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Sunday, November 28, 1999

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“Margot’s Strange Experiences”

“Actualizing Norm’s Experiment”

“Creating a Window of Allowance”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Margot (Giselle).

Elias arrives at 1:35 PM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Giselle!

MARGOT: Good morning, Elias! It’s nice to hear your voice! (Elias chuckles) I’ve been having a nice chat with Mary – a beautiful day here! (Elias chuckles softly) Elias? Are you there?


MARGOT: Oh. We had a situation last night with a smoke alarm that we think you had quite a bit to do with. Instead of just driving us out of the house, the alarm was silent when I opened the oven door and the smoke from the steaks rolled out. Is that true? Did you fixed the alarm so it DIDN’T go off?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall express to you that I have not “fixed” your equipment, for it is not broken!

MARGOT: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: But I have been instrumental temporarily in adjusting the equipment to not be intruding upon your evening.

MARGOT: I see! But now you’re saying temporarily. That means that you won’t always do that for us?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! (Chuckling) Are you expecting myself to be your personal repair individual?

MARGOT: Only once a week. You see, I fix steaks once a week, and it’s the smoke from the steaks that makes the alarm go off. So once a week wouldn’t be bad, huh? (You are too funny, Margot!)

ELIAS: Or, you may be discontinuing creating smoke as you are preparing your meal! (Chuckling)

MARGOT: Well, the steaks wouldn’t taste as good!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

MARGOT: Anyway, before I begin with my stuff today, ‘cause I’ve got a whole lot of it, as I always do, I want to ask you about Cile, or Staytel, my friend that I asked you about once before. She would like to know if this is her final focus and if she’s in transition, and if she is, for how long? (Short pause)

ELIAS: Final focus, yes. Experiencing transition, also yes.

MARGOT: And for how long is that?

ELIAS: This would be in occurrence within your physical time framework of four years.

MARGOT: Great! Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARGOT: She is enjoying so much the things that I send her that you say.

Okay. Now, another update here. We talked about the red car episode that I got during the time you were talking to me about my asthma, and I need to give you an update on that talk. It was life-altering, so to speak. I think that probably when you gave me the exercise to get into the now – whenever my chest tightens, to get into the now and relax and acknowledge the creation and the payoff and that sort of thing – I think that that was a magical exercise, as far as I was concerned! Because so many things opened up for me, and these things that opened up happened so fast that I really don’t know anymore what happened first.

But the first thing – that I know was first – is that right from the first time I relaxed my body and my lungs, I realized – I should have realized it long ago – but I realized that I’ve always held my body so tensely. I’ve held my energy so tightly in an effort to control everything around me, I’m sure, and it was just amazing to realize that! And then I just got a flood of insights that I guess haven’t stopped now.

The first insight I got was that I was concentrating WAY too much! I was concentrating on trying too hard to figure out what kind of issue or belief system was behind every little pain I had, and then I was concentrating too hard on watching it ... knowing, after you told me, the issue behind every little pain or all these things that I have, I was watching that too close. I was even making notes, and I decided that had to go! And of course when that went, I relaxed a whole lot more. I realized then that my job is keep myself as comfortable as possible, and kind of let things occur as I work along at them.

And then suddenly, in the series of things that I got, I realized that it really doesn’t matter! I got the FEELING inside me when I said, “It doesn’t matter,” instead of just the concept that I have mouthed and I’ve heard you say over and over again, and that was indeed a miracle – to arrive at the way that feels when you TRULY feel it doesn’t matter!

The most amazing breakthrough I made, right in that length of time, right after you gave me the exercise, is that one afternoon I was reading an early session – it was number 72 – and in that session, you said, “This energy you view to be coming from – so to speak – outside or above, for within your belief systems, you believe non-physical focus to be above you. In actuality, it is WITHIN you.”

Well, I’ve heard you say that, I’ve read how you have said that, and I never could get my essence inside of me. But when I read that that day, suddenly she was inside of me, and has been ever since! For the first day or two, I checked it every five minutes to see if she was still within me, and she was and is! THAT was the crowning thing! That made me feel so good, and I want to thank you for the exercise. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I shall be acknowledging of your movement, for this in actuality is what you may term to be the breakthrough point, and this breakthrough point is the movement into the acceptance of self and how liberating it is!

MARGOT: Thank you. That’s the truth! It was just a magical time for me.

I’ve got some items here today having to do with imagery, things that I’ve wanted to ask you about for some time. I’ve come to understand some of them, but not all of them, and that’s what I’ve got on my list today.

One of them is something we’ve laughed about for a long time. Ever since we rented the place where we have the business that we have – and that was three-and-a-half years ago or so – we’ve felt something in there, and we’ve laughed about it a lot because we would catch things out of the corners of our eyes, you know, and then one day I felt a hand on my back, and it was just a lot of things like that. But there wasn’t ever anything that really made us sit up and say, “Whoa! This is REALLY interesting,” and I got one of those things not very long ago.

I had just posted the sales from the day before onto the computer, and when I do that, I take the receipt from the sale, and then I run a hard copy of what I’ve put into the computer, and then put that in a stack as I go through the sales.

I’d done that this day, and I turned around to wait on a customer, and when I turned back around to my stack of things, the top one was gone. It was still in the computer, of course, which is good, but the hard copy and the receipt were gone, and they’ve never turned up. Right away I blamed this entity that we feel there with us all the time, and then I got to wondering, could that have been something that Patel might do? ‘Cause I haven’t seen or heard of Patel for some time.

ELIAS: I express to you, negative. This is not an action that has been influenced by the essence of Patel.

But I shall express to you that this particular type of action is becoming more frequent in the noticing of not merely yourself but many individuals, for what is occurring is an allowance of yourself to be temporarily removing your concentration from certain physical objects, and in this removal of your concentration upon these objects, you allow for independent choice of the consciousness that comprises those particular objects.

Now; what I am expressing to you is a physical example of the experiment that Stephen initially held thought process of to be initiating, which he has not engaged and completed, within physical terms. But you each, in your fascination with this subject matter and as you allow yourselves to be widening your awareness and moving more fully into the action of this shift, present yourselves with examples of the movement and workings of consciousness, and that it is not limited to particles, but actual objects may be disappearing, in your terms, and shall also reappear.

MARGOT: Wow! Thank you so much for that! You know, some of us have talked a little lately, that Norm’s experiment has been done now by a couple or three other scientists. So you are saying that this is being done by them?

ELIAS: And yourselves!

MARGOT: Well, obviously! That’s really interesting!

ELIAS: Other individuals have also created this same type of movement. Lanyah has also experienced this same action. Lawrence has experienced this same action. Michael has experienced this same action, and many, many other individuals also, for you are allowing yourselves, in your awareness objectively, to begin to view all that you may attribute to within this shift.

MARGOT: So, eventually, you’re saying that I could find the hard copy and the receipt that are missing still, and it would have come back through from another dimension.

ELIAS: Quite, and it shall appear in quite obvious space.

MARGOT: Thank you! I’ll be watchin’ for it! (Elias chuckles)

Okay. For about a year after we moved into the house we’re in now, which makes it some years ago, six or seven years ago, I saw some amazing things whenever I got up in the night – I never sleep through a night – and in each instance, I would have been asleep, and I would be just walking around the house, and I saw, night after night, these amazing things! I thought it was wonderful! It was so exciting! I’m going to give you a couple of examples, and I’d like you to tell me what I was actually seeing.

One night, I got up and left the bedroom. When I went to go back into the bedroom, it was all changed. It wasn’t a bedroom any more. Howard wasn’t asleep in that room any more. It had turned into a small library – that’s the only way that I can describe it. It had bookshelves all along the walls. It was a very nice, comfy looking place. There was even a book on the floor. It was like somebody had left a book on the floor, and it was open, and there was a note pad there and a pencil. It was like whoever had been in this library had just gotten up and left, and was soon gonna be back. I stared at this for minutes and minutes! I was just enthralled! I never have seen it since. What was going on there?

ELIAS: This is in actuality an alteration of your physical reality within this present time framework, allowing an extreme expression of bleed-through of another focus.

MARGOT: Okay, and what focus would that have been? (Short pause)

ELIAS: This is a focus that you hold within the physical location of England within the time framework of your nineteenth century.

MARGOT: And if I were to research that and try to get back into the library, that would be a good place for me to jump to, right?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT: Okay, thank you very much.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Giselle, there are points in which you allow yourselves within physical focus to be relaxing your hold upon your individual identity or attention of focus temporarily, and within those moments, you may allow yourself to move in any different direction parallel to yourself, in a manner of speaking, and allow an actual bleed-through in physical terms of another focus, in which you shall not necessarily project to another focus, but the focus shall come to YOU.

MARGOT: I see, okay. So, it was my library.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT: Okay. Now, I’m not going to ask you about all the animals that I saw. I just had all kinds of animals in the house at night, when I would wake like that and then walk around.

One thing I saw several times was that in the kitchen, there were a bunch of little people, like they were on the counters, and there was just a crowd of them in there. They looked kind of strange. They looked like little clowns sometimes. They were about, oh, eighteen inches to two feet high, and I would just stand in the night and watch them and just think, this is the most wonderful, magical thing that I’ve ever looked at! Who were they? What was going on then?

ELIAS: Now; I shall express to you that these manifestations of creatures and of what you identify as small or little people are both manifestations in different expressions of essences.

Now; in this, what you have allowed yourself to view is quite similar to what small ones view quite frequently, and interact with. In actuality, I have offered an explanation in discussion with a small one recently of this very occurrence.

MARGOT: I think I know about that!

ELIAS: In this, there are essences that are interactive with all of you continuously. There are numbers of essences that are interactive with you. This is what you identify through your belief systems as guides and angels and other manifestations that may be helpful or protective or guiding to you within your physical manifestation.

You attach significance and affection to them, although at times you may also view them with suspicion, and this is dependent upon the involvement of issues of fear that you may be engaging within any time framework. But for the most part, they are viewed in affectionate capacity and with welcoming, as you have yourself.

And as you allow yourself this type of viewing, you also familiarize yourself with the energy of nonphysical essences and elements of consciousness, therefore providing yourself with an objective avenue to be avoiding fearfulness futurely, as you may encounter other expressions of consciousness or interact with essences in nonphysical capacity, so to speak.

MARGOT: Thank you very much for that explanation. I think you’re saying that the creatures, the animals that I saw, were essences as well?

ELIAS: Yes. This is merely a different type of manifestation, a projection, so to speak, of energy that shall not be threatening and that you shall be accepting of and not fearful of.

MARGOT: Okay. I’ve interpreted that year that I spent seeing so many things as being that when I woke up from having been asleep, and dreaming perhaps, that I had loosened my tight hold on my energy, and therefore I saw these things in the middle of the night so many times. Is that so? Am I saying that right?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

Now; this is quite purposeful, for within yourself and other individuals that create similar movement to yourself within individual focuses, some individuals DO hold tightly to their energy field, and this creates limitations and – in a manner of speaking – blocked areas of expression.

And as you allow yourself this time framework of loosening your hold upon your energy and allowing yourself to view these types of manifestations – as amazing as they may appear to you – it also opens a window, so to speak, within your awareness, that you shall be allowing of information that otherwise you would not be allowing.

MARGOT: Okay. I was also going to ask you, why did it stop? If I learned how to do that, why ... I’ve had a similar episode recently, but that was the first thing in a long, long time, and I really miss that! If I opened a window, why isn’t it open now?

ELIAS: It is, and this is the point!

What I am expressing to you is that within yourself – and many other individuals – you create an allowance for certain amazing experiences in extreme that shall attain your attention and that may be unexplainable to you, but that you do not doubt, and in this lack of doubt and this knowing within you that what you have experienced is reality, you create a window to be allowing yourself to assimilate more information.

Without this type of experience, which shall jostle you within your focus and allow you to create this type of window, you would not create an allowance for openness for the information that you assimilate now.

MARGOT: I see. Okay, so the window is still open.

ELIAS: Quite!

MARGOT: Oh, that’s nice! I like that!

I was saying just a minute ago that I had seen something else lately. It was in the last month or so. I was sitting here in the night – once again in the night! – and looking through the window out into blackness almost, because it was a dark night; there wasn’t a moon. There are two very tall pine trees behind the house across from us, and suddenly, in the space between those two trees – where I would normally ... like right now I’m seeing the sky – in the blackness, there appeared a beam. It was not a beam of light. It was like a light beam; it seemed to have its own light. From my viewpoint, it was like the width of a pencil. It wasn’t like a flagpole, in that it was squarish, very slender, though, and I watched it off and on for an hour or more, and then it was gone. There isn’t anything in the trees beyond that that could have done that, could suddenly have been there that’s not there. What was I looking at then?

ELIAS: This is the same type of expression.

Now; let me also explain to you that you allow this type of action – or you allow yourself to view this type of action now – merely within time points in which you begin the feeling that you are requiring a reinforcement and a validation of your direction that you are proceeding within.

Therefore, what I am expressing is, within any time point that you may be experiencing subjectively the feeling, so to speak, that you are losing your footing within your movement – in conjunction with all of this information and in conjunction with this shift in consciousness – and you are moving into the position of doubtfulness or closure once again within your energy, you also create the opening of this window once again, in the direction of this type of manifestation.

It is not that you are manifesting these creations, but you are allowing yourself to participate with them in viewing them, and this allows you a reinforcement of reality, once again.

Now; I shall also express to you, that you may hold an understanding as you may be creating this type of allowance futurely again: Within that moment that you may be experiencing a similar type of viewing or interaction, you may recognize that prior to that allowance, what has been created is a tremendous surge of movement within a brief time framework, and subsequent to that tremendous surge of movement within yourself, there is also a hesitation and a stopping momentarily of your movement, almost in a startled state, so to speak.

You have viewed yourself to be creating a tremendous movement within your focus – you have created a great allowance into an area of acceptance of self – and subsequent to the realization objectively of this movement, there is an “energy gasp.”


ELIAS: And in this momentary gasp of energy, in disbelief of what you have created, you are, within energy, figuratively speaking, holding your breath.

MARGOT: I see! I understand that. Now then, the beam of light or the light beam that I saw, was I projecting the energy for that, or was that essence again?

ELIAS: This is a projection of another essence, which it matters not which essence is responsible for this action. The point is that you have allowed yourself to participate by viewing the manifestation.

MARGOT: Was that other essence you?




MARGOT: No. Oh okay! Alright! (Laughing) I don’t know the names of a whole lot of other essences, so I can’t ask about them!

ELIAS: It matters not, for the element that holds importance is that you allow yourself to be participating by viewing the manifestation, and this creates a reinforcement in the area of your individual knowing. For each time you allow yourself to view any of these manifestations physically – that is beyond your physical explanation to yourself but is within the realm of your knowing of reality – you reinforce yourself once again and allow the continuation of the openness of the window, and therefore you do not hold so very tightly to your energy.

MARGOT: Thank you. That makes that very clear.

I want to also ask today about some imagery that I saw in what I’ve always thought was an OOB. This was several years ago, but it became a very meaningful experience for me, except that I just really didn’t know what I had seen or what I’d been told.

In this, I was flying over the earth very fast, and it was night, and I flew and flew, and then suddenly I saw light coming out of what I perceived to be a canyon, and the canyon was very dark, very black, and the light ... it was almost like I saw something you might see in a cartoon in a Sunday newspaper, because the canyon was very black, and the light that came out of this gap between the canyon walls was yellow light. It was very bright.

So, I decided to fly down there and see what this was, and I flew like in Star Wars. I flew between the canyon walls through this light, and it was really nice and neat and fun. But then the canyon kind of came to an end, and there was a door, and so I decided to go through the door, and I opened it and went into just kind of a misty nothingness.

And then before my eyes, there were like prayer flags. There were pictures, large pictures, like hung on a clothesline, or hung like you would hang prayer flags. I didn’t pay really close attention to each scene I saw on the pictures, but there seemed to be somebody – as there often is for me – just behind my right shoulder. I never quite know who this is that explains to me what I’m looking at.

I got this message that these things that I was seeing in front of me were parallel realities, and that I had become “actualized” – a term I’d never heard before – and that’s why I was seeing these things.

Well, for the next year or two, I asked everybody I knew, that I thought would know anything, about what “actualized” might mean. Nobody really had a good answer for me, and I just got what somebody guessed it could have been. Can you tell me what that was about?

ELIAS: Yes. This is quite simple, in actuality. What you have presented to yourself is an interaction of essence. This is your communication to yourself in an offering of information which concerns probable realities.

In this, the term of “actualizing” is quite accurate, and in this, what you have expressed to yourself is the explanation that you have created many different probable realities – which to an extent parallel this reality that you participate within – and you are, in actuality, actualized or manifest in each of these realities. There is an occupation of a probable you, which is an actual you, in each of these different realities.

Now; in this, each of those you’s, being a probable you, is also its own self. It is a manifestation of you. It is an element of you as essence. But it also holds the ability to be creating its own choices.

This is an offering that you have allowed yourself, that you may view the multi-dimensionality of yourself – that you possess much more in dimensional quality, merely AS yourself, than you realize.

Dimensions are not limited to merely areas of consciousness. You yourself possess many different dimensions, and in this, all of your probable realities and your expressions of probable selves are in actuality different dimensions of yourself.

MARGOT: I see. Okay. Yeah, I understand that. Who is the faceless voice, so to speak, that I feel in back of my right shoulder at these times?

ELIAS: This is you.

MARGOT: This is me. I kind of thought that was the case. Thank you very much! That makes a lot of sense to me. I’m glad to finally know what that was about.

I have a dream that I’d like to ask you about. It was a very out-of-the-ordinary dream for me because I was in China. If I dream that I’m someplace other than in the United States, it’s usually England or France or someplace like that. Anyway, this was in China, and I was traveling with a group. We were moving; it was very clear to me that we were going from the northern border of China directly south.

We were on a bus in the first part of the dream. Then we got to a hotel for the night. But then things began getting very confusing. I got into my room, and my room had very blue walls, which I would think you might have had something to do with ‘cause these were just bright blue walls. I couldn’t find where the rest room for this room was, where the bathroom was. I could hear water coming from the room next door – I could hear the sound of water – but I had no connecting door. And then I did find, on the other wall to my left, I found a bathroom there, and then I had a door.

And then the next thing that happened was that I went to decide what I was going to wear the next day, and I realized that on the entire trip, I hadn’t brought a suitcase, I hadn’t brought any clothes, and that upset me. And then there seemed to be a situation with food, and how we were going to eat and where we were going to eat, and it didn’t seem to get solved.

I couldn’t figure out ... in the dream, I was trying to figure out what town I was in, although I had seemed to have known that very well, and I kept thinking Beijing, but I knew I wasn’t in Beijing, and as I woke up, I was still in this very confused state.

The thought occurred to me that it might have been a focus of mine – I’m going to ask you a little more about that after a while – and then I thought it might have been a metaphor for death, because you had talked about how death or disengagement is like going to another country. Can you shed any light on this for me?

ELIAS: This is not the expression or bleed-through of another focus.


ELIAS: What you have presented to yourself in this is the imagery concerning familiarity and the lack of familiarity, and you are correct in part – this also is expressed in symbology of the subject of what you term to be death, in that you have offered yourself the expression of imagery of how you search temporarily for those elements that appear to you objectively to be necessities and to be familiarities, and recognizable.

In this, you look to certain elements of the imagery as you are searching for or creating difficulty in obtaining those elements that you identify as necessities of life, so to speak – your lodging, your sustenance; also your conveniences, in your water closet.


ELIAS: And you also hold importance in the identification of your location, for this allows you a sense of bearing, so to speak. But although you recognize within the dream imagery that the location is known to you, its identification also escapes you.


ELIAS: This is the symbology that you offer to yourself in movement into this unfamiliar country – that you move into this area of consciousness subsequent to disengagement of physical focus or what you term to be death, and your physical objective imagery continues, but it is not entirely familiar.

There are what appear to be differences, and certain elements within that reality which previously appeared to be necessary do not appear to be quite as necessary, although you magnate in the direction of wishing them to BE necessary.

MARGOT: I see. I understand that completely. Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARGOT: I’m watching the time. I know we’re not gonna get all the way through what I’d like to ask you about, but I’m going to start.

One time in a session not too long ago, you were helping me count up the focuses I have in this present time framework, and there was one that I hadn’t identified.

Shortly after that time, it occurred to me, really quite strongly, that the focus is female and she is a traveler of the world. She’s probably about my age right now. Is this so? (Short pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT: Oh, good. Then ... I heard her speak! This occurred to me when I heard this lady speak. Thank you! That’s very good. I think she just wrote a book too. Is that so?

ELIAS: It is not in completion.

MARGOT: Okay, alright. Now, some of the other ones we’ve identified, and I want to ask about those.

We had talked before a bit about my focus whose name was Rose, and who I always referred to as my Aunt Rose because she was my mom’s best friend, and then my granddaughter Jennifer. I’d like to know a little bit more about them, because I tend to feel that this is a chapter focus sort of thing. I haven’t talked to you yet about the focus in another time framework, who I believe was Erastus Snow in the 1800s or so. I think he died about that time.

I feel that he was the first chapter, so to speak, and Rose was the next, and I was the next, and Jennifer is the next. Is that so?

ELIAS: Let me offer to you partially an explanation of these chapter focuses, for your identification in what you are expressing in conjunction with these chapter focuses is slightly askewed.

MARGOT: I’ve been askew before!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

In this, chapter focuses, generally speaking, span what you would term to be large time frameworks, and in this, they are manifest with groups of individuals that....

MARGOT: Who are the same groups.

ELIAS: You are correct. And in these groups of individuals, the purpose of these chapter focuses is to be creating of a type of exploration and movement within a particular intent that follows through all of the chapter focuses. Therefore, one focus is, in a manner of speaking, a continuation of another focus.

In this, I have designated them in identification as chapter focuses, for within a book or a story, one chapter follows another chapter and creates the entirety of the story, so to speak. But individually, they are incomplete in conjunction with the story.

Therefore, in the manifestation of these groups of focuses within different time frameworks, the movement that they create in each of the focuses proceeds in a type of theme and is creating of a particular direction.

Therefore, I may express to you that within the example of the chapter focuses that involve the particular focus of our French Revolution, we may view a prior – in linear terms – focus or time framework to that time framework, which created a movement that – in a manner of speaking – sets the stage for this time framework and activity within this French Revolution.

The prior time framework is manifest within the British Isles, and in that focus, the individuals that participate in that chapter focus prepare themselves for revolutionary movement within the creation of very strong objective physical bonds to each other.

There is no creation of revolutionary action. Their lifestyles, so to speak, within that particular focus are what you would term to be quiet, and hold little in the expression of trauma or extreme drama, so to speak. But it is a time framework that establishes strong physical objective recognitions and connections, in a manner of speaking, which carry over into the next chapter focus, which facilitates the action of ease in movement into the re-establishment of physical objective relationships, and therefore the participation in the actions which are chosen in revolutionary manner, which allows for the acceptance of each other within the roles played, so to speak, in that focus, which moves into THIS focus in creating the preparation for the action of the true revolution.

MARGOT: Right. I understand that. Thank you so much! I’m really clear on that now. Our time is just about up.

I’ve got one other sort of related thing that I want to ask you about, and then the next time we meet, in the next millennium ...

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

MARGOT: ... I’ll go on with some of the things we’ve been talking about today.

There was a woman killed in the fifties, and this became quite a big crime that was well-known, and it comes up from time to time, and her name was Marilyn Shepherd. That really never meant too much to me – except I’ve been interested in the case – except that in the latest movement in the news about this thing, I saw her picture for the first time, and it looked so much like me, I just cried out loud! Was she a focus of mine? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. But I shall express to you that this is a manifestation of an essence which has participated in intimate mergence with your essence many times, and has manifest focuses of attention within this physical dimension in several similar types of manifestations to your essence.

MARGOT: Wow! Well, there was something there! I just found that so hard to believe, and I did want to ask you about that. I think the time is up. I’ll let you go, but I hate to quit talking! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I shall offer another element of information in conjunction with your last question.

In this, the reason that you have experienced this affectingness is that you have also allowed yourself the recognition of tone. Be remembering, as I say, this other essence has been interactive and has created an action of mergence with your essence many, many times. Therefore, there is a familiarity in the tone of that essence that is easily recognizable to you.

Futurely, we shall continue discussion of that essence in conjunction with yourself, for you may recognize in objective terms the focuses of that essence almost as easily as you may recognize the focuses of your own essence at times, for you hold such a great familiarity with the tone of that essence. This is an occurrence that is not so very uncommon within physical focus in this dimension, but one of which we have not spoken previously of.

MARGOT: That’s true, because I’ve been aware of this sort of thing, and I know you haven’t spoken of it, so I’ll look forward to that. Could I get you to tell me the essence name of this individual?

ELIAS: The essence name, Joya; J-O-Y-A.

MARGOT: Okay, great! Thank you so much, Elias, once again!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, Giselle. I express to you great affection, and anticipate our next meeting and our discussion. To you this day, in lovingness, au revoir.

MARGOT: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:42 PM.

Vic’s note: Throughout most of this session, Elias’ left hand was in constant motion as he was speaking, moving in rhythm to the rhythm of his speech, almost as if he were conducting himself in an orchestra. I’ve never seen this before, and it sure made me laugh a few times!

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