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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

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“Tension and Eczema”

“Protecting Others”

“Relax and Generate More of What You Want”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Ben (Ona).

Elias arrives at 10:36 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

BEN: Good afternoon, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Welcome!

BEN: Thank you very much!

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

BEN: It’s nice to finally talk to you. We’ve been through a lot the last couple of months. (Laughs) I have a lot of questions for you.

ELIAS: Very well.

BEN: The first one is the most important, I think. Why am I so afraid of looking inside myself? My wife had a session with you before, and she asked questions about me. You told me before through Rose that my eczema comes from an irritation of self. I feel that you are completely correct, and I want with all my heart to work on that, to cure myself and to make myself a whole person again, but I can’t get there with one thing alone. Can you please guide me and point me the right direction to work on?

ELIAS: Very well. As I have stated, this manifestation that you incorporate physically is quite aggravated, in a manner of speaking, by tension. I may also state to you, in identification of your energy, that you generate a considerable expression of tension quite consistently. At times, this tension also manifests in an expression of anxiety.

Now; this is expressed in relation to fear.

Now; I may suggest to you, first of all, that if you are allowing yourself to genuinely pay attention to your physical expression and [are] noticing this tension that you incorporate, you may address to that first, and this shall be affecting of the physical irritation that you manifest in relation to your skin.

Let me express to you, my friend, your skin incorporates what you identify as the largest surface area of your physical manifestation, and in this, as you generate this tremendous expression of tension within your energy field, you incorporate an affectingness of this tremendous surface area of your physical manifestation, for the expression of tension is to such an extent that the physical imagery that reflects that shall also be in what you term to be an extreme.

Now; I may express to you that you have chosen to be incorporating an outward physical manifestation that may incorporate less of a complication, so to speak, in addressing to it than you may have incorporated were you to have generated a different type of dis-ease within your physical body expression.

Now; in this, there are many beliefs and associations that are influencing of this manifestation, but within this time framework presently it is unnecessary for you to be attempting to address to these beliefs and the influences of them. You may be engaging that action subsequent to the initial action.

The initial action that I suggest to you that you allow yourself to pay attention to is merely to be noticing in a continuous manner the physical expression of tension that you are incorporating. For I may express to you quite genuinely, my friend, this has become so very familiar to you that for the most part you are not noticing the extent of tension that you are holding within your physical body. You generate this tension in relation to your physical muscles, your bones, your nervous system, even your respiratory system and your digestive system incorporate this constriction.

Now; as it is so familiar to you, you view this tension, in your terms, as normal. Therefore, the beginning action that you may be incorporating is to allow yourself to turn your attention to your physical body consciousness and notice this expression of tension. Intentionally generate an action objectively of instructing your physical body consciousness – your muscles, your breathing, your nerves, your organs – to relax.

You may be incorporating visualizations, if you are so choosing. You may incorporation meditation or you may simply choose to turn your attention to specific body muscles in any moment and intentionally instruct those muscles to relax. As you practice with this action, this shall become more familiar to you, and you shall notice this expression of tension more clearly and allow yourself to address to it more frequently. This...

BEN: It helps finally to overcome my eczema?


BEN: Great!

ELIAS: For as you allow yourself to continue practicing intentionally relaxing your physical expression, you also automatically relax the expression of your physical skin, for your physical skin is also constricting, and its constriction in physical terms, my friend, is creating an action in which it is not allowing itself, in a manner of speaking, to breathe. It is not allowing itself to pulsate in what you term to be a normal, natural manner.

Within the design of your physical body consciousness, your skin, in your terms, breathes, but you have generated such a constriction in relation to this tension that it does not allow itself this action, therefore it constricts and...

BEN: Chokes.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, and generates this physical symptom of dryness, of irritation and even abrasions.

BEN: Ja, ja. Well, that’s quite helpful, Elias. Very good. Can I ask my next question?

ELIAS: You may.

BEN: My mirror – you know who I mean – also tells me I am so very much projecting control outwards. I understood that and I recognized it. I projected that control to the people that surround me. I always believed I did it out of protection and love for them, believing I push myself aside. I wanted to make that offer for them, but I understand it’s wrong now. I’d like to know how I break with that habit.

I think in relation to that, I also need a lot of attention, recognition and also compliments. I think that in relation to the protection, that is the price I want them to pay for my offering. Like I said, I recognize and see this now, realizing it’s wrong, and again, please help me out of it.

ELIAS: Very well. I am quite understanding of what you are expressing.

Now; let us examine the circle of action of what occurs. You express a lack of attention to self and a lack of offering and acknowledgment to self, and therefore you project outwardly in relation to other individuals, seeking to obtain the expressions from other individuals that you are not offering to yourself. Therefore, you generate expectations of yourself of what you must be expressing to other individuals that are in association with the expectations that you generate outwardly concerning other individuals in how they must express to you, that you shall obtain the expressions that you are seeking.

Now; let me express to you, my friend, that you reflect to yourself through other individuals what you are generating inwardly within yourself. Therefore, if you are not paying attention to self and not offering the validation, the acceptance, the trust in appreciation of your worth within yourself, you shall project this outwardly and you shall reflect that expression through the expressions of other individuals. Therefore, rather than generating what you expect, you are projecting a lack of acceptance, and therefore you generate a lack of acceptance in the reflection through other individuals.

Now; conversely, as you turn your attention to self, you generate a different circle. As you allow yourself to pay attention to you and what YOU are creating, what YOU want within self, and offer the acceptance and trust of yourself, you automatically express that energy outwardly. Other individuals receive that energy and recognize immediately that you are not expressing judgment or expectation, and therefore the automatic by-product of your acceptance of you is the response in acceptance of the other individuals.

Now; I am understanding your associations in relation to your beliefs that you are generating these expressions in relation to other individuals to be protective of them, but let us examine this expression also. This expression of protection of other individuals is actually a reflection of the protection that you view that YOU need. In actuality, the expression of protection is generated in association with fear, and the fear is generated within YOU. You generate a fear of yourself in association with a lack of appreciation of yourself, a lack of trust of yourself, and therefore devaluing your worth within yourself.

Now; once you express in this manner in these associations with yourself, you generate an expression of needing to protect yourself, for the fear becomes a projection of energy OUTWARD in questioning, doubting and fearing other individuals’ perception of you and their judgment of you.

The expression of protection is in actuality a projection of energy which creates a type of shield that you view as protecting yourself against other individuals’ expressions of a lack of acceptance and of judgment concerning you. But what you view objectively is quite cleverly camouflaged, for in an attempt to validate yourself or falsely express your worth of yourself, you express this false facade in which you project energy to other individuals and you associate that you are being protective of them, not of yourself. But in protection of them – which they do not need, nor do you – but in the expression of attempting to be protective of them, you also generate tremendous expectations; for if you are protecting of them, they must be acknowledging your worth and their appreciation of you.

In actuality, you are attempting to create the reality of other individuals, which you may not create. But you view yourself to be inefficiently creating your reality; therefore you shall attempt to be creating another individual’s reality more efficiently. Ha ha!

BEN: (Laughing) When you say it, it sounds so simple, but you give me something to work on. It’s really good, ja.

I think I will ask my last question first, because I think it has something to do with it. I feel like I’m stuck with a lot of burdens, like the mortgage on my house and the need for a steady income. Is it unreasonable to ask Rose for a contribution? And is there a field of work in which I would feel myself a lot better, and could I still begin with that at my age? You understand?

ELIAS: I am quite understanding of your questions.

First of all, in addressing to your first question, you may project energy and request for helpfulness from any essence and this shall be responded to. But let me also express to you, although all essences are willing and compliant to be offering expressions of energy in helpfulness in relation to any other essences, I offer the suggestion to you that you allow yourself to be acknowledging of yourself as essence, for you also incorporate the same ability to be helpful to yourself in trusting and accepting of yourself.

Projecting your attention outwardly in requesting energy from other essences is merely a reinforcement of the lack of trust that you express within self. This is not to say that myself or any other essence shall not be compliant regardless, for there is an immediate response from other essences to be offering energy to you, and it is freely expressed.

But I may offer the suggestion that you allow yourself to direct your attention to YOU as essence for you are essence also, and you incorporate the same abilities as any other essence within consciousness. For you as essence are no different from any other essence and are EXTREMELY powerful.

As to your question concerning your perception of need and your question concerning your ability to generate a different direction in relation to employment, I may express to you, although many individuals view myself to be a nonphysical essence and that I incorporate little understanding of your physical focus and the physical needs that you view yourselves to incorporate, I may say to you quite genuinely, I am quite aware of your beliefs and the design of your physical dimension and your perceived needs. In this, I am aware of the physical expressions that you generate and the beliefs associated with them.

I may also genuinely express to you, this is another influence of tension, and as you allow yourself to practice dissipating tension and allow yourself to express more and more the recognition that these perceived needs matter not, you allow yourself to genuinely move into a freer expression of creativity, and you allow yourself to view more of your choices, incorporating listening to the communication of imagination more freely, and therefore what you generate in actuality is more of what you want, which eliminates the need.

Quite specifically, my friend, as you allow yourself to dissipate tension – to incorporate an allowance of yourself to relax and recognize that needs are expressions influenced by beliefs and that you actually do incorporate the ability to choose and to generate what you want – and as you allow yourself to relax, you generate more of what you want. As you allow yourself not to incorporate tension and worry and concentration upon what you are NOT generating, you allow yourself to generate more.

In the moments that you are concentrating your attention upon not generating currency, this is what you generate, not creating it, for your attention continues to reinforce your associations with beliefs that you do not incorporate the ability to be generating it. Therefore, you continue the challenge and the struggle. Whereas, as you move your attention into an expression of trust of yourself, you also begin to express “it matters not.”

As you move into these types of expressions in trust of yourself, you offer yourself more of an objective recognition of your choices, you allow yourself more of an expression of creativity, and you allow yourself to move in directions easily in which you generate what you want without struggle and in more abundance.

BEN: Incredible. Now to do it, that’s part two, I think. I think I need a lot of study to do that! (Ben and Elias laugh) That’s very true and very good.

ELIAS: I may express to you once again, my friend, do not overwhelm yourself. Concern yourself with your physical expression first, and this shall offer you a practice which shall be affecting of all other expressions within your focus.

BEN: The final questions I have for you are about my dreams, the dreams I had.

ELIAS: Very well.

BEN: Shall I tell them to you, or do you already know what dreams I meant?

ELIAS: You may express the identification of dream imagery for transcription.

BEN: That’s good. I had a dream which was very upsetting for me, and it really shocked me. I was walking in a parade, I had a camera, and I wanted to climb on a platform to take pictures of the parade because I was very admiring of the dancers. They were forming the letters “W-T-C.” But they were so glad I was there admiring them that they wouldn’t let go of me, so I stayed with them with some regret because I wanted to make pictures of them.

The next moment I was walking through a wooden building which I seemed to know well, and I wanted to check the animal cages. Subconsciously I felt that there were animals which were forgotten, neglected. Then there was some diversion, because an older woman was babbling to me about nothing. I really can’t stand people talking about superficial things, so I was sort of walking away and then decided I had to see the animals, in spite of the fear for what I would encounter.

When I came in the animal houses there were black flies humming and waiting for a feast to come, and I heard a constant low growl, the low grunt of a dog. Then I saw a dog which was not dead yet, but swollen and suffering terrible pain. That’s why it was constantly making that terrible growl, and it had its teeth bared. That woke me up and left me shocked. That’s the dream I’d like to know about.

ELIAS: And have you incorporated an impression?

BEN: Well, I told it to my wife and she told me that the dog was me. But then I’m very far gone, I think, my inner self, if I would be in a state like that.

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, you have offered yourself this imagery first of all in photographing the expression of the individuals and the signs of the towers in association with recognition of colliding, in a manner of speaking, with your beliefs, and the desire to be addressing to strongly held beliefs which are strongly influencing of your perception.

You also generate imagery concerning this tremendous desire to be seeking out this animal.

Now; as you encounter this animal, it is quite disturbing to you, for it appears to you to be quite grotesque and an expression that you automatically wish to be turning away from.

Now; the imagery of the dog is an expression symbolically that you have created in association with your creation of fear. Therefore, in a manner of speaking the dog is not you but is you, for it is your fear. But be encouraged, my friend, for this imagery that you have generated in this dream is expressing to you an objective identification that you within this time framework are choosing to be offering yourself information, and you are validating your genuine desire to be addressing to these beliefs that you incorporate and also to be allowing yourself to face this dog, in a manner of speaking, and to not turn away from the expression of it, but rather to approach it, view it, and therefore offer yourself the opportunity to be, in a manner of speaking, healing this fear.

Therefore, you have actually generated an objective recognition of the opportunity that you are expressing to yourself – not the discounting, but rather an acknowledgment to yourself. As challenging as it may be objectively to view, in actuality my friend, this expression that you have offered yourself is to be acknowledged in your willingness to turn your attention to yourself, knowing the fear that is expressed.

BEN: Yes, that seems familiar.

ELIAS: Therefore, accept from myself also my acknowledgment of you.

BEN: Thank you. The second dream may be related to that. It was also of animals, which I find interesting that I always dream of animals. There was a round hollow bundle of tough hay and I was kind of cleaning it away and putting it in the green waste container. When I grabbed it, there was a heron trapped in it and it fled away. Underneath, a badger was walking away very easily and undisturbed, and it was eating the heron alive. That’s the dream. I was fascinated by the badger walking away so easily without being disturbed from its feast meal.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; I may express to you two identifications. You are correct in your impression that this dream does bear association to the other dream, for in the acknowledgment of the other dream, in association with the dog as the expression of fear, you generate imagery in association with another creature that may be viewed as menacing, but the imagery that you present to yourself concerning this creature of the badger is of ease, and its ease in removal.

Therefore, you transform in imagery the grotesque, wounded and menacing expression of the dog into a menacing creature of the badger, but not wounded and easily moving away. It continues to be demonstrating what appears to be a type of menacing action in consuming the other creature, but it also appears to move in ease and moves away. This is imagery that you provide to yourself to be once again acknowledging yourself that in addressing to this fear, you may also dissipate it and eliminate it.

I may also express to you that within your dream imagery, you are correct, you do incorporate the symbols of creatures quite often, and in this you may view these creatures as a dream trigger. Therefore if you are so choosing, you may approach these creatures, allow yourself to merge with them within your dream state, and this shall create a portal in which you may move into other expressions of consciousness. In that action, in association with our discussion this day and the issues that you are presenting to yourself, you may allow yourself to access other energies of your essence to be helpful to you in addressing to these issues objectively.

BEN: Wow! That’s a real key you gave me there. Thank you very much.

I have a final dream, and there’s only five minutes and then my wife comes again. It was a beautiful dream. I was standing on the nose of a whale. The whale was carrying me towards the land, and I felt at that time that all the whales of the world were doing the same thing. They were all coming to help, rescuing the world. The strange thing was that I was alone, feeling alone.

The next thing, I saw a lovely set table for an evening supper, and in my head someone was explaining what would happen. There was going to come a kind of radiation, a healing radiation which would heal the world, and I had to stay away from berries from a thorn tree in the corner because those berries could burn me during the process of the radiation. I was looking at some candles on the table and I knew that during the radiation the candle stumps would vaporize and the candles would be completely clean again. It was beautiful.

ELIAS: This is the imagery that you have offered to yourself, my friend, in association with the movement of this shift in consciousness, an acknowledgment to yourself of the reality of this shift.

The imagery of the whales is imagery that you present to yourself in association with the unity and the lack of separation of consciousness and of essences. The imagery of the radiation is imagery that you present to yourself in association with the tremendous movement of change. The imagery of the bush and the berries is imagery in association with issues and beliefs, the beliefs that continue to be in existence but are expressed, in a manner of speaking, away from you. They are not eliminated, but you may choose not to engage them.

Therefore you have offered yourself quite a creative expression of imagery to acknowledge to yourself the reality of this movement of this shift in consciousness.

BEN: Well, Elias, thank you very much for this. I will also thank my wife for this session. I think Mary needs a break now, and I will hand the phone to my wife.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend.

BEN: I hope to talk to you next time.

ELIAS: And I also! I offer you great encouraging energy and tremendous affection.

BEN: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

BEN: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:29 AM.

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