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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

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“Dimensions within Dimensions”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anjuli (Miranda).

Elias arrives at 11:06 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ANJULI: Good afternoon, Elias! We have a lot to do today.

ELIAS: Very well!

ANJULI: Yes, and I had an interesting time since the last session. Very intense!


ANJULI: Elias, when you said I can create all of it, all of my writings, I responded at first by saying that once Runi is doubting into Inmi, and that hopefully I am not creating that also or that this was in the past. (Elias laughs) This is interesting because it happened very spontaneously. With this sentence I was communicating to myself about the creating all of it and was suggesting to myself to insert certain experiences into the past, like for example my first island meeting with you.

ELIAS: And therefore what have you offered to yourself in your information with yourself?

ANJULI: Well, I noticed that every sentence and all of my expressions contain lots of information for myself and are sometimes not what I think them at first to be. As I change my perception about my expressions, I discover new aspects of what I communicate to myself. This also happened when I started to study my own writings after you had told me that there is lots of information in them. Another example for this is when I remembered certain questions which I have asked you in other sessions. I got a different perspective about the reason for my questions or saw a new meaning in your answers, so it starts to be much more playful and I am not thinking singular anymore.

ELIAS: Correct, and are you also allowing yourself now to be more noticing of how you actually create in the moment and that each moment is an opportunity for acceptance and choice?

ANJULI: Yes. I was busy with this all the time now, especially during the last week in which I was so sick! (Laughing) We will come to that also. So you definitely said, “You can create all of it”? (1)

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: You know, during the session I was so surprised, almost challenged, about what you had said, but after the session I thought my goodness, he has really said that, and I realized what it means! (Laughs with Elias) In each session you have a surprise for me, Elias! And I like them. They are so nice, spontaneous and sudden and make me quite speechless or not speechless, and it is such a great feeling!

Also, I have asked you about your various aspects and if the intense one is the aspect of you that I will physically meet on the island. I don’t know if you then said yes, and then you said that it has been happening already. Did you say yes? (2)


ANJULI: Yes, because I was just so tremendously surprised about what you then said about me having met the intense one on the island already, that although knowing of your yes I had to hear it from you again. (Elias laughs)

I listened to the tape of the session in which we talked about the blue, white and orange light occurrence for to hear if I can feel the different expressions of you, and you cannot hear it on the tape at all. It is only noticeable for me because of a certain way in which your aspects are expressing something. So it must have been a subjective feeling of your energy in me and not so much an objective feeling?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. I may express to you, this occurs in every interaction with myself. I am not merely engaging conversation with you objectively and audibly, but also engaging an actual exchange of energy with you, and therefore there is more occurring than merely the objective expression of language.

ANJULI: Yes, definitely! And Elias, when the intense one was asking what the orange light means I felt almost a little bit shy of him. (Elias laughs) But a nice feeling of shyness!

Oh, Elias, as you said I can create all of it, I started to study my book. “All of it” means that we need to create an Alterversity for you for to teach us. (3)


ANJULI: I already thought about that, what to do, how to create it. Because all of it, I mean, that’s a lot! All of it is a lot.

ELIAS: (Laughs) But...

ANJULI: And I also realized when going through my writings that I know what they say. There are many layers of meanings. When I for example talked to you about the character Giovanni, who represents the nonphysical essence Jivani, I felt that there was something missing in him. I feel when I was not fully satisfied with the translation of my impressions. So I now see my writings as if you have found some secret ancient scriptures and are now studying them.


ANJULI: Like a mystery, but an interesting one! (Elias chuckles)

So Elias, I thought about the creating of your Alterversity and studied my writings. Runi and Inmi are living on the planet Andera. They have all kinds of universities on Andera, which I call Alterversities. The Alterversities are not just presenting the usual university knowledge but also knowledge about consciousness. I think that is going to happen in the future in the shift anyway. But amongst those Alterversities there is a different one, a special one, and that’s where Inmi is teaching. This Alterversity was the first one and it was founded by beings from another dimension called Altera, and that’s where the beings that Inmi is from live.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: Okay, and then the next information is right in the beginning of my book. Runi has teleported her body and then she sees on the sky this other planet, Altera. That is a purple planet, and I connected that with Ordin. I told you of these many layers. The imagery of purple planet Altera, where Inmi’s family is living, and their connection with the dimension of Andera, where he is living, feels to me as if there is another dimension where Ordin is, but not so separate from your dimension as we in our dimension would think to be from other dimensions. Is that correct?


ANJULI: Yes, and then those beings who represent Ordin and other essences in his dimension would kind of create the basics or what of your Alterversity, because that is how the beings from the purple planet Altera from where Inmi’s family comes have done it in my writings. And then I thought about something...

Oh, this session is a donation from Joshua/Ahmed. He has given me the session as a present! And that is interesting because he does not know what we are doing today. I was not talking with anyone about some parts of my sessions with you. I anyway had wanted to mention him because of his concept of pocket realities. Pocket realities in our dimension would be like a pocket on a jacket. So it can later be inserted into the officially accepted reality but is for a while hidden. The island would be like that, and the Alterversity, whatever form it will take, and would not be seen by everyone, just by those who connect with that.

ELIAS: Correct, and you may also associate this type of an idea, in a manner of speaking, with the recognition of dimensions within dimensions.

ANJULI: Oh! Okay, yes! So this is then existing for this dimension already, otherwise I would have created that by asking the Dream Walkers to create the existence of pocket realities together with the creation of this dimension! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: Yes, so we have all of that?


ANJULI: Then it’s easy, because it can be created for the now, and later it can be inserted into the official accepted reality whenever they are ready for it.


ANJULI: Then I thought we need a lot of energy from the collective for the creation of your Alterversity. I thought of the imagery of Avalon, this myth of an island which is not seen anymore but is still existing, and I thought of all the new age imageries of ships and ascended masters and all the energy lent to this by people. The Alterversity would be like a town on an island, but can at the same time be appearing like a spaceship or a light. You know what I mean?


ANJULI: It can be done like that?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes.

ANJULI: Yes, I am choosing! (Elias laughs) I think it would be great like that! Okay, that’s going to be your Alterversity. In my writings other beings are connected with it also. In the dimension of Runi and Inmi, the collective is undergoing a shift and then they are closer to two and later three other dimensions, and some of the beings from those dimensions would use the Alterversity of Inmi also for to study. So I think this whole project would probably also be connected with two other dimensions that would have an interest into such a project, and they could help with that.

ELIAS: In association with this reality?


ELIAS: Perhaps, although this shift which is occurring within your physical dimension is relative to your physical dimension, not other physical dimensions.

ANJULI: Yes, they are not undergoing a shift.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: But they could be interested in studying our shift.

ELIAS: Perhaps.

ANJULI: Ja, they are not so important. Important is only the togetherness of you and us! (Elias laughs) When I went through all that I had such an easy feeling about it. There was not a feeling of doubt or that this is a big thing.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I may express to you that in this shift in association with your physical dimension, you do open a window, in a manner of speaking, to other physical dimensions and allow yourselves an awareness of and avenue through to other dimensions.

ANJULI: So Elias, then I would kind of do it like I do it with our island? I just feel it already to be there. I imagine it and feel it to be existing, feel myself to be there, and that’s it!

ELIAS: Correct, and therefore offer yourself the experience, for the action of experiences is the actualization of reality.

ANJULI: Oh! Interesting sentence! Ja, I have been testing this with my island. I started to feel a part of me running around on the island and living there. And it changes my reality so much to feel that and to have my attention on that. Is it that what you mean?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

ANJULI: And then it becomes more and more real?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: I am now getting used to the feeling that the reality I have seen so far does not feel real anymore because I had seen it in such a limited way and it does not feel fitting to me anymore.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this also is your allowance within yourself to be evidencing your movement in association with this shift, altering perception.

ANJULI: Oh! Oh, Elias, it’s so exciting! (Elias laughs) It’s so exciting.

ELIAS: You do offer yourself much more of an expression of freedom in the allowance to be incorporating different experiences and altering your perception through these experiences.

ANJULI: The book starts with Runi standing on a river near three cities, and I guess there is a lot of information for me in those names. But for now that is not so important, because I just happened to think of one character she is watching, Narro. Narro is from another dimension, and I remembered that you have mentioned a focus of your essence with the name Knar of the planet Tule. This session was a few years ago and Runi is watching Narro during a time travel of two years into the past. So I don’t know, it suddenly felt all coming true in a quite interesting, unusual way.

ELIAS: Inserting new characters into the scenario in connection with other dimensions.

ANJULI: So does this focus of you, Knar, have any meaning for what I am creating now here?

ELIAS: It is your allowance to be tapping into an association with that focus and with that dimension, and in a manner of speaking once again thinning these veils of separation of dimensions and of time, which, once again, is associated with your concept of the pockets, the dimensions within the dimensions, which are separated by the illusion of linear time.

ANJULI: Yes, it felt for me as if this sentence about Knar was placed backwards from my now, in the other time but in the moment.

ELIAS: Correct, which is your experimentation with inner senses concerning time.

ANJULI: Ah, yes. So this then also means that I am offering to myself these experiences because of my experiment of creating something backward in time.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Okay, interesting! And then, Elias, I had forgotten that during the first meeting of Runi and Inmi on the island she was projecting to him and was not fully there. Ha! Now, that’s easy for me to create backwards in time...

ELIAS: (Laughs) And also offers you information in relation to what I have expressed to you all, that you create in the moment and what you create in the moment also alters the past.

ANJULI: Oh! That’s why I can have new memory?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Runi after all has lots of new memory also. My entire book is about new memories.

ELIAS: Which offers you objectively a clearer understanding of the lack of absolutes and that your reality is actually not as solid as it appears to be.

ANJULI: Yes, that is what I thought also. I was letting Runi forget what she has experienced because I wanted to create new experiences for myself. On the island Runi just knew her name and had forgotten the rest. And then Inmi said to her, “If you forget the familiar patterns of your perception about yourself and your environment, you can get new experiences.” So this forgetting is more about the letting go of the old way of perceiving.


ANJULI: Then on the island she also tells him what she sees in him, and he is at first kind of surprised. She does not know what it is what she sees, but he then understands what she sees in him...


ANJULI: ...and how she supports that or is linked to that.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. And what do you view in association with these characters and yourself in your perception and within your reality, in relation to the parallel?

ANJULI: In relation to the parallel?

ELIAS: Yes, for you are aware that what you generate in the experiences of these characters is also what you are generating in parallel within your reality. Therefore, in what you have expressed...

ANJULI: Oh, you mean whatever Runi and Inmi are doing is what I am doing with you?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Ah, I know, ja!

ELIAS: Therefore in this, what have you offered to yourself in realization as she views him and recognizes a new knowing? What are you recognizing in your experience within your reality?

ANJULI: The same, that is what I am experiencing. What I have written down is what I see in you and is for me a reality.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: And it is a kind of a beginning remembrance, and I think it is again about perception, but I start to realize that it is all happening right now.

ELIAS: Yes, and the manner in which you are allowing yourself to alter your perception, which is indeed altering your reality in your individual terms, is that you are allowing yourself to experience feeling into this essence and the connection that is generated, which generates the experience of a new knowing, which is not necessarily a new memory but a new knowing of yourself and this interconnectedness.

ANJULI: Also of a becoming?

ELIAS: Yes, which that “feeling into” creates an alteration of perception, for you have generated different experience.

ANJULI: Yes, ja, I can feel it.

After Runi’s first meeting with Inmi on the island, she is getting prepared at the Alterversity for the full joining, and in this time the teachers Inmi and Giovanni – representing the essences Elias and Jivani – are walking with Runi and her brother Duave – representing Miranda and Dunadin – to the mountain Tera. This mountain is sometimes visited by a nonphysical being that can become physical and whose energy is connected with the energy of Ta. Ta is one of the two moons of Andera, Ta and Wa. When I thought of the two nonphysical beings aligned with those two moons, I connected them with my focuses in your dimension and with my experiences of meeting this woman in the World Tree who sometimes changed into a man whom I met on a mountain. The man was different in energy than the woman and yet was the same being. I have viewed them as beings with a form, but they had told me at that time already that I have translated them into form for my own comfort. So I think that they are aspects of my focus in your dimension.


ANJULI: In my writings Wa and Ta, who represent those aspects of my focus in your dimension, have some importance for Runi, and I start to connect the role Wa and Ta have for Runi with what I am creating.

My next question is about a talk Runi and Inmi have on this mountain Tera. There seemed to be an obstacle for their coming together physically and for what they want to do, and then she changed something. Something got changed in her essence, in some other-dimensional focuses and then everything was fitting again for what they wanted to do. I was wondering if something like that happened.

ELIAS: Within you, yes.

ANJULI: Within my essence? Did I change something? Was there some adjustment in another dimension?

ELIAS: Offering yourself different experiences and altering your perception, in a manner of speaking, ripples within essence and therefore is somewhat affecting of other focuses within other dimensions.

In a manner of speaking, it may be figuratively analogous to an experience that you may generate in this physical dimension in movement of attention. If you are affecting of one expression of your physical manifestation your attention moves. Let me express to you, as an example within the timeframe work between now and our previous meeting, you generated a physical affectingness of your physical body.

Now; that physical expression that you generated was in a manner of speaking an extreme, and in that extreme and in that alteration of your usual expression within your physical body consciousness, you moved your attention dramatically. In the movement of your attention, you generated a dramatic experience, which was affecting of your perception.

Now; the actual physical element of your body consciousness that you engaged affectingness of began with one specific organ. But as the attention moved to that physical affectingness, the affectingness ripples outward and the entirety of your physical body consciousness becomes affected. Are you following thus far?


ELIAS: Not merely that one organ but the entirety of your manifestation becomes affected and incorporates somewhat of an awareness of what is being generated in the affectingness of one organ.

Figuratively speaking, there is a similar effect which occurs within essence. As one attention shifts, the other attentions are affected also, for you are not separate. Although you are an individual manifestation in physical form, you are an attention and are not separated from the whole of essence. You ARE the whole of essence.

ANJULI: Ah ja, I think I understand what you are saying. I had this feeling of changes in my essence also because of another experience of Runi. After Runi and Inmi had talked about these changes she had done, she did a time travel and then she is in another time on the same mountain, in a snowstorm. Her affectingness starts there and this all leads then to Runi and Inmi coming together again.

This snowstorm reminded me of my talk with you about my past experiences with Unicon. I had seen him as a being of many snowflakes and you said that he is my essence with the snowflakes being my focuses. So this snowstorm Runi experienced was an imagery of myself about the changes within my essence. I also had to think of the snowstorm I had created when I had my out-of-body experience and had this desire for a certain relationship. This relationship is the one with you. So this sort of all fits.


ANJULI: This snowstorm was very helpful because she created for herself a time of aloneness in which she is facing certain beliefs, and it leads to a major change in her and then directly to her meeting with Inmi, the one in which they for the first time transcended their bodies and did this energy merger.

My own experiences in this week of my affectingness were very hard and yet I had wonderful meditation experiences, and in some way it was very beautiful because of the many insights. I was communicating with myself all the time through whatever imagery, and it was a feeling of not being surrounded by outside things but just by messages to myself. Also there was a strong and intimate connection mainly with you and also the nonphysical essences of Dunadin and Jivani. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Yes, and allowing yourself to continue to explore these experiences which alter your perception.

ANJULI: I have another question about the talk Runi and Inmi have about her essence when they still were on the mountain before she did the time travel into the snowstorm. She was a nonphysical essence at first and then Inmi was looking for an essence for a certain project he was doing or a becoming. When he found her she responded, changed her essence and became a physical essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Is this about my essence?

ELIAS: It is a translation, yes, but you are offering yourself figurative associations with the movement of essence and the choices of essence, and also allowing yourself in this imagery to view this character as the incorporation of the entirety of essence.

ANJULI: Yes! Oh Elias, I am so excited about all of this!

After Runi’s experiences in the snowstorm, her sickness, her meeting with Giovanni – representing Jivani – and also a meeting with Ta, the being which is representing my focus in your dimension, Giovanni brings her to a house on the Alterversity. This house is used by Inmi and others who are teaching on the Alterversity. It has a certain energy which is supporting the traveling through time and space, and the house was built the past by a family with the name Point. Inmi has a student with the name Pyramidus Point who is important for Inmi. When thinking about all of this, I then remembered that this family name Point was created by me long ago in my childhood in a game I played with my sister about a school with a teacher called Paul Point. Now of course I had to think of Patel!

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: So the character of Pyramidus, would that be Patel?


ANJULI: In my writings, Pyramidus Point stands for the family member who has built that house, so Patel is sort of helpful in the arrangement of this place on the Alterversity, and he also has a certain position regarding the support of Inmi, of you.

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking.

ANJULI: So all of those characters, like the purple planet Altera who represents Ordin, the family of Inmi on Altera that represents other beings in the dimension of Ordin, the moon Ta and Wa who represent Miranda’s focuses in the dimension of Elias, Giovanni who represents Jivani, Duave who represents Dunadin, Pyramidus who represents Patel and others, are my imagery of essences who lend energy to what we are doing right now?

ELIAS: Yes, correct.

ANJULI: When I was going through my writings I also had the feeling of movements of focuses of different essences in your and my dimension. As you don’t have a past in your dimension, are beings there sometimes doing something like... I am giving an example. When Runi is traveling back in time, she meets Giovanni there, who is now ten years younger, and this changes the elder Giovanni. Are changes like that happening in your dimension, like for example if you would use an earlier aspect of yourself to talk with me during the session or Jivani would communicate with me as an earlier aspect and by this changing the other aspects?

ELIAS: Yes, this also is your offering to yourself in imagery to allow you a clearer understanding of this concept that you alter the past and the future through the experience that you generate now.

ANJULI: Yes. And she is together with Giovanni when she is sick, gets his help and is also prepared for her next meeting with Inmi, and as Jivani is an essence that fragmented from you and me, I had to think of two things, that the essence of Jivani which I tried to connect with these days supports me during my sickness and helps me in what we are doing, and also I think that I am communicating something to myself about my and your energy being mixed...


ANJULI: a support for what my focus and my body is moving into.


ANJULI: Inmi is not there when Runi is sick but is giving some instructions to Giovanni/Jivani, is lending energy to him, and is also sometimes directly helping Runi. So I translated this imagery as me communicating to myself that this mixture of energy of us, you and me, was and is helping me as I am opening myself to it when it is too hard for me during my sickness and when I do not understand what I am going through. There are elements I may not always be aware of, but you are aware of that, and I am opening myself to that...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: my trust.


ANJULI: Oh, Elias, when we are creating all of it, there is still so much we are going to experience! I almost can’t think of how exciting this is! (Elias laughs) I am so happy.

At the end time of her sickness there is a change in Runi’s body. This is actually the start for what they are doing later when they are coming together, use sexuality for to transcend the body so that the body becomes light and becomes energy, and they merge. This change happens in her body in that time, especially when she for a few times connects with Inmi or is visited by him later in the Point house. There is something initiated in her in that time. A lot of my experiences in this time of my sickness were about my beliefs about my body, but I also had a strong feeling of preparing myself energetically for perceiving my body in a different way, and this would be the preparation for what we are doing.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

ANJULI: Is this correct?


ANJULI: Well, it is one hour. I would like to talk with you endless (Elias laughs), but my voice probably wants me to talk with you without voice.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend.

ANJULI: I will continue to be interactive with you without voice.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall continue to be interactive with you also. And as always, I once again offer to you my great affection and shall be anticipating our next conversation.

ANJULI: I love you very much, Elias!

ELIAS: To you in great lovingness, my friend, au revoir.

ANJULI: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 12:10 PM.


(1) Anjuli’s note: This sentence of Elias, the “you can create all of it,” is NOT on the tape of my last session, and there is also not some noise or any other sign that maybe a part did not get recorded. I had clearly heard him expressing that, was almost shocked by what it means that I can create all of what is in my writings, and then mused about how to create the “all of it.” When I in this session asked Elias to confirm it, I have not yet had the tape and did not know that the sentence is not in it. This is not the first time that I have experienced this with my sessions and the tapes.

(2) Anjuli’s note: This “yes” from Elias, too, is not on the tape of that session!

(3) Anjuli’s note: “Alterversity” is the word I use in my writings for a kind of spiritual/holistic university for altering the perception, a place where people are living together physically with Inmi and other teachers like him. They are gaining more knowledge there, are dropping the veils of separation, are widening their awareness, are experimenting how to alter their reality, and of course have lots of fun.

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