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Monday, January 21, 2002

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“Exploring the Inner Senses”

“Fear of Projecting Too Far”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Norm (Stephen) and Reta (Dehl).

Elias arrives at 9:05 AM. (Arrival time is 31 seconds.)

NORM: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: Good morning!

NORM: We certainly are enjoying this conversation here, and we’re going to enjoy it very much.

One of the things that Reta and I have wanted to know and we have been curious about and kind of interacted with, how many focuses have the two of us had together? It seems like we have always known each other. (Pause)

ELIAS: Within this physical dimension, 26.

RETA: Wow. Well, I can recall two or three but not 26!

NORM: And most of those were intimate relationships?

ELIAS: Yes, in some capacity.

NORM: I’m very interested in inner senses. You have stated before that we all have and use inner senses, but we do not have the memory or we do not objectively realize the memory of this. I guess my question is, if we all have and use this, do we initialize it? I mean, when I was younger and so on and so forth, through all my life, have I initialized the use of inner senses? The subjective side of me has the memory, and then to get to the objective side ... are there impulses that come down that we have feelings? We do use this you were saying, and I was trying to get the idea of the “have” and the “use” that you meant in “we all have and use inner senses.” You follow what I’m saying?

ELIAS: And your question is?

NORM: The question is, do we consciously initialize these inner senses but we don’t realize the answers? We do not have the memory objectively of the initiation and the action of using the inner senses?

ELIAS: At times.

NORM: At times we do? So it’s like a feeling that we get?

ELIAS: At times; not necessarily.

NORM: One of the things that I’ve always felt since I’ve read Seth, almost ten years ago now, is the discussion of the inner senses and, of course, I always had the feeling that if you wanted to explore consciousness it would be very efficient to explore consciousness using inner senses. The human’s use of inner senses would be able to explore consciousness much better; really what I’m talking about is scientific work to attempt to understand it from an objective standpoint. So in other words, it would be much more efficient for me as a scientist to have and use inner senses with a memory actively, very actively.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon which area of consciousness you are attempting to be exploring.

NORM: You indicated to me some years ago about the heartbeat of the earth, and I’ve been trying to get the feeling of what that heartbeat is, if it’s an actual motion of the hot plasma in the earth and then that influence the magnetic fields of the earth, and so on and so forth. That would be an example.

ELIAS: Correct. And in this example you are correct; engaging your inner senses, that of your empathic sense, may be quite beneficial in allowing you to merge with this manifestation of consciousness.

NORM: Right, the earth is like a thing, and I can get the feelings that it has. Does it actually have feelings? What will I feel empathically?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your experience. Let me express to you, Stephen, that which you view and recognize or identify as this “thing” of the earth is actually a projection of you. Therefore, the method, so to speak, may be much more efficient in allowing yourself the understanding that this is actually a projection of you, of your perception. Therefore it is not a separate entity from you, and in allowing yourself to move into yourself, recognizing that this thing that you view as your earth is in actuality a part of you, tapping into your empathic sense to be allowing yourself sense data in relation to this entity, if you will, you may allow yourself to experience that movement, that action.

It may not necessarily be experienced as a feeling, but it may. This is dependent upon your translation objectively of the experience. It may be translated as a feeling. It may be translated as a sensing. You may experience it as an action which may not necessarily translate as a feeling; but it may, dependent upon your translation.

NORM: I’ve been attempting to develop my idea of projection. My idea is that I am comparing that to a theater where I create the stage and the scenes and the actors. There’s other people in the theater and they may see my creation up there, but their belief systems and everything else is the thing that they see. It can be like a dual creation. Am I getting close to the right attitude and imagination of what is really happening in this concept of projection and creation?


NORM: And so I can look at the earth and see different things than Dehl can?


NORM: And beautifully ... okay. So I’m all right there.

It appears that I’m trying to allow and explore the inner senses without fear, and I’m trying to understand that, heck, I really do this in a sense all the time. All I have to do is pull the veil from my subjective to objective memory, or I have to allow that to occur. Am I imagining that correctly? Is the mass consciousness going to be influencing of everybody in the shift here and allowing these inner senses? Because of that, we will have really a new reality here.

ELIAS: Correct, although it is not in actuality the mass expression or consciousness that is affecting, per se, for it is the movement of each individual which, in a manner of speaking, does create the mass expression. But each individual in their movement within this shift ripples within consciousness and offers a lending of energy to the collective to be generating the objective expression of this shift in consciousness, and you are correct that it is altering of your reality. It is already altering of your reality and it shall become more and more swiftly accomplished.

RETA: If we could just get rid of that fear faster and let it happen, all of us.

NORM: I don’t know if I have as much fear in regard to opening the inner senses as I do out-of-body experiences, and so on and so forth. It’s a combination, I believe, of belief and fear that I have to overcome. Do you have any comments in that regard?

ELIAS: Express to myself your identification of the nature of the fear.

NORM: Well, I feel that I could travel anywhere on this earth. I’m very familiar with this earth. I’m sure I’ve had many, many focuses here, so that bleeds through to this focus. I feel that I was a ship captain, and so on and so forth, and I could go anywhere in land or sea or air and feel comfortable.

What I want to do is feel comfortable in the totality of reality that I really am, and I’m trying to get to the point where I can see that I can have feedback with myself that I’m going too far. How do I control myself in this new environment, and will I have the feedback that I need to not harm myself? I guess the point is, I keep arguing with myself that, well, I’ll never harm myself. But that’s really not the point. You just have to have the fortitude and the guts to go ahead and do it and the desire to do it. So I’m trying to get to that point, and it helps to talk this out a little bit and if you have any...

I guess in the last few months I have felt that I want to be more like I was when I was a child. I was exploring and I had no fear of anything. At times I did, but I really had no fear and I’ve got to get back to that point. So, I guess that will sort of finish that part of the conversation.

One of my curiosities also is, you have and many others have said that this particular dimension is very intricately designed, and I feel that I can kind of sense the intricacy of this design. Could you just correlate one, or state a comparative analysis between one dimension and another dimension, how intricate this particular design is? Why is this more intricate than other dimensions? I just want an example. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Slowly and deliberately) I may not necessarily offer you a comparison, but I may express to you that this particular dimension incorporates tremendous diversity. You allow yourselves within this dimension to explore consciousness in similar manner to the natural exploration of consciousness...

NORM: By essence?

ELIAS: Yes, but within a physical expression, incorporating an objective awareness. Although there are some physical dimensions that do also incorporate an objective awareness, this particular dimension in its design expresses more of an attention upon the objective expressions and the exploration of what you may create through your abilities in an objective manner.

Consciousness is not a thing. Therefore the expression of generating things is a tremendous exploration. For as essence [and] being not a thing, to generate things from no thing is a challenge, and within this physical dimension the expression of generating physical matter, physical expressions, physical things, is immensely diverse – therefore the tremendous intricacy of this particular dimension.

As I have stated, there are other physical dimensions, and there are other physical dimensions that incorporate objective expressions and awareness.

Now; within those other physical objective dimensions there may be an incorporation of some diversity, but the detail may be less. For each physical dimension is created purposefully to explore consciousness as itself in different directions or, in your terms, for a different point. This particular physical dimension incorporates extreme diversity and attention to detail...

NORM: It’s been tweaked quite a bit, is that right?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes – in such detail that you generate this vastness of a universe which in actuality, as I have stated many times previously, is a projection of each individual.

This is a tremendous expression of diversity which is allowed within this particular physical dimension. The attention to detail is so very immense, to the point of incorporating vibrational qualities of color to the smallest speck and to the most immense spectrum. You do not merely incorporate the ability in this physical dimension to generate physical manifestations in relation to the tiniest grain of sand or the vastness of your creation and projection of the universe...

NORM: Galaxies.

ELIAS: Correct – but you also offer yourselves tremendous movement of self, of yourselves as consciousness. You allow yourselves the expression of outward projection and folding inward.

NORM: In a sense, we can do things that we cannot do as essence. Focuses can do things in a way that is different than what we can do as essence. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: It is a different expression, yes; but you ARE essence.

NORM: I realize; but essence being, we focus here and then we can do those things, yes?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Right, right, right. It is beautiful. It is beautiful; it’s wonderful.

ELIAS: You are correct. It is an amazing expression of consciousness to generate an intensity of expression of energy and manipulate that energy in a manner that produces a physical display in such wonder from no physical.

RETA: Tell me, to get back to being able to see more or work with it more, what is the fear that we have? Can you tell us more about the fear or the removal of the fear, to be able to see more or use our essence more to further ourselves?

ELIAS: And what is YOUR identification of the fear? Stephen has already expressed in response to my question what his identification and expression of fear is, the lack of control or the suspicion that you may be harmful to yourself in allowing yourself to be projecting. What is the nature of your expression of...

RETA: It’s probably the same thing. I want to go there and not be harmful to myself – allow the allowance, allowing myself to do that.

ELIAS: And I shall express to you both quite definitely, in projection of energy in what you may term to be outside of the physical expression of your physical body, you naturally move and you naturally allow yourselves to not be hurtful, and you naturally move in a manner which is aware subjectively of your connection to your physical expression. Therefore it shall not project, in your terms, too far.

RETA: Sounds good.

ELIAS: In this, I may express to you, in actuality you incorporate much more potential to be harmful, in your terms, to yourself in your objective waking physical expressions. You generate that type of action in your actual physical expressions and manifestations.

NORM: If we were to carry that over, in a sense.

ELIAS: And you do not.

NORM: The natural is not that.

ELIAS: Correct, and therefore as you allow yourself to be projecting, your subjective awareness is continuously aware and directing of your physical expression, and as you allow yourself the objective awareness of your projection, that subjective awareness directs the mechanism of your physical expression. Therefore it shall not untether itself, in a manner of speaking.

NORM: Right. I just have to realize we all have those capabilities and it’s just built in. I have to accept the fact and allow it and believe it. Well, I think I understand this now.

ELIAS: Let me also express to you, I hold an awareness that an aspect of your fear is expressed in relation to your objective knowledge of an experience of Michael and my responsiveness to it, in expressing to Michael a caution that his projection was quite far. This has been assimilated by you both and has generated in your associations this possibility. (1)

Now; let me clarify. In relation to each of you and the directions that you choose and the types of manifestations that you have created within this focus, neither of you in most probable probabilities would be generating that type of projection, first of all. Let me also express to you that even if you were to be generating that type of expression, which in most potential you shall not, you would incorporate a recognition at a point and a knowing at a point of a choice, and in that moment you would be returning yourself to your physical expression and not venturing beyond that point.

The reason the caution was offered to Michael – which would have been also offered to Lawrence had Lawrence attempted such a projection – for Michael’s agreement and choice is to be in a particular position in relation to this phenomenon. But Michael also incorporates at times a tremendous curiosity, and in that curiosity at times does not concern himself with any other movement than the curiosity. Therefore although the choice may have been generated and created and the agreement altered at any moment, the caution was merely a reminder that this is what Michael has chosen and is his genuine desire in relation to this physical dimension, and that in the simultaneousness of time it is unnecessary for his exploration in following that curiosity within this particular physical expression.

Most individuals within your physical dimension do not create this type of action, and even in the rare expressions in which an individual may be generating that type of projection, they do move to a point in which they allow themselves the recognition of the choice and choose to be reconnecting with the physical expression, for you have chosen to be manifest purposefully.

NORM: The only harm would have been you wouldn’t have been back here, you would have been there, and there wouldn’t have been any harm being there. Am I interpreting that correct? I mean, the only harm being that you would not have returned to your body but there would be no harm to you as an essence.

ELIAS: Michael.

NORM: To Michael, yes.

ELIAS: Correct. It is merely a choice. But in that choice, it would have altered the expression of the energy exchange and this phenomenon, which if that had been chosen would merely be a choice, and I myself in agreement with the expression of consciousness would have chosen another individual; but that also may have been, in your terms, somewhat of a challenge, for much preparation was incorporated with Michael prior to this energy exchange.

RETA: Oh, I can imagine. Wow. By the way, how’s Lawrence doing out there? Have you visited with Lawrence since he left this dimension?

NORM: Transitioned.

ELIAS: It is not in actuality a question of visitation... (Chuckles)

RETA: Yeah, right. Wrong word.

ELIAS: ...for each essence occupies all areas of consciousness, and in actuality there is no separation; therefore there is an awareness of all essences.

As to Lawrence’s engagement presently, as I have stated recently, there continues to be incorporated an objective expression of awareness, therefore there continues to be a projection of physical imagery in exploration; but there also is allowance of that attention to be exploring or, in a manner of speaking, peering in upon other physical dimensions in satisfying of his curiosity objectively.

RETA: That’s interesting.

Well, we’re gonna run out of time here. We of course have been, or Norman has been trying to study consciousness, and I’m trying to think of the title of the study in a way to direct it. Would it be “the phenomenon of consciousness”? Would it be “the theory of consciousness”? I’m just trying to get a direction ... or “dynamics of consciousness,” “the study of the dynamics of consciousness”?

ELIAS: It is your choice.

RETA: Well, I KNOW it’s my choice, but I want you to help choose the direction! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This is YOUR choice.

RETA: I know that they’re not very far apart, but there’s a different direction you go with every word you use, of course.

NORM: “The creativity of consciousness” or whatever.

RETA: Yeah.

NORM: There are a couple of real quick questions or statements, correct or not.

There is a DVD cut in the theory of mathematics, where if you line all the numbers up in a row and you make a DVD cut, you align one number. There is no difference in numbers of that. There’s only one number there. There is no span of numbers. To me, a blink is no span of time. I misinterpreted that early on in reading Seth, and so on and so forth, that there was actually ... so therefore, there is never, ever, any analog, never a continuous function of anything. It’s always like a digital thing.

ELIAS: Correct. It is an outcome in each moment.

NORM: That’s right. And the incredible creativity and beauty of the kinetic theory, where you imagine a bunch of billiard balls that are moving and that are interacting with each other, and then I’m thinking about this DVD cut. And of course if you have motion, you have time, but there is only a digital motion in space, so that the interactions are all felt by these molecules and they know how to respond by themselves in a manner that the initial Formers, or Gramada I suppose, how they all ... all units of consciousness know where all others are, and they know what the motion is, and therefore they can automatically respond in a form that makes the kinetic theory most probable.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: I just wanted to make sure that I was stating that in a reasonable, accurate value.

I had just one real quick question. About a week ago I experienced some distortion in my stomach and I went to the emergency ward of a hospital and it cleared up. Did I create the disease for a few weeks there and then I have uncreated it now, in the area of my abdomen? Did I do that? I created that, is that a correct statement?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Thank you.

RETA: It’s not still there?

ELIAS: No, which is your evidence concerning your theory that you create within the moment and not in a continuum.

NORM: It even moved, and the pain, it moved and ... ha! It was kind of clever! (Laughs and Elias chuckles)

RETA: That was kind of scary.

NORM: (Laughs) Anyway, it was a good example to myself of what I can do!

ELIAS: Quite! And that it is a choice within the moment. You may choose within the moment to be creating one expression and in actuality within the next moment, in your terms, it is not a question of uncreating it, it is merely a question of moving your attention and choosing a different outcome.

NORM: I see; nice viewpoint. Yes, thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RETA: Well, we’ve been thinking about this shift and of course we love it, we’d love to get to the real, natural living conditions...

NORM: Effortlessly.

RETA: ...effortlessly, yeah, and it’s hard at our age. Should we push – this is an awful question for some people – push to stay on for another 40 years or go and come back?

NORM: (Chuckles) It’s our choice.

RETA: It’s our choice...

ELIAS: Correct!

RETA: ...I know, but I want to be involved with the happenings of change...

ELIAS: And so you are!

RETA: Well, yeah, okay. But I’m just wondering if it’s changing quicker, more quickly now...


RETA: ...or is it going to slow down or...?

ELIAS: No. You have incorporated 100 of your linear years to be engaging the subjective aspect of this shift and you are incorporating less linear time framework to insert this shift objectively. Therefore, yes, it does accelerate and it is accelerating.

RETA: Is there any specific thing we should be watching for? Or we just have to let it happen? I know, I’m looking into the future!

ELIAS: Pay attention to the now.

NORM: And create effortlessness.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Yes, yes.

NORM: Well, I thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

NORM: We appreciate it. Please interact with me more; I love it when you...

ELIAS: Very well!

NORM: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall comply in agreement. To you both, I offer you great encouragement. I anticipate our next meeting, and I offer to you, as always, tremendous affection.

BOTH: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you this morning, au revoir.

NORM: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:55 AM.


(1) This is Elias’ first warning to Mary about projecting too far; he mentions it in many other sessions as well. From session 9, May 24, 1995:

VICKI: Michael had a different and indescribable experience during our most recent session. Can you tell us about that?

ELIAS: Michael is moving very, very quickly. In his excitement, he has projected beyond any known focus or imagination. He projected very far. This is very uncommon. This was a result of his great desire to know things out of his focus. We will explain.

He projected very far past me into a dimension and focus I am familiar with, but am not in. The reason he cannot put into words his experience is because where he projected to, there are no words. There is also no translation for this into any language, in any other dimension or physical focus.

The presence was that of extreme great masters. They do not possess form, as you think of anything with form. His inability to address color focus, I understand. I have viewed this color focus. It is even greater than my own. Our own color spectrum would be indescribable in physical terms. This other color spectrum transcends even ours. He was not completely aware of sound, but if you remind him, he will remember sound unfamiliar to any of his or my focus; tones so artfully magnificent that they may incredibly dwarf the most soul-moving sounds you have ever experienced in your focus. I cannot describe this dimension, only because I have only glimpsed it and am not part of it yet. We will caution Michael to not become too free with this type of projection.

VICKI: Is this because it is not good for him?

ELIAS: It is not a question of “good for him”. (Smiling) It is a question of “flying away.” He may find it difficult to rein back. I was not anticipating his tremendous eagerness when I explained he would not fly away.

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