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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

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“Relax and Allow”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Marj (Grady) and a new participant, Paul (Uombrah).

Elias arrives at 2:17 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

MARJ: Good afternoon, Elias! (Elias laughs) I have a friend here with me. His name’s Paul.

ELIAS: Welcome!

PAUL:: Hello.

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

MARJ: Well, Paul’s new at this. He started meditating and he listens to me preaching all the time, and he said, “I’ve got to talk to this man.” I know he’s got a lot of questions for you, so he might as well jump right in, right?

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL:: Great! What is my essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Uombrah, U-O-M-B-R-A-H (OOM brah).

PAUL:: How about the essence family?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL:: “My impression”? Sounds great! (Elias laughs)

MARJ: Do you have a feeling of what it might be?

PAUL:: No.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well! Essence family, Gramada; alignment in this focus, Sumari.

PAUL:: What’s the orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

PAUL:: That sounds great! I heard that’s okay. (Elias laughs)

MARJ: That’s what most of us are.

PAUL:: How about the intent?

ELIAS: And I shall express to you the challenge to allow yourself to explore and discover your identification of your intent individually within this focus, in allowing yourself to view the entirety of your manifestation and view the theme of your focus, the theme of your experiences in this focus.

Your intent is the general direction that you choose in subject matter, so to speak, to be generating an exploration of reality in any particular focus. It generates a general theme or direction, and in association with that general theme or direction, you create specific avenues that are more precise expressions and experiences within that general theme.

Therefore, the challenge stands to you to allow yourself to explore and discover your identification of your individual intent in this focus. (Pause)

PAUL:: How many focuses do I have?

ELIAS: Total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension, 826.

PAUL:: Mostly male or mostly female?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL:: Female, maybe.

ELIAS: Slightly more female than male.

PAUL:: In my meditations, I often see a Viking or a Norseman, around 1365 or 1400. Is he a focus?


PAUL:: What’s his name?

ELIAS: You may offer this to yourself, my friend.

PAUL:: Pardon me?

ELIAS: You may offer this information to yourself. Ha ha ha!

PAUL:: I’ll think about it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

PAUL:: The Viking seems to have a wife and children.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL:: On one occasion, I saw a woman by the name of Millie. She seemed to be more of a contemporary. Is she a focus?

ELIAS: Yes, this is another focus.

PAUL:: A contemporary?

ELIAS: Yes. PAUL:: Is she far back in the past?

ELIAS: No, this is what you term to be a contemporary; you are correct.

PAUL:: I’m not sure whether she’s living now, but her hairstyle and that kind of thing seems pretty familiar.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAUL:: I’ve known Grady for about a year now, and she’s been guiding me through this, I guess I’d call it, spiritual life. Is she some part of some far focus? Have we had a lifetime together someplace?

ELIAS: Yes, several, and if you are so choosing, you may allow yourselves to investigate these focuses together.

MARJ: Elias, I take care of Paul’s mother and his aunt, and his aunt came up with a past life in Greece. She said that she and Evelyn and I were all together, and subsequently we came up with that we were triplets. Our names were Mandix, Cecil, and Arius. Is there any basis to that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, although I may express to you adjustment – not necessarily triplets, but siblings.

MARJ: Leah describes a volcano eruption and that she ran into the water and the water was hissing and bubbling all around her but that’s how she saved herself. Everybody laughs when she talks because she’s 89 years old and they all think she’s got Alzheimer’s, but I think she the things that she says, she really remembers.

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARJ: We just wanted to validate that with you.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARJ: Love it! (Laughs) I also know that I had a prior focus with her grandson, Mark. I think his name was Watson or Watkins, Samuel, I think. (Pause)

ELIAS: Second identification of name is correct.

PAUL:: I met this man by the name of Pete. I met him in Bermuda. Actually, Grady had been talking about him just a few weeks prior to that time. It was really amazing. I was just wondering if there was any reason why we met, why we attracted each other. He had been into Seth quite a bit. Was it meant for he and I to do something together, or he and Grady?

ELIAS: You do not necessarily draw yourselves together objectively in association with this expression of beliefs that you are “meant to” be accomplishing some action together. You draw individuals to yourself in different time frameworks purposefully to offer yourself experiences and reflections of yourself in your journey, so to speak.

MARJ: I just thought that was so funny, Elias, knowing there’s no coincidences, why Paul and Pete would meet up in Bermuda when they live only a few miles from one another here and have never met. It was just comical. (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) But also, this offers you the opportunity to recognize objectively that YOU generate your creations in time frameworks and in environments that you choose and not necessarily as set, so to speak, by another individual. (Pause)

PAUL:: I was in the hospital recently and I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I was just wondering why I created this particular disease for myself.

ELIAS: And what information have you offered to yourself in recognition of this dis-ease?

PAUL:: I’m not sure that I understand what you’re saying.

ELIAS: Each individual, as they generate an expression of dis-ease, offers themself some expression of information, for this is a very common avenue which is incorporated by individuals, to turn their attention to reflection. Therefore, what have you offered to yourself in information in reflection?

MARJ: I don’t know that he’s traveled down that road yet, Elias. Like I said, he’s really new at this and he hasn’t had a chance to read much.

ELIAS: This matters not, for you need not incorporate this information. This is a natural action that individuals generate in recognition of an expression of dis-ease. You automatically, within your physical dimension, begin reflecting upon self and questioning your experiences and your choices that may have influenced your creation of the dis-ease, whether or not you recognize that you have actually created it and whether or not you recognize objectively that you have chosen it. It matters not that an individual incorporates an understanding of the information that I have offered. ALL individuals incorporate some aspect of reflection, which is a communication.

Therefore, I offer the inquiry: what have you offered to yourself thus far in reflection with regard to this dis-ease?

PAUL:: I don’t really think about my disease that much.

ELIAS: Very well, I shall offer a different inquiry. How do you view this dis-ease is affecting of you and your movement presently?

PAUL:: I feel very optimistic and happy pretty much of the time. I feel tired during the day, that sort of bothers me. But I feel pretty upbeat.

ELIAS: And does this not generate any aspect of concern?

PAUL:: Well, naturally, yes, because I only have 15 percent capacity and 55 is normal. There is a concern, but I try not to let it be in my mind too much.

ELIAS: Now; allow yourself to recognize, my friend, the limitation that you have generated in your physical expression, and in this, it is perpetuated by a tension within your physical body consciousness, and you create the fatigue to allow yourself to relax.

Let me express to you, time and movement in association with this shift in consciousness are accelerating, both; therefore, individuals within your physical dimension experience more of an intensity, for the movement is unfamiliar. In this, as you have moved into your new millennium and are actually inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, many individuals throughout your world are generating a responsiveness to the intensity of energy and movement and acceleration of time, in tension and creating actual physical affectingnesses in relation to that expression of tension.

You also generate a very similar expression, incorporating a tremendous tension within your energy field which creates constrictions within your physical body consciousness, and within this time framework it is significant and quite beneficial to allow yourself relaxation.

PAUL:: I do meditate a few times each day. I do feel very relaxed and have feelings of love and joy and happiness during my meditation.

ELIAS: And perhaps you may allow yourself to expand this joy and happiness and calm within a consistent time framework in which you are not incorporating your meditation. (Pause)

MARJ: Elias, I’ve created a problem with my teeth. I can’t leave them alone. I grit my teeth, I push on them, I annoy them, pester them. Sometimes they hurt me now; sometimes they feel like they’re getting loose. I keep telling myself that I’m sending myself a message to pay attention to myself, and I think I probably worry, pester, and annoy myself just as much as I do my teeth. I wondered if I’m correct in this, and if there’s something you can tell me that I’m not seeing.

ELIAS: I may validate your impression and express to you that your translation is quite correct. I may also express to you quite similarly to what I have expressed to your friend – relax.

MARJ: I tell myself that all the time, relax and allow. It does help, but I must forget it. After that last session, I played the tapes over and over when you spoke to me about what I was doing in my meditations and how helpful it was to me as far as acceptance and trust, and I felt really good about that.

Then I went on vacation last week with family and friends, and I blew it all. I just discounted everything, every impression I got, everything I did, and I kept asking myself, “Why are you doing this?” I tried to get back to self and I had to really work on it. I would get back to self, and then go right back out sticking my nose in everything I shouldn’t have. I don’t know why I did it.

ELIAS: To offer yourself the opportunity to view the experience.

Let me express to you, my friends, you may incorporate concepts repeatedly. You may offer yourselves information in concept and allow yourself an understanding intellectually of these concepts, but you offer yourselves experiences that you may generate the concept into reality.

What speaks to you within your physical dimension is experience. Therefore, you allow yourself to generate certain experiences that you may view and evaluate what you generate in discounting of yourself, what you incorporate as triggers, so to speak, within yourself, and to offer yourself an opportunity to genuinely become familiar with yourself and with your expressions of automatic responses.

This is quite purposeful, for if you are not allowing yourself the experience and the opportunity to notice the experience and what is being generated, you incorporate no motivation to address to the influences that are expressed in association with these experiences.

Therefore allow yourself, Grady, rather than discounting of yourself and expressing to myself in your terms that you “blew it,” allow yourself to recognize that you have offered yourself a purposeful experience to objectively view automatic responses and triggers. Once you allow yourself an awareness of automatic responses and triggers, you may also recognize that you incorporate choice. Automatic responses, remember, are quite that, automatic. They incorporate no thought and many times are unnoticed.

MARJ: In our last conversation, you mentioned the fact that many times I do discount myself through automatic responses. When I looked at this particular experience that I just had, I noticed that one of the things had to do with protection, because I have an automatic response if someone does something where my children are concerned. Boy, that was right there! I automatically compare myself to other people and discount myself through that always, it seems like.

ELIAS: Now view what you have noticed and what information you have offered to yourself through the expression of these experiences. You ARE noticing.

MARJ: So it was a good thing, then. It wasn’t necessarily something like “Gee, I’m falling down on the job.”

ELIAS: Correct! You ARE noticing, which is worthy of your acknowledgment.

MARJ: Now, I could see them. I just kept questioning why I was doing it. I thought I had... It’s funny, because Mary and I just talked about this, how you notice something and you tell yourself, “Okay, I have a belief system about such and such.” You think you’ve accepted that, but it comes up again and again and again, and you wonder, “Am I missing something?” Or is that the point, that it’s supposed to keep coming up and to keep noticing it?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of “supposed to,” but that this is merely what you naturally generate within your physical reality in repetition, and that you continue to present to yourselves experiences that you shall objectively recognize the reality that you create in the moment. This is...

MARJ: I did notice too that at times I said to myself, “Change your perception, you change your reality,” and I could make that happen, and I saw it! And then darned if I wouldn’t go right back to doing the other again! I’m supposed to notice that too, huh?

ELIAS: I am understanding, but within your beliefs and the familiarity of discounting yourself, even within the moments in which you allow yourself to accomplish an action intentionally of moving your perception and acknowledging yourself that you do actually incorporate the ability to create this, you continue to doubt and generate suspicion that perhaps you are not actually creating this, or you have created it but perhaps you shall test once again and allow yourself to view if you continue to incorporate this ability. But it is also, my friend, a repetition to allow you to genuinely assimilate that you do create in each moment and that each moment is an outcome. (Pause)

This continues to be somewhat of a concept, rather than an actual reality within your perceptions.

MARJ: I noticed when you were talking to Paul earlier about intent, and I have a question about my own. I tried to go back over my life and come up with a theme, and it seems to me that it’s always been a matter of if you tell me I can’t do something that is exactly what I’m going to attempt to do. I was wondering if I’m correct in that.

ELIAS: Yes, exploration of what is perceived to be impossible or unacceptable.

MARJ: I like that! (Elias laughs) So that would also fit in with a conversation we had a couple of years ago, where I asked you if I was rebelling against the aging process and if I was following my intent along that line, and you said yes.

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughs)

MARJ: Okay, love it!

Last night before I went to sleep, I asked if I could drop the veils and I wanted to meet my love in Regional Area Two. I don’t remember my dreams, but when I woke up I remembered the word “connoisseur.” Right after remembering that, I remembered a conversation that he and I had had some years ago about connoisseurs. I wondered if we were together actually last night and I just didn’t come out with an objective memory of it.


MARJ: We were?


MARJ: Oh, Elias! That is so exciting! Now, why wouldn’t I bring the memory with me?

ELIAS: Once again, my friend, this is associated with trust.

MARJ: Associated with trust?


MARJ: I’m not trusting enough?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARJ: When I was away last week, I wasn’t able to meditate at all. Oh my goodness, it was terrible! I couldn’t wait to get home so I could go back to that safe, comfortable place.

ELIAS: Ah, and generate the vacation from the vacation!

MARJ: Exactly! Because that vacation was a work session! (Laughs and Elias laughs) Oh, my! So much energy coming from everywhere and everything, I couldn’t get away from it. It felt good to come home and meditate again, but I am really happy to hear that I got my wish. (Elias laughs)

Now, I could tonight request that it happen again and that I trust myself enough to bring back the objective knowing of it?

ELIAS: Yes, but this also, Grady, is not merely an expression of thinking that you trust yourself, but relaxing and allowing yourself not to doubt.

MARJ: That’s going to be my two by-words from now on, relax and allow, right?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

MARJ: I like that. (To Paul) Do you have some more questions?

PAUL:: I’m thinking about going to an acupuncturist for my smoking and for my disease. Think there might be some benefit to that?

ELIAS: If you are allowing, yes. (Pause) And I may also be encouraging of you in this endeavor.

PAUL:: I’ll try it! (Elias laughs)

MARJ: Allow yourself.

PAUL:: Allow myself. (Elias laughs)

MARJ: Elias, my daughter, Laurie, was with us on vacation, and she’s just recently bumped into her first husband. They had a lot of problems in their marriage. They were crazy about each other, and they wanted to be together so desperately, and they went through a lot to get together. Then he had some problems with substance abuse and they ended up breaking up. They’ve both gone on to marry other people, and those marriages haven’t worked out.

Just recently they’ve been in contact with each other again. They’ve sat down for the first time and began talking about what went wrong. She’s very comfortable with him, and we’re all thinking maybe they’ll even get back together again. She asked me to ask you what’s going on that all this is happening at this time? Because he’s very protective of her.

ELIAS: Clarify the question.

MARJ: Is there a possibility that she and Bobby are moving towards one another again?

ELIAS: Yes, this is a potential, but this is also a choice.

MARJ: Well, the last time we talked, I mentioned to you she was still having a lot of problems over her brother, Michael, my son’s death, and she and Bobby were trying to be together. There were so many things, and these three people were so tied in with this whole thing that I’m thinking maybe it’s all happening and will be helpful to her. She will be able to settle all this, as far as her to not be afraid and to talk to you, really.

ELIAS: It is an opportunity to address to some issues concerning fear and also concerning the expression of victim.

MARJ: I’m hoping she comes to Connecticut in June with us and she can talk to you then.

ELIAS: And this shall be her choice. I shall extend my invitation, but remember, Grady, this is her choice.

MARJ: Yes, I know. I know. I slap my wrist all the time.

PAUL:: I just have one question. My wife is a Catholic, and I guess I’ve found that it’s very hard to have any discussions of a spiritual nature with her – or whatever we’re doing here. I just wondered if that’s because of the way she is or it’s because I have this feeling that she won’t be responsive.

ELIAS: The difficulty is generated within your perception, my friend.

I may express to you, in acceptance of yourself and acceptance of the other individual, you shall discontinue generating difficulty. For it matters not what an individual offers themselves in information, one avenue is not better or worse than another. What holds significance is that you allow yourself an acceptance of your preference and the recognition that individuals incorporate difference and different preferences, and this is not to say that one preference is better than another preference or that one direction is better or worse than another direction.

This is the challenge of acceptance, in recognizing that your choice is associated with your preference, and in this it is unnecessary to be engaging discussion of your preference in a manner that begins to generate the attempt to convince the other individual that your preference is better.

In this allowance of acceptance of yourself, knowing that the direction that you choose and the information that you choose is beneficial to you and is an expression of your preference, you also shall generate a genuine acceptance of the other individual’s preference.

Allow yourself to view the similarities, my friend, for there are similarities, and accept the difference as the wonder of diversity rather than the threat. (Pause)

MARJ: Elias, when I’m going to meditate, I hear tones in my ears. I gave them names, and I can say the word and a certain tone comes. I can change it and make the tones go up or down by using those words. I wondered if those words have any special meaning or if they’re just words I gave myself that make it work. Because when I do that, I can just take off.

ELIAS: These are terms that you have generated to allow yourself an avenue to generate a specific action. In a manner of speaking, they are your incorporation of focal points.

MARJ: When I’m doing the exercise with outer senses, does that also help with familiarizing myself with any of my inner senses? I don’t know if I’m explaining that right.

ELIAS: Somewhat, for in allowing yourself to pay attention to your outer senses and intentionally manipulate them, it offers you experience which validates your ability to be intentionally manipulating your energy and directing of it, and you may also generate this action in association with your inner senses more easily.

MARJ: I wanted to ask you about something that’s been happening to me lately. Sometimes I see people here in the house, just a momentary flash, and I can’t describe any of them. One evening when I sat down to meditate, I felt someone sit down on the cushion next to me. I didn’t bother to open my eyes or anything; I just was aware that someone was there. On several occasions when I came into the house, I felt like I was much bigger. It’s not that the furniture looked smaller, I just seemed to be taller or bigger or lighter or something. I don’t understand it.

ELIAS: This is quite a natural expression of evidence in widening your awareness, my friend. You allow yourself momentary experiences in which you objectively are aware of other expressions of consciousness in the same space arrangement as yourself and therefore offer yourself the objective knowing of less of a singularity and separation. The experience of viewing yourself as expanded or larger or lighter is also an expression of widening your awareness genuinely, for this moves in association with perception.

Your beliefs express an influence with your perception, which hold very tightly to specific manifestations and associations in relation to absolutes, singularity and separation, and that there are definite, solid, unchangeable manifestations of physical reality that are generated through perception, and this is incorrect. For perception is quite changeable, and you are quite changeable in allowing the movement and alteration of perception, for there are no absolutes.

This also is an expression that is experienced in association with movement in recognizing that you are more than you have perceived yourself to be previously. You are much more expansive than you have perceived yourself to be pastly. This is a genuine expression of widening your awareness, allowing yourself to experience your own flexibility.

MARJ: Love it! I just love it! (Elias laughs)

Elias, thank you so much. I don’t know what we’d do without you. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get home and talk to you. I was so glad we had this session scheduled so I could talk to you about that trip and everything.

ELIAS: And I continue to be encouraging of you, Grady, and reminding of you, be playful and allow yourself to notice in the moments that you are discounting of yourself, and stop.

MARJ: I think that’s a lot of what this trip was about, for me to notice these things.

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARJ: I did notice them, and then I banged myself on the head and kept saying, “Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this?”

ELIAS: Acknowledge your noticing. Ha ha!

MARJ: That’s the main point, right? To acknowledge that I did notice it.

ELIAS: You are correct. (Chuckles)

MARJ: Thank you, my friend.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend, and I shall express to you, Uombrah, allow yourself the permission to relax and perhaps incorporate playfulness in your adventure of your acupuncture. Ha ha ha!

PAUL:: I’m falling asleep here, I’m getting so relaxed! (Marj and Elias laugh) I look forward to the acupuncture. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express to you both tremendous affection and encouragement in your explorations. I shall be offering my energy in supportiveness continuously.

MARJ: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: To you each this afternoon, until our next meeting, au revoir.

MARJ: Au revoir, Elias.

Elias departs at 3:16 PM.

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