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Saturday, June 08, 2002

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“Opening Neurological Pathways”

“A Definition of Evil”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Pat (Treice), and Peter (Magnus).

Elias arrives at 11:26 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Welcome!

PAT: Thank you.

ELIAS: Again. (Chuckles)

PAT: Yes, I’m happy to be here. I have Magnus with me today.

ELIAS: And welcome to you also.

PETER: Thank you.

PAT: I have a lot of questions.

ELIAS: Very well, you may proceed.

PAT: One of the things that has been troubling me immediately is the upsetness I’ve been creating in my life, concerning my home environment and the surrounding environment of traffic and noise. I’m wondering if I’m creating this as an impetus to relocate.

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAT: That it is, or else I wouldn’t do that.

ELIAS: You are correct.

PAT: Is this going to be soon, my intention?

ELIAS: This is your choice! (Both laugh)

PAT: But that’s why I’m creating this?


PAT: Another thing I’m creating a lot is problems that are with my computer. I think that what I do is manifest issues through the machinery. I lost all my photographs. What is that about? Why do I do that?

ELIAS: Communication.

PAT: Communication? I don’t understand.

ELIAS: You are generating an energy and affecting of certain instruments, as a form of objective imagery in a manner to communicate with yourself to be paying attention.

PAT: One of things I was thinking was that the loss of the photographs indicated that I needed to be in the present and to let go of the past. Is that a valid connection?


PAT: Can I get them back?

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

PAT: It’s just a matter of deciding?

ELIAS: Not necessarily deciding, but choosing and trusting yourself, knowing that you have created this and that you may also choose to create a different manifestation.

PAT: Could I ask you what message Magnus is creating in ignoring his headaches that he has manifest in the past week? (Pause)

ELIAS: Explain ignoring.

PAT: In terms of what I understand your communications to be, is that we are receiving communications in our objective situation, and when we ignore them they are translated into a physical uncomfortableness, such as a headache.

ELIAS: At times; not always. This is not a rule.

Let me express to you, as I offer you information I offer this to you in association with what you are expressing in the moment and in relation to specific situations and specific individuals. This is not necessarily to be associated in every situation. That is an expression of absolutes, and there are no absolutes. Each individual manifests differently. Each individual creates their reality through their individual unique perception, and chooses manners in which to communicate to themselves in different manners.

One individual may be manifesting a painfulness within their head and it may be expressing a communication. Another individual may generate the same or similar affectingness and it may not be a communication. It is dependent upon each individual and what they are generating.

PAT: So, if it wasn’t a communication, what else might it be?

ELIAS: In actuality this is not a communication, and this is not a situation of ignoring a communication and therefore it repeating, but rather a situation of actual widening of awareness.

At times, in the process of widening awareness with individuals, what you actually engage is a physical opening of neurological pathways within your physical brain. This action, for the most part – but once again it is not a rule – generates painfulness or discomfort temporarily.

PAT: So this will pass.


PAT: Wow!

PETER: How would you be able to distinguish between A and B, as to A being a communication and B being a widening of awareness?

ELIAS: In paying attention to yourself and noticing what you are generating within any time framework. If you are generating discomfort physically or manifesting some type of physical affectingness, you may associate that with what you are generating within your objective imagery, what you do. In this, as you recognize in paying attention to yourself and noticing what you are creating in the moment, in the now, you shall notice an expression of tension within your physical body. In this, you may allow yourself to move your attention and investigate yourself, question yourself. What are you generating that you are manifesting this physical affectingness as a reflection of?

Now; this shall also be accompanied by other communications. You do not generate physical affectingnesses as a communication without offering yourself other avenues of communication also. Emotional communications shall be expressed also in association with the physical manifestation, and if you are allowing yourself to genuinely notice and pay attention, you shall recognize holding to your energy. The manner in which you recognize this is recognizing the physical tension that you are holding within your physical body consciousness.

Now; in this situation, there is no expression of emotional communication, and there is not a tremendous expression of tension in holding to your energy within your physical body consciousness – no more so than you generally create, for you do create that expression often. But you are not increasing the tension that you express within your physical body consciousness.

Therefore, without the other communications, or the differing in your expression, or noticing that you are presenting to yourself an anxiousness but you are merely generating this physical affectingness of discomfort within the physical brain, you may assess that you are opening neurological pathways. This is quite common.

PAT: At this time.


PAT: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAT: My friend, Grace, is having a lot of problems with her back. She wanted me to ask you what she is creating with that, her lower back.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you may offer the response that this is a creation in association with personal responsibility and a lack of supportiveness to herself, and if she is so choosing, I extend the invitation that she may be engaging conversation with myself individually and I shall offer more information. But in this scenario, this would be intrusive.

PAT: Yes, thank you.

I’m curious about my intent in this focus. What I connected to was that I’ve always been curious and wanting to understand everything, a larger understanding of what’s going on in this reality. Is that my intent?

ELIAS: An exploration of analyzation.

PAT: Is that it?


PAT: Oh, great! And how about Magnus, what is his intent?

ELIAS: (To Peter) And what is your expression?

PETER: Well, I feel like I have an intent. I feel like there’s something that I’m anxious to pursue. I can’t really put my finger on it, though I feel like I have that urge.

ELIAS: Let me offer explanation. The manner in which you allow yourselves to recognize what your intent is in any particular focus is to allow yourself to view the entirety of your manifestation, not merely now, but throughout the entirety of your manifestation in this physical focus.

Your intent is a direction. It is a general direction, a type of theme that moves throughout the entirety of your focus. In this theme or general direction, you continuously generate experiences that branch into fingers, so to speak, many different avenues in which you allow yourself to more specifically explore the particular direction, the general direction, of your focus.

Every individual within your physical dimension incorporates an individual unique intent. Many individuals may express a general intent which may be similar, but the manner in which each individual explores that general direction is unique to the individual.

Now; you may allow yourself to discover or identify what your intent is, in this process of viewing the entirety of this focus and allowing yourself to recognize the theme of your focus and what motivates your experiences.

PETER: So, the answer is already there. I just have to review my life to see what crops up.

ELIAS: Correct. What you are experiencing presently in what you describe to be this feeling or anticipation of a movement is merely a time framework in which you are moving into a new direction within the general theme.

PAT: Magnus – can you tell him any of his past focuses? (Pause)

ELIAS: I may offer to you one that you may investigate and offer yourself information concerning: within the physical location of Norway, time framework 1300s, individual expresses the gender of male. This individual is quite fond of exploring, but also generates a tremendous preference and loyalty to family. This may be an interesting investigation if you are allowing yourself to be connecting with that focus.

I may also offer to you one other: female, physical location what you identify now as Brazil, time framework 1200s, what you term to be a native individual, small tribe – quite colorful.

PAT: Did we share any other focuses together besides this one?

ELIAS: Yes, several.

PAT: Close?

ELIAS: Yes, in different capacities of relationships.

PAT: How many focuses does Magnus have in this timeframe right now, presently?


PAT: And myself?

ELIAS: Five.

PAT: And one in China?


PAT: Does Burl have any famous focuses? Burl is my son.

ELIAS: Yes, and your impression?

PAT: I don’t have an impression. I just think something like comedian or something like that.

ELIAS: That is incorporated, but not in a capacity of notoriety. But you may be investigating and allow yourself to be listening to your impressions in relation to what you term to be famous focuses.

PAT: So there is one?


PETER: Seth and you say that there is no unconscious. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PETER: Where does the higher self fit in? Are we conscious of the higher self or is the higher self something we couldn’t be conscious of because the higher self is in another dimension, as we are alive now?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this term of “higher self” is directly associated with religious beliefs. There is no higher self; there is merely consciousness and essence. Essence is merely a designation of personality energy expressions of consciousness.

Now; you as essence do incorporate a vastness, which is expressed in, much more than you view within this one focus. What you are as a manifestation in this physical projection is a focus of attention, but this is no less of an expression of the whole of essence than any attention.

You within this physical manifestation incorporate an attention, do you not? Is your attention separate from you?


ELIAS: Is it less than you?


ELIAS: Is it greater than you?


ELIAS: It is you, and you as an attention are also essence and are not less than and may not be separated from, and any other attention is not greater than you. All of essence, all of the attentions, are accessible to you.

Within this physical dimension, in its design, you have created two aspects of awareness. The physical design of this physical dimension – the blueprint, so to speak – of this physical dimension is dual. Therefore, in all of your expressions, in all of your manifestations, there are dual qualities.

As I have stated, the base elements of this physical dimension are emotion and sexuality, not in what you define as emotion and sexuality, but these are the base elements of this dimension. You also generate the duality – not duplicity – the duality of physical manifestations. You generate two genders.

You also generate two awarenesses, an objective and a subjective. The objective awareness generates all of this, all that you view, for the objective awareness is directly associated with perception. Perception, as I have stated, is the mechanism which you generate within this physical dimension that creates all of your physical manifestations.

Now; the subjective awareness directs communication.

Now; you may associate the subjective awareness with the emotion element of your physical reality. The objective awareness is associated with the sexuality aspect of your reality. The subjective directs communication, the objective directs manifestation, and they move in continuous harmony with each other. But you generally move your attention merely in association with the objective, which is quite acceptable. It matters not that you do not focus your attention upon the subjective expressions, for you are highly efficient beings in this manifestation, and in this you have created a manner in which all of the subjective movement and expression is available and translatable through the objective awareness.

As I have stated many times, common is the most common orientation, and individuals that incorporate the orientation of common focus attention almost exclusively objectively. But as I have stated, you also offer yourselves manners in which you may interpret and translate what the subjective awareness is communicating in many, many, many manners. It is expressed all about you.

PAT: But we mostly ignore it.

ELIAS: Yes, for you are unfamiliar with how you translate, and as I have stated previously, what you have become familiar with is what you term to be placing your awareness upon automatic pilot and merely moving through your focus, not paying attention to how you are creating or what you are creating, which has been pastly purposeful.

But you have explored to the fullest in that manner within this physical dimension, and therefore you are inserting this shift in consciousness, and in inserting this shift in consciousness, in widening your objective awareness, you are redefining your reality and you are allowing yourselves to notice, and you are recognizing that this action of noticing is your greatest tool.

Now; in this, I may express to you, you are correct, there is no subconscious, there is no higher self, and there is no expression of yourself that is hidden from you. There is no underlying craftiness that you express within yourself that generates choices for you, nor does the cosmos – which is not an entity – create choices for you, nor do other individuals create choices for you. You generate all of your reality individually through your perception. If you are turning your attention to yourselves – which you are, and you shall continue to do more so and more so as you insert this shift in consciousness into your objective reality – you allow yourselves more and more of a familiarity with yourselves.

We shall be addressing to this subject matter this day in our next session in our group forum, for I incorporate an awareness of a tremendous movement which is occurring in association with your physical dimension presently which is generating a tremendous confusion with many, many individuals. You are addressing to now HOW you create your reality, not merely WHAT you create within your reality.

PAT: Well, thank you.

PETER: That whole treatise that you just mentioned about objective and subjective reality and so forth, did the philosophers of the 9th and 10th centuries, and 11th and 12th centuries, around that time, have an understanding of this when the debate between realism and nominalism was in vogue? Was this the beginning of a shift that didn’t become complete around the millennium?

ELIAS: A different expression. For that has been expressed with somewhat of an awareness, but more so in association and compliance with religious beliefs within the movement of the religious era. Within your previous century and this century, you have generated this Source Event of this shift, which is a movement away from, so to speak, the religious era into a new expression.

PAT: I have a more mundane thing, and I want to see how my beliefs work.

In the present time, I want a car, a new car. My associations are it’s too expensive, it would get damaged by traffic and bumping with a lot of cars around, I can’t park it places because it might get stolen. I have all these beliefs.

Now, all these beliefs are conflicting, so I have a belief that I want it but I shouldn’t have it because of these reasons. Do these conflicting beliefs prevent me from getting it?


PAT: I thought that if we are aware of our beliefs then they neutralize.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

PAT: How do I neutralize them?

ELIAS: This is choice, and this we shall be discussing also in our next session. But you are correct that this is a step into acceptance, that you recognize that you incorporate these beliefs, and you are not attempting to eliminate them but acknowledging that they exist. Now; once recognizing that you incorporate these beliefs, it is a matter of allowing yourself choice, recognition that the beliefs exist, not forcing energy, not creating struggle with these beliefs, and also genuinely recognizing that they matter not, for you incorporate choice.

PAT: So if I’m understanding you correctly, if I make a choice with these conflicting beliefs, I make a choice, but then those other issues, I choose to say they don’t matter?

ELIAS: Correct. The beliefs continue to exist. All of your belief systems continue to exist. In the acceptance of them, you recognize the existence of these beliefs, you recognize the potential of their affectingness, but you also recognize your choice and express a genuineness that it matters not in ANY choice, that you are merely generating a choice and you are acknowledging your preference in the moment.

This is not an absolute. It is merely a preference which is associated with you and your perception. In that acknowledgment of choice, you genuinely recognize that WHATEVER choice you engage is merely a choice, and what you are choosing is an intentional expression of your preference.

PAT: But I’m not choosing to be a victim of my beliefs, if that makes sense.

ELIAS: Yes. If you are incorporating choice, you shall not be a victim.

PAT: So I have to consciously be aware of my choice.

But some things just happen. I’ve been trying to pay attention to the now. For example, we might have arrangements to meet someone and I’ll be aware, which I ordinarily wouldn’t be aware of, that I don’t want to meet this person. I say, “Okay, we’re going to meet this person,” but I really don’t want to meet this person. Then sometimes what happens during the course of the day is the person will call up and say, “Oh, I can’t meet with you today.” Is that a manifestation...


PAT: ...of recognizing my belief and then allowing it?

ELIAS: Yes, and listening to you, acknowledging your communication.

PAT: Yeah, because usually I ignore it.

ELIAS: In ignore-ance or in forcing your energy and generating choices that you do not want, you create conflict. In creating your reality, as I have stated many times, you may quite surprise yourselves in what you shall create and generate if you ARE acknowledging of your communications and listening. You eliminate the conflict – not the beliefs, but the conflict.

PAT: I notice that I have, in trying to do this and in reading the transcripts, I’ve been paying attention to the now. I don’t always do that; sometimes I have to remember over the course of the day. But I notice that I have in the past totally concentrated on other individuals – what do they want, what are they choosing, what is their preference and trying to comply with that – and I’ve been trying to change that now and notice what my own are.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the point. But I may acknowledge to you, my friend, the actions that you are moving into now, the expressions that you are generating now are a genuine movement in familiarizing yourself with you and paying attention to you, which is quite in alignment with this shift in consciousness. But it is not without its challenges, for this is quite unfamiliar.

I have expressed from the onset of this forum, this is the reason that trauma is associated with this shift, for you are altering your actual reality.

PAT: So even though we’re paying attention and noticing what we’re creating in the moment, we’re still going to be confronted with, “Oh, look at that! What happened?” Is that what you’re saying, some surprising thing or unanticipated event?

ELIAS: You are not eliminating your expressions of surprise. Consciousness is continuously surprising itself, for you are continuously generating anew.

PAT: I guess that’s a little confusing to me, because I figure if I am aware of what I’m creating then there won’t be any surprises eventually. But there always are.

ELIAS: Correct.

PETER: Even after the shift, there will be?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Do you create surprises for yourself?

ELIAS: Continuously. This is the nature of consciousness. What you are not fully understanding yet objectively is that you are not learning and you are not generating a movement to arrive at a destination point. The nature of consciousness is continuous change, continuous expansion, continuous exploration, a continuous folding-in upon self, exploring self, so to speak, to expand, and to constantly generate that expansion. In a manner of speaking, creating a thing from nothing.

PETER: Has this message been given to other Marys through other Eliases and other Seths throughout history?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

PETER: People from another focus, an Elias-type person, speaking to somebody in this focus and explaining to them this message that you just so eloquently gave us, has it been given before and it’s been distorted? For example, Christ – did he have it and have it correctly but his followers took it and distorted it or misinterpreted it?

ELIAS: I am understanding your question. Let me express to you, similar information has been expressed. It is not necessarily that it has been distorted; it has been received in association with the movement of the direction of consciousness within those time frameworks in association with what the collective is generating with different explorations.

To this point throughout your history, you have generated explorations of your belief systems. You have created these belief systems as an aspect of the blueprint of this physical dimension, and therefore you have explored the expressions of them, the movement of them. Therefore, information has been offered, yes, many times through many individuals throughout your history and it has not necessarily been distorted, for it has been incorporated within specific time frameworks in association with the beliefs being explored in that time framework.

In this time framework, you have explored the beliefs. You recognize that these are not truths; these are beliefs. You incorporate belief systems, which incorporate many, many, many aspects of each belief system, beliefs within belief systems. You are aware of these expressions. You are becoming aware objectively throughout your globe that beliefs are not truths. You are becoming aware that beliefs are not absolutes. In this, information is being offered, again quite similar, but in a different expression, for now you are not exploring beliefs, you are exploring freedom and the direction of self, the intentional direction of self and the expansion of your physical dimension through the expansion of your awareness.

PETER: We had a discussion at dinner last night about evil with some people who know nothing about Elias or Seth. Pat and I were saying we didn’t believe evil existed and this other party was saying that the terrorists were evil and other characters throughout history were evil. I just realized as you were speaking that it’s possible that they were right and we were right, that evil did exist but now the belief has changed and evil no longer exists.

ELIAS: Beliefs do not change. They remain the same. Your perceptions change; perception is continuously changing. Your association with beliefs changes, and the expression of acceptance of beliefs is a change within your reality.

But I may express to you, your statement that you are both correct is correct, for evil as an entity, no, does not exist. This is not an expression within your reality nor within consciousness. As a condition, evil does not exist.

As a perception, as an expression, yes, for evil may be defined as the absence of compassion, and compassion is defined in understanding. Therefore, the absence of understanding is the expression of evil. But this is not bad; it is merely an expression of perception. Therefore, you are correct [that] you are both correct.

PETER: I was with you all the way up until you said this is not bad. If we don’t have compassion and understanding, we kill each other. Isn’t that bad?

ELIAS: It is a choice. It is an experience.

PETER: That we mentioned last night at dinner, too. We were trying to talk about evil, and ultimately they said, “Killing another person is evil. There’s no two ways about it. That’s not even discussable.”

ELIAS: And this is an expression of absolute, and this is what you are shifting.

There are no absolutes. Your perception generates one reality and you generate your individual opinions and preferences. But they are not absolute; they are relative to your perception. Another individual incorporates a different perception – it is not absolute, either. It is relative to their creation of their reality and their preferences and their opinions.

I have expressed many times, you shall continue to incorporate your individual opinions and preferences after this shift is fully realized. Incorporating opinions and preferences is not necessarily associated with judgment. For in the recognition of no absolutes, you also recognize that you prefer to be expressing in certain manners, and you generate thoughts in translation of the beliefs that you recognize you are expressing and through choice, but you also recognize that perception is individual and that there are no absolutes. One is not right and one is not wrong.

PAT: So I accept the other people’s perception as valid.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Valid for them.


PETER: I don’t want to be facetious, but then after the shift the only absolute will be that there are no absolutes, which means that there is an absolute. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: I am understanding your expression, which has been presented many times, and even this is not an absolute! (Laughs loudly)

PETER: We have about four minutes left.

PAT: I’ll just ask one quick question about Christopher. Is he still in transition?


PAT: Can you tell me his essence or his focus name ... well, I guess his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Luah (LOO uh).

PAT: L-U...?

ELIAS: ...U-A-H.

PAT: Did I have a lot of focuses with him?

ELIAS: Several.

PAT: How about Magnus, did he have a lot?

ELIAS: Several.

PETER: My grandfather on my father’s side was seen by a person who can see out of this dimension as standing behind me on one occasion and being in my presence. Did that happen?

ELIAS: As an energy expression, yes.

PETER: So I’m more closely tied to him than other relatives that have passed on?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is merely a drawing of energy.

PAT: The person was indicating that Luah was connected with his grandfather also. Were they helping each other, even though they never knew each other in this focus?

ELIAS: I am understanding. You are generating a thought process quite in association with your physical dimension and what is known in physical expressions. Within nonphysical expressions of consciousness there is no separation; therefore all essences are merging with all essences, and they are all known to each other.

PAT: I understand. I thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are QUITE welcome, and I shall be engaging you quite soon also – ha ha ha! – as we continue. To you both, I offer an expression of my energy in great encouragement in your movement and [in] supportiveness, and as always offer my great affection.

PAT & PETER: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you each, au revoir.

PAT: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:25 PM.

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