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Sunday, November 17, 2002

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ďMoving Your Attention from the Manifestation to the MessageĒ

ďCreating My Team Winning/Finding a Soul Mate: Concentrate on YouĒ


Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus).

Elias arrives at 12:38 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

PAUL: Outstanding, but improving!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well! And how shall we proceed?

PAUL: Well, Elias, Iíd like to ask, what is my entity name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Paneus, P-A-N-E-U-S (PAHN ee us).

PAUL: Wow, thatís unusual! (Elias laughs) Is there a personal sound or frequency thatís associated with my greater entity?

ELIAS: As in association with a musical note?

PAUL: Yes.

ELIAS: E-flat.

PAUL: Somebody told me that before. I probably would have leaned toward F-sharp, but thatís just because Iíve heard it so much in association with the construction of the pyramids.


PAUL: Can I ask you a health question?

ELIAS: You may.

PAUL: Iíve got a couple things that sort of annoy me; itís probably related to tension. I have stomach tightening and acid reflux, as well as sometimes difficulty, when Iím under a lot of stress, enunciating clearly because my jaw tends to tighten up, I think. Iíve been bothered by those when I was at corporate in the past ó not as much now ó but they still come into play in my body consciousness. I wanted to know if I should do something to balance that out or understand my body consciousness better.

ELIAS: Pay attention in the moment in which you are generating these types of manifestations and allow yourself the objective recognition of the tension that you are holding within your physical body consciousness.

Now; you may intentionally move energy, and allow yourself to relax and focus your attention upon your physical muscles and also some bones and direct them intentionally to be relaxing, and physically incorporate that action of relaxation. As you practice with this action, you may be much more affecting of this type of manifestation.

Also, as you allow yourself to practice being aware of the tension that you are generating and intentionally relaxing your physical body energy, this shall allow you more of an ease in also recognizing what you generate as triggers in automatic responses that are influencing of this type of manifestation. For many times it may be more difficult for individuals to be addressing to the source or the trigger which is generating this type of manifestation if they continue to be incorporating the manifestation itself, for your attention automatically moves to the manifestation, for you experience discomfort. As your attention moves to the area of discomfort, you continue to generate it and perpetuate this experience of tightness, so to speak.

Whereas, if you are moving your attention and incorporating actions that distract your attention from the perpetuation of the manifestation, you allow your physical body consciousness to discontinue the manifestation. This offers you more mobility in association with your attention in which you may thusly move your attention to self and evaluate what influences these automatic responses within you, and allow yourself also to move your attention to your communications. It is at times difficult to listen to your inner communications if your attention is focused upon a physical manifestation or affectingness.

PAUL: Yes, I agree. So Iím correct in thinking that I can change my beliefs, and that itís okay to occasionally eat an unhealthy meal and smoke occasionally as that will not be the key element causing my acid reflux.

ELIAS: Correct. Although I shall clarify: it is not a matter of changing your beliefs. In this, you, as well as every other individual within your physical reality, incorporate all of the beliefs associated with your physical dimension. Therefore, it is not a matter of changing your beliefs, but moving your attention and accepting the beliefs that you are expressing, and recognizing that you incorporate choice and may be expressing different beliefs.

PAUL: I definitely agree with that. I was just wondering if the stomach tightening and the acid reflux and the jaw tightening were a message from my body consciousness that I was not hearing.

ELIAS: Partially. Not necessarily not hearing, but not listening to your communications that you are expressing to yourself.

PAUL: What was that communication?

ELIAS: It is not one singular communication. It is more general, in a manner of speaking, that you are not paying attention to the emotional communications that you are expressing to yourself in certain moments. Which, in not listening to your communications that you offer to yourself, you also do not recognize some of your choices, and therefore you immobilize yourself in certain capacities in certain situations.

This is reflected within your physical manifestation in association with body consciousness in this extreme tension incorporated in certain areas. This tension is incorporated to be expressing certain types of actions that you pay attention to, but you are continuing to pay attention to the manifestation, which is a signal, and not necessarily what you are communicating to yourself. You may evaluate what your communication is in moving your attention to yourself and what you are actually engaging in these moments, what you are DOING, so to speak, and therefore also what is influencing of your incorporation of a trigger to manifest these types of physical affectingnesses.

But as I have stated, this shall be accomplished much more easily once you allow yourself to incorporate a relaxation, and therefore your attention is not concentrated upon the physical manifestation. You interrupt the concentration upon the physical manifestation, which allows you to relax and allows you to move your attention more easily, and therefore allows you the opportunity to generate that type of evaluation within self.

PAUL: I have to ponder how best to do this, because Iíve tried a little bit in the past, trying to just relax and say, ďWhy am I getting this sudden action,Ē if you will.

ELIAS: No! Let me express to you, this is an automatic response and does not offer you an answer. Therefore I may express to you, in these moments move your attention to an action of intentional relaxation. Do not express the question to yourself ďwhy are you generating this action?Ē Do not express to yourself ďwhy?Ē For this question is a very familiar question and also in actuality enhances the trigger.

PAUL: Oh! I would never have guessed that! Iíll just focus on relaxation.

ELIAS: Correct. Focus your attention in a manner in which you begin to relax your energy.

Now; as an example, if you are incorporating this affectingness associated with your esophagus, do not move your attention immediately to that physical area. Rather, move your attention to another area of your physical body and explore where you are holding tension in energy in other areas of your physical body, and begin to incorporate relaxing those muscles that you physically feel a tension within.

The purpose of this type of action is to divert your attention and interrupt its concentration upon the physical area which is most strongly being affected. For as you continue to hold your attention upon that area of uncomfortableness, you continue to perpetuate the manifestation.

PAUL: Iíll have to digest that one. (Laughs with Elias)

Tell me ó this is one about some past focuses ó can you tell me about maybe a couple of my past focuses that had the most influence on my greater self and maybe how best I can work with them or contact them?

ELIAS: First of all, I may express to you, no focus has any more or less influence in association with essence. They are all expressions of attention which are manifest to be offering yourself as essence different avenues of exploration of yourself within a particular area of consciousness or physical dimension.

Now; in this, all of the focuses of attention are significant and they are all influencing. They are all influencing of each other, but you also configure that energy in manners which are beneficial or what you may term to be constructive to your movement in this focus, as does each other focus incorporate the same action. Whatever your choice of your movement is in this particular focus, you incorporate the influence and the energy of all of your other focuses, and you...

PAUL: I thought I could ask you some thoughts I had about past focuses. Was I a shaman during the age of the conquistadors? (Pause)


PAUL: Cool. Too bad I canít investigate that one!

ELIAS: Ah, but you may!

PAUL: Like through meditation?

ELIAS: Or visualization or dream activity, or you may incorporate a relaxation and allow yourself to be drifting. Therefore do not discount the images that you present to yourself or the impressions that you present yourself, for this is an allowance of an avenue of communication. This offers you information concerning where you are directing your attention, be it with association of other focuses specifically or generally allowing yourself to discover new focuses, so to speak.

PAUL: Can I ask you one more?

ELIAS: You may.

PAUL: Was I a German pilot either during World War I or World War II? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes ó first World War.

PAUL: Did I fly an Albatross? (Pause)


PAUL: Cool! I have a picture of an Albatross and some pilots standing by it in my room. By wild coincidence, would one of those be me? (Pause)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! There are no coincidences, my friend! And there are no accidents. Yes, you are correct.

PAUL: Now Iíve got to figure out which one of the three. Well, thatís going to be tough.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! These types of investigations are not as difficult as you perceive them to be presently. It is merely a matter of allowing yourself to pay attention to your impressions and to trust yourself.

PAUL: Cool! (Elias laughs) Was my daughter in a past focus with me, and what type of role was she in?

ELIAS: Yes, several, in several different types of relationships. You incorporate one relationship with this individual in reverse roles of your present choice, reversing roles of parent and child. You also incorporate a relationship with this individual in friendship, in siblings, in cousins, and one of what you term to be in-laws that incorporate a strong friendship.

PAUL: Cool. How about my ex-wife, the same situation ó a lot of different relationships?

ELIAS: Yes. Some incorporating challenge and conflict, and some incorporating friendship and also intimacy.

PAUL: Hereís a good one. This is the science side of me coming through. How best can I incorporate simultaneous time into my life?

ELIAS: By relaxing your attention, which may be much more challenging. For this action requires addressing to the belief of separation and allowing yourself to practice and become accomplished at expressing a tremendous flexibility of attention. In allowing yourself to accomplish this flexibility of attention, you allow your attention to relax, and therefore you blur the expressions of separation and allow yourself to experience other aspects of yourself, which are being expressed and occurring simultaneously.

You may incorporate this action in association with other focuses, if you are so choosing to practice, and as you allow yourself more and more of a flexibility of your attention, you may begin moving your attention in several directions simultaneously and focusing your attention equally in several different directions. This is a familiar but unfamiliar action.

PAUL: So I could contact maybe my shaman essence, and see if he ó or she ó wanted to try this little experiment. Whatís his name?

ELIAS: I shall allow YOU to investigate this, my friend!

PAUL: (Laughs) I figured Iíd get a few of those responses from you. Iíll work on that one.

Elias, how best can I enhance my choice to increase abundance in my life without a return to the corporate work world? I am basically trying to go down three paths right now ó teaching, writing and doing some consulting-type work. Iím trying to decide which one is going to be the most rewarding.

ELIAS: Experiment! Allow yourself to incorporate all of these experiences and listen to yourself in which avenue you incorporate a preference. In this, also, be aware of your expression of creativity, for in actuality you may incorporate more than one direction at the same time.

PAUL: By teaching and writing.

ELIAS: And also consulting!

PAUL: Ah. Teaching and writing would probably pop out as the most exciting to me. Iím just trying to get confident to the point where I could bring in abundance with those two.

ELIAS: In this, trust your choices and trust your ability, and do not force your energy. In that action, be remembering within your creativity to be generating fun in association with your preferences. This shall be beneficial to you in your allowance of yourself to generate what you want to be generating ó finances ó in association with your preferences.

PAUL: So I donít have to work like an ant ó I can work like a grasshopper?

ELIAS: Correct! Ha ha ha ha!

PAUL: I feel like I should be working much harder at my writing in my free time than I am, and that sort of worries me.

ELIAS: Listen to your terms, what have you expressed to myself: ďI should be working much harder.Ē What I am expressing to you is, the manner in which you generate much more efficiently is to be recognizing your creativity and allowing yourself to express that in ease and pleasure, rather than perceiving the action to be work and difficult.

PAUL: Yes, thatís what I want to do.

ELIAS: For these types of perceptions are quite influencing, my friend, of what you actually generate. In association with what we have been discussing in relation to your physical manifestations, this type of perception is quite influencing of the perpetuation of those physical manifestations.

This is what I am expressing to you, in allowing yourself to examine what you are actually doing. What are you projecting in your perception that triggers certain physical manifestations? For how you perceive, or how you engage your perception and what you allow to influence your perception, influences what you actually physically generate in your physical reality. As you alter your perception, you also quite physically and solidly alter your physical manifestations, your physical reality.

PAUL: Good thing I get a tape on this. Iíll have to listen to some of this again, let me tell you! (Elias laughs)

Can I ask you a couple of dream symbols Iíve had that have recurred?

ELIAS: You may.

PAUL: One, Iíve had several recurring dream themes where Iím finding an endless cornucopia of coins in a change slot or something like a change slot in a machine. Could you tell me what that means?

ELIAS: And what is your impression, first of all?

PAUL: That Iím going to, I donít want to say stumble, but find an abundance in a way that I didnít anticipate.

ELIAS: I may express to you that your definition is correct.

Now; I may also express to you that the manner in which you are associating with that is limited, for you may be generating this abundance in manners in which you do not anticipate and which are not familiar to you. But this is not necessarily to say that the manner in which it shall be generated shall be in a familiar association of acquiring an abundance from a particular source, so to speak, but rather that you are moving in a direction of following a desire to be familiarizing yourself with self more clearly, and therefore allowing yourself to genuinely and clearly incorporate an understanding of your abilities to actually generate or create, rather than the association of acquiring.

PAUL: I understand ó I think I understand. The other symbol Iíve had is a deer symbol that entered both my dream reality and waking reality. In fact, I actually hit a deer this past spring. Iím not sure if I killed it or anything like that. But then the deer symbol in my dreams and my waking reality pretty much ended until I bumped into one at the forest preserve this week. What are those deer symbols? Are they my totem and itís trying to tell me something?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: It is like a spirit guide, I guess, and itís trying to coax me farther down the path of understanding the nature of reality. It backed away from being in my dreams, my waking life, because I was on that path and making some progress.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, your impression is correct, although you generate this symbol, so to speak, or this imagery as a symbol of your own communications ó in a manner of speaking, colliding with yourself. The imagery of the deer is symbolic, so to speak, of the quietness but the tremendous presence of yourself in your communications, the strength of your communications but the quietness of them also, and that this requires your attention to be listening.

PAUL: Got it. If it backed out of my life for several months, four or five months, and suddenly it was in my life as I passed, jogging on the path ó it was a male and female deer ó was that trying to communicate a different message than what you just said, or one and the same?

ELIAS: The same.

Now; this is not to say, my friend, that you may generate this type of imagery in association with not listening to yourself. The imagery is the same. It concerns confronting, so to speak, yourself with you.

PAUL: Oh, so when I confronted that male deer with the female deer in camouflage, I was sort of acting out a confronting of myself.


PAUL: I can understand that one.

Hereís one about my writing, and Iím really excited about this. Iíve written a few books, and a third one about a shaman and the conquistadors thatís not quite half-way. Iím trying to think how to say this. Will my books get published, will they bring me great abundance, and will my first one be developed into a movie?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This is your choice.

PAUL: Ah! It is my choice!

ELIAS: YOU create your reality, my friend! Therefore, it is dependent upon what you choose and what you want and whether you allow yourself to generate what you want in actual physical manifestation. You incorporate the ability to generate this type of expression quite easily. It is merely a question of whether you choose and allow yourself to generate that type of action, and whether you are incorporating the trust of yourself and your ability to create this type of manifestation, or whether you are expressing doubt and associating that other individuals incorporate the ability to create some of your reality, which they do not.

PAUL: Thatís a good question. I tried real hard yesterday... Essentially Iíll lead up to another question about choice and creating your own reality. I was doing my best yesterday during watching the football game, and my team was the big underdog to the number two team in the country. I was allowing and expecting them to win, and I was trying to focus in on myself to allow that result to happen. Granted it was exciting, it went to overtime, but they still lost. What could I have done differently to have manifested that result that I wanted? (Pause)

ELIAS: Recognizing that you actually create your reality and recognizing that your reality is generated through your perception, and your perception is influenced by your beliefs and how you associate with those beliefs.

First of all, allowing yourself the recognition that you do not believe yet that you actually do create all of your reality ó for you were attempting to influence an outside energy. Your perception moved in the direction of the influence that the team is an entity outside of yourself, comprised of other individuals who are all creating their reality. Therefore, you are merely generating an energy expression to influence a particular outcome associated with other individuals.

Now; this is the significance of the recognition of the power of perception. For in recognizing genuinely that what you are actually interacting with in association with any other individual or groups of individuals or societies is a projection of energy. The actual physical manifestation is produced, so to speak, by you. The actual physical manifestation is a product of your perception. This is the tremendous power of perception. It generates an energy that creates actual physical manifestations.

PAUL: So how far, Elias, how far away was I from creating the physical manifestation of my team winning, pulling off a big upset?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, in your terms, quite far.

PAUL: (Laughs) Thatís not what I want to hear!

ELIAS: For your direction was not in association with yourself. Your direction was in association with an entity outside of yourself, the team. Therefore, this was the direction of your attention.

PAUL: Okay, so I could have done better if I had just focused only on myself and allowed the choices to come up, and then make my selection then?


PAUL: Practice, practice, practice! (Elias laughs) Thatís a toughie!

A related one comes up where I want to attract a soul mate or a near soul mate or a series of relationships. Iím trying to manifest that into my life, and I donít seem to be having the speed or the progress that Iíd like to see.

ELIAS: This is another significant point of paying attention to what you are actually DOING. For you, in like manner to many individuals, generate generalities. You present yourself translations of your communications, but they are generalities. As you continue to express these generalities, your movement in actually manifesting what you think you want does not occur as quickly or as efficiently as you want it to be created.

PAUL: Oh, so I need to be specific, say I would like to have a relationship with this type of individual and be real specific about the personality, the physical description, something like that?

ELIAS: Definitely not! This is not the point. What requires specifics is what YOU want. Not what you want another individual to be or to express, but what do YOU want to express? What do YOU want to manifest? For in becoming familiar with yourself and offering yourself the freedom to express yourself without limitation, you project outwardly an energy expression which draws to you other individuals which shall reflect in like manner, and therefore you shall generate the type of relationship that you want. But it is not a matter of the other individual, or an other individual.

This is the snare. This is the direction of familiarity in which most individuals move their attention. ďI shall be specific concerning what type of individual I want to be incorporating a relationship with and therefore I shall manifest this.Ē No, in most likelihood you shall not. For how shall you recognize or generate this type of intimacy with another individual if you are unfamiliar with your OWN intimacy and what YOU naturally generate, what your personality naturally generates, what your relationship is with yourself? If you are unaware objectively of what you naturally prefer within your own expressions, within your own projections of energy, how shall you recognize what shall complement you in the energy of another individual?

PAUL: Thatís interesting; I gotta soak that one in! (Elias chuckles)

Now, Elias, let me ask you some things Iíve been pondering in the world of, I hate to use the word ďscience,Ē but Iím focused on trying to understand the fact that sound is a key element of matter, sort of like that formula E = mc2. How do I go about understanding ó because I believe that sound could be incorporated into that formula ó how do I go about better understanding its use? Not necessarily developing that formula, but understanding its use?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

PAUL: Well, if sound is integral to matter, like sound is... Like if you look at that formula E = mc2, sound or frequency or pitch would also be part of that formula. I guess Iím trying to look at maybe thereís a discovery that I could move toward that would influence the generation of energy or matter via sound.

ELIAS: Sound is a vibrational quality. Vibrational qualities are integral to matter and time. Therefore, if you are perceiving sound in association with vibration, it may translate in association with the manifestation of physical matter.

But physical matter is also strongly associated with time. Without the incorporation of certain movements of time or certain configurations of time, you do not generate physical matter.

PAUL: Hmm, I gotta think! (Elias laughs)

Iíve got another question. My first book is dealing with a discovery of a Lumanian archeological site. The question is will a site be discovered within the next, say, ten or twenty years, and will I be associated with that discovery in any form or fashion?

ELIAS: I may express to you, this question may not necessarily be answered in absolutes, for there are no absolutes and for this also is a matter of choice.

Now; I may offer to you a potential, and in association with the potential, my response is no. But as I have stated, there are no absolutes, and therefore it is not impossible to generate that action, although that would be what you may term to be a creation of imitation of another physical expression which exists within another physical dimension. Therefore, it is not an action of inserting an expression of another dimension into this physical dimension, but rather recreating what you may term to be a copy of that manifestation into your physical manifestation.

PAUL: So when you say the potential would probably be no, that means the probability?

ELIAS: Probabilities are generated in the moment. Probabilities do not lie before you. There are not millions of probabilities that may be chosen from, already in existence. Probabilities are generated in the moment and produce outcomes in the moment. This is different than potentialities.

PAUL: More thoughts to ponder! (Elias laughs)

Hereís a good one; this is more of a historical one. When was Stonehenge really built, and what was it really used for? (Pause)

ELIAS: Time framework fluctuates, as does the time framework with several other manifestations within your physical dimension. Its actual purpose, so to speak, was associated with bleed-through energy in relation to another physical dimension.

Do not misunderstand. I am not expressing to you that extraterrestrials have generated this manifestation. They have not. But the manifestation of this formation was quite influenced by bleed-through energy of another physical dimension. There are other manifestations within your physical reality which have also been expressed in association with bleed-through energy of other dimensions, which in a manner of speaking imprint in your physical reality and generate a mark, so to speak.

The association that was generated with this was that of a lack of separation, which you interpret now as an association with earth magic. But in actuality, it was more clearly expressed in relation to a recognition of a lack of separation of manifestations in physical form in your physical dimension and other expressions of consciousness as not being separated from these manifestations ó a physical manipulation of energy to generate a physical manifestation, not necessarily what you term to be a built structure.

PAUL: Is that the same thing for the pyramids?

ELIAS: Similar. Not the same, but there are similarities.

PAUL: Was I in a past focus associated with the pyramids or Stonehenge? (Pause)

ELIAS: Those of the pyramids, yes.

PAUL: Could I ask what my role was? Like what type of position or what I was doing?

ELIAS: You incorporate several focuses in association with those time frameworks. In this, in one focus, which you may investigate if you are so choosing, you incorporate the action of a laborer. In another focus you incorporate a position of an architect, one of many. You also incorporate a focus as a female, as that which was referred to as a priestess.

PAUL: Wow, so I could investigate any of those?

ELIAS: Yes, you may.

PAUL: Iíve got some homework to do, it looks like!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Be remembering to incorporate fun!

PAUL: Now let me ask you one final question ó I see our time is about up. I think my investigations may be easier achieved through the dream state versus the meditative state.

ELIAS: Very well. You may incorporate an intentional action of offering yourself a specific suggestion prior to engaging your sleep state in association with a specific focus that you wish to be investigating, and this may be helpful in directing your attention in that manner.

PAUL: I have to ask you ó I only have a couple of minutes left here ó the female priestess that was part of my focus that Iím going to investigate, did she have any unusual powers? If itís true what people say that the pyramids were moved by levitation, did this priestess have some unusual powers that I can investigate?

ELIAS: This question is relative to the beliefs that you incorporate. The individual does express an allowance of abilities, which within the association of your beliefs you may express that as powers. You incorporate the same power. You merely do not allow yourself to objectively recognize your abilities yet. But I may express to you, yes, this individual does express different abilities and allows herself to be generating certain expressions that you perhaps would view to be amazing. (Chuckles)

PAUL: When I investigate, Iím going to focus on contacting both the shaman and the priestess and see if I can get them to compare some notes with me.

ELIAS: Very well!

PAUL: Cool. Iím excited! I hope I have a breakthrough with their assistance.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And I shall offer supportiveness and encouragement to you in energy in your successfulness.

PAUL: Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! You are quite welcome, my friend!

PAUL: I see our time is up, so Iíll wish you a fantastic day, simultaneous time notwithstanding!

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be anticipating our next meeting and our conversations.

PAUL: Good enough!

ELIAS: In this, my friend, be encouraged and incorporate fun, not work!

PAUL: Iíll do that!

ELIAS: Ha ha! To you in great affection and fondness, my friend, au revoir.

PAUL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:41 PM.

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