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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

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ďUsing the ĎInner Landscapeí ExerciseĒ

ďThe Belief of LegacyĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Bill.

Elias arrives at 1:24 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

BILL: How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

BILL: Iím fine, thank you. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Very well. And how shall we proceed?

BILL: Well, were you eavesdropping on the conversation I had with Mary just now?

ELIAS: (Playfully) My, my! To stoop to the lowliness of eavesdropping Ė of course not!

BILL: Oh, well. You missed out on an interesting conversation then! (Elias laughs loudly)

ELIAS: Although I am aware of the energy exchange that you engage. Ha ha ha ha!

BILL: Iíve got some questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

BILL: As you may or may not remember, I had a heart attack several months ago. At the time when I perceived the heart attack was occurring that evening, I had a dream, and in the dream I was cleaning out two of the arteries on my heart. After Iíd been to the hospital and talked to the doctors afterwards, they said I had two arteries that were very plugged and two that were crystal clear. Now, that imagery that I saw in the dream, was that a correct function of something I was doing?


BILL: Ah! Okay, now does this relate to the internal landscape that you talked about in one of the sessions? (1)


BILL: Ah! Then I can do more repair in that environment?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, yes.

BILL: Well, Iíd like to do that! (Elias laughs)

The next question is, why did I have the heart attack? I think that would be the proper way to put it.

ELIAS: And your impression?

BILL: Maybe to slow me down? I donít know.

ELIAS: Partially, but also partially to offer yourself imagery to be paying attention to self rather than projecting your attention outside of yourself in extensiveness, and to familiarize yourself with different aspects of yourself Ė one being your body consciousness, which is not a vessel.

BILL: You said something referring to expensiveness. Would you clarify that please, a little?

ELIAS: No, I have not stated ďexpensiveness.Ē What I have stated is that you are offering yourself the opportunity to draw your attention to self rather than extensively projecting your attention outwardly.

BILL: Oh, all right. I had a dream very recently Ė and my dreams seem to be quite rapid right now, more so than any other time in my life Ė that I was in a vehicle. We were proceeding towards a path through a very dense hedge. It was dark. I was not operating the vehicle. The operator was showing resistance to going forward through this pathway through this hedge. I kept asking him to turn the lights on so we could see, and he decided not to and backed up and ran into a rock. Thatís all I remember. Iím assuming that this is something to do with my fear of going forward with what weíre dealing with?

ELIAS: Partially, yes, and in association with interactions with other individuals and allowing yourself to direct yourself regardless of the expressions or choices of other individuals; which, in actuality you are correct, is a movement of this shift.

BILL: Could you explain to me a little more about the internal landscape, how it operates, how it can... I seem to be ending up with several ailments in my body and I would like to correct them, but the information on the landscape is Ė how do I want to put it? ... not complete to me. I donít totally understand it, even though I made it function once.

ELIAS: Very well. Recognize that in moving your attention to the creation of an inner landscape, it is not necessary to be visualizing actual physical functions or organs or tissue in association with your physical body consciousness. You may allow yourself to generate any type of landscape in any design that you choose. It is unnecessary that it be constructed, so to speak, in literal physical terms.

Allow yourself to incorporate your communication of imagination. In this, as you allow yourself to incorporate a physical relaxation, you may also allow yourself to creatively generate a visualization of, as I have stated, any type of landscape which you associate with certain aspects of your physical body consciousness.

Now; in this, you may manipulate the movement of what you place in this inner landscape. You may choose to be, as an example, generating a scenario in which you may view a woodland area, and in this woodland area you may construct certain creatures and certain vegetation and generate an association between these images and certain aspects of your physical body consciousness.

In further example in this scenario, hypothetically you may be visualizing certain vegetation, as an instance, that you do not prefer to be incorporated in your landscape. Therefore you may generate a particular creature that may appear within your landscape and may consume the vegetation that you do not prefer, clearing an area for you to generate a type of vegetation that you DO prefer.

Now; this is symbolic and abstract imagery, which moves quite in harmony with your objective awareness, for your objective awareness generates quite abstract physical imagery within your waking state. Therefore, as you create within your relaxation this type of imagery in visualizations, you are allowing the objective aspect of your awareness to participate in harmony with your want in altering a physical body consciousness expression.

Now; the significance of this type of action is that the subjective awareness is the aspect of you that directs the physical body consciousness and its function and its communications to the objective awareness. Therefore, in generating the visualization of the inner landscape, what you are engaging is an allowance of harmony of the objective awareness with the subjective direction of the physical body consciousness, and you are also allowing the objective expression of awareness to generate imagery in its natural capacity, which is abstract. Are you understanding?

BILL: I am following it really close, yes.

ELIAS: Many times individuals may express to themselves a recognition or a noticing of physical body consciousness communications in a physical affectingness that they are generating.

Now; in noticing what the individual is generating in physical affectingness, the attention automatically moves to thought. But as there is a lack of clarity in understanding of the function of thought, the individual may continue to generate thought concerning what they are creating in physical affectingness and in thought express a direction of thinking, concentrating their attention upon the thinking, and expressing to themselves that they wish to be altering the physical affectingness. And it does not occur, for the attention is concentrating upon the continuation of the generating of the physical affectingness and reflecting that in the translation of thought, which continues to express ideas in relation to the physical affectingness. Even in the time frameworks in which an individual may be expressing to themselves, ďI am noticing that I am generating a pain. I wish to be discontinuing the pain,Ē what you are actually generating is merely concentrating upon the creation and not necessarily the alteration of it.

Now; in moving your attention and allowing your objective expression to generate its natural imagery in abstractness, what you create is moving your attention from thought, which does not generate your reality, into an expression of harmony and movement which shall generate a communication to your perception, and your perception shall alter and create a different expression.

BILL: In the session that I read, you stated that if you dwelled on it too long you would recreate it. How do we know when it has been repaired, shall we say, the problem?

ELIAS: By merely allowing yourself to generate the imagery of the inner landscape and trusting what you have created. For this is what I am expressing to you, in generating the movement of your attention to thought, many times you do dwell upon the physical expression, and in that action you reinforce the creation of it.

BILL: The people that are in the sessions Ė there are quite a few of them Ė have had previous lives that have been with you or in contact with you, and I was wondering if Iíve had a situation like that.


BILL: And that is probably why Iím drawn to this particular movement at this time?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

BILL: May I ask when it was or how many times that we were together? (Pause)

ELIAS: Eight, and you may investigate these focuses and offer yourself information through your impressions or through your dream imagery, and I shall validate that.

BILL: Iíve had on probably three occasions dream imagery, as you would call it, of just a face, very clear, very detailed, and no movement, nothing other than just the face. Can you give me some reason for this or what it might be entailing?

ELIAS: Offer your description.

BILL: The one that stands out the most was a face with a hat or a head covering on it that came down around the ears, that I would possibly think out of the 16th century, maybe a monk or something like that.

ELIAS: This is a focus of yours.

BILL: It is a which?

ELIAS: This is a focus of you.

BILL: Oh, okay! In that time frame?


BILL: Iíll be darned. The other face was just a person tanned well with a pretty large head of hair, thick hair, and that was all. I have no idea what that was.

ELIAS: This also is a focus of you, and one that you incorporate with myself.

BILL: Ah, okay! This person or this image was just staring at me, no facial expression changes or anything, just looking at me. I was wondering if one of those was you.

ELIAS: Both of these individuals are you; but as I have stated, the latter is incorporated in a focus in which I participate also.

BILL: Letís see. How many focuses have I had on this earth?

ELIAS: In this physical dimension, total numbering, 1341.

BILL: Hmm, Iím an old cuss arenít I? (Elias laughs)

There is a lady that lives down river from me that Iím acquainted with, and I have this feeling that she is capable of channeling. She hasnít done it but she is... I just get this feeling that she is capable of doing that. Her nameís Barbara, and I was wondering if I might be correct in my assumption.

ELIAS: Yes, your impression is correct.

BILL: Would she be wanting to do that, do you know?

ELIAS: In this present time framework, no, but this may be incorporated as a choice futurely. It is dependent upon her direction.

BILL: I tried to introduce you to her, and she kind of has a little interest but doesnít go forward with it.

ELIAS: There is an expression of fear.

BILL: Ah, yes. She was at a party one time and they levitated the table, and I think that scared her. (Elias chuckles) I think itíd get my attention, too.

Now the question that everybody seems to be asking, so itís got my curiosity up: I assume Iím common; is that a reasonable assumption?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

BILL: And Iím thinking, I want to call it Smurf but thatís not the correct pronunciation (Elias grins), but this is my family alignment?

ELIAS: Belonging to the family of Sumafi. And your impression concerning your alignment?

BILL: I like to build things. I like to make things. I assume this is my endeavor. But Iím not that familiar with all the different alignments and families.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you align in this focus with the family of Gramada. But your preference of production is also quite influenced by your orientation.

BILL: Of common?


BILL: Now, I assume that I am functioning properly in what Iím doing and the direction that Iím going. Is this a reasonable assumption?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Yes.

BILL: Because at times I have a ... no, most of the time I have an anxiety about me, and I have no idea what this is about. I havenít figured it out. I thought at one time it might be a conflict between my alignment or the family I belong to, but it seems through most of my life thereís been a conflict, or not a conflict, but not a settledness in my personality. Thereís always some energy there that doesnít fit.

ELIAS: And what is your assessment of this energy expression?

BILL: That Iím doing something wrong, that Iím not fulfilling or heading in a proper direction, maybe. Itís an anxiety.

ELIAS: This is a translation that you generate.

Now; let me express to you, you generate this in association with two expressions that are influenced by beliefs. One is concerning correct legacy, and the other is concerning worth in association with correct productivity.

Now; understand that these are beliefs, for there is no expression of correct productivity or correct legacy.

BILL: When you say ďlegacy,Ē I do not understand that totally.

ELIAS: Legacy in itself is a belief associated with your physical dimension. Within your physical dimension, every individual that is manifest underlyingly expresses this particular belief, for you all express the belief of separation. Therefore in association with the belief of separation, you view yourselves, in a manner of speaking, to be finite and that there is a tremendous importance upon what you generate within your focus, to be offering a legacy of yourself that shall continue beyond the finite physical expression; for this is the manner in which you associate that you shall pierce the veil of separation.

Some individuals generate a stronger association with this belief concerning legacy in wanting to be expressing a type of contribution to your physical dimension, but this is also expressed in association with duplicity, for the legacy and the contribution must be expressed in right or correct productivity.

Now; in allowing yourself to be examining of these beliefs and the influence of these beliefs throughout your focus, you may also offer yourself a new freedom in recognition that your mere choice of manifestation and participation in this physical dimension automatically generates the contribution, for you are participating in a physical dimension in a physical exploration of how you may manipulate energy to generate physical experiences in this reality, which is what you generate in all expressions of consciousness for this is the nature of consciousness.

In this, in actuality, there is no separation; there is merely the illusion of the perception of separation. Therefore, any experience that you generate within your expressions and within your focus generates what you may term to be a contribution to consciousness in its entirety as a new expression. And this may allow you to generate a new freedom of appreciation of yourself as essence, as consciousness, and recognize that there is no insignificant expression of consciousness. Therefore, you also are not insignificant.

BILL: Another question: the number of physical problems that I am manifesting or whatever at this time, why are these occurring? Why am I doing this? I have kidney problems it appears, I have the heart problem, I have gout, and I have an eye problem. These many problems, I seem to keep stacking them up like Iím collecting them, saving them for something. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct.

Now; let me express to you, this also is twofold, for one aspect of your creation is expressed in association with your belief concerning age and that as you incorporate older years you shall also generate physical deterioration or dysfunction of your body consciousness.

The other aspect which you generate in association with these physical manifestations is an expression in relation to disengagement and expressing a reason for disengagement. Therefore, you generate certain dysfunctions or dis-ease within your physical body consciousness and in association with age to be offering a preparation and reason and excuse for the moment that you choose to disengage. Not that you are choosing to be disengaging now, but in preparation you generate certain physical expressions which your beliefs express are acceptable in association with that choice and an excuse of that choice, for the influence of your beliefs express that death is not a choice. Therefore, there must be a reason.

BILL: So if I go back into my landscape, I can kind of adjust this and work on my belief system to get me if not a longer longevity, at least one that I have a better health situation in.

ELIAS: Yes, in recognizing that age matters not and that death is actually a choice and that choice incorporates an objective awareness in the moment.

BILL: The last time, or the first time, I talked with you, after the conversation I had a sensation of being extremely pleasurable... It felt very, very good. It didnít last very long, but I assumed that was energy that you had extended to me.

ELIAS: You are correct.

BILL: Iím wondering what has to be done to get that energy circulating on my own.

ELIAS: The recognition that you do incorporate this ability and that your energy is no less powerful and affecting than is mine. You ARE the same expression of consciousness as I am. You are essence. Therefore, you generate the same energy that I generate. This has been offered merely as an example to you that you may also generate this type of expression physically.

In this, my friend, you and many individuals do not necessarily recognize what you incorporate in capability if you do not allow yourselves an experience. Therefore in incorporating the experience, you recognize the possibility.

BILL: So what Iíve done is incorporated this so that if I so wish I can correct it then and experience that correction?

ELIAS: Correct.

BILL: Okay, that makes good sense. Painfully so, but yes. (Elias laughs)

When you talk about self, and you do this an awful lot, I have not been able to recognize this, I think, as well as other people in the sessions have been able to. I believe here lately, and you can tell me right or wrong on this, that I have been able to pay more attention to feelings and to this information maybe that Iím trying to give myself objectively. I hear the phone ringing, as you say, and I have answered it, but I donít understand the language thatís being spoken, letís put it that way. Maybe you can give me a little advice in that direction.

ELIAS: I am understanding. First of all, allow me to express to you, I continue to express information concerning self and turning your attention to self, for ultimately this is of the most significant importance in association with your movement within this shift in consciousness. It is also the most unfamiliar, for what is familiar is to be projecting your attention outwardly to situations, to circumstances, to physical imagery, to environment, and most significantly to other individuals.

Now; in every moment you offer yourself the opportunity to move your attention to you. BUT in allowing yourself to move your attention, you must recognize where your attention is and what your attention is. Your attention is not thought.

Now; in this, as you engage any action, any movement, any expression, it matters not whether it be in solitude with yourself or in association with other individuals or with other expressions of consciousness, you may notice if you are paying attention to yourself or if you are not paying attention to yourself by listening to your communication.

Now; I am understanding that you are noticing your signals, but you are not translating or not allowing yourself to translate the message of the communication, and you question as to how you may be more efficiently generating that translation. In this, as I have stated previously, you may visualize a hypothetical scenario in which you may engage interaction with another individual and you may generate an emotional signal, and you may recognize and identify the emotional signal, but in not turning your attention to you, you do not necessarily receive the message.

Now; if you allow yourself in this hypothetical scenario to remove the other individual from your scenario, you may allow yourself more easily to turn your attention to you and generate inquiry within you what is influencing and creating this particular signal.

Now; if you are so choosing, you may in this moment offer to myself a specific example that you have noticed in your experience in which you recognize your own emotional signal to yourself but have generated confusion in relation to the message, and I shall be quite willing to explore the message with you to offer you more of an objective example of this process.

BILL: Well, the financial situation that I find myself in recently was quite unexpected, and in the very early days of this information I was fortunate enough to have been reading some of the sessions that dealt with this type of subject. I got this fear... Anger swelled up in me. I recognized it and it went away. As another day went on, the circumstances got a little worse, the same emotional feelings started coming back, and I recognized them and they seemed to go away, not 100 percent but about 90 percent. So Iím thinking to myself, okay Iím answering the phone.


BILL: But I donít translate the message. Itís in a foreign language or whatever it might be. (Elias smiles) So I figure I got the process started, but it is not working yet.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

Now; I shall express to you, if you are answering your phone, you shall not continue to generate the ringing. Therefore, as this signal continues to be generated repeatedly and you are recognizing that you are generating this signal in association with the same subject, you may assure yourself that you have not answered your phone, for you have not received the message.

Now; quite simply, I may express to you what you are communicating to yourself is that in the moment you are denying your choices. You are not allowing yourself a trust of yourself to generate Ė not to acquire but to generate Ė the manifestation of what you want.

Now; the manner in which you may allow yourself to view this type of communication, the process, so to speak, which you engage, is to be recognizing the signal Ė which you have Ė and as you recognize the signal of anger, you turn your attention to yourself and inquire what generates this feeling: What am I creating in this moment that generates this signal, this feeling?

I may express to you, anger is an expression which is generated in the moment in which an individual views themselves to not incorporate choice, period. Not that you incorporate choice but do not recognize your choice, but that you are generating an association in the moment that you incorporate no choices.

BILL: Yes, I recognize that.

ELIAS: Once you...

BILL: Well, I think weíre at the end of our time, so I will thank you very much for indulging me.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend.

BILL: And I think Iím going to try to have more conversations with you in the future.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating of this in enjoyment.

BILL: Right! Weíll see if next time we canít find a more pleasant subject to work on. Howís that? (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: It matters not, it is merely a preference. Ha ha ha ha!

BILL: I thank you very much, and goodbye to you.

ELIAS: In tremendous affection to you, my friend, au revoir.

BILL: Goodbye.

Elias departs at 2:18 PM.


(1) The ďinner landscapeĒ exercise was first introduced in session 228, October 18, 1997, and further expanded upon in sessions 231, October 23, 1997; 232, October 31, 1997; and 234, November 05, 1997.

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