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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

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ďViewing into the Source of YourselfĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Neal (Vasage).

Elias arrives at 12:47 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NEAL: Good morning, Elias! Itís good to speak with you again.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And what shall we be discussing this morning?

NEAL: I would like to discuss this movement that Iím trying to accomplish, in my way of expressing it, allowing more and seeing through the eyes of source and seeing with compassion, not only the person but also their eternalness. Iím doing a retreat for ten days, coming up in about a week, and thatís going to be the focus of the retreat. Iíd like to hear your understanding of that.

ELIAS: And how shall you be directing in this retreat?

NEAL: Iím not sure of the question, but my answer would be itís a retreat in solitude. Iíll do meditation and Iíll do clearing or accepting of the fear that is associated with that kind of surrender to source.

ELIAS: Hmm. Therefore you shall be engaging other individuals, correct?

NEAL: Iíll be doing this alone. Iíll be alone and in silence for ten days. Iíll be engaging individuals not so much physically as I will emotionally and spiritually.

ELIAS: Very well. And your objective is?

NEAL: A beginning of that consciousness that allows me to see through the eyes of compassion. It allows me to know what to offer them in that moment, even if itís simple gentle kindness.

ELIAS: Very well. In this solitude, focusing your attention upon yourself and your understanding, you may open a window, so to speak, to allow yourself to experience into other individuals and offer yourself greater understanding, not merely of them but of yourself, also. For in this process, you may be noticing how you translate the experiences of other individuals.

Your objective is to be, as you have stated, viewing into the source of yourself and of other individuals. In this, what you offer to yourself is information in how you as an individual translate the experience, or that which you term to be the source, of other individuals, and this offers you more information in relation to your source. Are you understanding?

NEAL: Yes, I am. (Pause) Could you offer me some insight into the personal beliefs I have that limit that flow of energy within me, within my perception?

ELIAS: Remember, beliefs and perception are different. Beliefs influence your perception, but perception is what generates your reality. In this, it is a matter of how you direct your attention in association with beliefs that influence or alter your perception.

Now; in relation to this subject matter of the activity that you are planning on engaging, it is not necessarily a situation of beliefs that may be limiting or hindering your action that you shall be attempting to engage. It is actually recognizing the action of your translation as you proceed within your action and therefore allowing yourself to recognize what beliefs influence your translations, which thusly influence your perception.

In this, as you pay attention to yourself and to how you are translating information, you shall allow yourself to recognize not merely what beliefs are being expressed but also that you incorporate the freedom to choose to be expressing them or not, which is significant.

It is not a situation in which you or any individual shall be NOT expressing beliefs, for all that you engage within your physical reality filters through influences of beliefs. But what you objectively are forgetful of is that you incorporate ALL of the beliefs within all of the belief systems, and therefore you also incorporate tremendous diversity in choice. Merely acknowledging that you do express any particular belief offers you the freedom to redirect your attention and choose ANY belief that may serve you, so to speak, in an expression of clarity. Allowing yourself the awareness is most significant.

Therefore in this situation, with you individually, I would not express to you that there are certain beliefs that may be limiting or hindering of your objective, for this is not the situation that you are moving in. You are not expressing beliefs in a manner in which they are being a hindrance presently. Therefore in this situation, realize that your objective is not necessarily to be addressing to beliefs, but rather to be paying attention to your translations, which therefore affect your perception. In allowing yourself an openness to yourself and genuinely paying attention to YOU in this process Ė as you simultaneously are paying attention to what you allow yourself to tap into in relation to other individuals Ė you shall offer yourself a tremendous volume of information, and this may be your avenue into a genuine expression of appreciation of self.

NEAL: Mmm. I like that. (Elias laughs) I like that! Iíve shared a lot with a lot of people that circle of love that we discussed in one of our prior conversations, of appreciation and knowing and love and acceptance. That has helped not only me but a lot of people.

ELIAS: I am understanding. In your terms, my friend, you have generated an interesting path, so to speak! (Chuckles)

NEAL: Itís been fun... Well, most of the time.

ELIAS: Which offers you a tremendous expression of freedom, does it not?

NEAL: I have one of the most incredibly free lives that I can imagine.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And this is the point!

NEAL: It is, isnít it? Itís exciting, itís fun.

Iím creating symptomology within my body that Iíd like to address as well. In moving to incorporate finer vibratory energies within my physical body, Iím finding that I intermittently experience acute physical pain within the stomach and lower abdominal regions. Iíd like to gain some insight into that for myself, if we could do that.

ELIAS: Very well. And you notice this painfulness in association with moments in which you are incorporating what specific action?

NEAL: I havenít linked it to a specific action.


NEAL: Itís intermittent. At times I would wake up in the middle of the night with this physical discomfort and Iíd work with acceptance and surrender into that. In my understanding, that symptomology is soul not being allowed.

ELIAS: I am understanding. In your understanding of this, respond to what you have stated. What is not being allowed? What is being denied?

It may be significant that you allow yourself to pay attention and notice what you are actually engaging in the time frameworks surrounding this expression of pain, for you are correct in your interpretation of it. You are generating this painfulness in the physical area of your body which is associated with your yellow energy center. This particular energy center also is the avenue for your most active communication, which is emotion.

Therefore, in allowing yourself to pay attention and notice what you are generating in the surrounding time framework that you are experiencing this painfulness, you may also discover that what is being denied is listening to emotional communications that you are offering to yourself. To gain your attention, you generate a physical manifestation of painfulness in the physical body area which is associated with that avenue of communication. Which is significant in your movement individually, my friend, for as you are aware, emotion is a subjective communication which is offered to the objective awareness. If you are not hearing the signal...

NEAL: The message gets louder.

ELIAS: generate a different type of signal that you shall pay attention to. If you are not recognizing the signal that is generally associated with any particular emotional communication, you shall generate a physical manifestation. The physical body is directed by the subjective awareness. Therefore, if the subjective awareness is generating a communication and the signal is not being received, it shall generate a different type of signal through the physical body consciousness.

NEAL: Can you offer me clarity about what this emotional message is? I seem to be blind to it. I would look at the yellow center as a point of balance within the body of the sacred and the mundane.

ELIAS: Interesting and accurate description.

What I am expressing to you is not as narrow or as black and white as one particular message. In a manner of speaking, it is one message but more generally expressed. It is not concerning one particular emotional communication or emotional signal, but rather generating a signal to yourself through this physical area to express the message to you to be more comprehensively aware of this particular avenue of communication in itself, not necessarily concerning one particular expression or another. Are you understanding?

NEAL: I am, I am. Thank you for broadening that.

ELIAS: For in this, be remembering, you offer yourself emotional communications not merely in association with what you may be denying yourself but also in acknowledgment of yourself and validation. Therefore, in your terms, not all of your emotional expressions and communications are negative.

NEAL: True. That brings good balance back to that center, as it should be.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, you may move your attention to that particular energy center in moments of experiencing that painfulness, and rather than directing your attention to the actual pain, move your attention to the energy center and manipulate your energy in a manner which aligns that energy center more in harmony with the other energy centers. This may also be alleviating of the physical manifestation.

NEAL: Thank you. This is like my Christmas gift to myself. (Elias chuckles) Iíve been talking with Mary, and I understand whatís going on with her. So Iím going to cut it a little short here and just ask if thereís anything that you would like to offer before we say goodbye.

ELIAS: Tremendous encouragement. I offer to you my supportiveness in your movement and an energy of encouragement to you. I am acknowledging of the tremendous expression of alteration of your perception in this time framework since our previous meeting. You have generated significant strides, have you not?

NEAL: I have. (Elias chuckles) A lot of things have changed.

ELIAS: I am quite acknowledging of your incorporation of calm and your own acknowledgment of yourself in allowing yourself a much greater freedom in expressing your preferences, which is greatly significant. I may be expressing to you an acknowledgment, my friend. I am aware of the challenge that you have presented to yourself previously in attempting to move into this position. You have accomplished quite well have you not?

NEAL: I have. Thank you and I gratefully accept your encouragement.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I shall also express to you an encouragement that you allow yourself playfulness in your retreat.

NEAL: I will.

ELIAS: This is significant, for it may be easily expressed in tremendous seriousness but this generates more of a thickness and more of a challenge in what you wish to be accomplishing. Therefore, be remembering to be incorporating playfulness in your energy in your quest, so to speak. (Laughs)

NEAL: (Chuckles) I will.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend!

NEAL: Enjoy the energies of the season!

ELIAS: I shall! (Laughs) And I shall express the same to you.

NEAL: Thank you, my friend. I look forward to our next talk.

ELIAS: And so shall I. To you in friendship and great affection, au revoir.

NEAL: Thank you, Elias.

Elias departs at 1:19 PM.

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