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Friday, July 12, 2002

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“Creating in Waking State as in Dream State”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Andrel).

Elias arrives at 1:09 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JIM: Good afternoon! (Elias chuckles) At last!

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

JIM: I have a list of some scattered questions, not too organized, so it might be a little difficult to incorporate a theme. (Elias laughs) Basically, I want to start with some personal info about myself.

I have a few impressions about fragmentation year, timeframe and fragmenting essence. I have the impression of late 1600s. There’s an energy by the name of B-O-R-G-E, and for some reason I got the impression that I’m somehow connected to this or fragmented or something.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JIM: And 1600s was also the year?


JIM: Number of focuses in this dimension, I had jotted down the number 825. Anywhere in the vicinity?

ELIAS: Eight hundred twenty-seven.

JIM: Now, this one I’m not sure about – final focus. Originally my impression was no, that this was not my final focus. But then I started to change my mind, thinking maybe perhaps some probabilities changed. I’m still not certain. I was just wondering about your input on that.

ELIAS: I may express to you, no, you are not a final focus.

JIM: For vibrational color, I’m not too familiar with the exact terminology for it, but I have the impression of a dark olive green. I feel close to that color.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: As far as the four focus types – thought, political, whatnot – I feel myself as being thought focused.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Not dispersed?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: My essence name that you offered in our original meeting, I had a dream and basically I thought about my essence name. In the dream, there was a road sign and it represented a slightly different spelling. The spelling was A-N-D-R-H-E-L, and I was wondering if this represents either change or an actual alteration in my essence name, or if it’s just me becoming more familiar with the larger part. I was wondering what this means.

ELIAS: The latter is correct, for the essence name in actual translation may fluctuate at times. I offer to you what it is in the moment and what it is generally for the most part throughout the focus.

JIM: So in this particular moment, would you translate it with an H?

ELIAS: No, not within this particular time framework. But it does fluctuate, and therefore your information is correct and was applicable in that time framework.

JIM: Excellent! Now for my little practice in trying to get more familiar with alignments. I’ve listed some of my friends and family. I guess what I’d like to do is offer my impressions and the name, and you could just validate or correct me if I’m off. Is that okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

JIM: I’m going to start with my best friend, Patrick M. I have an impression of him as Sumafi and aligned with Ilda.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Somehow I feel we have a lot of past connections as close friends, possibly explorers in some way. Could you share with me something I could further investigate?

ELIAS: Your impression is correct, and I may offer to you, you share a focus as shipmates, Dutch, in exploration of African continent.

JIM: A recent girl I met is named Seilicas. I haven’t met her in person too many times, but we seem to be very closely connected. My impression of her is that she is Milumet, aligned Ilda. I also get the impression that she is a final focus.

ELIAS: Reverse the families, and your impression of final focus is correct.

JIM: Another friend, Crystal A., impression: Milumet, aligned Vold.

ELIAS: Once again, reverse.

JIM: She has expressed a very strong connection with a famous focus, Janis Joplin. I was wondering if you could share either her connection or if indeed she is a focus of Janis.

ELIAS: This is not a focus of this individual’s essence, but I may express that this individual has shared several focuses with that essence, therefore the familiarity.

JIM: Another friend, Pam E., impression: Ilda, aligned Borledim.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Ed D., my co-worker, impression: Gramada, aligned Ilda.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Old friend, David J., Sumari, aligned Sumafi, final focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Friend, Marisa W., this one’s a little tough. I have the impression of Tumold, aligned Sumafi, and I have an impression that we share some future focuses, more so than past.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Another one, Angela B., no impressions on alignment, but I did have some dream imagery where she had a son whose name was Chris. I remember in the dream he was kind of surprised that I didn’t remember him yet. I was just wondering if this was a past focus, someone that we knew, or maybe our son in another timeframe.

ELIAS: Yes, your impression is correct.

JIM: Sarah G., my baby’s mom, impression: Ilda, aligned Sumari. I might have this reversed. I feel that we’ve shared many focuses, in fact, since the date of 1716. (Pause)

ELIAS: Your impressions as to families, reverse. Your impression of sharing many focuses is correct but not merely from 1700s on, for you do incorporate focuses in what you term to be previous time frameworks with this individual. You are connecting with one focus that is strongly expressed in relationship with this individual, and this is your identification of that date.

JIM: Was this somehow connected to the New Orleans area or the American Revolution or something?


JIM: This information was connected to imagery in the dream state, and I got the impression that it was the essence of Rose that helped me connect with some of it, especially the date and the fact that there were shared focuses. Is this correct? There was bird imagery.


JIM: My mom, I have an impression for alignment, Vold. I would like to know the family and if in fact my impression of alignment is correct.

ELIAS: Yes, your impression of alignment is correct. Essence family, Sumari.

JIM: My father, I had a tough time with this, too – impression Sumafi, aligned Gramada. I’m not feeling too strongly about that impression.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Zuli.

JIM: My brother, Bill, impression: family, Ilda; alignment, Gramada.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And my daughter, I was just wondering if she is still Ilda, aligned Sumari, or if there’s been any alteration. I believe she still is.

ELIAS: This is correct.

JIM: Moving on to a couple more. My godfather, Uncle Tony, this is probably the first connection I have as far as getting an essence name. The essence name I have for an impression was Christine. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Christiel, C-H-R-I-S-T-I-E-L (kris tee ELL).

JIM: There’s been many connections shared there over the years.


JIM: Also, my Uncle Joe – I did have the essence name, but it eluded my memory. I was wondering if I could request that essence name. My impression of family and alignment is Sumafi, aligned Sumari. There’s also a lot of strong past connections, maybe even as philosophers. There’s definitely a level of thought connection as far as contemplating things. I’m not really sure exactly what I’m trying to say, but there are definitely strong connections there.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Your impressions are correct. As to the essence name (pause), Voldair, V-O-L-D-A-I-R (vol DAIR).

JIM: Family and alignment, Sumafi/Sumari?


JIM: Recently I met a new friend. Her name is Beth. There’s an impression of – I’m not sure aligned or family – but Milumet.

ELIAS: Alignment.

JIM: I’m not sure of family. I’m going to go with Ilda or Zuli.

ELIAS: Sumari.

JIM: There’s a lot of princess imagery. I was wondering if she was or she is a princess.

ELIAS: Yes – Russian.

JIM: And did I have a connection with her in that Russian princess focus?

ELIAS: As a friend, yes.

JIM: Also, a little interesting experience last night. I just was wondering if my impression was correct. As we were walking down the sidewalk, she got a pain in her finger. I got the impression that the pain in her finger was actually her tapping into the probability... There was a tree limb kind of hanging in the sidewalk, and I was wondering if my impression was correct that that was a probability of the limb being cut off in the near future and that was almost her empathic sense connecting with the tree at that point.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. I am acknowledging of your allowance of your impressions and your translation.

JIM: Thank you. It was way interesting, actually.

Moving on to some affectingnesses I’ve created for myself in recent times, we’ll start with the throat. I’m someone who pretty much rarely gets sick, and this throat affectingness... Actually I didn’t even consider myself sick; it was more of an awareness of some irritation in my throat area, and it lasted quite a long time. I was trying to gather up some impressions, one being a connection to the essence of Myranda and the sickness she’s been experiencing in recent times, and also connected somehow I believe to my grandfather who passed away from throat cancer. I believe that there’s some sort of Sumafi alignment going on or something there. I’m not really sure.

ELIAS: You are correct in your impression in empathic connection with both of these essences.

JIM: Another affectingness I’ve experienced is conjunctivitis in my left eye. I was trying to deduce what I was trying to communicate to myself there, and my impression was that I was just basically concentrating on too many things at once, too many different probabilities. That’s basically my impression.

ELIAS: And focusing your attention outside of yourself and not turning your attention to yourself enough.

JIM: Another interesting one was a little problem with my foot. I don’t know if you want to call it athlete’s foot, or a little bit of affectingness down in that area. Through some imagery I had, my essence called it “collector’s stud.” That’s how I remembered it and I thought it was kind of cute. This led me to the impression that it has to do with me holding to too many objective things, certain energies, and creating a certain restriction in my own movement.

ELIAS: Yes, you are quite correct.

JIM: It seems to have kind of gone away a little bit, so have I successfully addressed to this communication?

ELIAS: Yes. And are you paying attention more?

JIM: Anything specific, or is it more of a general “collector’s stud,” or something specific?

ELIAS: This is associated with scattering your attention and not allowing yourself the clarity that you desire in association with yourself and your movement, and therefore presenting to yourself an affectingness that symbolizes a communication of slowing your movement, that you may allow yourself to generate more clarity and not be expressing such scatteredness.

JIM: That makes perfect sense.

As far as the essence Myranda, we’ve been trying to piece together our connections and certain pieces to the puzzle of how we all fit together, herself, the essence Allesander and Leland. I myself have not done much investigation yet, but they have a lot of impressions. I was just wondering if you could comment in general to the four of us on our connections that we may be investigating further.

Also, the focus of Julius Andrassy was offered to me as possibly being a focus of myself. I’ve begun investigation and so far my impressions are strong that she is correct on her impression.

ELIAS: Yes, this is correct.

JIM: Allesander offered something for me to feel into as far as compass points. He offered north, south, east, west. I was just wondering how this applies to myself and what he’s tapping into here or connected to the entire puzzle itself, the four of us.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, it is merely information that is being symbolized with you each in different directions, and therefore the individual is translating these directions as actual physical directions, applying a north, south, east, west – one to each of you, not merely you alone.

JIM: Anything else that you could comment on the four of us, I mean what we can be investigating or what can kind of push us in the right direction? More so for them – I have plenty of investigating to do for myself at this point – but just something I could share from the session with them.

ELIAS: You do incorporate other focuses together, and you each are aware of how you may be generating investigation of those other focuses, and also you may be practicing in relation to each other playfulness in projecting.

JIM: Yes. In fact, about a week ago I was having a dream, and it was playfulness but it was almost like a slight struggle of power. I remember awakening and still feeling the sensation of pulling or twisting in my torso area, then for a moment almost a manifestation of a physical body in the bed with me, and then being able to hear, “Do you know who I am?” I got the impression it was one of the three projecting to me, Myranda possibly.


JIM: Here’s another question. About three weeks ago, I experienced several surges in energy and had some quite memorable experiences. At one point, there seemed to be a lesson in creating the probability of an extended life span for myself, beyond a hundred years, and materialized across the street was an individual resembling my roommate or my cousin. It had the theme of sort of teaching me certain little lessons from afar. I was just wondering if this was imagination, or who in fact was this? I also sensed your energy was involved.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

Now; first of all, let me express to you once again, imagination is quite real. It is an avenue of communication, and in this you offer yourself a communication and manifest a projection of that communication and created the image.

JIM: I also got the impression that there had to be a certain distance between me and the projection, that I couldn’t approach too closely.

ELIAS: I am understanding, for this is a projection of you, and therefore you automatically generate what you associate as some type of distance to allow yourself a comfort and not threatening your individual identity.

JIM: Of course, my thought process has to wander to what if I actually approached this projection and tried to make a closer communication. Would this be possible?

ELIAS: Yes, this is possible, and as you have already generated the projection of the image and offered yourself the recognition that you have created this, you may allow yourself an approach. In that, merely remind yourself that this is a projection of you, and therefore not threaten your individual identity.

It becomes confusing to individuals within your physical dimension to be physically interactive with a projection of themselves, for you associate your identity so very strongly with your physical manifestation. Therefore, your thoughts become confused and your association of identity becomes confused if you are presenting two physical manifestations to yourself AS yourself. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes, exactly.

ELIAS: But in offering yourself information and recognizing that this actually presents no threat to your individual identity other than associated with your beliefs, you may allow yourself the approach and interaction, if you are so choosing.

JIM: Thank you. That explains it quite well.

Speaking of this particular projection, my cousin... I had dream imagery at one point – this was a while back when I was trying to project in my dream state – and I encountered a lot of roadblocks and a lot of signs saying “Don’t Do This”.

I remember one specifically. It was imagery with a football, and it was this individual of Jason. He had thrown the ball to me, and he said the words, “Whatever you throw comes back to you twice as fast.” It seemed to be a warning against projection, and there was also some imagery of possible physical body distortion. It just seemed significant. At the time period, there was also a lot of imagery with my dad, and there was a lot of confusion in the dream state as far as whether or not this was something I should be doing or I could be doing. It was not myself, but it seemed to be other individuals. Even though I was standing there, there seemed to be other individuals’ energy basically persuading me against this type of activity.

In recent times, I seem to have overcome that and moved beyond those roadblocks. I just was wondering what exactly was trying to be communicated with this.

ELIAS: What you are offering to yourself is not an expression or warning not to be engaging this type of activity or action, but rather a communication to yourself in cautioning you to be aware of your responsibility to self and to be, in your terms, mindful of self, holding your attention upon self and not holding your attention outside of self, in which you are not incorporating responsibility for self.

JIM: There were also a lot of times where I would speak during the projections. It was almost like a communication of something you mentioned before about being careful not to alter the reality of other focuses. It was almost like a subtle communication to myself when I was doing things that would basically jeopardize the reality of another focus, just a little communication that I have since picked up on and kind of feel comfortable as to my direction and my attention.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I seem to be progressing quite well in my dream state, even as far as practicing telekinesis and projection. I’m very accomplishing in my dream state. I was just wondering, as far as bridging the gap between the dreaming and the waking world, what I could do to further my abilities in my waking state. I’m so confident in my dream state.

ELIAS: Relax and trust. As you force energy or push energy within your waking state, you create obstacles and you do not generate what you want in those types of expressions, for generating those types of actions requires a relaxed energy, and also trust is a significant factor.

Within your dream state, you do generate trust. You incorporate an allowance and an expression within yourself that you do hold the ability to generate whatever you choose. But you associate this quite strongly with a similar idea, so to speak, of how you define imagination. You allow yourselves many types of expressions within imagination, but you are not quite clear that imagination is actually a communication, for you define it differently. You define it as a projection of ideas and images that are potentials or are expressions of fantasy, and therefore you allow for a tremendous array of diversity of potential experiences through this activity of imagination.

You generate a very similar association with dream imagery. You allow a freedom within dream imagery, for you view this also to not be real within your beliefs; therefore, you offer yourself much more mobility.

In waking state objectively, in association with actual physical manifestations and manipulation of energy in a physical manner, you incorporate beliefs that restrict you, and you express to yourself you incorporate limitation and not the same freedom as you do in those states that you believe to be not real.

Now; the key is to be allowing yourself the same association objectively of reality in relation to dreams and imagination, that they are also genuinely as real as your actual physical reality in objective awareness.

In this, as you begin to recognize the reality of the communication of imagination and the reality of dreams, you shall move this association to influence your objective waking actions and manifestations. For if you may generate them in dream state or in the communications of imagination and they are as real as your waking objective reality, you may also generate these actions within your objective waking reality.

JIM: I guess deep down I understand all that and I know that, but actually putting it into play and making it part of my reality is the hard part for me. (Both laugh)

Here’s another people question. Actually, let me regress one step here. There was what I would consider an extremely intense energy exchange last August at work when I fell asleep for a short period of time in the basement. There was the sound of energy movement; if I can visualize, there was some light. It was the intense energy exchange that I’m familiar with, the sound and the whole experience. It was probably the most intense one I have been aware of since I began to understand energy.

There’s a little bit of objective imagery that came out of it that had to do with I had a big cut on my knee and then eventually Marisa, my ex-girlfriend, manifested slowly into a person, kind of scolding me, wondering what the heck I did and “don’t do it again.” Later, there was some imagery of the stars in the universe. I was wondering what took place with this exchange.

ELIAS: This is an offering to you that every aspect of every manifestation and interaction and expression and creation that you can or do perceive is actually literally generated by you, and you offer yourself the imagery of the universe to expand this concept that you ARE all of this.

Every aspect of your reality – other individuals, exchanges, what you perceive to be the universe itself – is a projection of you and therefore is a creation of you, and it is your choice how you create it.

JIM: Why was the intensity of this exchange so strong? Through my perception, it was extremely intense.

ELIAS: I am understanding. To emphasize the tremendous significance of this concept.

I am aware that you think you understand the enormity of this concept, but you have offered yourself this experience to genuinely express to yourself the strength and the enormity of this mechanism that you term to be perception and the tremendous power that is incorporated in that.

JIM: It was definitely a memorable dream, so that kind of makes sense. (Elias laughs) The mission was served.

Another individual, the name is Kim. This is an individual that seems like she is still to some degree objectively participating in this dimension. She said my name was Brett and that we were married. We had a focus together and we were married for I believe three years. I was there in the hospital when she passed away. I was just wondering if this individual is in what you term to be transition. I get the feeling she’s occupying a different region of consciousness where she is still actively participating in this physical dimension, yet possibly past the shift, where the limitations are less as far as time and space.

ELIAS: Any individual may continue some interaction with this physical dimension, if they are so choosing. But I may express to you, what you are offering to yourself in impression is more of a recognition of the individual and their experience in association with objective awareness and imagery.

As I have expressed previously to other individuals, at times individuals may choose to be disengaging from this physical focus and continue for a time framework, in your terms, to be generating the objective awareness and generating objective imagery that appears quite closely associated with this physical dimension, so much so to the point that the objective awareness is not entirely aware of the choice of the disengagement, but rather presents an interruption of objective memory and the individual believes themselves to be continuing in objective physical reality.

JIM: So were we indeed married at one time?


JIM: And my name was Brett?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is what the individual experienced subsequent to disengagement.

JIM: What was the timeframe for this, two hundred years ago?

ELIAS: One hundred sixty.

JIM: Another individual, this was mostly through dream imagery, the name, Maria. The only impression I have is that somehow we were very strongly connected, past and future, and there’s also some connection to my daughter, essence of Noell. Every now and then I’ll get imagery of it. I haven’t put the whole puzzle together yet, but I believe this was someone I was probably married to.

ELIAS: Yes, these are other focuses of that essence that you have engaged other focuses with and in relationships with.

JIM: So Maria was a focus name, not the essence name?

ELIAS: Correct. This is a focus name of one focus of Noell, in physical location of Portugal.

JIM: Time frame?

ELIAS: Sixteen hundreds.

JIM: I had a lot of imagery one night about Barry Manilow. It was a night where I seemed to be interacting with individuals in transition. I was just wondering why it was so important that he got my attention in the creative way that he did, as far as in my room at my old house. I used to collect Garbage Pail Kids, one of them was named Barry and basically pointed it out, and I came up with the name Barry Manilow. There was later imagery that he had actually disengaged. What exactly was going on with this experience, and what was I tapping into?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

JIM: Was this a focus of myself?

ELIAS: No, but this energy is quite familiar to you. (Slight pause) And...?

JIM: I’m not sure.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) You offer this imagery to yourself, for the energy of this individual is quite familiar to you, and also in the expression of creativity that this individual expresses, you generate an association of soothing. Therefore, you image to yourself this individual in association with the expression of soothing, soothingness to yourself, offering that expression to yourself.

JIM: I’ll further investigate that.

I have a couple more here. Essence name Taren Raven was what I came up with through some imagery, and it seems to be an energy closely connected with my high school experience and my friends. There was a lot of information through a teletype thing. First of all, am I correct in the essence name translation? It was at one point Tao Raven, and then in the moment it changed to Taloon Raven. Is this a correct translation of the energy essence name, and how am I connected?

ELIAS: This is not an essence name. This is a focus name, and this is a focus of you.

JIM: This is (inaudible)?

ELIAS: This is what you term to be Native American.

JIM: Speaking of other focuses, I’ve got one more impression here. It’s one with the name Danny Bailey, timeframe 2050-ish. Also perhaps I had a daughter, same essence as Noell. I’m wondering if I am connecting correctly here with timeframe and name.

ELIAS: Name, correct; time framework, 2150.

JIM: As far as potentiality for connecting, this is after the shift. So would this be a good possible connecting point for myself with another focus, as far as what I would term to be a long-term relationship with another focus?

ELIAS: In association with a future focus?

JIM: Correct.


JIM: Is this focus aware of me?


JIM: I guess that’s probably about it for Mary and time right now. I do have some more. But thank you for all the information, and next time I’ll have some more interesting ones for you. I appreciate your help.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting. Be playful!

JIM: Yes, always!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I offer to you tremendous affection and great encouragement, and you may extend my greeting to your friends.

JIM: Thank you, I shall.

ELIAS: To you this day, au revoir.

JIM: Good-bye.

Elias departs at 2:09 PM.

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