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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

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“Sex/Intimacy/Energy Mergence”


Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anjuli (Miranda).

Elias arrives at 2:11 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening!

ANJULI: Good evening, Elias! (Elias chuckles) I feel very snuggly today.


ANJULI: Yes! In the days before, I was creating so many choices as to what we would do in the session, and that was funny because you can have troubles by having many choices! (Anjuli laughs with Elias) I had to laugh about that, and then today I created a little bit of an affectingness so that I would for sure feel very, very snuggly. So I created a decision of one choice.

ELIAS: Very well!

ANJULI: And Elias, the last tape is empty, and Mary and I, we just had fun with that. (Elias smiles) The tape of the last session, there is nothing on it!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And express to myself, what is your impression concerning this expression?

ANJULI: Before having the session I had some little bit of, well, I wouldn’t say conflicts, but I was at least thinking about if I would like to have a snuggle session with you, just a really private one, or not, and about expressing and what questions to ask. I wanted ask kind of everything, a session for later to be transcribed for the group and also a private one, I wanted to have both. When I realized that, I started to have conflicts. I decided it does not matter, I will leave it up to Elias, and then he will take care. (Elias laughs) So, did I do it, or did you do it, or did we both do it together?

ELIAS: A combined expression.

ANJULI: Yes, I thought so. (Laughs)

ELIAS: For this has been your choice, and I have also offered energy in compliance with your choice.

ANJULI: One of the funny things is that I did not mind when I heard it. I think in the past I would have started to be at least at the beginning a little bit sad or disappointed. This time I found it to be exciting, because I have created in the past many various tape experiences around the sessions. I found it to be very playful, but also I realized that I don’t need it to be stored somewhere. The things you say, they are in me, and I feel to be moving with whatever we share and we do together, and it does not matter what was in a session in the past.

ELIAS: Correct, for it is within the moment that occupies your attention, and this also offered you an opportunity to practice holding the attention within the moment.

ANJULI: Yes, I realized it already during the session, and so I just wanted to listen and to kind of embrace all of what I am experiencing and not think of a tape later. It felt already during the session different, although I did not know that there would not be anything on the tape.

ELIAS: I am understanding. (Chuckles) And how shall we proceed with your “snuggle-session”? Ha ha!

ANJULI: I created an island for us, Elias! We meet at an island! Today we are together on the island!

ELIAS: Ah! Very well!

ANJULI: When I imagined the island and that I would be there with you, I thought of a name for the island. I thought of “Elianda” or other expressions of combined names, from your name and my name. Then I realized that the word “island” itself is already a combined tone of both of us.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Quite creative in your expression!

ANJULI: Yes! So island, that means we are one in the ocean of consciousness!

ELIAS: Ah! Excellent imagery.

ANJULI: Yes, I was very, very proud of that!

This gives me the first question. In my book about Runi and Inmi, there is a favorite chapter in my book where they come together sexually and then there is a light-structure on their bodies. They become more and more light, and then there are no bodies any more, just energy, and then they merge. That is my favorite imagery from my book.

ELIAS: For if you are allowing yourself, within your physical dimension you may create this type of expression within your physical reality.

ANJULI: Ah, yes, I may? Oh, I would like to create it!

ELIAS: This is an expression of tremendous openness and the recognition of yourself as consciousness, and your ability, in a manner of speaking to transcend the physical expression into a mergence of energy of essences.

ANJULI: That’s great, Elias, because when you can reach through layers of consciousness and visit me, then I will create the other way around, to go from here back with you to no-form reality.

ELIAS: Ah! Very well, and this may be an interesting experiment that you may generate. In this type of action, you may also thusly translate that movement in relation to your interaction with other individuals within your physical reality, which shall allow you more of an objective understanding concerning what you have created within your writing in the interaction between these characters.

ANJULI: In my writing, Runi and Inmi start and then others do that, too, together.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Many do that in one group, and I had so much fun when creating that. I thought that it must be so beautiful to experience that.

ELIAS: And you may, if you are so choosing.

ANJULI: When I had started to create that I realized that this dimension is not kind of far away from consciousness and from where you are, you know what I mean? For me, this expression of openness and sexuality was leading to that, or it was ... the physical bodies and the transcended bodies as pure energy were not two distinct different things.

ELIAS: Correct, I am understanding. Let me express to you that sexuality as a base design of your physical reality in this dimension may be expressed in many manners; but in relation to sexual activity or actions and sexual interactions between individuals in a physical expression, [it] may be incorporated as an action that facilitates a mergence of individuals in other manners, not merely in the actual physical expression.

ANJULI: In my book I even created another word for it because I viewed the energy of sexuality as a tool or as an energy to be used for to let the body become like that, transcend it and do all these kind of things with body.

ELIAS: I am understanding, for within your physical reality this is a type of physical objective imagery in action that you incorporate as symbology of intimacy.

Now; let me express to you that this is not an absolute, for sexual interaction between individuals does not necessarily denote intimacy.

ANJULI: It can be used for many things...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: ...even for conflicts or whatever...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: ...or for separation.

ELIAS: Yes. But it may also be incorporated as objective imagery and action that may be facilitating of genuine intimacy with self and in a lack of separation with other individuals.

ANJULI: Is this why sometimes in some of the kundalini beliefs and expressions of experiences beings had, sexuality was sometimes used – and I experienced it, too – for an energy burst and an expansion? You feel the red and the orange energy center, and then it feels like lots of light going into all cells or what.

ELIAS: Yes, this is a method that individuals incorporate to allow themselves more of an objective familiarity with these types of energies that you naturally generate, which are translated within your physical reality in association with the design of your physical reality and its base elements of sexuality and emotion, the physical and the communicating.

ANJULI: And Elias, when beings have such a sexual encounter as Runi and Inmi have, the bodies don’t need to stay separate in the way that one body is the one body and the other is the other, and kind of very close and almost one, but still different?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I had the feeling when you visited me the first time, you didn’t mind things like bedcovers and kind of stuff like that. I had the feeling that you did some little bit of something like this. A little bit of something like that happened with our bodies?

ELIAS: In energy exchange. As you occupy your attention within this physical dimension, this is the translation that occurred in relation to the design of this physical dimension. Are you understanding?

ANJULI: No ... or partially...

ELIAS: I offer an energy exchange which is similar to what you have created in your character’s movements as they merge, and in your responsiveness and allowance there becomes a translation of that energy which fits within the design of your physical dimension. Therefore, the translation is created by your filtering of that energy exchange into the design of your physical reality in this dimension, which creates this type of expression or almost objective imagery, but not solid, of the intercourse of beings in an expression of sexuality. Are you understanding now?

ANJULI: Yes, I think I understand. So this means when you offer this kind of energy that is similar to what is in my book, I could have translated it different and then I would have had a different experience of your visit?

ELIAS: Yes, but as sexuality is a base intrinsic element of this physical dimension and an aspect of the blueprint of this physical dimension, you view these expressions of sexual interaction symbolically as being extreme in intimacy. Therefore, it is quite understandable that this is your choice in how you shall translate the energy, for this offers you a clear association with genuine intimacy.

ANJULI: I love it that it got created like that – my most favorite memory! (Elias laughs) Although we have created so many interesting things, meanwhile.

ELIAS: Quite.

ANJULI: And Elias, I discovered that I am not shy of you. I don’t feel the need for to hide anything.

ELIAS: And why shall you be covering of any of your expressions or masking of any of your expressions? For as I have stated previously, within consciousness there are no secrets.

ANJULI: Yes! But here when we are separate we have many secrets and we try to hide some things or we feel some things are maybe ... when you go to the bathroom or what, then it is a secret and it is judged or seen in a certain way. Sometimes I just run around, feeling your energy, and then realize I don’t feel any of these human things. It is so natural, and also I start to see things as if I see them through your eyes.

ELIAS: And offer yourself an expression of trust within your expressions, and in that trust offering yourself a freedom.

ANJULI: And then Elias, the last time I said that sometimes I didn’t feel the need to translate our communication into language communication, and at that time I also did not need to translate you into a body form that is somewhere around with me.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: After a while, when I became aware of that, I was wondering because I saw how much I have changed already. In the past I would have thought that I want to feel you somewhere near me, as a body. When I feel you as energy, you are just like a wind or whatever, but you are you. It doesn’t make a difference.

ELIAS: Correct, for you are allowing an experience of less separation, which in actuality creates an expansion.

ANJULI: Ja, and also I don’t feel challenged at all in my individuality or in my energy when I feel that we are mixed, kind of. I feel you and I feel me together, the energies are together, but I can feel mine and yours, and it doesn’t feel like me being less me. It’s so natural.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I was wondering about one character in my book, Giovanni. He looks like Inmi but with fair hair and blue eyes, so again also like you, and he also looks like Runi. They are anyway all related. But what I discovered when I tried to feel his energy and also when I wanted to kind of feel into his character more or thought of how I wanted to continue that story, I discovered that he is me in male and he is also you. So how can I create a being ... I mean, my energy is so different from yours. How can I create a being that is both, not a mixture of your and my energy, but both, full you and full me?

ELIAS: And this, my friend, is your translation of objective expression in relation to an action of fragmentation, in which that which is fragmented incorporates the qualities of one or more essences, but expresses its own unique qualities also. Therefore you are correct, it is not a combination, it is...

ANJULI: It’s one!


ANJULI: It is not two things mixed.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Did we create some essence like that? Did some essence fragment from us?


ANJULI: Oh! So, so to speak, we created children! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Let me express to you, as I have expressed previously, this action of fragmentation is occurring continuously within consciousness. This is a natural and constant action that is generated in essence, and it occurs in mergence and not in mergence, but not within a time framework. It is merely a natural action which is continuously occurring.

ANJULI: So each essence has many essences that fragmented from that essence or with other essences?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Is it a large number?

ELIAS: It is numberless.

ANJULI: Is there an essence that fragmented from me and you that is a non-physical essence, and I could contact it or that it would be interesting for me to feel the energy?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, in association with your development, so to speak, of your character.

ANJULI: I could discover that essence by feeling into that character?


ANJULI: And Elias, I think I can feel the energy of the essences I fragmented from, of Lissa and Mi. It felt very easy to feel them. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct, and familiar, for you incorporate these qualities also.

ANJULI: They can feel into my focuses because I am kind of them, and the other way around also?


ANJULI: Is Lissa not physical also?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: And the energy of Lissa is like a character in my book with the name Triane?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

ANJULI: A bit in that direction?


ANJULI: I tried today to connect with several non-physical essences at once. In the past I couldn’t do that. I connected with either you or Ordin or Otha, and now I can feel all three of you. That’s very easy.

ELIAS: Ah! Allowing yourself more of a familiarity of different energies.

ANJULI: Yes, and Elias, for a while I wanted to have fragmented from Ordin and Otha, because I wanted to be your essence sister! (Anjuli laughs with Elias)

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, in actuality there is no separation. Therefore, you may translate in this manner if you are so choosing, for in the lack of separation there is no distinction, so to speak.

ANJULI: Yes, I want to have a family, and there is Ordin and Otha and you. They are my family, and others that I will discover! (Elias chuckles) But especially you, of course!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well!

ANJULI: Yes! Oh, did you watch the fun I had on the mailing list in these days?

ELIAS: I am not occupying my attention with actual physical expressions of interactions, but rather the energy which is expressed.

ANJULI: On the mailing list we talked about something, and then I thought that I am glad that I am not fragmented from the so to speak famous essences, and I kind of realized why I have created everything that I have created in that way. I mean, of course I know that those essences like Ordin and Otha, they feel different than I am, so I understand that I fragmented from Lissa and Mi; but for a while I wanted to have that.

So I went through my motivation for that and discovered a few things, and then when I had discovered them and accepted them, what remained was this intimacy. We can create that anyway, but I am glad that I am ... it is kind of good ... well, now I feel almost shy to express. I am glad that it is like that, because we could start to create beliefs that to belong to those essences is better than to belong to others.

ELIAS: Yes, and this is quite commonly expressed, for individuals continue to separate and to view some expressions, some individuals, some essences as greater or better in your terms than others. I may express to you, as I continue to express to all individuals that I am interactive with, that there is no better or higher or greater. Consciousness is all and essences are expressions of consciousness, and in this there are no greater or lesser expressions of essences. There are merely different expressions and different choices. But one choice is not greater than another choice. This is defined merely by your beliefs.

ANJULI: Yes. It almost made me free to discover that, because I am aware that I am sometimes ... you know, I am a very joyful and playful being, and I am happy, and I have many interesting discoveries and experiences. I feel kind of more easy with not belonging to those essences because it could create that something...

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding, my friend. For this allows you within your individual experience the appreciation that there are no greater essences than any other essence, and in this you may appreciate yourself and other essences that do not incorporate what individuals within your physical dimension have expressed in set position.

ANJULI: I also thought that I like all my choices, like for example that I have only a few focuses and not a large number. That also goes in that direction. There was a while when I wanted to discover focuses that I have with your famous focuses, and that desire also disappeared because of that. Although, I may have them, but...

ELIAS: I am understanding, for it matters not. One is equally as significant as another.

ANJULI: Sometimes, when I want to discover the focuses we have together in this dimension or in other dimensions, then for a while it is fascinating for me but the attention easily goes away from it. Also in a playful way I want to discover the fun we have everywhere, but I think you, as you are now in your wholeness, are more fascinating to me! But I want from time to time to play with your focuses a bit. Would you allow me to use my dispersedness to look a little bit into your focuses, how it is to be Elias?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing! This is your choice...

ANJULI: Then I can get your experiences also, not just mine!

ELIAS: This is your choice in experience.

ANJULI: It sometimes anyway already feels like that. Is this like the counterpart action we have with focuses of other essences, when I experience another essence in this way? I get the experience from that essence?

ELIAS: Yes, and you may generate that action quite objectively if you are so choosing.

ANJULI: Objectively – what do you mean?

ELIAS: I may express to you, for the most part individuals do not allow themselves an objective recognition of counterpart action, but you may if you are choosing. This action of allowing yourself to experience another essence’s experiences within different focuses of attention is quite similar...

ANJULI: Oh! You mean I can start counterpart actions with lots of your focuses?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

ANJULI: Oh, yes! That would be fun! (Elias chuckles) Once I tried to send your focus of Oscar Wilde some little imagery for his fun. (Elias chuckles) Did he get that? I tried to send it through you because I thought I better make you allowing it or not, so that he wouldn’t get confused.

ELIAS: Which is received subjectively and translated differently objectively.

ANJULI: (Laughs) That’s all right! Now I could discover lots of playful fun with you, Elias! (Elias laughs) You are so fascinating!

ELIAS: And may be quite playful! Ha ha ha ha!

ANJULI: Although our energies are so different, there is some brother-sisterliness of our essences in this playfulness.

And Elias, recently I thought about people talking to you about their intent. Except in the first session a little bit, I never had the desire because I flow with it anyway and I didn’t feel the need to form it into words.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this once again is merely an expression of difference. Individuals move their attention in different manners which shall facilitate their individual understanding of widening their awarenesses.

ANJULI: I know it without necessarily using words for that, but I know it not just subjectively, although recently I thought about parts of that. Well, I know, of course, my group things and how I respond when there are certain events like recently with the new money in Europe.

Oh, Elias, I thought this new money, the new Euro which we started, that’s like Europe. The various nations are discovering their oneness, as if this money is consciousness and they discover that they are all connected.

ELIAS: Which is the presentment of yet another expression of objective imagery that reflects...

ANJULI: This essence-me-oneness thing!

ELIAS: Yes, and the movement in this shift.

ANJULI: Oh, ja! So together with that, I thought about that and then I discovered one thing that was important in my life: I prepared myself for meeting you, and not just for meeting you but for being able to have a relationship in a certain way. I feel that I am responding to you in a certain way, and it feels to me like a deep, deep fulfillment that I can do that and that it got created.

ELIAS: And in this, be mindful, my friend, to be allowing yourself this expression in intimacy with yourself, for this is your greatest accomplishment and your greatest fulfillment.

ANJULI: Do you mean I should be a little bit careful that I am not too much using you as a you-ness?

ELIAS: No, I am merely expressing to you that in your exploration of your expressions with myself, incorporate that as an example in generating this tremendous expression of intimacy with yourself.

ANJULI: Yes, I know that I cannot separate that, that I experience this relationship with you in this way because of the intimacy with myself, otherwise it would not work. I would start to have other kind of feelings, or I think it would be different then.

ELIAS: Yes. But this may allow you in your movement a genuine appreciation of yourself and an objective expression of desire in like manner to be generating this tremendous appreciation of self in the knowing that this is your greatest fulfillment. For in the lack of separation in essence, you ARE myself and I am yourself.

ANJULI: You are exactly talking like Inmi! He would have said the same things! (Elias laughs)

Maybe some questions about energy: I did some card games on the computer and tried to let the card appear which I would desire for to make many scores. I discovered that I can manipulate my computer for to let this card appear. Anyway, I create the entire computer and I create everything always, but this was a try how to hold my energy to let that certain card appear. I had the feeling that it didn’t work when I wanted to push. It was holding the attention in a certain quietness and a certain trust.

ELIAS: And allowance.

ANJULI: Is this how it works with all other things too that I create?


ANJULI: I found it to be a little bit difficult at first to ... I mean, I easily get impatient and I am pushing.

ELIAS: (Laughs) In like manner to many other individuals within your physical dimension! Ha ha!

ANJULI: Yes, we do! But I can change that! I even thought that sometimes during the session there is kind of an impatience. I try to feel what I am doing with my energy during the sessions. It was better this time, huh?

ELIAS: Ah! In allowing yourself an ease.

ANJULI: Ja. And then I had two dreams. One dream was probably another focus of me, meeting a woman in a forest, a kind of wise woman. She had Otha’s energy, and then I dreamt that our essences were merging, mine and hers and yours. You were not in this dream, but we all three were aware of that mergence. Was that Otha?


ANJULI: No? Another essence?

ELIAS: Another aspect of YOUR essence, another expression of energy of your essence which is not objectively quite familiar yet.

ANJULI: Aha, I thought she was a little bit like this woman I sometimes meet when I go into my world tree, and she is me after all, also. But why did I dream that she is another essence and translate that in the dream as a merger of my aspect and me and you?

ELIAS: What you have created is an association. In this, as you allow yourself to discover an unfamiliar expression of energy, you associate that automatically with an expression of another essence, but you also present yourself with a type of imagery that suggests some type of familiarity. Therefore, you are offering yourself an expression to suggest the familiarity and allow yourself to relax and allow the expression of that energy regardless that it is unfamiliar to you objectively. This is merely an allowance of opening within your awareness to more of your individual expressions of energy, which are much more vast than you are objectively aware of.

ANJULI: Have you been there, too, or why did I...


ANJULI: And then this night, I don’t recall the entire dream, but I felt to be me and my other current focus, Leslie. I was aware of both of us in the same way, I think. As far as I remember there was also you, but this time you were not a blue ball and not all the other things I so far know. It was kind of a black field, as far as I remember. The memories are not clear. But I remember that usually I would create some fear maybe, but this was not the case at all. I recognized you, if I remember correctly, so that was maybe the Sumafi color? (1)

ELIAS: Yes, and another allowance within your imagery to be familiarizing yourself with the energy of different aspects of essence, which are you and you are they. (20-second pause)

ANJULI: Elias, sometimes I feel, because of what we said, sometimes I feel as if I can do a few things more easily because I know you, as if I can overcome obstacles or move through processes more easily when it’s for you. I would do it slower when there would just be me.

ELIAS: And I may express to you, my friend, my energy is continuously with you, and you may draw upon that expression of energy within any or every moment to be expressing an allowance of an ease within your movement. It is always available to you.

ANJULI: Also when I move through challenges, then I remember that I have created to know you. I think that’s just so great that I did that, and I would never have dreamt or imagined that I would make this all true. This is then an acknowledgment of myself for you, that I knew what I wanted for to be so happy and playful, and that I created that.

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckles)

ANJULI: Is our island truly existing? I tried to make it really be true!

ELIAS: And in this be remembering, imagination is reality.

ANJULI: Ah, then we have that island. I will, from time to time, in my imagination or maybe suddenly, really, be there with you – or in other places or in non-physical somethings.

ELIAS: Very well!

ANJULI: That was a wonderful session. We had our island session!

ELIAS: And you have allowed yourself to be experiencing and expressing your affection, and I offer that expression to you also.

ANJULI: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next adventure. I offer to you as always, my friend, tremendous affection, and shall continue to be expressing my energy in playfulness with you.

ANJULI: Yes, we are going to have lots of playful fun all the time.

ELIAS: Very well! (Chuckles)

ANJULI: I love you very much, Elias!

ELIAS: And I offer this expression to you, also.

ANJULI: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you this evening, my friend, au revoir.

ANJULI: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 3:13 PM.


(1) Anjuli’s note: I later wrote a mail to my dear Leslie/Myranda, and she has had the same experience of oneness with me that night.

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