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Sunday, January 14, 2001

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ďExploring Sleep PatternsĒ

ďRepeated Physical SymptomsĒ

ďListening to Your CommunicationsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Steve (Steffano).

Elias arrives at 2:28 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

STEVE: Hello! Itís a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And I extend the same to you!

STEVE: I have some questions written down and would like to go through them, if thatís alright.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE: Iíd like to start off by asking what my essence name is, and family and alignment and orientation.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Steffano; S-T-E-F-F-A-N-O. (stefíah-no) Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Sumari; orientation, common.

STEVE: What was that alignment?

ELIAS: Sumari.

STEVE: Okay. Can I ask the same questions for my spouse?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Jessica; J-E-S-S-I-C-A. Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common.

STEVE: And how about for my son.

ELIAS: Essence name, Xuteel; X-U-T-E-E-L. (zu-teelí) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Gramada; orientation, common.

STEVE: And then also for my daughter.

ELIAS: Essence name, Mynn; M-Y-N-N. (min) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet; orientation, common.

STEVE: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

STEVE: I was wondering what differences I might experience in this energy exchange if I came to Vermont for an in-person session versus a phone session.

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your interaction and your openness to the exchange of energy. Some individuals allow themselves a difference in experience as they interact with this energy exchange in physical proximity and objective physical participation. Other individuals allow themselves the same openness in this type of interaction as they may engage in actual physical proximity interaction. It is quite dependent upon the individual and their choice of how they shall be allowing themselves that openness in interaction.

STEVE: Okay. I read in a transcript recently that we believe we need more sleep than we actually do, and I was wondering, if I wish to explore spending less time sleeping, if you have suggestions for how I might go about that, but still maintain energy and alertness.

ELIAS: In actuality, there are many methods, so to speak, or directions that you may incorporate in experimentation and allowing yourself an exploration of sleep patterns, so to speak.

Now; in this, you may choose to be altering certain time frameworks in which you allow yourself to engage in sleep. You may choose to be incorporating less sleep time within your night hours, and temporarily you may incorporate a slight time framework of sleep within a different time framework within your day.

In actuality, in incorporating this type of action, in effect what you are creating is moving your attention slightly. In your physical terms, you are objectively distracting yourself, or in other terms, fooling yourself Ė ha ha ha ha! Ė into a thought process which continues to align with your belief that you are accomplishing the required hours of sleep, but you are configuring those hours in a different manner, which allows you to continue in the belief and the affectingness of the belief that if you are providing yourself with a particular number of hours of sleep time, you shall also incorporate the physical feeling of restfulness and refreshment.

Now; you may also, in increments, allow yourself to be experimenting with incorporating slightly less sleep hours and NOT incorporating an extra sleep time within your day, and in this situation, you may offer yourself a suggestion that you shall allow yourself to awaken and experience a renewed generation of energy, and in this, your physical body consciousness shall follow your direction to it and offer you compliance with that suggestion.

You may also create a slight meditation prior to engaging your sleep state in which you concentrate your attention upon the actual action that you engage within your sleep state, which is a communication from your subjective awareness to your objective awareness. It is an allowance in a physical time framework for you to be focusing your attention in other directions than what you are familiar with in the objective expression or awareness.

Therefore, as you allow yourself a brief meditation, focusing on what you may express as the purpose of this sleep state and acknowledging to yourself that you do not in actuality incorporate this action of sleep to be regenerating your physical body Ė for it is not requiring of this action to be creating that which you identify as a regeneration, in a manner of speaking Ė this shall create an ease in which you move into this sleep state, and it shall move your attention in a different association with what you are engaging, rather than automatically associating this state as being one that provides you with restfulness and therefore regenerates your energy within your waking state.

But as your attention is moved into the identification of communication with other aspects of yourself as essence and an exploration of other manifestations that you create within essence and your allowance to be viewing your own action of blinking in and out of this particular reality, your body consciousness also shall be responsive to that direction and association, and you may allow yourself not to be incorporating the automatic response of fatigue as you awaken. Are you understanding?

STEVE: I think so. So, I have a related question. In my current belief systems, if I think that I need to have eight hours of sleep at night or else I will feel fatigued during the day, then some time maybe in the afternoon after I eat lunch, and Iím at work and I still feel I have work I need to do, but Iím beginning to feel fatigued and Iím not as effective, is that a way that Iíve created to allow myself to get back to my subjective awareness, that Iím not allowing enough time for that, and I may use different methods besides sleep, like meditation or allowing more subjective awareness when Iím awake?

ELIAS: It is not in actuality a situation in which you have not created enough time framework to be interactive subjectively or with other aspects of yourself. In actuality, quite simply, this experience of fatigue in these situations is an expression of your beliefs of your requirement of time that you incorporate in this state.

As I have stated previously, your time association within your sleep state is different from your association with time within your waking objective state.

Therefore, there is an allowance in this sleep state in which you need not incorporate as much time to be offering yourself the communications that you choose to be engaging, or to be interactive with other aspects of yourself or other areas of consciousness outside of this physical dimension.

This is not requiring of the incorporation of extensive physical linear time, for you allow yourself more of an expression of simultaneous time within this particular state. Therefore, you allow yourself to be accomplishing more movement in less physical time.

In this, your expression of fatigue is directly related to your beliefs concerning your requirements of sleep.

Be recognizing also, these beliefs that are held within physical focus concerning this sleep state are quite strong. Therefore, you may hold an objective desire to be exploring different expressions in the physical time framework that you incorporate this sleep state, but allow yourself the recognition of the strength of these beliefs.

And in that, I express to you, do not be forcing yourself to be incorporating actions that shall automatically continue to express fatigue within your focus. This is not the point. The point is that you allow yourself an expansion of your awareness in a manner which is not forced and which may be expressed comfortably.

STEVE: And this, of course, is a choice. If I find that I can create eight-and-a-half hours in a 24-hour day to sleep, there is nothing bad about doing that.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me also express to you, at times, as you create certain expressions within your physical body consciousness in affectingness of your physical body consciousness, such as the identification of what you term to be illness or a malfunction at times ... which in actuality is not a malfunction or illness, but this is your identification of these types of creations.

In this, at times you may be experiencing tremendous fatigue and a push, so to speak, within your energy to be engaging more extensive time frameworks in this sleep state, and this is a different type of action that you create, for this in actuality is an objective recognition and reception of a communication that your subjective awareness is expressing to you.

In that, the subjective awareness is that aspect of your awareness which directs the movement and the functioning and the affectingness of your physical body consciousness.

Therefore, as you create an expression of physical affectingness in some manner which you may identify as illness, and you recognize objectively that this is being created, you may be also creating an objective desire to be altering that physical expression.

As your objective awareness expresses that desire, the subjective receives that communication and offers a communication to the objective in response, which is expressed in fatigue; which that communication is expressing, ďEngage this sleep state, that the subjective awareness may uninterruptedly concentrate a new direction of communication to the physical body consciousness to be affecting the desire of the objective awareness.Ē

Are you understanding?

STEVE: I think so. I wonder if maybe you could explain that in terms of an example that I create for myself in this area, and maybe that will help me understand this. It fact, it was the next question I was going to ask.

I have created what I term to be allergy and sinus problems often in this focus. At times Iíll feel pressure in my facial bones that can be painful, and I donít like to take medication such as antibiotics, and Iím just trying to understand what Iím trying to tell myself when I create this ... and what suggestions you may have for an efficient response to these sorts of symptoms or dis-ease or whatever term you use for it.

ELIAS: Very well. Recognize that as the subjective awareness creates a direction to the body consciousness, it is in actuality moving in harmony with the objective awareness. Therefore, I may express to you first of all that both awarenesses are, in a manner of speaking, responding to certain communications as expressed through your beliefs.

Now; let me express to you, the example that you offer, as to an affectingness within sinus and what you term to be allergy, is created as the objective awareness is creating certain movements which create a particular perception in the moment. You are offering yourself communications and information that within a particular moment, you are in dis-ease with your own movement and with your environment.

Now; understand, you create your movement and you create your environment. Therefore, in particular time frameworks, you are uncomfortable with your choice in creating a particular movement in a specific environment. This varies in your expression. It is not limited to one particular environment, and it is not limited to one particular engagement of activity.

But what you create as a signal to yourself that you are becoming or creating an uncomfortableness with yourself in any particular situation is the communication which is received by the subjective awareness, and it responds in directing your physical body consciousness in an affectingness of that uncomfortableness physically. It is mirroring, in a manner of speaking, a physical action in relation to what you are engaging in the moment.

Now; hypothetically, we may engage an example of this type of situation. Within a particular moment, you may be engaging an interaction with your partner or with one of your children, and in the moment, you are paying attention to the other individual, and you are not paying attention to what you are creating and what you are communicating to yourself in the interaction.

Now; in the moment, without engaging your thought process, you may be creating an uncomfortableness within yourself in the interaction and you may be beginning to create judgments within yourself in the interaction, but you are not quite objectively noticing of that action yet, but your awarenesses are extremely sensitive and precise.

Therefore, your objective awareness is expressing your experience of uncomfortableness, which is being created in relation to beliefs that you hold in judgment of yourself in a particular expression, and as that is engaged, your objective awareness offers a communication or a message, in a manner of speaking, to your subjective awareness. It responds in harmony and agreement, [in] recognition and validation of the uncomfortableness or the judgment which is being created, and your subjective awareness offers a communication or a message to your body consciousness, which immediately responds and creates a physical exhibition of uncomfortableness. In a manner of speaking, it is likened to a circle. Your awarenesses are all in harmony, creating a communication to you, to your objective awareness, but your objective awareness is participating in all of this communication.

The challenge that you present yourself with is allowing yourself to pay attention to the messages and the communications which are being offered, and the reason that you create the situation or the physical affectingness repeatedly is that you are not paying attention to the communication. Therefore, you create the signal, or what you term to be the symptom physically, repeatedly.

Now; as you allow yourself to be paying attention to you, and recognizing what you are in actuality associating with and experiencing within you in the time frameworks in which you are physically experiencing this uncomfortableness within allergies or affectingness of sinuses, you may begin to offer yourself new information and identification of your own movement and become more familiar with your own expressions.

For you create this in many situations that you do not acknowledge to yourself your own signal of uncomfortableness, and in this, you have created an acceptance of channeling your energy into this physical manifestation, which allows you to NOT pay attention to your communication.

STEVE: Well, thank you. That gives me some things to do and to try to pay attention to, and it also gives me an objective sign of what my progress is in these symptoms, in how often I create them.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And an opportunity to be acknowledging of yourself as you DO allow yourself to become more familiar and more objectively aware of what you are creating, for as the signal is received and you allow the communication, the signal dissipates, or the symptom dissipates.

STEVE: If itís alright, Iíd like to move to some other questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE: How many focuses do I have in this dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS: Total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension, 626.

STEVE: Are there focuses of my essence in other dimensions as well?


STEVE: Okay. I wanted to verify ... I feel that from what Iím understanding with this information, that there is part of me that already knows this information that you are sharing through this forum. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. In this, you engage this information objectively, in a manner of speaking, to aid you in allowing yourself to move into the remembrance of being.

STEVE: Is it the belief system of duplicity that keeps me from accessing this information more directly? I guess what Iím asking is, why canít I just tell myself all of this that Iím asking you?

ELIAS: You are correct, and I am understanding of what you are expressing. This belief system of duplicity is quite affecting.

I may also express to you that your creation of separation in this physical dimension is also an influencing factor, for that particular creation reinforces your belief system of duplicity, which in many aspects of duplicity, you express to yourselves an inability to be creating certain movements individually.

You also do not allow yourself to recognize your abilities, for you view yourselves to be ďless thanĒ in capability in comparison to other expressions of consciousness. Comparison in itself is an aspect of duplicity.

STEVE: As I recognize and accept more of my beliefs that limit me, then will I allow myself more and more direct access to this kind of information?


STEVE: What is my intent in this focus?

ELIAS: And I shall express to you, what is your assessment and impression of your intent in this focus?

STEVE: Well, from reading transcripts I expected you to ask me that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

STEVE: (Laughing) So I have thought some about this.

ELIAS: Ah, and in this, you have prepared yourself! Ha ha ha ha!

STEVE: (Laughing) But I guess I still have the belief system of duplicity affecting me, and I havenít allowed myself to know whether Iím even on the right track. But what I thought of was, of creating a sense of community with groups of people, whether itís family or my work, with a sense of fairness and equality, openness, growth. Those seem to be the kind of creations that I draw myself to. I also enjoy teaching, although Iím not a teacher in the formal sense of the word, like being at a school. But it seems to me like those are the sorts of things that might be involved in my intent.

ELIAS: And you are correct, and in this, I may express to you also that your exploration in this individual focus in relation to your intent is to be allowing yourself the recognition not merely of the interconnectedness of individuals within this physical dimension, but an actual exploration of the lack of separation of individuals and of consciousness in its entirety. This translates in your individual focus in a direction of attention which explores the interaction, as you have stated, of community and groups of individuals.

What you are incorporating within this intent moves quite in harmony with the essence families that you have chosen and the recognition of natural expressions, and the identification of the difference of natural expressions and those which are created in automatic response to beliefs which limit individualsí abilities to be accepting and interactive.

STEVE: Since Iíve only seen the essence family names written out, and I know Iíll get this in the transcript, but I thought since there are a few minutes left here, I might take some time to clarify. For my own alignment, is it Ė Iím probably mispronouncing it Ė Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

STEVE: Okay, and so that is also the family for my two children? They are both Sumari?


STEVE: Thatís correct?


STEVE: Okay, I wasnít quite sure what I was hearing, so I appreciate that. That goes through the questions that I had written down, and we still have a little time, and I wasnít sure if there was anything that you think might be helpful to myself and others that you would like to share?

ELIAS: Allow yourself to be familiarizing yourself with what you create in your individual focus, recognizing your movement in your intent, allowing yourself to be paying attention to your automatic responses in many situations and interactions, and allow yourself to be incorporating a time framework in which you may practice paying attention to all of the avenues of communication that you incorporate within your focus.

For these movements, these allowances of your attention and your awareness, may be quite beneficial to you in your movement in familiarity with self, and also your understanding of other individuals, which may be helpful in your expression to yourself of acceptance.

You do create many expressions quite objectively within your focus. Therefore, you provide yourself with many objective examples, that you may view your automatic movements and associations. This may offer you much more of a clarity in the understanding of your own movement, and allow you more of an ease in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Be aware also ... ha ha! I may express to you and to many other individuals that as you continue to move within your linear time framework into this new millennium, you are accelerating tremendously your insertion of this shift in consciousness into your actual reality. Therefore, allow yourself that awareness, and in your terms, your preparedness! Ha ha ha!

For the movement of yourselves [and] the movement of this shift in consciousness is intensifying and accelerating tremendously, and in that acceleration, you also experience more and more unfamiliarity in your interaction with your reality, and this may be confusing at times to you.

Allow yourself to be reminding yourself objectively to relax and listen and pay attention to your own communications, for this shall be the most helpful action that you may incorporate with yourself in relation to the extreme movement of this shift in consciousness as it accelerates. Are you understanding?

STEVE: Yes, and Iím finding that this time is very exciting for me, and Iím finding that itís a lot of fun as well!

ELIAS: And I shall be greatly encouraging to you, my friend, in continuing in that perception of fun and excitement, for indeed you hold much to be excited with and in the incorporation of fun! You are offering yourself great new avenues of freedom and tremendous avenues of exploration, which you may view as quite exciting! (Chuckling)

STEVE: (Laughing) Well, thank you very much, Elias. I have enjoyed this tremendously.

ELIAS: You are greatly welcome, my friend, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and perhaps within physical proximity, and you may experiment in the difference of exchange. Ha ha ha ha!

STEVE: (Laughing) Bye, Elias.

ELIAS: To you in tremendous affection, my friend, au revoir.

STEVE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:22 PM.

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