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Sunday, January 20, 2002

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“Fear in Relation to Other Individuals”

“The Belief System of ‘Power Is Bad and Dangerous’”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sherry (Seale).

Elias arrives at 10:13 AM. (Arrival time is 35 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SHERRY: Good morning.

ELIAS: Ah! Objective proximity!

SHERRY: (Laughs) I won’t hang up this time or disconnect in any way!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Ah! And we shall see!

SHERRY: First of all, do you want to play a little joke on Daryl and Debi? Because they told me this morning not to tire you out.

ELIAS: Ah, for I shall tire so easily!

SHERRY: Really!

ELIAS: Ah, yes! Ha ha!

SHERRY: And if you want to give them that impression just for half a second, I would be so pleased to be playful in that manner with them! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah, very well! We shall play the game!

SHERRY: (Laughs) Thank you!

ELIAS: I may express to you that I may be presenting myself quite well in this capacity. Shall we practice? (Elias makes a mournful face, and Sheri cracks up) I am SO weary! (Dramatically putting the back of his hand to his forehead and leaning back on the couch)

SHERRY: That Seale just taxed you to no end! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Is this adequate? (Grinning)


ELIAS: Ah, very well! Ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: But you can do it just for a few minutes for each one, ‘cause they’re sharing their session.

ELIAS: Very well, very well!

SHERRY: They need some little light and playful stuff.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding!

SHERRY: And who better to play with them?

ELIAS: Quite!

SHERRY: I wanted to ask a question for Ken. I may not be saying this right, but this Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung, it’s a place in southern Ontario called the Place of the Long Rapids. He wants to know if this is where he had a focus, and is it a meeting place for a lot of people in this forum?

ELIAS: Meeting place in which capacity?

SHERRY: He didn’t say. You’ll have to read it from him.

ELIAS: Does he incorporate a focus in this physical location, yes.

SHERRY: In the 1700s? Because that’s the other part he asked.

ELIAS: Yes. As to the question of meeting forum, this is a choice. If he is choosing to present that as a location that you may be meeting, so to speak, in projection, yes, it may be incorporated as that. If he is inquiring as to whether this is a physical meeting place of this forum in the past or within the future, in the past, no; within the future, this is the choice of you all as individuals.

SHERRY: Okay, cool. And now for me; because there’s so much, I hope I don’t disconnect in some dumb way!

But when I was in Cancun, I wanted to know if you had anything to do with that dolphin hugging me? That guy didn’t like it. (Elias chuckles) You know which one I’m talking about, yes?

ELIAS: I am aware, although I shall express to you, no, this was not an encounter with myself but rather your offering to yourself as a projection of your energy to draw to you that which you sought.

SHERRY: See, that’s what I can’t tell between you and me. This is getting confusing. But I’m getting more playful with myself, then.

ELIAS: Quite.

SHERRY: That’s why I thought it was you, because this seemed more like something Elias would do, not like something Sherry would do.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are offering yourself more freedom.

SHERRY: So were you there?

ELIAS: Aware of your interaction and your presence, so to speak, in energy, yes. I am always present with you.

SHERRY: I know, but in the way that you said you were gonna be playful, that you may be playful? So that didn’t happen?

ELIAS: In an offering of energy with you, which you allowed to be translated in drawing to yourself a playfulness with the creature.

SHERRY: So that’s how I knew you were there.


SHERRY: All right. What about the little fish with the blue spots and the yellow tail?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And your impression?

SHERRY: That maybe it was your way of saying that you were there, that I couldn’t miss that.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: I’m getting this – I love it!

Then – I wanted to validate to myself – like the little baby dolphin, that man was getting upset because I wasn’t following the rules and he couldn’t understand. It was my impression that he couldn’t understand why that dolphin was so connected since I wasn’t there, so that was kind of irritating him.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, you are correct.

SHERRY: That was pretty good, huh, that I decided not to let him create my reality? That was so great when I hugged the dolphin! I wish I could have figured that out sooner, but oh yeah!

ELIAS: In offering yourself permission to pay attention to you and allow yourself the freedom of your expression, regardless of the responses of another individual.

SHERRY: Yes, I know. That’s one point for me now! (Giggles)

The thing that I’m not understanding or I’m not real clear on is what was happening ... I understood that the aquamarine water was trying to tell me something or that I was supposed to pay attention. I’m trying to understand how I communicate to myself. So then when I put on that snorkeling mask, I felt like I was breathing ... I understood that that fear about not being able to catch my breath wasn’t about me. It was too magnified. When I got back and heard about Dale, it was like that was what it was. I was breathing for her somehow. So could you explain that to me about what our connection is and what I was actually doing and why?

ELIAS: Express to myself specifically. What is your question?

SHERRY: I want to understand what my connection to her is. I don’t understand about counterparts or whatever, but that was kind of what came to me, that we are counterparts or something. Because I really felt like I was breathing for her, and when I was able to relax then that helped her, too. I haven’t experienced anything like that, to my awareness, before. But that was my impression.

ELIAS: And your impression is correct.

Now; I may express to you that you engaged temporary counterpart action with this individual. You have not created what you term to be an on-going counterpart action throughout your focus with this individual, but are choosing to be engaging counterpart action now for a temporary time framework.

Now; in this, in widening your awareness, Seale, you allow yourself to pay attention to the energy exchanges that you are creating. You have been creating many energy exchanges in many capacities, counterpart action being one type of capacity. You are not merely engaging that now. You have throughout your focus with countless individuals, but you have not offered yourself an objective awareness.

Now; let me also express to you, you are not moving your attention or your awareness into an action of creating focusing your attention upon all of your interactions and energy exchanges with all individuals. You are merely providing yourself with examples periodically to offer you evidence and validation of widening your awareness. It is in actuality quite a simple action that you are offering to yourself.

Now; incorporating this with your empathic sense ... which you do engage quite readily; you pay attention to your empathic sense. Many individuals do, but I may express that many individuals do not. All of you incorporate this sense, but not all of you pay attention or engage or allow an awareness of this particular sense, which is dependent upon the individual and their preferences and their direction and their intent.

In this, as you are already aware, you have allowed yourself to be aware objectively and incorporating this empathic sense in many capacities, not merely with other individuals. But you do this in relation to all of your creations, all of your environment, all that is within your perception, be it creatures, be it what you view to be your earth. Any element of your reality you allow an empathic expression with, for this offers you more information to be generating that understanding in relationship with yourself, for you pay attention to the reflection.

In this, as you continue to widen your awareness, in a manner of speaking you are expanding your experiences to allow you an objective understanding through experience, which is in actuality how you create an objective understanding of what you create and how you create within your reality through experience. Therefore you offer yourself temporary expressions of experiences, incorporated also with your empathic sense, that you may objectively view and recognize, therefore offering yourself a clearer understanding of the concepts that are being expressed to you.

I have been expressing from the onset of this forum, I may offer countless concepts to you all, but without the actual experience within your focus the concepts remain concepts, and you do not translate them into your actual reality. They remain intellectual recognitions or theories, but they are not incorporated into your reality for you do not incorporate the experience. This also is the purpose in many expressions that I offer to individuals in not offering certain information until the point that the individuals do incorporate the experience.

I offer information in concepts to you all which you assimilate intellectually, and at the point that each of you allows yourself to generate an experience in relation to the concepts, at that point I may actually validate and offer more information, for you thusly incorporate an actual understanding, not merely an intellectual understanding.

SHERRY: I think that’s what happened last night, that I’m understanding that. It’s like my translation. I am being a translation of the concept to the people even in this forum about what I’m doing, by actually going to Cancun and actually ... I mean, you know what I mean? There’s something there that I’m translating, by actually doing the experience or giving other people some kind of understanding more concretely than abstractly because of me doing that.

ELIAS: And this is the point with you all. This is the point of the analogy that I offered in what you view to be the beginning of this forum in the story of the little sapling. For in that, each of you generates the point, allowance of yourselves and focusing your attention upon yourselves, which generates an energy of example; and in that example, it offers in its rippling effect within consciousness, objectively and subjectively, an avenue that other individuals shall understand and allow themselves to apply to themselves.

SHERRY: This is jumping then to the ... because I have different questions, but that reminds me about the orcas because I read that they’re dolphins, too. So when I went to the prison and they came out, I mean they were there, did I call that up? I mean, did I create that because I was looking, because I was really wanting to experience the dolphins then here in my area, or was that about something else like duplicity or something? There’s so many layers, I have a hard time ... you know what I mean? Layer, layer, layer.

ELIAS: You create all of it.

SHERRY: I know, but I’m having trouble translating my own creativity to myself, so that’s why I’m asking about how I can do this or how I understand what happens, so that then I know more of the process of how I do ... you know what I mean?

ELIAS: I am understanding. Therefore, look to what you create in the moment. Let us examine step by step, so to speak. In the moment, what did you create?

SHERRY: The whales jumping and playing.

ELIAS: Very well. This is the imagery that you created.

SHERRY: The desire? My moment was the desire, wanting to connect with them?

ELIAS: This is another aspect. And in the moment, coupled with those aspects of what you are generating, what is your communication to yourself?

SHERRY: That’s what I have trouble with, the parts about wanting to create and knowing that I can do it.

ELIAS: And what was your emotion?

SHERRY: What was my emotion? I was frightened about doing it, which leads to this part, too, about feeling like I’m going to materialize Emmy out of thin air, and it’s going to happen either here or really quick. I’m reading different parts of me, like you know what I’m saying? It’s like now, Sherry, you really believe you can do this but ... and there’s some fear there, too, about that’s a lot of power, and I’m afraid of that because I don’t want to be like my mother. I mean I don’t want to have that be used ... and I’m afraid of not being able to handle it, that it’ll overpower me or something.

ELIAS: Pay attention to what you have expressed to me in this now. The identification of the fear, in association with who?

SHERRY: With my mother. (Elias nods) And there’s tears there, and I don’t understand.

ELIAS: Express to myself, what is your association, what is the generation of your fear, what are the beliefs associated? This is significant, Seale.

SHERRY: I know it. That something outside of me is creating it, right? I mean...

ELIAS: Partially. Identify to myself your association with your parent. What is your perception?

SHERRY: Depends on how old I was, because I think that she’s a really scared individual and that she’s afraid of me or has been afraid of me, that I was really scary to her.

ELIAS: And your perception now is that if you are allowing yourself to genuinely generate your reality in the genuine expression of your abilities and the power of that, that this individuals shall be more frightened of you.

SHERRY: And I know I hold back a lot of who I am because of that, because I’m just now releasing that. But there’s a lot of fear there, and not only her but other people, because of the isolation I have felt, the rejection and isolation.

ELIAS: Ah, now...

SHERRY: And that’s part of me coming out here, that I’ve broken through some of that, because I’m here and I know that.

ELIAS: Correct. But we have been speaking of this many times, but you have not allowed the exchange.

Now; let me express to you, you incorporate a continuous question in relation to your interaction with myself, and the question that you continuously incorporate is, “Why do I create this action of disconnecting? Why do I create interruptions in my conversations with Elias, my appointments with Elias?” I have offered you brief and what you may term to be surface responses. I am aware that you are aware of this.


ELIAS: Each time you inquire, “What have I created? Why have I created this interruption,” I offer you a brief explanation which is correct in a surface action. But in this now you have opened the door.

SHERRY: That’s how I knew I was going to be really different after this. I knew that.

ELIAS: For you have allowed the subject matter in expressing it to me. This is what I have been discussing with you for a considerable time framework, this subject, but you have not been willing or open to allowing the exchange between yourself and myself. This has been a closed door, and the energy which has been projected to myself has been, “No, Elias, do not touch this sacred place. It is frightening and overwhelming and I am not ready,” and therefore I have been compliant. But you have opened the door. We have spoken many times of the perception of other individuals and how you create that through your perception.

Now; you are correct, this does not merely incorporate your parent but what you have generated in relation to many other individuals, individuals that you draw to yourself in potential in friendship or in relationships, family, your daughter – which there is tremendous association that you generate concerning yourself in your perception of your daughter and your mother. Within the projection of your perception, you create them quite similarly.

The point is what I expressed yesterday, and were you allowing yourself to pay attention? In turning your attention to you, moving your attention away from the outside and the other individuals, although you do not eliminate the physical manifestations of the other individuals, within your perception you do eliminate them for your attention becomes concentrated in a different direction. And as you turn your attention to you and move it away from all of these other individuals, you may begin to explore what you are creating. For each of these individuals, although they are their own manifestations, what you view of them is your creation. Therefore the interaction that you incorporate with each of them is your creation.

Let me express to you quite precisely, when you interact with another individual – it matters not who the individual is or what capacity you are interacting with them – what you are interacting with is an exchange of energy, not an actual physical manifestation. An individual projects energy ... pay attention to what I am expressing to you, for I am quite understanding that within physical translation this is challenging, this concept is difficult: As an individual projects energy to you, you choose in that moment to receive the energy or to not receive it.

Now; as I express to you the choice that you not receive it, this is not to say that you do not allow the energy, figuratively speaking, to approach you. What is meant by not receiving is that as another individual projects energy to you, you choose to allow the energy to penetrate your energy field and be translated and thusly moved through the mechanisms of your attention, your thinking, your beliefs, and thusly projected outward through your perception. Or you choose to buffer, and in buffering you allow that energy not to penetrate but to be reconfigured, which also moves through your perception and is generated outwardly but in a different manner.

Now; the actual physical manifestations – yourself in physical manifestation and another individual here in physical proximity to you, engaging conversation with you or merely being within your presence – that physical manifestation in actual physical solid matter is a projection of your perception. You have created it. There is an actual energy that is present, but the physical manifestation in actual physical matter YOU create. This table (bangs on table), this physical form that you view before you (slaps his leg), this dwelling that you view surrounding you, YOU have created, and you have created it uniquely in association with yourself through your perception, and it is unique to you.

Now; I am quite understanding of your fear, for you are beginning to allow yourself to view, figuratively speaking once again, the tip of the iceberg of you. This concept of perception that you play with, this concept that all that you view and all that you interact with is actually a projection of you and your perception, you are questioning. You are scratching the tip of this iceberg and you are experimenting. You have experimented with the creatures, you have experimented with some experiences, and now you choose to explore into areas of shrines, to genuinely allow yourself to be paying attention to you and to be examining what you are and what your abilities are, but this also moves you into an action of examination of the beliefs that influence your perception.

In this, the recognition in opening this door with myself this day, that you generate fear in relation to other individuals and their perceptions, is your movement towards the examination of the beliefs that are influencing your perception. Not movement into how you may be altering other individual’s perceptions – for it matters not, for you have created it – but how you may examine you and allow yourself the freedom to be expressing you, your natural direction, your natural flow of energy in acceptance of yourself and therefore also generate that as a natural by-product outwardly. This is what we have been speaking of for much time framework.

You express questioning to me, “I am attempting to be creating this; this is what I want; I am expressing to myself I hold the ability to generate this. Why am I not generating this? For I am interacting with this individual, and this is the response that I am receiving,” for to this point you have continued to project your attention to the other individual. The confusion has been generated in this area of attempting to assimilate the difference between altering another individual’s perception or choices or behaviors and recognizing that YOU are creating those behaviors and expressions and choices, not the other individual.

Now; do not misunderstand. For in the energy exchange that occurs the energy is quite real; and I may express to you, if you’re paying attention, you do not accidentally engage exchange with other individuals. Each individual that you encounter, you do so purposefully, for you choose individuals to be interactive with that shall be offering you a type of energy exchange that is beneficial to you, to allow you the reflection that you seek to view within yourself.

Therefore, let us incorporate the example merely of your mother. You may express to yourself, “Why do I engage this exchange with this individual? What is the purpose? Why may I not accomplish altering this individual’s behaviors and perception?” You have chosen to incorporate this individual as your parent, so to speak. This is NOT an accident. You ... excuse, little one. (1) You as the entering focus have chosen all of the variables. This individual has merely chosen in agreement with you to facilitate your physical entry into this physical dimension. This is all. But there are many, many, many beliefs concerning these types of relationships within your society.

Now; throughout your focus you have purposefully generated incorporating this individual within your focus and interacting with this individual, that you allow yourself to create certain types of experiences.

Now; in this moment now, in conjunction with this shift in consciousness – and as an aside I shall say to you that all of your experiences with this individual have lent to your movement in this shift in consciousness – in this now you are attempting to explore aspects of yourself, influencing beliefs that you allow to discount yourself. This is purposeful, Seale. For without viewing those beliefs that you allow to hinder or to create obstacles, you do not offer yourself the opportunity of a choice. Therefore you may experience discomfort in viewing these beliefs, and I am quite aware how easily it is expressed within you to be judgmental of those beliefs and to be discounting of yourself that you even incorporate those beliefs or that you allow them to be influencing of your choices, but this is not the point.

The point is to allow yourself to turn your attention to you to view, to examine these beliefs that are influencing, and therefore wondrously allow yourself the liberation of knowing that these beliefs are present but also knowing that you choose. It is not bad that you have chosen what you have chosen previously. It is wondrous that you may now begin to view those choices that you have generated in automatic responses, to begin the knowing that you incorporate more choices than merely those automatic responses.

In this, as you associate with your beliefs that power is bad and dangerous, for you look to objective imagery ... be remembering our discussion yesterday. Individuals incorporating the common orientation naturally project outwardly and naturally offer themselves information through objective imagery. This has been – but is not, in actuality – in conflict with allowing yourself to pay attention to you.

Now; within your focus, in the projection outwardly and the generating of objective imagery in what you term to be throughout your years, you have associated with a belief concerning power and danger. Within your imagery you look outside of yourself within your society and your community, and you focus your attention upon images that coincide with your association of power. Many times what you view in power is expressed in authorities or establishments, and in this you look to the actions that are incorporated in that and they become suspect, and the more power they incorporate, the more dangerous they appear. For in that power, your association is that these expressions hold the power and the ability to dictate to you.

The association is so very strong with this belief concerning this expression that as you begin to move into an examination of you and your beliefs, the fear is generated. For how shall you allow yourself the genuine expression of your abilities, knowing the power of essence – which is much greater than any establishment or authority that you may ever present to yourself – for your association is that this is suspect and bad? Therefore if you allow yourself this type of expression, shudder the thought of how other individuals shall perceive you; and the more you generate the reinforcement of that fear, the more you create the objective imagery through your perception of other individuals in conflict and in lack of acceptance – and you do not allow yourself to generate what you want.

Now; shall you be remembering of what I expressed yesterday in the discussion concerning thought and choice and perception? For thought as the translating mechanism is not entirely distorted. There are some aspects that are accurately being translated. The want to be creating relationships with other individuals without judgments and without conflicts is genuine. But this is a translation, for the want is projected to other individuals.

You want objectively within your thoughts for other individuals to be accepting – this is the distortion, not the want of the acceptance but the direction of it. For genuinely what you want is to be expressing that within yourself and knowing of your power, accepting of that and manifesting naturally, merely through your freedom of your expression, the natural by-product of projecting outward that perception, which creates the expression of it in acceptance in relationship with any other individual: with your mother, with other individuals in romantic capacity, with individuals in friendship capacity, with your daughter in family relationship.

Genuinely what you want is not that these individuals shall love or respect – these are your words – or be affectionate to you, but that you may allow yourself without anticipation, without restriction, without expectations, to genuinely express you, to genuinely express your appreciation, your affection without restriction, without generating caution, without approaching the other individual and within yourself knowing that you are receding, knowing that you are withholding and expressing caution: “I may love you but merely to an extent; for I also must be cautious, for perhaps you shall not accept this, perhaps you shall generate judgment, perhaps you shall incorporate expectations.” No, no, no, my friend. All of these perhaps-es are the restrictions that you place upon yourself, for I may be quite definite with you and express to you, in the moments that you do not restrict yourself you genuinely do project the perception of the other individual in which it is accepted.

I may also express to you, for a time framework – quite realistically speaking, as this type of action is so very unfamiliar to you all – you may incorporate an interim period, so to speak, in which you may continue to generate an outward perception in which the other individual may be expressing in a manner that you assess that you do not want; but you may also begin recognizing, which shall be your evidence that you are turning, that although the other individual within your perception continues to express in a manner that you do not want, you shall begin to recognize that you are less affected, that within you you are allowing yourself to not discount yourself and you are actually turning your attention to you – not in discounting of the other individual, but in a calmness within self – recognizing that you are beginning to not react to what you have actually created – not what the other individual has created.

Therefore, as you continue – for this is your practice – as you continue this expression of calm, and lack of judgment of yourself becomes easier and it is expressed more frequently, in the strength of that, in your reinforcement to yourself and your presentment of evidence to yourself that you are generating this, you begin to allow yourself to alter your perception – and step by step the alteration of that perception alters the response of the other individual.

As you move yourself and your attention into a genuine expression of “it matters not,” the outward manifestation is no longer. For what shall be the point? If you are expressing genuine acceptance and this genuine expression of “it matters not,” you incorporate no more motivation to be examining. Therefore the outside expression, the generating of your perception in the conflict with another individual, is unnecessary.

Recognize that all of these experiences are purposeful, beneficial, and genuinely are an opportunity, if you are not forcing energy against them.

SHERRY: I really thank you for all this. My time’s up, and I would like to give you a hug. Can you feel that if I give it? I don’t know, is that allowable?

ELIAS: You may if you are so choosing. I experience your energy regardless, but if you are wishing to incorporate this action you may offer yourself permission to express you freely.

SHERRY: (Hugs Elias) Thank you very, very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. As always, I shall be anticipating our continued interaction.

SHERRY: You bet your life – or your whatever (laughing), your energy! Thank you.

ELIAS: And I express tremendous affection to you and great encouragement. Be remembering, you have opened the door, and I am acknowledging of you.

SHERRY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. To you this morning, in the wondrousness of yourself, au revoir.

SHERRY: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:19 AM.


(1) Just previous to this remark, Vicki’s cat, Pismo, was walking back and forth over Elias’ lap, rubbing on his arms, doing her best to get Elias’ attention, and finally lying down over his clasped hands in his lap. She was jostled off his lap when he lifted his hands to gesture, and the “excuse, little one,” is his apology to her.

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