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Friday, May 24, 2002

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ďSumafi Repetition, a Natural ExpressionĒ

ďExtremes in Association with Worth, Extremes in Physical Body ManifestationsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Joanne (Saraan).

Elias arrives at 10:22 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOANNE: Good morning! Iím Joanne, and itís very nice to meet you.

ELIAS: Welcome!

JOANNE: I wanted to start with just a few statistics for me and a couple of my family and friends, if thatís all right.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOANNE: Iíd like to know the essence name, family, alignment, orientation and focus type for me, my brother Jeffrey, my son Rick, my friend Alex, and my friend Carol.

ELIAS: Very well. For yourself, essence name, Saraan, S-A-R-A-A-N (suh RANN). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment in this focus, Sumari; orientation, soft; focus type, thought. Offer next individual.

JOANNE: Before we do, how many focuses do I have in this one, like number?

ELIAS: Total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension, 121.

JOANNE: Is this my final focus?


JOANNE: Jeff is the next individual.

ELIAS: Essence name, Frederik, F-R-E-D-E-R-I-K. And your impressions?

JOANNE: Of his family?


JOANNE: I donít know the families really well, but the one thatís... Maybe Borledim in there somewhere?

ELIAS: Alignment.

JOANNE: I donít have an impression of his family.

ELIAS: Sumari.

JOANNE: Oh, yes, that makes sense. And his orientation I really think is intermediate.

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

JOANNE: Really! Is he thought focused?

ELIAS: Political.

JOANNE: And how many focuses does he have?

ELIAS: Four hundred eight.

JOANNE: And my son, Richard?

ELIAS: Essence name, Dane, D-A-N-E.

JOANNE: I thought there was Milumet in there somewhere for his family or alignment.

ELIAS: Alignment. Essence family, Sumafi.

JOANNE: And his orientation Ė is he common?


JOANNE: Is he political too?

ELIAS: No, emotional.

JOANNE: Number of focuses?

ELIAS: Six hundred five.

JOANNE: And my friend, Alex.

ELIAS: Essence name, Wynn, W-Y-N-N (WIN).

JOANNE: I think heís got Tumold in there somewhere.

ELIAS: Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Ilda.

JOANNE: Orientation is probably common.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: I donít know his focus type.

ELIAS: Emotional.

JOANNE: Number of focuses?

ELIAS: Two hundred ninety-seven.

JOANNE: The last one that weíll do today is my girlfriend, Carol. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Sophina, S-O-P-H-I-N-A (soh FEE nah).

JOANNE: I would say sheís got Sumafi, maybe Sumari in there, too, somewhere.

ELIAS: Reverse.

JOANNE: Sumari/Sumafi?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: Is she common?


JOANNE: Thought?

ELIAS: Emotional.

JOANNE: Number of focuses?

ELIAS: One thousand three hundred four.

JOANNE: Is there anyone in my immediate circle that I would connect with thatís intermediate, just so I have a point of reference? (Pause)

ELIAS: Presently, no.

JOANNE: Have we had contact before this session?


JOANNE: Can you tell me when?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I have been interactive with you in what you recognize as this previous year. (Pause)

JOANNE: Can you give me more information on that?

ELIAS: I have been offering energy to you and have offered an expression of my energy to you within dream imagery and also within waking time framework merely to allow you to familiarize yourself with the energy expression in preparation for your objective meeting.

JOANNE: How will I recognize you? How do I recognize the interactions?

ELIAS: Allowing yourself to be open and paying attention to different expressions of energy. Now that you have allowed yourself to objectively encounter interaction with myself in conversation, you may also allow yourself a clearer recognition of the difference of your energy and that of my energy, and if you are so choosing, I shall offer expressions of my energy in manifestations of the vibrational color of blue.

JOANNE: Thatís great. Did we choose specific challenges for each focus? Are they sort of set?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no.

JOANNE: Iíd like to get into some specific areas for me. I have some struggles with a lot things in this focus with victim, fear and so on, and my intent seems to get lost in there, for me anyway. Itís just recently that Iím starting to understand what that means, and I just want to see if you would confirm my intent.

ELIAS: And what is your identification of your intent?

JOANNE: Iím almost afraid to say it because itís so exciting. I believe that Iím supposed to building things and creating things, and I do that in a business environment, mostly. But Iím afraid that maybe thatís not it or... It gets a little bit mixed up. If you could give me some insight in there, that would be great.

ELIAS: You are correct. This is the general theme of your focus, but it is not limited to business.

JOANNE: How do relationships play in that?

ELIAS: This also is another avenue of expression in association with your intent individually. For the term ďbuildingĒ is a general theme, but in actuality, more specifically, the intent is expressed in the investigation of constructs and the different types of constructions that you may create, which also may be explored in association with relationships of any type.

JOANNE: There are two areas that Iíd like to dive into a little deeper today. One of them is something that has come up for me my whole life, and it is related to body image and body shape, size, all of that stuff. Itís very pervasive in my life, and I want to understand it better, the source of it. If you could provide some guidance and let me know if Iím doing anything destructive now.

ELIAS: Offer explanation of the nature of your concern.

JOANNE: It seems like in relation to my body there have been extremes. Iím thinking that maybe I communicate a lot of my approval for myself or acceptance of self or lack thereof through the imagery of my body, and itís almost like a tool for punishment or for success. Do you have insight into all the things Iíve done with my body, or do you need me to inform you on that?

ELIAS: You may offer explanation.

JOANNE: In terms of weight, in terms of surgeries, exercise, food, relationships, sexuality Ė itís really quite pervasive. If you take a look at what my body has been through in terms of fluctuations in weight alone and the number of surgeries that Iíve had, and if I exercise, itís obsessively ... and this may not just be body. Itís with other things in my life as well. But the body image seems to be coming up all the time, whether itís with relationships... Itís with everything. I use it as a tool to stop myself in a lot of ways, and Iím not clear on why I create that.

In other words, I have a certain want in terms of what I want my body to be, and yet I do things or I donít manifest that. The surgery last year was one of them. If I create my reality and I created the botch of the surgery that happened, then I have to question why I would create that.

ELIAS: First of all I may confirm to you that in like manner to many individuals, you do incorporate physical manifestations in association with communications and with influences of beliefs.

Let me express to you, you and many other individuals choose certain imagery repeatedly to be offering yourself indicative imagery and information. Some individuals manifest repetition in specific physical manifestations consistent[ly]. Some individuals may choose to be consistently manifesting a dis-ease or a specific disorder, in your terms. Some individuals choose to be varying in their physical manifestations.

Now; let me also express to you that this is quite commonly expressed by individuals that are belonging to the essence family of Sumafi, for repetition is a manner in which ease is generated in offering information. The essence family of Sumari also incorporates a repetitive quality, but in a different manner. In this, the individual may choose from a myriad of subject matters but generally speaking shall choose one type of manifestation that shall be their individual avenue of repetition, offering themselves information. You choose to be physically affecting of your physical body consciousness.

Now; in identifying what you want, it may be helpful to you to pay attention to what you create, not necessarily in the expression of the repetition. For you are expressing to yourself that you want a certain expression within body consciousness but this is not what you create, and the reason that this is not what you create is that this is not the point. This is not concerning the genuine want. For you are not allowing yourself to investigate and examine what beliefs are influencing of the manifestations, and the beliefs are not necessarily concerning physical form. This is merely the manner in which you generate imagery to yourself to move your attention, but you generate confusion in not necessarily receiving the communications that you are offering to yourself.

Therefore we may discuss your physical manifestations, but understand that each manifestation may be associated with different subjects and different beliefs. Therefore, in addressing to and attempting to allow yourself a clarity in relation to what influences your physical manifestations in association with your body consciousness, the discussion turns to each manifestation and what each manifestation is associated with.

Now; let me express to you, it is unnecessary to be discussing between yourself and myself each and every manifestation that you have generated physically and which belief is influencing of that. For what you are seeking presently is merely information concerning the method in which you may allow yourself more clarity and therefore generate an understanding of what motivates certain physical manifestations, and how you may pay attention and identify what is influencing of that and therefore offer yourself choice and the ability to create what you want, which shall be affecting of what you generate in association with your physical body. In addressing to the beliefs which are influencing your perception, you shall automatically be affecting of the physical manifestations and therefore generate more of an expression of preference in association with your physical body.

Now; if you are so choosing, I may discuss with you one or more examples and allow you to view the process in which you may begin to offer yourself more of an expression of clarity in relation to HOW you create and what is influencing of your creations, and in the examination together you may allow yourself a clearer understanding.

JOANNE: Thatís great.

ELIAS: Do you choose to offer an example of any particular manifestation that we shall explore?

JOANNE: There are two areas. Letís start with one. I had a surgery last year that ended up very badly, and I still have to have more surgeries to try and correct it. So thereís initially that creation or manifesting that creation in my life, and then thereís fear that it wonít be corrected. So Iím just not sure what Iím communicating, because it seems extreme.

ELIAS: Very well. Offer to myself explanation of the scenario prior to the surgery and the scenario concerning the surgery and what you recognize of what you were generating. It matters not if you are not expressing entirely a clarity; merely offer your explanation of the scenarios.

JOANNE: Prior to the surgery, it was supposed to be my last one and I just wanted to get it done. I was tired. I was afraid that it wouldnít go well and it didnít go well, so obviously that went through. What was I generating? This is a hard one. Because itís almost if I have the body that I want, then there are no excuses Ė I know that seems weird Ė that all the reasons for not having a relationship ... I wouldnít have my body to blame anymore. Now, that may not be related with this surgery, but it has certainly been related with other manifestations.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: So there isnít a lot of clarity there. But how about if I offer that up and see where it goes?

ELIAS: Correct, I am understanding.

Now; attempt to assess what was your motivation to incorporate this surgery.

JOANNE: I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to be finished with it and put that part of my life behind me and get on with my new life that I had created, that I had spent so much effort creating.

ELIAS: Express the nature of the surgery.

JOANNE: It was plastic surgery in the groin area.

ELIAS: And what do you view to not be normal?

JOANNE: Well, after I had lost so much weight, it wasnít normal. My body had so much excess flesh that it wasnít normal. I looked like a freak, really. The surgeries were to remove that to have me be able to present myself in the world, wear clothes normally, and look normal and feel comfortable in my body. I realize thereís acceptance in there.

ELIAS: Now; let us move once again prior to this surgery, and you express that your motivation has been to alter your manifestation, and therefore your assessment is to generate what you perceive to be a normal manifestation, correct?


ELIAS: Very well. The reason that I am incorporating this questioning with you is that you allow yourself to listen to what you are expressing, that you allow yourself to hear your identifications of what you have created, which is significant to allow you greater clarity concerning not merely what you have created but what influences those creations.

Now; your identification moves in the expression of physical appearance and how you define that, itself, as being influencing of other expressions. The significance in this scenario of recognizing that identification is that in actuality the reverse has been occurring. It is not your physical appearance that is affecting of other situations; it is your association and beliefs concerning other situations that are affecting of your physical form. But your attention moves to the form as the outward expression of imagery.

Now; I may express to you, I am understanding of your expression of fear. I am also understanding of the energy that you generate and have been generating in association with value and worth. In this, the manner in which you express the fear is to be manifesting physical alterations of your physical form, and this began, in a manner of speaking Ė (strongly) and do not confuse this with psychology, for that merely reinforces the beliefs Ė but in a manner of speaking, you began generating this type of manifestation and repetition in association with discounting yourself and a lack of trust and acceptance of yourself in extreme.

You chose the physical expression of your manifestation in this focus. You chose the physical body type and expression as you entered this physical manifestation. You also chose to be manipulating that physical body consciousness in a manner which consistently reflects your assessment of self. As you generate extremes in association with worth, you also generate extremes in physical manifestations.

Now; another influencing belief, which is also intertwined with expressions of duplicity, is that it is less than good to be incorporating outside physical alterations, that this is unnecessary, not entirely acceptable and associated with vanity. These are beliefs Ė but they are strongly expressed beliefs. There are also beliefs in association with seeking outside methods to be generating physical alterations of the form that you chose.

Let me express to you, my friend, you have offered yourself information and what you have generated with that information is an avenue to reinforce discounting of yourself and generating more judgment. You have offered yourself information through other essences, through different sources, and you have incorporated that information in association with duplicity to reinforce your lack of trust within yourself and your lack of worth.

You incorporate information that you may create your reality and that you may generate what you want, and the manner in which you assimilate this information is not to offer yourself freedom but to discount yourself more, and therefore you do generate physical manifestations that may be associated with almost an expression of punishment of yourself.

JOANNE: How do I bridge the gap?

ELIAS: (Smiling gently) And this is the question. This is the offering of freedom, and the manner in which you allow yourself to generate that is in choice, and the manner in which you offer yourself choice is to allow yourself to pay attention to you and your communications to yourself. Let me express to you, my friend, each time you notice that you are discounting of yourself, this is an opportunity, for it is an opportunity for you to choose and to objectively express to yourself your worth and not succumb to the automatic responses that are so very familiar. And you may begin NOW.

In this, as you allow yourself to pay attention, pay attention to your emotional communications, not merely the signals. But each time you generate an emotional signal, allow yourself to explore what you are expressing to yourself in the communication. Recognize and acknowledge that you are generating fear, but that even within the expression of the fear you may begin to offer yourself expressions of freedom. In allowing yourself this action, the fear shall dissipate.

Emotional communications are quite significant. You generate them much more than you recognize, and in this, they are quite accurate in expressing to you what beliefs are influencing your perception and how they are affecting. You may also offer yourself information in paying attention to what you actually do.

I am recognizing in the expression of your energy that you move your attention to thought consistently, and in that consistency of holding your attention upon thought, you do not allow yourself to listen to the messages and the communications that you are offering to yourself. You also cloud your viewing of the doing aspect of yourself, that aspect of yourself that actually chooses.

Therefore also your thought translations are, in a manner of speaking, incomplete, for you are not offering information to the thought mechanism in accuracy for you are not paying attention to the communications. In paying attention to your communications, you shall also more accurately generate the translations of them through thought.

JOANNE: So, if I learn to identify what the emotion is, then the thought will be a tool. Youíre right, I do get caught up in the thought and analyzing and discounting through thought. Thatís very interesting.

We donít have much time, but Iíd like to move on to this in a form with work right now. As soon as I started reading your material and so on, I started creating. One of the things I created that I believe is in line with my intent is my current job situation. I have such high energy and Iím really excited about it, and Iím also doing things that are repetitive again in ... I donít know whether itís in discounting or doubting or... Iíd just like some input there on how I can become more solid in my focus on self and my intent.

It gets a little bit mixed up in terms of when I am focusing on self and when Iím not, and I donít know if maybe dealing with a particular situation... I had a meeting the day before yesterday with a couple of gentlemen, and Iím just not sure of my impression on that.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

JOANNE: Iím allowing myself the freedom to be who I am, which is very high energy, and I find that people are intimidated by that. The advice has been to surround myself with people who arenít, so I believe that in some way this situation is letting me do that. I feel like Iím getting carried away, like the energy is just so huge in me lately that I could work 20 hours a day and still keep going. But then sometimes I start saying, ďAm I being a slave now? Is it a win-win situation? Am I doing this to please?Ē All those doubts start coming in again.

So itís a marvelous communication in that I feel like Iím creating in line with my intent, but then thereís also this other stuff thatís coming in on me. I donít want to destroy it, is what Iím saying. This is probably the first one that I can actually feel that Iíve created.

ELIAS: And allow yourself to generate what you want through listening to yourself in the moment, and in this, you shall not generate the sabotage.

Pay attention to you, my friend. Do not concern yourself with the expressions or the expectations of other individuals, but allow yourself in each moment to direct you and to generate what you want. In this, do not create the snare of discounting yourself or generating judgment with yourself in relation to repetition. Recognize that this is a natural expression.

I may express to you, throughout the entirety of your physical dimension EVERY individual incorporates tremendous repetition throughout every focus, for this is an aspect of the design of this physical dimension. It offers you a manner in which you may clearly, precisely and intimately examine in an objective manner what you are exploring. But as belonging to this essence family of Sumafi, you also incorporate a natural expression of repetition, which actually facilitates your exploration and your movement in association with your intent.

Repetition is not bad and it is not your enemy. It is a facilitating action. But once again, within your beliefs and your associations, you generate the perception that this is bad, and you associate with past experiences, solidifying them as absolutes, and therefore project futurely in anticipation of creating the sabotage.

Now; allow yourself the recognition that experiences are not absolute. Do not concern yourself with what has been generated within the past. Do not concern yourself with projecting in anticipation and suspicion of the future, for this is an illusion, anyway. In this, hold your attention in the now and pay attention to your communications and offer yourself the freedom to express what you want in this now, for the now shall generate the future.

JOANNE: Weíre almost out of time, so that brings up a good question about will versus ... but Iíll save them for the next session.

I have two really quick questions. My cat went away last September, and I just want to confirm if he disengaged.


JOANNE: Iíll ask you next time what that meant. My Dad, is he...? I believe that Iíve had other focuses with him. Is everything all right there?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

JOANNE: Well, he disengaged a while ago and hopefully heís happier there.

ELIAS: I may express to you, I am understanding of your association, but nonphysical movement does not incorporate emotion. Therefore it is not necessarily a question of happy or not, for emotion is associated with the design of your physical dimension. I may express to you, there is no conflict in association with that attention and there continues to be a natural exploration, and I may confirm to you, yes, you do incorporate other focuses with that essence.

JOANNE: Well, weíre going to have to close for today. One last thing. My impression Ė I donít know The Game well Ė but my impression of the number eight, a box and a paper clip, are they Sumafi?

ELIAS: In what category?

JOANNE: I donít know. (Laughs) I donít know the categories! (Elias laughs) Iíll save that for next time, then.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well!

JOANNE: All right. It has been wonderful! Thank you very much!

ELIAS: I offer to you tremendous encouragement, my friend, and I shall be offering a strong expression of my energy in that encouragement and supportiveness in association with your movement presently until our next meeting.

JOANNE: I look forward to it. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Accept from myself my tremendous affection, and you may watch for my energy. Ha ha ha!

JOANNE: I will! Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: To you in great lovingness, au revoir.

JOANNE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:24 AM.

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