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Monday, October 21, 2002

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ďEvaluating Simultaneous and Conflicting MessagesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gina (Bahlah).

Elias arrives at 10:42 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

GINA: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

GINA: Oh, Iím doing wonderful. (Elias chuckles) Iím going to start my questions out with how many focuses do we share?

ELIAS: Yourself and I?

GINA: Yes.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

GINA: I donít know, ten?


GINA: Do I have any focuses with Cleopatra?

ELIAS: In that time framework, but not directly associated with the individual.

GINA: Have I had a focus shared within Hitlerís time framework?


GINA: Can you tell me anything about that, what was I or who was I?

ELIAS: Female individual, one in internment.

GINA: Internment? Whatís that mean? I donít understand.

ELIAS: What you would term to be captive in a camp.

GINA: Would it be beneficial and efficient for me to stay in my line of work that Iím in now, or to take up Rudimís offer to work with her niece, Shirley? Which would be most beneficial for me?

ELIAS: First express to myself what is your association and your impression concerning this situation.

GINA: Well, thatís what Iím having a hard time with. I feel that it would probably be more beneficial for me to stay in the line of work that Iím in right now, but I feel maybe there could be something else more beneficial that can happen if I was to go the other way. So I donít know. Thatís the confusion thatís coming in right now.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

Now; incorporate this as an opportunity to pay attention and to genuinely listen to yourself. Which impression do you view as louder or stronger? Or do you view them to be equal?

GINA: I view them right now to be equal, that it could be equal.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; this is a significant exercise in paying attention. For many times individuals offer themselves different messages simultaneously, and the manner in which you allow yourself an objective understanding and clarity concerning which message is more accurate is to be examining yourself, your beliefs, the influence of your beliefs, and your motivations.

Now; in this, you clearly are offering yourself messages. You also are offering yourself information concerning what may be most beneficial to you and what you actually want, as opposed to what you think you want.

Now; what you think you want is to be engaging the offer, so to speak, with Rudim, and there are influencing factors associated with this, for this would be an opportunity to relocate and incorporate interaction with not merely this individual but also with your mother.

But you are also clearly offering yourself a communication concerning what you want and what you view to be beneficial to yourself. The motivation and the influence of THAT communication concerns your association with yourself in independence and directing yourself and continuing to be expressing your direction and allowing yourself to become more familiar with your own abilities and your freedom, which, many times pastly as you associate yourself with other individuals, you deny yourself your freedom and you lean in the direction of allowing other individuals to dictate to you, and therefore you allow them to be partially directing your choices.

Now; as to your direct question, having examined the influence of your communications to yourself, you may allow yourself to recognize that what you genuinely want is to remain in the position that you are currently engaging. For in this scenario, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to become more familiar with you and more familiar with your ability to direct yourself and to orchestrate your own choices in the manner you wish.

GINA: I guess Iíll have to dwell on that one for a few, anyway. That answers that one.

How many focuses do I have in this dimension? (21-second pause)

ELIAS: Six hundred sixty-three. Let me express to you, this may be engaging alteration in what you term to be near future.

GINA: Whatís the most focuses Iíve had in one given area Ė in what country or state?

ELIAS: And your impression?

GINA: I would have to say Europe somewhere. I donít know where, maybe France, Greece, Italy.

ELIAS: What do you view to be your strongest association with preference in association with European locations?

GINA: In my preference, I would have to say Greece.

ELIAS: Correct. I may express to you, you incorporate many focuses in that location and also in the physical location of Italy.

GINA: Wonderful. Out of all my focuses, what profession or what type of person have I been?

ELIAS: A general choice that you engage as a preference is to be manifesting in what may be termed as peasantry, for this offers you a greater expression of freedom in directing yourself. There are less limitations associated with individuals that manifest in countrysides than may be expressed in societies.

GINA: Interesting. That sounds really like me! (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) What musical note do I resonate with?

ELIAS: F sharp.

GINA: What focus of mine is having the most influence in my life in this given moment?

ELIAS: They are all influencing of you, for they are all you.

GINA: Are any of my chakras out of alignment? (18-second pause)

ELIAS: Adjust yellow and blue.

GINA: Did Mylo, Candace, myself and William share any focuses in Pompeii?


GINA: What was I? What kind of person was I?

ELIAS: Male individual, and once again what may be termed as peasantry Ė a weaver.

GINA: Was Vinceís famous focus as a Japanese emperor, was it Hirohito?

ELIAS: Earlier.

GINA: What century?

ELIAS: Seventeenth.

GINA: Was it Meiji or something like that?

ELIAS: You may investigate.

GINA: Have I ever been a famous musician? (Pause)

ELIAS: Relatively speaking, yes.

GINA: What do you mean ďrelativelyĒ? Does that mean I knew somebody that was a famous musician?

ELIAS: Incorporating relative notoriety yourself, but not what you would term to be worldwide fame.

GINA: What century would that be, if I was to investigate?

ELIAS: Early 1800s.

GINA: Francescaís focus as Russian royalty, was she married to a czar or was she a daughter of a czar?

ELIAS: Daughter.

GINA: Can you give me a name, or do you want me to say one?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

GINA: Yelizaveta?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Am I thought focused or emotionally focused?

ELIAS: Political.

GINA: Oh, my God! That threw me for a loop! Interesting. Was my famous focus in the Chinese dynasties, was it the Ming?


GINA: Third century?


GINA: Mikahís focus as a shogun in 1500s Japan, can you confirm the name of Ashikaga Yoshiaki?

ELIAS: Yoshiaki, yes.

GINA: Was he a predecessor or successor?

ELIAS: Predecessor.

GINA: Have I had a focus as a painter or a well-known painter?

ELIAS: Painter, yes Ė well-known painter, no.

GINA: What era?

ELIAS: Eleventh century.

GINA: What is going on with the tingling in my hands lately?

ELIAS: And offer your impression.

GINA: Iím going to say that itís because of my widening of my awareness.

ELIAS: Partially, and what are you communicating to yourself and what are you noticing?

GINA: I donít know. I should quit smoking? (Laughs) I donít know.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

GINA: I donít know. Tell me, please.

ELIAS: You are communicating to yourself to be paying attention to yourself and to be listening to your own communications and offering yourself a type of trigger to be noticing the moments in which you are projecting your attention outwardly in association with other individuals and what their choices are and what they are expressing.

Therefore, you are correct; it is associated with widening your awareness, for you are offering yourself a physical communication as a trigger to be noticing how you are projecting your attention to other individuals and allowing that influence.

GINA: I think I understand what youíre saying. Iím assuming that my headaches have to do with the same thing, as far as widening the awareness?


GINA: What is Rickís essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Habib (haa BEEB).

GINA: Can you spell it?


GINA: What is his family and alignment?

ELIAS: Offer impression.

GINA: Gramada/Ilda?

ELIAS: Reverse.

GINA: Is he thought focused or emotional focused?

ELIAS: Emotional.

GINA: Was Bilford emotional or thought focused?

ELIAS: Emotional.

GINA: Did Bilford have a focus as Duke of Canterbury?


GINA: One of the questions I need to clarify is Karinaís famous focus in the 18th century. Was it Finnish, F-I-N-N-I-S-H, or was it Flemish, F-L-E-M-I-S-H?

ELIAS: Finnish.

GINA: Thatís what I thought. I couldnít find anything on her, so I guess Iíll have to investigate more on that one.

The dreams that I have frequently the last couple of years, they have to do with the City that you speak of in the forum?


GINA: Thatís what I thought.

ELIAS: And you may be interactive with other individuals within this forum in sharing imagery, and this may also be validating to you in confirmation of your imagery.

GINA: Was that dream that I had last week, was that you that was in my dream? We were like in maybe the Ď20s, and everything was changing, like transmuting and stuff like that. Was that you?


GINA: Thatís what I thought. Do I have an essence twin anywhere out there?




GINA: Yes?

ELIAS: No! (Both laugh)

GINA: Has my intent to intentionally irritate people changed, or is that still the same?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Your intent remains the same.

GINA: Have I been fragmenting or have I been changing some sort of aspect of myself the last couple of years? Whatís been going on with me?

ELIAS: Both.

GINA: Youíre kidding me!

ELIAS: This is the reason that I expressed to you in your identification of numbering of focuses that this incorporates the potential of change in what you view to be near future.

GINA: Wow! So Iíve been fragmenting and changing aspects of myself?


GINA: When did this start? Itís been going on for a while, hasnít it?

ELIAS: Relatively speaking.

GINA: What else can you tell me about that? Has my essence name changed, or is it fluctuating?

ELIAS: Not yet.

GINA: But it will be?

ELIAS: It incorporates potential, yes.

GINA: In my line of probabilities, how much longer is this going to go on for?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your choices, my friend. In this time framework, you are allowing yourself to become more familiar with you, and this is influencing your choices. As you continue widening your awareness and you continue in the direction that you are engaging presently, you engage the potential for fragmentation.

But that choice has not been engaged yet, and it would be inaccurate to offer a time framework, for this is a matter of choice. For you may choose not to be engaging that action and rather choose to be merely moving your attention to different aspects of yourself. This is the reason that I express to you that there is a potential, for you are moving in that type of direction of expression, but it has not been chosen yet.

GINA: I gotcha; I understand. How many focuses do Rudim and I share?

ELIAS: Eleven.

GINA: Which one is most prominent out of those eleven?

ELIAS: I shall encourage you to investigate with Rudy.

GINA: Do I have any other famous focuses directly or indirectly that I can be investigating? (Pause)

ELIAS: Indirectly, yes.

GINA: In what time framework, and in what sort of line of business or whatever?

ELIAS: Time framework 1800s, Germany, associated with royal family.

GINA: Was I like a caretaker?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no.

GINA: Do I have any focuses as a gunfighter having to do with the OK Corral?

ELIAS: Not that particular scenario, but yes, you do incorporate a focus in this type of expression.

GINA: Anything having to do with Annie Oakley?


GINA: Was I male or female?

ELIAS: Male. (36-second pause)

GINA: I want to get some essence names, okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

GINA: My uncle Rick.

ELIAS: Essence name, Joel, J-O-E-L.

GINA: Dabira?

ELIAS: Essence name, Martha.

GINA: What about Stuart? (19-second pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Mi, M-I (MY).

GINA: How many focuses have Dabira and I shared Ė Martha and I?

ELIAS: Thirteen.

GINA: And what about Mi?

ELIAS: Twenty-six.

GINA: What about my cousin Judy, her essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Xallia, X-A-L-L-I-A (ZAL lee uh).

GINA: As far as my relationships go, I seem to be picking people that are not very, very efficient for me. Do you see me changing my choices as far as who I will be bringing into my life any time soon? I guess I could answer my own question on that one! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I may express to you that you may be encouraging of yourself, for as you are offering yourself more information concerning yourself and turning your attention more to yourself, listening to your communications and becoming more intimately familiar with yourself as you pay attention to your choices and your direction and what you actually generate or do, so to speak, you shall also influence your perception, and therefore draw different individuals to yourself.

GINA: I understand. I donít have any more questions! I know I do, but I canít find them so Iím trying to think of something. I know I could have answered that one myself! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Recognize, my friend, you also need not be forcing your energy. You may engage conversation with myself in another time framework also.

GINA: What was our most Ė which youíll probably tell me to investigate, but Iím going to ask anyway Ė of the six that we shared, which one was the most prominent one?

ELIAS: Very well. One in friendship, in physical location of Greece, in time framework ninth century.

GINA: I will investigate that. It was in friendship. What kind of a person was I? Was I in sales? What occupation was I? Was I in peasantry?

ELIAS: Yes, and incorporating the talent, so to speak, of pottery.

GINA: What about the other five focuses? What kinds of relationships did we have then?

ELIAS: Three in friendship, one of which in some expressions of intimacy. Two as adversaries. (Pause)

GINA: Is Bilford still playing the victim, basically, in the situation that weíre in right now, or is he coming around to where heís understanding like I am understanding, or is he being influenced by his family members?

ELIAS: The latter is accurate in relation to family, and the individual does incorporate some expressions of victim.

GINA: So heís still basically feeling the same way. Heís not really feeling like I am, but because of his family heís still feeling the victim.

ELIAS: Partially.

GINA: In this moment in time, is he feeling that thereís really no sense ... or is it because of the family, that is still influencing the victim role?

ELIAS: Partially, but recognize that the individual chooses their own expressions. Therefore, it is his choice to allow this influence. It is his choice to be continuing to express this role of victim, not as strongly as previously, but there are some expressions that continue in this direction. And what is your association, and what do you view your movement in this situation?

GINA: Iím missing my kids and stuff like that, but I also realize that itís probably a smart move for me right now because I couldnít take care of them. I donít feel Iím playing the victim; I feel very comfortable with the situation. Iím very happy that I donít have to deal with it anymore, as of this moment anyway. But Iím very happy with it.

ELIAS: Very well. I am acknowledging of you in not discounting yourself in relation to mass beliefs, which may be quite challenging at times.

GINA: Challenging, yes. But itís just amazing how big the mass belief system is.

ELIAS: Quite!

GINA: It can be very overwhelming sometimes.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

GINA: Is there anything else that you think I should be connecting with, or information you want to share with me or whatever?

ELIAS: Merely an acknowledgment and encouragement in your continued movement in moving your attention more fully to yourself. Be remembering the significance of holding your attention in the now, for this is tremendously influencing. I incorporate an awareness of the challenge that is presented in that unfamiliar action, for it may be quite easily expressed to project your attention outwardly and to not be paying attention in the now.

GINA: How is Mikah doing? I just found out some information recently of some of his choices that he has made within the last six months. Is he truly going into himself more and realizing, or is he just basically speaking the words, as far as some of the trauma that heís been through?

ELIAS: He is attempting. It is a presentment of an immense challenge with Mikah. He is quite familiar with projecting his attention outwardly, focusing his attention upon circumstances, scenarios, other individuals, and it is challenging in his focus to be generating a genuine understanding of holding his attention in the now and paying attention to himself.

Mikah incorporates much resistance in association with his allowance of himself to be actually applying in action these concepts and leans easily in the direction of distraction. But he is offering himself considerable information and he is engaging the challenge.

GINA: So heís still going through it. Heís just basically vocalizing it then, right?

ELIAS: He incorporates an understanding.

GINA: Do you see him moving in the culinary, becoming a chef?

ELIAS: In this present now, no.

GINA: Really! Oh.

And what about as far as Habib goes? Because I think, myself, Iím pretty much over him. I mean I would probably be with him just for fun if it was to happen, which I donít foresee. But is he basically pretty much over everything that happened, or is he still dwelling on things?

ELIAS: In your terms, both.

GINA: With my dancing, if I pursue that, do you see me traveling a lot with it, or do you see me staying in one particular area, within my line of probabilities?

ELIAS: Once again, my friend, this is your choice. I may express to you, in this present time framework you are moving your attention more in the direction of continuing in this one physical location and attempting to familiarize yourself with these actions of paying attention to yourself and expressing more of an intimacy with yourself, that you may more efficiently generate your choices intentionally and be more efficiently directing of yourself objectively.

But you may be incorporating this creativity if you are choosing, and in choosing that direction you may generate whatever you want in association with your dancing. It is merely a matter of your choices, my friend, and whether you allow yourself your own expression of freedom or not.

GINA: Iíve just found some information. When you said Karinaís Finnish painter thingy, was it Akseli Gallen-Kallela or Hugo Simberg?

ELIAS: No. Continue your investigation. But as you are investigating, listen to your impressions. This shall be the difference between guessing and offering yourself genuine information.

GINA: I have one more question.

ELIAS: Very well.

GINA: One just came to my head. My children, are they happy with my decision? I mean, I know they have their own choices, so evidently they must be happy, but are they genuinely happy within themselves right now in this moment?

ELIAS: Clarify your definition with genuine happiness.

GINA: Are they satisfied within the moment? They seem to be, when I saw them. But if you would just acknowledge it, it would just clarify what I have been receiving.


GINA: Very good. Is there anything else that you can share with me?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, continue noticing, my friend, and continue to practice listening to yourself. You are worthy of your own communications. Value that.

GINA: Iíve been trying.

ELIAS: And I am acknowledging of you, for I am aware of your movement in acknowledging yourself.

GINA: What can you tell me about the fragmenting thing, the symptoms and stuff? Because sometimes I feel really ďeeeh!Ē really out there, and sometimes I feel very free. Is that part of...?

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing, although this may not necessarily be defined as what you term to be symptoms of fragmentation. This is associated with your movement in shifting. This is not uncommon for individuals to be experiencing different time frameworks in which you may experience more scatteredness than other time frameworks, and in some moments you may experience tremendous clarity.

GINA: Exactly. Thatís what Iíve been going through.

ELIAS: This is associated with your widening of your awareness, your shifting of your perception and paying attention to you, which generates this type of experience, for you are allowing yourself more of an openness. Therefore, there is an influx of different types of experiences and information.

GINA: When you fragment, do you lean towards another family alignment?

ELIAS: It is the choice of the essence. At times, yes; at times, no.

GINA: Do you see me leaning towards something right now, or is it basically still my choice?

ELIAS: In this present now it is a potentiality, and it has not been chosen. Therefore, there is no identification of an actual alteration of families.

GINA: So basically I could be bouncing from a whole bunch of them, and it just is my choice, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: If I want to stay with one of them.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: I understand. Can you tell me what timeframe? When did this start happening? Is it like the last five years, ten years?

ELIAS: In your terms, within this past year.

GINA: I think thatís basically it. Iím pretty happy with my answers. (Elias chuckles) Well, itís been great talking with you. Itís been a year.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating our next meeting, my friend. I offer you encouraging energy.

GINA: Yes, I shall be doing that.

ELIAS: And I shall continue to be supportive to you.

GINA: I will talk to you soon, okay?

ELIAS: Very well. In affection, as always, au revoir.

GINA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:41 AM.

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