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Friday, July 05, 2002

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“Two Interpretations of Tooth Imagery”

“Final Focus Questions”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Don (Allard).

Elias arrives at 11:50 AM. (Arrival is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DON: Good morning. I have quite a few questions from other people today, Elias.

ELIAS: Very well.

DON: Let me start. The first ones are... Well, let’s see. I’ll ask for my brother Sam first. First he would like to know what you can tell him about his intent in this focus.

ELIAS: (Chuckles, pause) And what I shall offer is the challenge to be allowing himself to discover this theme within this focus himself, offering himself information through his impressions and also in active investigation. For each individual’s intent is the theme that moves throughout the entirety of the individual’s focus, not merely one section, so to speak, or one time framework, but throughout the entirety. It is the general direction in which an individual moves in their exploration in each individual focus. Therefore, in viewing the entirety of the focus, the individual may discover the intent in paying attention to the general direction of all of your experiences throughout the focus.

Now; within the general direction, each of you also move in more specific directions in association with the general direction. But if you are genuinely viewing your experiences throughout the entirety of an individual focus, it shall become clear or obvious that all of your experiences are motivated by one general theme throughout the focus.

Now; you may express to him that this may be his exercise, to be discovering his intent. Ha ha ha!

DON: You know, he’s quite capable.

ELIAS: Quite!

DON: Yes.

ELIAS: As are you all! Ha ha ha!

DON: He has several questions phrased as one word. One is, he wonders how he’s associated with the name Christopher Jensen. (1) (Pause)

ELIAS: This is another focus – not within this time framework [but] that which you identify as a past focus.

DON: I’d like to move to some questions from Stephen I believe is how to pronounce his name, essence name Ornah, or it was at one time. These are some I received from email. He’d like to know, and I’ll read these questions verbatim, “Currently is my essence name still Ornah and do I still belong and align with Sumari/Ilda?” (Pause)


DON: “Is Elijah the essence name of an essence that recently fragmented from Ornah?” (Pause)


DON: Oh, he’ll be happy to hear that, I think. “Does Elijah belong to Sumafi?” (Pause)


DON: “Is my intent still the merging of the two, subjective and objective, belief systems, or is that now just watching energy as is?”

ELIAS: This is an example of specific directions within the general direction. For in this time framework, the choice has been engaged to move in a specific direction within the general theme, to be observing the expressions of beliefs for a time framework.

DON: And one final question from him – I’m going to paraphrase this because I think he’s learned some more than he did when he had this question. He had some toothache imagery recently and would like – I’m not quite sure how to phrase this – would like to know if it’s related to his alignment with Ilda, and that is because of the relationship between the mouth part and telling. Probably he would, I think, just like to have your comments on that.

ELIAS: Yes, the impression is correct in association with interaction and generating some restriction of the outward interaction with other individuals, and withholding in a manner of speaking, not offering the vulnerability or openness in some expressions, and in a manner of speaking restricting himself in an offering of exposure of self.

DON: I have a couple of questions for my daughter, Kim. One is she believes that she has a focus in London during Victorian England. Do you have any hints for her to investigate that further?

ELIAS: The impression is correct. The individual does not engage nobility, but in a manner of speaking is quite enamored with the nobility in that time framework. Are you understanding?

DON: Yes. My own impression was that she was involved with the theater in that time. Is that correct?


DON: And as such, would she then have, since it was a popular thing to do, would she have come into contact with Joseph Merrick? (Pause)

ELIAS: Merely once.

DON: This is an impression that I think we both share – that is, she and I – and that’s that we’ve had at least one shared focus as Native Americans where we were brother and sister. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DON: I think she’s looking for some reassurance. She wonders if she and I will share focuses in the future, even though this is perhaps my final focus.

ELIAS: In response to the question, yes.

Now; let me also clarify, a final focus is a designation of an action and is not necessarily associated with linear time. It matters not that there may be future focuses or past focuses and that the final focus is not necessarily the last focus in association with your linear time framework. For the designation of a final focus is merely the designation of an action that is expressed by one focus.

As all of the focuses are in actuality occurring simultaneously, one focus is designated as the initiating or beginning focus, and one focus as the final or ending focus. What this expresses is a position of action. I have incorporated an analogy, in association with this concept, of a sparkler. One spark initiates the activity of the sparkler, all of the sparks are occurring simultaneously, and they all stop at one point.

In similar manner an essence chooses to engage attentions in a particular physical dimension, and therefore the initiating movement of the attentions to manifest within a particular physical dimension is generated by one attention and the disengagement of the essence attentions in that particular physical dimension is also initiated by one attention. In a manner of speaking, it may be likened to blinking, also. In your physical experience you may be focusing your vision upon an object and blink and turn your head, and your visual shall move to another object.

Now; in association with linear time, it matters not which attention turns the attention of the essence. You may incorporate hundreds of future focuses and be the final focus.

DON: Since you bring this up, one of my questions relates closely to this. I’ve been trying to understand what the motivations of essence might be in choosing a particular focus to be the designated final focus. I’d assume that the choice isn’t arbitrary. I’m wondering if perhaps there’s a correlation between the intent of the final focus and the overall intent of the essence in manifesting in that particular physical dimension, or if other preferences tend to be, or characteristics of the final focuses tend to be, preferences of the essence. Just what are the motivations in that choice?

ELIAS: In actuality, this is expressed more so in association with preference and in association with the desire of a particular focus of attention, which moves in association with the preference of essence.

Now; be remembering, you are all of essence. Therefore, essence is not an entity outside of yourself.

Now; in this, an essence may choose a particular focus of attention that is generating a particular type of experience as the final focus or as the beginning focus.

Many times beginning or initiating focuses are future focuses or may be recognized as a future focus in this time framework, for an essence may choose not to be incorporating more focuses of attention within your linear time framework beyond the insertion of this shift in consciousness. But many times an essence may choose to be incorporating the initiating focus as a future focus in association with preference and ease in manifestations, and in a manner of speaking in association with the type of exploration that shall be generated in association with your linear time, and may choose a final focus designation within what you view to be past focuses, in association with the type of manifestations and cultures that may be generated within what you view to be past centuries.

Now; many essences have chosen to be designating many final focuses within this time framework of what you view to be your present century and your previous century, for this is a movement in association with this shift in consciousness. This also generates an ease, which is a preference of all essences, to be generating ease in movement.

DON: I have some questions from Dale I’d like to ask you. The first one is, and I’ll read these verbatim, “Please confirm ‘What Dreams May Come’ is a quite accurate portrayal of how malleable physical reality is, how influencing beliefs are to perception, and how perception generates physical reality.” “What Dreams May Come” being a movie. (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct, although I may also express to you the reminder that this is a translation, but in that translation it is relatively accurate.

DON: “I feel” – this is from Dale again – “I feel a huge exciting inspiring draw to the Pantheon, not the Parthenon, and what I feel it represents, although I cannot translate it into verbal language. Please elucidate on the significance of it to me personally and to mass reality.” (Pause)

ELIAS: To you individually it incorporates significance in association with other focuses of attention of your essence and also as a symbol, in a manner of speaking, of an ideal, so to speak. In this, the ideal is representative of beliefs that inspire greatness, wonderment and achievement.

What you are experiencing in association with the mass is more of a recognition of a mass expression of consciousness in continuing to generate a collective attention in association with this physical area, so to speak, which generates a collective energy deposit, in a manner of speaking.

DON: This is from Dale again. “I would like some elucidation on why I am continuously generating tooth imagery. As I’m aware the offering of impressions is beneficial, I’m doing so, although for brevity’s sake I’m expressing them in a general manner. As you know, if I were to express all of the layers I am aware of, it would be multitudes. Most specifically, what am I not choosing to notice, that I keep presenting myself with this tooth imagery?”

Her impressions are “...sexual attraction beliefs and also offering myself the opportunity to instantaneously manifest. Although I don’t feel this as a most probable probability at this time, it is still a possibility, and I would like information specific to me regarding my fear of generating this. I feel my ability to allow this and other instant manifestations, and yet I’m quite well aware of all the fear I choose to perceive through instead. Is it really as simple as addressing to the belief system of religion/spirituality and the fear of self we’ve constructed within that?”

ELIAS: I may express my acknowledgment of you in your translation of your impression in association with manifesting what you want in the moment and also your recognition of the association of sexuality.

Now; I shall express to you that you may be investigating and exploring your withholding of your expression of freedom in association with yourself and other individuals with regard to beliefs concerning sexuality, the allowance of yourself to be freely expressing yourself without restriction and without limitation in association with your concern of how you may be perceived by other individuals, and whether you incorporate the ability to genuinely express yourself in right manner. For there is no right manner; it is merely a question of whether you allow yourself the freedom of your own wants without restriction and not concerning yourself with the expectations or the choices of other individuals, and the limitations that you place upon yourself in relation to right behavior or right choices.

I am understanding your automatic association with religious beliefs, but I may offer the suggestion that you move your attention to more physical beliefs in association with sexuality, for this is what you are generating this manifestation in association with much more strongly. Although there are what you may term to be undertone influences of religious beliefs, they are not as strongly affecting as the beliefs that are incorporated in association with physical expression of sexuality.

DON: That sounds like pretty good advice for me, too. (Elias laughs) In fact, it makes me wonder even more. I think we, both Dale and I, think that at least intermittently since early childhood we’ve had some counterpart action between us. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DON: Has it been intermittent or has it been a fairly constant thing?

ELIAS: Not constant.

DON: We also both have the impression that we shared a few focuses together. My impression when I first considered that, one of the first ones was of us being black male warriors in a tribe or culture in central Africa maybe a few hundred years ago. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DON: Do you have any hints to investigate that a little further? Or would I be capable of that? I probably am.

ELIAS: You are quite capable. And I shall also, once again, offer the suggestion that you allow yourselves to pool your energy, so to speak. You may be offering yourself information more easily in allowing yourselves to be investigating of these focuses together.

DON: I almost feel like I could refrain asking you about a couple of other impressions, but I will ask. I also had the impression of us being associated as black slaves in pre-Civil War South.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

DON: Was I male and she female at that time?

ELIAS: Reverse.

DON: I also picked up some impressions of an association in ancient Rome that are kind of confused. My first thought was that I was a slave woman and associated with her, with her being a man. But then I picked up a lady, a woman, if not of nobility then of the leisure class, and I’m not sure who that is. I don’t really see a triangle, but they’re all blending together. Do you have anything to offer about that?

ELIAS: The first two individuals, you are correct. These individuals may be associated with peasantry, incorporating what you view to be little status within that time framework. The third individual incorporates some brief interactions with these two individuals in what you would associate as expressions of kindnesses. That individual (pause) is your brother.

DON: Oh! Interesting! Thank you. Let’s see. I just have 15 minutes. There are some other questions I’d like to go to.

ELIAS: Very well.

DON: I wanted to ask you a little bit, Elias, about my impressions of interactions that I’ve had since my last session with you, with some of the other essences helping with this energy exchange. Until about two weeks ago I thought Otha had been signaling me very actively. My impression is that he wasn’t trying to get me to notice anything in particular that was happening at that moment, but it felt like just kind of a friendly “Hello, I’m here.” I almost pick up an energy from him like the best of a dog and a bear. Is this a reasonable translation?

ELIAS: In actuality, I may express to you this is a combined expression of Otha and Ordin, and yes, you are correct in your translation.

DON: I feel Tompkin around fairly consistently and his interaction, or hers, seems more directly related to the circumstances of the moment, although I can’t really say anything more specific. I noticed she seemed to be very active when I visited my friend Julie for a couple of days last week, as did several of the other essences. I’m not sure if that’s because they wanted me to notice something while I was visiting her or if it was just that I was more relaxed and more open.

ELIAS: Both.

DON: Why Tompkin in particular? Why was she, what was she trying to get me to notice when I was with Julie?

ELIAS: Moments in which you are expressing more strongly your association with religious beliefs, in association with ideas concerning spirituality which are directly associated with religious beliefs, not necessarily genuine expressions of spirituality.

DON: Would that in part be because Julie and I were associated in one of the focuses where I was a Buddhist monk?

ELIAS: No, this is directly associated with the interaction and the expressions that you generate now.

DON: I have felt Ayla communicating. It feels to me, just a little bit, that I have more of a sense of her just sitting and watching. While I imagine none of these emotions are anything but my own translation of something else, were I to ascribe emotions to her while sitting and watching, they’d be a combination of amusement and impatience and kind of a slight sternness. Is that an accurate translation at all, or what does that represent?

ELIAS: Yes. In your terms and within your recognition of the energy and what is known to you objectively within your physical dimension and your experiences, this may be viewed as an accurate translation of the expression of that energy, yes.

DON: Then the question is, what is she impatient with me about?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of impatience with you. But recognize the feeling or the experience of the energy. You are ascribing terms to this energy which are accurate in a manner of speaking, as being translated, but not in association with personalization – more so in association with the action of that type of expression. Are you understanding?

DON: Yes.

ELIAS: The expression of the energy that you may experience in the action of impatience.

DON: So while this is my translation, I feel this is again an impression of Ayla that I’m picking up through my inner sense of conceptualization. So while the emotional translation might be somewhat different on someone else’s part, they would also get something akin to my impressions. Is that...

ELIAS: Somewhat. It may be translated somewhat differently by another individual. Another individual may express their translation of that energy as a tension or a tightness.

DON: Would it be helpful to my self-understanding to know something about the fragmentation that gave rise to my essence, Allard?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

DON: Well, I’ll let it go, then!

I felt you actively also, Elias. One time comes to mind – I can’t remember, it was a few weeks ago – I had a dream concerning my father, and as I was waking from the dream I felt signaled by you very strongly. I thought that you were communicating to me both to notice that dream and also inviting me or saying it was acceptable if I brought up my relationship with my father to you. Is that an accurate impression?


DON: Well, I promptly forgot the dream, so... But you know I have a very difficult, intense and yet not unrewarding relationship with my father. I feel almost like he is the trigger for about all of the conflict I see anywhere in my life, I manifest in this relationship. (Elias laughs) I really think that. I’m wondering first, is it possible to have both parallel and opposite counterpart action between two focuses at the same time?


DON: Do we have that? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, but not consistently. It fluctuates.

DON: Yes, it feels like it does.

I just learned something yesterday that surprised me. I just read recently “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” which I quite enjoyed, by the way. My father said that he has read “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” several times, and every time it leads him to weep uncontrollably. I’m wondering if he was in the Reading jail, even perhaps when Oscar Wilde was there, and did they know each other? (Pause)

ELIAS: The individuals are not objectively known to each other, but your impression is correct that there is an another focus of that individual that is experiencing conditions within that establishment.

DON: Now, I feel so confused about this relationship that I really don’t know where to begin. As I read through the transcripts, the advice that you’ve given other people with regard to conflict in relationships, I can feel that it is all pertinent to my own. I’m wondering just... But you know, I start to get overwhelmed with all of the advice, and I wonder if you could sort of give me a summation or an extraction with regard to this particular relationship that I could consider and work with, and then maybe talk to you about it again later.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall offer the suggestion to you that you allow yourself to be noticing in the moments in which you begin to generate conflict in interaction with this individual. Once noticing, move your attention to yourself and question yourself in relation to what you are generating within yourself that expresses a threat. For you image this through this individual or you associate it with this individual, but in actuality, for the most part, almost every conflict that you engage with this particular individual is generated with an underlying but quite strongly expressed feeling of threateningness.

DON: That is, that I feel threatened?


DON: Yes. Yes, I probably confuse the poor guy sometimes. (Elias laughs with Don) Because I feel all of the conflict and the fears that I have are expressed by my creation of and feelings about this relationship.

I have another question motivated by my father that maybe we have time for. You said in one point in the transcripts that – I’m having to paraphrase here – to you, the idea that our experience of consciousness as an epiphenomenon of the interaction of the bits of matter that form our nervous system is frankly illogical. First, is that a reasonable paraphrase?


DON: So, I’m wondering then if that implies – and I’ve worked on this actually for years without complete success certainly – does that imply that there’s a logical argument that you could present that would refute that notion?

ELIAS: What are you seeking?

DON: Well, I’m seeking a logical argument that my creation of my father would accept. I’m seeking to change my father! (Elias laughs) Actually, to change those feelings, really, that I’ve adopted that I create in him. I guess I’m looking to convince him, and that part of me, that consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of the interaction of matter.

ELIAS: Now; I shall express to you the question why shall you concern yourself with attempting to teach or convince this individual of any expression?

DON: Of course, that’s a good question and that’s why I tried to refer back to myself. It feels to me like first I want to convince my father of this. And then I think, well, obviously if I feel that, and if he is in my world, then I have that part of myself that I’m trying to create. Now in thinking about your question, I think that I want to convince him of that... It’s gets complicated, because then he will think more like myself...

ELIAS: Correct!

DON: ...and then we will no longer have the conflict that we have.

ELIAS: I am quite aware, and I am acknowledging of you in your movement with this question in offering yourself information presently as to your motivation in association with this individual.

In this, once again, I may express to you, allow yourself to be examining the expression of threat which YOU are generating within yourself in association with this individual. You DO express difference, and as I have offered previously, individuals view difference in association with threat, and sameness in association with validation.

DON: Yep! (Laughs) That’s pretty good! You’re right.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Therefore, as you recognize that there are no absolutes and that you each generate your individual realities through your individual perceptions and one is not better than another and one is not right and another wrong, they are merely different, and as you allow yourself to accept YOUR difference, you shall also generate a natural by-product of acceptance of his difference.

DON: Okay. It’s about time to wind up. Thanks a lot, Elias, and thanks for giving me that message with the dream. I really did want to bring up this relationship and start looking at it differently. Have I had as much movement in the last few months as it feels like?


DON: Quite a bit then, would you say?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express acknowledgment to you. Ha ha ha ha!

DON: Let’s see. Well, I guess that’s it. Thanks for every thing.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall continue to offer my energy to you in encouragement in your movement, especially in association with your interaction with your father.

DON: Oh, thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. In tremendous affection as always, my friend, au revoir.

DON: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:51 PM.


(1) Don’s note: My brother Sam was being a little tricky with this question. He had the impression that he has a focus in the past named Christopher Jensen, but a close friend of his now is named Christopher Jantzen, almost identical phonetically. In light of this I found it interesting that Elias volunteered that Christopher Jensen is a past focus, not a current one

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