraling. Is this connected with the choice I gave myself at the age of five during a tonsillectomy when I was presented with the choice of leaving? I was told that things had changed from what I had planned at birth, and I was being given the opportunity to leave and that if I chose to stay it would be hard but it would be worth it. I have no more information than that, other than I felt this thrill at this “it would be worth it” challenge, and (snaps fingers) obviously I’m here. Is it connected with this whole creativity issue or was that something else?

ELIAS: Partially, yes, for this particular exploration is your intent in this particular focus.

Now; in this, as you continue to attempt to struggle within self and attempt to force energy into specific directions, you perpetuate the confusion and you perpetuate the scatteredness. For what you are generating is, in a manner of speaking, a fight within yourself with the familiar and the unfamiliar, with the movement forward and the holding to the familiar – the allowance of your expression of creativity, the preference, the joy which you experience in that expression, the recognition of the diversity of it, and the struggle with the familiar of channeling that energy into a harnessed specific direction.

In allowing yourself to pay attention to you, to pay attention to your choices and to pay attention to your wants in relation to your expressions of creativity in that relaxation, letting go of the struggle, you shall allow yourself to listen more clearly and with less distortion to the identification of what you want and how you may move into the manifestation of that with allowance of diversity.

PAMELA: You mentioned that giving ourselves choices or recognizing the choices that we always have as such an important element of creativity. I’m currently involved in the creation of a heart’s desire, of finally purchasing my own home. This is such a strong desire, coming from where I want to put some of my creative energies into creating an environment that is nurturing to myself as well as anyone who is a part of my life, or drives by, for all of that. And it’s all encompassing. I see it so unlimited in the creation of a home, the decorating, the gardening – just unlimited choices and avenues, and the socialization that goes on within that environment.

I’m currently in the middle of offering and counter-offering on a home. I’ve been looking for quite a few months, and I’ve really been working with my concepts of creation through this process. Yet now I’m feeling like what I’ve presented myself with are my limited ... I see my limitation in my choices that I’m allowing myself. Because I’m viewing the expense of property in Southern California, the expense of rents, and what I see as my third option of maintaining the status quo, where I’m not in control of my environment because I’m living with family. It’s their environment, and I can’t affect it in the way that I would like to with my entire feeling of creativity.

I’ve almost felt in the last couple of days, as this has come into play, that I’m again trying to force that round peg into still an incorrect shape and trying to force it, because I’m thinking, well, it’s time for me to just branch out and do something really creative and risk-taking because I’ve been so cautious and I’ve made my decisions based on my ducks in a row and all that. And yet I’m not just ... I mean, I’m coming with some strength of my beliefs, but I’m also seeing the limitations that I’ve presented to myself. Am I correct in that?

ELIAS: Yes. As you allow yourself to genuinely turn your attention to you – genuinely turn your attention to YOU – and allow yourself to relax and quiet yourself and discontinue PUSHING, you also generate an energy expression that allows you to trust, to trust your expressions, to trust your choices and to trust your ability – which is key – to trust your ability to generate what you want without force, that you shall merely manifest it and that you need not doubt. Trust is a POWERFUL expression: acceptance of yourself that you are worthy of your trust, acceptance of yourself that you do incorporate abilities and that merely through energy you may generate what you want as you trust yourself and do not doubt.

Let me express to you, my friend, a very common process that individuals within your physical dimension incorporate throughout your globe is to allow themselves successive movement. This is neither good nor bad. It is merely a process that many, many, many individuals incorporate in association with your beliefs.

Now; you recognize this process that I shall be expressing to you also, and in the recognition of it you may incorporate this action to reinforce an expression of trust within yourself. In accepting of yourself and knowing that energy manifests – and it does, for all is energy – allow yourself the recognition in this process that if you are generating one step to allow yourself calm and [to] relax and to discontinue pushing, that step shall be influential of the next step, which is to trust yourself and what you hold in ability and what you may be choosing to manifest physically, and that you need NO OTHER ELEMENT but a trust of that ability and an allowance of your expression of energy, quite LITERALLY.

You need not incorporate your paper currency; you need not incorporate other individuals. You, yourself, may generate merely through the trust of your projection of energy the manifestation of what you want. It may outwardly appear to you that other individuals shall be in involvement, but it shall also become clear to you that all of your ducks shall move into place naturally. You need not line them up. They shall move to you merely in response to your projection of energy.

Once generating that in the succession of the process, as you begin to manifest physically what you want for you are trusting, you reinforce that trust and allow yourself more of an expression of creativity, of diversity; and what occurs in that action is an opening of yourself in energy and consciousness and that generates a beacon which resonates within consciousness and allows you to draw to yourself many expressions that offer you opportunities naturally.

PAMELA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

PAMELA: Why is this so much fun? (Elias laughs) Why is exploring so much fun?!

ELIAS: This is the point!

PAMELA: To be fun?


PAMELA: Why? Why is that so important?

ELIAS: For it is a natural expression of consciousness. It is a natural expression of essence to be playful, and playfulness generates into fun within your physical dimension. This is your natural inclination and flow of energy, and this be the reason that it has been expressed to you all in information that the other essence has offered and I have offered also – it matters not. If you are not incorporating fun, do not generate the action any longer.

PAMELA: Why is this shift so important? If we are all connected, we’ve all been experiencing focusing other than the connection ... if we’ve designed the game we’ve been playing in, why is this shift so important?

ELIAS: For you have chosen to continue within the design of this physical dimension, recognizing that this physical dimension offers a tremendous playground for exploration in tremendous diversity. But you are altering some of the expressions of this dimension; you are generating an allowance for more of an expansion.

In this, you have purposefully, throughout your history, incorporated a design within this dimension to be expressing separation, which has served you well. You have incorporated the forgetfulness of essence to offer you the purity of experience in singularity and separation, to experience each attention of essence in physical manifestation in a concentrated manner, and also in that to generate a purity of experience in discovery of self, of each focus of attention of which you are. But in that action, you have incorporated a tremendous expression of linear time framework in which you have explored this type of expression.

Consciousness is continuously moving. It is continuously expanding and continuously exploring. Therefore in relation to physical dimensions, at some points it chooses to alter aspects of the design of the physical dimensions to continue the exploration in expansion. In the incorporation of the entirety of your history in relation to this physical dimension – as you recognize it now, for it has been incorporated many times in blinking – but the dimension that you recognize now as your physical dimension and reality has been explored in relation to separation and singularity. Therefore it is unnecessary to continue in that type of expression, and you have collectively, as essences, chosen to be generating a new Source Event.

This is not the first Source Event that you have inserted into this physical dimension and reality.

PAMELA: Can you give me an example of a Source Event?

ELIAS: You have generated a Source Event within what you term to be an ancient history, of which was the incorporation of movement into a religious era in which you have focused your attentions and your movements and your creations and your directions, individually and collectively, in association with the focusing upon religious belief system.

PAMELA: So now we’re developing another Source Event?

ELIAS: Correct. You have generated a scientific Source Event, that which you view to be your Industrial Age, which allowed you tremendous movement in objective expression to be outwardly creating and expressing mirror images of movement of consciousness into physical manifestations, physical inventions of natural movements of consciousness: communications, movement through your elements – your water and your air – many, many, many explorations in what you may generate physically outwardly.

You have generated many Source Events throughout your history. They are recognized as immense alterations of movement within your physical dimension. This is the first Source Event to generate an inward movement.

PAMELA: The one that we’re developing now?

ELIAS: Correct. This Source Event is grander than all of your other Source Events, for this incorporates an expansion of awareness, the remembrance of essence, and it incorporates a shift in the expression of energy associated with the base elements of your physical dimension, which are emotion and sexuality. Emotion is communication. Sexuality is all physical expression, all physical manifestation.

In this, in the expression of sexuality as a base element of your physical dimension, you have created as a design of this dimension two genders. These two genders are associated with all that you create, even energy. To this point throughout your history you have expressed a male energy. It has been the design; it has been the choice. This shift shifts the energy to the female expression.

PAMELA: To the female expression or to a combination?


PAMELA: To the female?

ELIAS: Yes. Male is the expression of outward, the physical manifestation, the outward production of manifestation generating energy in power into a configuration of actual physical manifestation. The expression of the female is the inward, the concentration upon self, the allowance of the power of essence to be recognized in direction.

PAMELA: So would we explore the female energy to the depths that we’ve explored the masculine, and then combine them?

ELIAS: This shall be your choice, but you are beginning merely the new exploration of the female. And yes, the choice is to be generating the exploration in what you may term to be equal measure, as you have allowed yourselves to explore the male. Perhaps if you are so choosing futurely, you shall create another Source Event and you shall alter your reality once again and create a neutralization of the genders; but within this Source Event this is not what you are generating.

PAMELA: Before we finish, may I ask my essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Pviette, P-V-I-E-T-T-E (fee YET).

PAMELA: And family?

ELIAS: Essence family, Milumet; alignment, Sumari.

PAMELA: And color tone?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAMELA: I need to familiarize myself again with what each is. It’s been a long time that I did that, so I’m not ... I’m surprised Sumari, because I associate that with creativity and... (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Humorously) Ah, and you do not incorporate creativity!

PAMELA: (Laughs) So next time we talk, I will have some comments to make on those.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAMELA: But color tone? That I will definitely have a feeling about, although I love them all.

ELIAS: Orchid.

PAMELA: Oh! I would not have chosen orchid! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAMELA: I will meet you again.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating of this!

PAMELA: (Laughs) Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend, and I offer to you much encouragement. And I shall be offering an expression of my energy to you also in the interim.

PAMELA: I appreciate that.

ELIAS: In great affection my friend, au revoir.

PAMELA: Au revoir; namaste.

Elias departs at 10:00 AM.

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