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Monday, November 11, 2002

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“Caring vs. Concern about World Problems”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mark (Genevieve).

Elias arrives at 10:54 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARK: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Welcome!

MARK: Welcome to you, too!

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

MARK: I would like to know my essence name. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Genevieve, G-E-N-E-V-I-E-V-E (JEN ah veeve). And what is your impression as to your essence families?

MARK: I would think I’m a Sumari.

ELIAS: Correct. And your alignment?

MARK: I’m not sure of the alignment now.

ELIAS: Alignment, Borledim; orientation, common.

MARK: Common?


MARK: I was wondering if I would be a reasonable metaphysics teacher, if you could talk about that.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

MARK: Oh, you know, teaching people the basic ideas of metaphysics. In this day and age there’s so much religion, and the market is full of metaphysical ideas and that kind of stuff.

ELIAS: And is this a direction that you want to be engaging?

MARK: Yeah, I do! I get energized talking to people about it. I feel it’s something that we need in our society.

ELIAS: And I shall be encouraging of you in engaging this direction and pursuing this endeavor.

MARK: Thanks. I’ve had discussions with people lately about that there’s a lot of concern about war and poverty in our social world today. A lot of my friends kind of treat it like we create it by ourselves and that we shouldn’t be concerned about it. But I feel that it’s a collective thing and that we can deal with the issues. After all, it’s part of what’s happening in our world today. Can you speak about that a little?

ELIAS: Very well. I am understanding of your concern, and I shall not say to you that it is unnecessary or wrong to be incorporating this concern in relation to your physical dimension and what is occurring collectively in your world, so to speak. But let me also express to you, there is a difference between the expression of caring and the expression of concerning yourself with outside expressions.

In this, as you express caring, you express compassion; and as you express compassion, you may be motivated to be expressing an energy that may be helpful in relation to your direction of attention. Concerning yourself with the choices and the expressions of other individuals or societies is a different direction and motivates quite a different action within the individual and how you direct your energy.

Now; as you incorporate compassion and caring, you may be moving your attention to yourself and directing your energy in a manner that may be rippling outward and therefore also be affecting of the collective in consciousness, which is quite effective. If you are engaging concern, or concerning yourself with situations outside of yourself, your energy is directed in quite a different manner, for this type of expression motivates the individual to be directing their energy in a manner in which they are attempting to fix a situation, which is inefficient and I may also express to you for the most part it does not accomplish what you want.

Now; in this, my friend, allow yourself to realistically view your societies, your world, throughout your history. You are aware now in more of an attuned manner to what is occurring throughout your world, and therefore it appears to you that the condition, so to speak, of your world may be worsening or may be different from its condition in previous time frameworks. In actuality, these expressions that are occurring now for the most part have been occurring throughout your history within your physical dimension.

Now; there are some differences, and these differences are associated with this shift in consciousness. As I have expressed many times, this shift in consciousness has not occurred previously throughout the entirety of your history in your physical dimension, and it is such a shift that it does incorporate trauma, for what is being expressed in this shift in consciousness is a tremendous movement in energy and shift in perception and direction.

You are shifting from the male energy to the female energy. You are shifting perceptions in relation to the design of your physical dimension in association with beliefs and how you steer yourselves. Your direction is shifting from projecting attention outwardly and following what you view as authorities to the expression of directing yourselves individually. The emphasis is shifting to the individual and addressing to beliefs and to self, therefore moving your energy into an expression of acceptance of beliefs and of self.

Now; this is significant in association with your question concerning the collective and what actions may be incorporated to be affecting of the masses, so to speak, and the conflicting and violent expressions that are occurring within your societies. In this, throughout your history individuals have attempted to be affecting of these mass expressions in many different manners, and as you are aware for the most part the affectingness is quite minimal. Even in time frameworks and scenarios in which there may be some affectingness, the expressions that you incorporate being distressed in relation to are not eliminated — that of poverty, hunger, war, conflict, violence. Any of these expressions that you view to be disturbing and that you perceive to be negative and that you may be incorporating an expression of compassion for are not tremendously affected in moving your attention outwardly and attempting to fix the situation.

Now; what is tremendously affecting is the action of moving your attention to self and allowing yourself to become familiar with yourself and how to manipulate your energy efficiently. The significance of this action and of the action of acceptance is that each individual that incorporates this type of direction is much more affecting within consciousness than any other action that you may be incorporating.

Now; I am aware that as I express these terms of “being affecting within consciousness,” this may initially appear to you to not necessarily be affecting in actual physical expressions. But I may say to you this is quite incorrect, for it is tremendously much more affecting of actual physical expressions and scenarios than any action you may incorporate in physically attempting to alter situations, for you may not choose for other individuals and you do not create the reality of other individuals. In attempting to fix or what you term as solving problems of other individuals or even societies, what you are actually expressing is a lack of acceptance and therefore also a discounting of the other individuals. For in energy you are expressing that they are not creating their reality efficiently enough and that you may create it for them better, which is quite incorrect. Each time individuals incorporate that type of direction, you are not merely discounting other individuals but you are also discounting yourself, and this merely perpetuates the very expressions that you wish to rectify in your perception.

Now; in acceptance of beliefs and of self, you automatically express a natural by-product of acceptance of other individuals, and as you express acceptance of other individuals, you express quite a different type of energy outwardly. Energy is immediately received and understood by other individuals, as it is by yourself also. All of you within your physical dimension receive and understand energy much more quickly and clearly than any other form of communication.

In this, as you express this type of energy outwardly, it is recognized by every individual that you physically objectively encounter. But beyond your physical encounters with other individuals, it also ripples outwardly, radiating from you, and is quite affecting within the collective consciousness, which is quite significant.

Let me express to you also, my friend, as you express this type of energy, it may initially appear to you to be insignificant, but each individual that you engage and genuinely express acceptance in relation to yourself and in relation to the other individuals, this is encouraging to other individuals and inspiring to other individuals to be generating like expression. In this, you create what you may view as a type of domino expression, and as you generate that action, it continues the movement, and as that movement continues, individuals begin moving their attention to self and recognizing that they incorporate choice.

The reason that there is conflict and trauma within your physical dimension, within your world, so to speak, is that individuals do not recognize their choices. Many individuals do not recognize objectively that they incorporate choice. Many individuals do not incorporate the objective understanding that they are not bound to their beliefs and that they do incorporate tremendous power and that their perception actually creates their reality. Therefore, in your terms, they fall victim to themselves, generating realities in which they are bound to the limitations of certain beliefs and perpetuate the expressions of conflict and trauma.

Now; you may travel throughout your world and you may communicate in language to hundreds of thousands or millions of individuals concepts of information. You may express information to them that they generate their individual reality, that they are creating their scenario, that they are not a victim, that they do incorporate choice; and without the experience, these are merely words and concepts. For what allows you to generate an actual physical reality is experience. Therefore, what may be much more effective is example, and example is expressed in beingness, for this generates an energy that radiates outwardly and is clearly recognized by other individuals.

Therefore in relation to your direction, you may be offering information in association with metaphysics per se and offering information in communication to other individuals in relation to how they may be efficiently creating their reality, or merely that they do incorporate choices and express information concerning beliefs; but without the energy of example coupled with that information, as I have stated, the information may be received but it remains concept and is not necessarily helpful.

For many individuals may intellectually understand an idea but may also have not offered themselves throughout the entirety of their focus an experience that they may view and sense as a reality, and therefore they generate confusion within themselves. For their common expression is, “I may understand this concept, but it is not possible to generate that in my reality, for I am bound to my environment, my circumstances, my scenarios, other individuals, and I do not create all of my reality. Other individuals create some expressions of my reality for me.” Which is quite incorrect, but this is a commonly expressed belief and is QUITE real.

Beliefs are tremendously influencing of an individual’s perceptions, and perception is the mechanism that actually projects and generates your physical reality. Every solid expression within your physical reality is generated by perception. BUT the wondrousness of perception is that it is quite flexible and it is quite changeable, and as you change your perception, you also change your actual physical manifestations. (Pause)

MARK: Are you still there?


MARK: Oh, okay! (Elias laughs) I suspected a lot of that stuff, which means I’ve come right through the whole spectrum of what you described there. My brother was telling me once that we’re stuck with the human race and all these people no matter what their make-up and stuff, and then I thought about that and I thought, hey, why not give off positive energy? So I write poetry lately as a way of expressing, including everybody in the human race and like you say, giving off energy.

I have a little question about my essence name.


MARK: It sounds feminine. Is that true?

ELIAS: In your terms. Let me express to you, my friend, an essence name is a translation, a partial translation, of the tone of your essence in association with all of your focuses collectively, which generates a tone which may be partially translated into what you term to be a word or a name within your languages.

Now; in association with your physical dimension, the design of this physical dimension incorporates one of the base elements which is sexuality. In this physical dimension, you incorporate two base elements in the blueprint, so to speak, of your physical reality. One is sexuality; one is emotion — the in and the out, so to speak. This particular physical dimension is, in a manner of speaking, based upon duality. This is not a negative term and is not to be confused with duplicity, which is a belief system.

The duality of your physical dimension incorporates two aspects or two expressions of every action, every manifestation and every expression that you incorporate within your physical reality. In association with the physical, or the outward expressions, this is defined as sexuality, which also incorporates a duality of male and female genders, which are also associated with all of your manifestations within your physical reality. Even those expressions which may not necessarily be defined as a physical manifestation are associated with gender.

Now; within consciousness, essence does not incorporate gender, for this is an expression that is relative to certain physical dimensions and manifestations. Therefore, it does not translate in the entirety of consciousness outside of certain physical dimensions. But in association with your physical dimension and the preference of the essence in relation to the expression of gender within your physical dimension, the tone may be translated in a term that you associate with either male or female. Therefore, it is an acknowledgment merely of the preference of the essence in the expression of tone and energy. Are you understanding?

MARK: I think so. I’m looking at it in physical terms.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARK: Where it’s like the opposite of the way it actually it is.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for as you may be aware you generate many, many, many focuses of attention within one physical dimension and they are all occurring simultaneously. In this, the essence may be expressing more of a preference associated with one gender than the other gender, and this may be influencing of the tone which is expressed by that essence, and it is not necessarily associated with one focus. Many individuals inquire as to their essence name, and it may not necessarily incorporate the same gender as the individual has chosen in that one particular focus. (Pause)

MARK: I have another question. On the job I occasionally run into people with anger problems, rage problems, and I was wondering if you could say something about that.

ELIAS: And what action do you incorporate in your interaction with these individuals? What is your method of interaction with these individuals?

MARK: Well, I try to talk to them and calm them down and that sort of thing. I find that I’m not real effective unless the person is close to me.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; as we have been discussing in mass expressions, the interaction that may be incorporated with individual interactions is much the same. In your interaction with another individual, if you are expressing a genuine acceptance of their choices, what you create may be quite different than what is familiar to you thus far. For the expression of anger or rage or frustration is a choice also, and it is an expression that the other individual is choosing.

In that choice, as you express acceptance of their expression, the interaction shall be quite different. For in acceptance of their expression, you communicate in energy to the other individual that there is no need, so to speak, to be fixing for there is no expression of broken, which is quite significant. Many times, as an individual may be expressing conflict or anger or depression, anxiety, the individual is expressing to themselves a lack of acceptance and is experiencing a time framework in that lack of acceptance of themself in which they do not view their choices, and therefore they feel trapped and their energy is bound. But energy may not be contained; therefore, it is expressed regardless, and it may be expressed in these manners which you view as negative. In actuality, there is no negative or positive; they are merely choices of different experiences, but I am quite aware of what that generates in an individual’s feelings.

Now; the significance is the action of listening to, recognizing and accurately translating the communications that are occurring. You may be helpful to another individual in assessing what the emotional communication is, in first of all being accepting of their expression and not attempting to alter their expression, or expressing to them that it is necessary that they alter their expression, but rather in interaction and in sharing information together, attempting to evaluate what the emotional communication is that they are offering to themselves.

For emotion is not a reaction, it is a communication. It is a subjective communication which is offered to the objective awareness to precisely, immediately and clearly define what the individual is actually generating in the moment in association with the influence of the individual’s beliefs. Emotion incorporates a signal, which is easily and clearly recognized if you are paying attention, and may be defined.

Once the individual defines the emotion which is occurring — or the loudest emotion that is occurring, for individuals express for the most part several emotions simultaneously rather than merely one — but in evaluating the loudest emotion which is being expressed within any time framework, the individual thusly may turn their attention from outside of themselves to within themselves and therefore evaluate what the communication is that they are offering to themselves in this emotion and therefore more efficiently alter their direction and offer themselves choice.

For the most part, in the moments in which individuals are expressing these types of emotional communications and signals that you deem to be negative, the individual is not recognizing their choice and in some manner is expressing this role of being a victim either in association with another individual, a situation or in relation to themselves and their inability to accomplish what they want or to express themselves freely without limitation. But the key in your interaction with any other individual is to be accepting, which may be quite challenging, my friend, but it is quite possible. Ha ha ha!

MARK: I have a similar question here. A young girl, as an infant, one time when she was having problems she was crying, and I looked at her and I noticed she was really mad and she was maybe expressing anger from another expression or some sort of bleed-through prior to birth. Is this possible?

ELIAS: At times.

Now; recognize that this is not a rule and therefore it may be viewed individually in each expression. At times, an infant or a small one may be expressing behavior that is quite influenced in bleed-through of other focuses of attention. But as I have expressed, this is not a rule, and many times an infant or a small one may be expressing certain behaviors quite in association with that focus, the one that they are manifest within and that you are recognizing.

It is dependent upon the individual and what they are generating in the moment and how they are choosing to express themselves in the moment; but, yes, you are correct that at times it may be an expression quite strongly associated with bleed-through from another focus of attention that that individual incorporates as essence, and many times this may be recognizable to other individuals also.

MARK: I have another question. I have a friend who is an identical twin and I was wondering if you could say something about identical twins. There’s probably no one rule about it, but could you say a few words about that?

ELIAS: I have spoken of this subject previously, which is available to you in transcription information. But I may express to you in this now, this is a choice and there are many different expressions of this choice. At times, it may be one essence choosing to be manifest in two physical manifestations simultaneously and within close proximity. More so, it is a choice of two essences to be manifest in tremendous similarity to each other, experiencing a particular type of expression and manifestation and experience within your physical reality.

MARK: I know you’ve probably talked about this before also — I only have a few minutes left — and I was wondering, I read a lot of Seth and he talks about almost the necessity of projection, astral projection — and I am unaware of what you term that — but could you say a few words about that?

ELIAS: I may not necessarily express that this action is a necessity per se, but I shall express to you that it is an action that you all incorporate quite consistently and frequently. You merely do not necessarily incorporate an objective recognition of this action.

At times, you are generating this type of action and your objective explanation to yourselves is that you are merely drifting in your attention or daydreaming or in a manner of speaking losing time. Many individuals generate this type of action in time frameworks in which they are incorporating a mundane repetitive action within your present time framework. Many individuals generate this action as they are incorporating movement within their vehicles and express merely the noticing that they have moved from one location to another but do not incorporate the recall of the journey. This is an evidence of a time framework in which the individual is incorporating the action of projection. As I have expressed, you incorporate this action quite frequently. You merely do not necessarily allow yourselves the objective memory of it.

Now; many individuals also incorporate a fascination with this type of action and choose to be exploring their allowance of themselves to be objectively aware and to be intentionally objectively generating that type of action, which may incorporate fun and may also be reinforcing to you as an expression of trust of yourself and therefore may be quite beneficial.

MARK: I have one more little question. I’ve only got about three minutes, and I was wondering if you have anything else to say about my own expression or other expressions.

ELIAS: I may be encouraging of you, my friend, in your desire to be interactive with other individuals and to be sharing information with other individuals, but I may also express to you an encouragement that you practice holding your attention upon self, recognizing the influence of YOUR beliefs and recognizing the influence of duplicity in association with your beliefs, and therefore allowing yourself to genuinely generate this expression of acceptance within self. For this shall be the most significant action that you may be incorporating in association with your direction and your desire to be offering this sharing of information and interaction with other individuals, which shall be influencing of your successfulness.

MARK: Elias, my time is pretty much up. Thanks a whole bunch!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting and offering my invitation to you. I express to you encouragement, supportiveness and great affection.

MARK: Me, too!

ELIAS: To you, my friend, au revoir.

MARK: Bye.

Elias departs at 11:54 AM.

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