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“The Beginnings of the Energy Exchange”
“Where Do You Go, Mary?”

by Mary Ennis

(Bobbi’s note: This little talk by Mary took place Saturday, June 09, 2001 just previous to the Connecticut group session 848, in front of 33 participants.)

MARY: Since there are new people here today, if anybody has any questions before we start the session, this would be the time to ask them. (Pause)

RODNEY: How long did you practice?

MARY: Wasn’t the keyword “new”? (Laughter)

RODNEY: How long did you practice this thing before you got it down pat?

MARY: Oh, Rodney!

FEMALE: He asked my question, and I’m new.

MARY: I’m still practicing! (Laughter) I don’t think I have it down yet. (Laughs) Although I have it down a lot better than I used to. I’m way better at it now.

CAROLE: Well, a good “new person” question is, “Where do you go when Elias speaks?”

MARY: Oh god, Carole, you’re as bad as him!

CAROLE: But it is a new person question. Don’t you want to know where she goes when Elias speaks?

FEMALE: I was going ask you, but I’m shy! (Laugher and applause)

CAROLE: See? She wants to know.

RON: Where’s that tape?

MARY: Oh, the intro tape, the demo tape? (1) I brought it, I did.

Okay, the top two questions: how did this all get started, and where do I go during a session?

It all got started six years ago when I was doing a meditation at home. I had invited a man who teaches meditation to come to my home and teach me how to do that so I could be a little more centered and a little more grounded, because I had a 16-year-old daughter at home at the time, and I was losing my mind. (Laughter)

He agreed to come, and I conned my dear wonderful sweet friend Vicki – was that syrupy! (laughing) – to stay because I was nervous, because I didn’t really know this man yet. She didn’t really want to stay, but she stayed because she ended up talking to me until the man arrived – which is pretty typical and normal of Vicki and me. We get talking, and then it’s five hours later!

So they came, Lazlo and his girlfriend, and he told us how to do this visualization/meditation thing, and visualize a leaf floating in the water or a feather floating in the air. We were all going to have our eyes closed, and then when it was over, he would knock on my coffee table three times to signal us that we could open our eyes and it would be over.

This man has an incredible voice; he’s very good at what he does. It was very easy to do the visualization, listening to him walk us through it. Of course, now we’re doing a meditation, so everybody’s eyes are closed and nobody is talking. I don’t notice anything unusual, because nobody’s supposed to be talking. I started to get the feather, and I was thinking, “Oh good, I’m doing pretty good. I got it,” and then all of a sudden the feather turned into this purple prism that was just hanging in the air, just spinning there, and I thought, “Oh boy, I must be really good at this (laughter), I turned it into something else! I’m really getting enlightened now!” So I just sat there and watched this purple thing spin, and the next thing I knew I heard the knock on the table. I opened my eyes, and I was like, “Oh, that was really cool! And you know, I got it, I did it! We sure didn’t do that for very long though. I mean, aren’t meditations supposed to like go for a while? It felt like only three or four minutes to me,” and NOBODY else was saying anything. Everybody was just sitting on the floor going (Mary makes a staring expression, with her mouth open). (Laughter)

Then the phone rang, and I jumped up and got the phone. It was for my daughter, who, by the way, was in the bedroom with her friend doing homework. I ran the phone into the other room, and my daughter was doing the same thing (Mary makes the same face, staring with an open mouth). I said, “The phone’s for you,” and she goes, “Mom, is that you?” (Laughter) I said, “No, it’s an alien ... of course it’s me!” And she was like, “Just checking.”

I thought, what is up with everybody? I went back out in the living room, and Christie and Lazlo and Vicki were still sitting there not saying anything, and so I said, “Okay, does somebody want to tell me what’s going on? Did something weird happen with one of you or something in this meditation?”

Vicki actually was the first one that piped up and asked me, “Have you ever heard of Seth?” “No.” She’s like, “Oh ... do you know anything about channeling?” “No.” She says, “Oh, this is gonna take awhile...” (Loud laughter)

The energy was so scattered in the beginning that a lot of people had a very speeded-up energized response to sessions, and Christie was right there. Man, she looked like she could run a marathon that evening! She couldn’t sit still, and then she started talking – dit-dit-dit-dit-dit – talking really fast. Vicki must have said 500 times that night, “Wow! This is cool! Wow, you have no idea how many times I wished I could have met Seth,” and “WOW!”

I thought, “Okay, whatever,” and so they explained to me that this “thing” had been talking to them for about 40 or 45 minutes, and they were asking it questions. They thought it was just really cool – except Lazlo was pretty freaked out about it. (Laughter) Lazlo didn’t say too much, and every time I went near him he just kept backing up, and saying, “No, no, no-no-no-no-no.”

At the end of the night ... I mean, they all stayed until like 3:00 in the morning, talking to me about this whole experience. At the end of the night, Vicki was flying so high, she just went directly home, took a shower and went to work. She had to work at like 4:00 in the morning or something – she was buzzin’! But at the end of the night, they asked me if I would be willing to try to do it again and see if it would happen again, and I was like, “Okay – when do you want to get together?” This was on a Saturday night, and they’re like, “How ‘bout Monday?” And we did, we went to Lazlo’s house that time, and of course Lazlo got real “metty” [i.e. metaphysical] on us and was burning incense and candles (laughter) – Vicki and I were choking – but he wouldn’t quit with the spirit stuff.

RON: Wasn’t he playing frog music, too?

MARY: Oh yeah, he had background music – that’s right – crickets and frogs (laughter), stuff like that, which was just such a trip. We were like, “Oh my god!” He said that it was metaphysical music to put me in the mood, but it was pretty funny. I mean, we couldn’t concentrate because things were croaking (laughs), so we made him turn it off.

So Lazlo went through a meditation again, and it happened. That time there was one extra person there, Debbie, and even just at the prospect of one other person being there, I spent the afternoon puking because I was such a wreck over the whole thing. It was a good thing that Debbie was there, though, because she had the presence of mind to start writing things down. She started writing down every word he said.

Elias talked really slow in the beginning. He talked so slow that people actually could write down word for word what he was saying. It worked the second time, and he talked for about 45 minutes. After that, we decided to get together twice a week and do this thing. And it kept working, and it’s still working.

About a month into it, I guess, we quit the meditation part because I didn’t really need to do that. All I really needed to do was get myself at least relaxed enough that I could just like let it happen. I always closed my eyes because I was so nervous. It wasn’t that I needed to, it was just that it helped me to forget that other people were looking at me, and to allow this thing to happen. It happens really, really, really easy. Over the years it’s gotten faster and faster and faster. It only takes a few seconds now. It used to take a few minutes for him to come through, but it’s real fast now.

We just kept doing it, and here we are today, still doing it. Vicki and I made an agreement that if it ever wasn’t fun, and if we ever got to a place where we weren’t amazed with it, that we’d probably just stop doing it; but that’s never happened so far. It continues to be a really amazing thing, and it’s always fun. We have a lot of fun with this. There are down sides of it, but I do have a lot of fun with it.

CAROLE: Do you ever get the sense, Mary, that Elias wants to come through when you’re not prepared, or I mean, does it ever catch you off guard, or is it something that you always have to solicit?

MARY: Elias’ energy is ALWAYS present. It’s always present. And so ... actually, that’s not true. There was one time when it wasn’t present, and that felt really weird. In six years, there’s only been one time when his energy was gone, and it felt very strange.

Elias told us in the very beginning that it was intrusive for two essences to be doing an exchange at the same time in the same physical proximity, because it’s distracting. I think it probably would be too much of a confusing energy for the people who are there, because the energies are very strong. There was one time when there was another energy exchange happening in the same house, and Elias’ energy just WHOOSH went away. That’s the only time that’s ever happened. Other than that, in the last six years Elias has never not been present; so I don’t have to really do anything, he’s always available. There have been times in the beginning where he wanted to talk, and I didn’t necessarily want to let him do that. That was a little weird, you know.

There were different times when we would be in inappropriate places (laughter), where it wouldn’t have been a really great thing for the dead guy to be blurting things out. That’s not real good in a restaurant, and it’s also not good to steal other people’s thunder. It seemed to me whenever I would get into any kind of a remotely relaxed state, this thing could just VAVOOM and there it would be. I went to a couple of functions where they were doing demonstrations, and I went to a spring solstice thing where there were 200 people in this room and they wanted to do a little meditation; and I’m like, “Okay, I gotta leave the room. See ya later!” Or putting other people under hypnosis, and I’m going right there with them and then the dead guy is talking, and I’m like “Oh god!” So there were some times I would have to remove myself from certain places so that I wouldn’t go.

MALE: If you’re ever ill, does this energy help you in some way? Does it heal you, or has it ever...

MARY: No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t do something like heal, but I can tell you I have done many sessions when I was really very sick, and I was not sick during the time that the session was going on. I do feel a little better for a few hours after the session while there’s still a residual energy there. It does make me feel a little better.

MALE: Can you have someone give you a question when you are in a trance if you are ill, to give you a message back on how to heal yourself, like Edgar Cayce did?

MARY: I suppose. I’ve never done that, but I suppose that that would be possible. I don’t think there’s any reason why not, although I would say also that for a long time, several years, I had a real issue with people asking medical questions of Elias. It’s not such a big deal to me anymore, because I’m sure he can handle whatever question anybody has, and he’ll either answer it or he won’t. It doesn’t matter to me anymore, but in the beginning I had a real personal responsibility thing going on, where I felt really weird about that. If somebody asked him something and he gave them an answer, and maybe they misinterpreted it or they did something different with it, I would feel really responsible if something happened to them. But nowadays, I don’t really think about that a whole lot any more.

As to the number two $64,000 question, “Where am I during a session?” I’m not anywhere. I’m not in any place. I’m just aware of energy. I am very aware of my energy; I’m very aware of Elias’ energy. In the beginning, I was very aware of the people’s energy that would be participating in the group, but I very quickly learned how to buffer that out. I don’t feel any of that anymore, and I haven’t for a long time. But that was a good thing, because it’s very difficult to just be one person and interact with this BIG energy of this essence that’s coming through and also the collective energy of people. People are not even aware most of the time of what’s going on inside of them and the energy that they’re projecting out, the emotion and things like that, and when you are wide open to that, it feels like big balls of energy that are flinging through you. It’s like, “Aaagh!” (Ducking) I learned real quick how to block that out.

Every once in a while now this phenomenon goes through changes, about every six or eight months, and one of the recent changes that it’s gone through is that there seems to be more of an opening. I don’t know whether I’m more open or whether other people are more open, I’m not really sure. But at times – not always – there are times when I am very aware of the energy of the person that’s interacting with Elias. Normally, I’m only aware of his energy. His energy feels like a giant tidal wave that consumes me, and I just hold in it. Every once in awhile it feels to me ... well, it’s not really a feeling, but it seems to me like there becomes this big hole in this big tidal wave, and another wave comes from another direction and goes right into this hole, and both of these waves kind of merge together, and then I’m right in the middle of them. I have realized that that’s the other person’s energy coming in, too. It doesn’t happen very often, and I think that it has something to do with how open and directed the person is that’s speaking to Elias, and if they are really, really, really open, then this (claps hands together) merging of waves will happen, and I’ll be aware of that.

But it’s gone through a lot of changes in the last six years; I’ve gone through a lot of changes in the last six years. I think I’m a very different person now than I was six years ago, much more confident, that’s for sure, much more relaxed with the whole thing. I used to be an absolute basket-case with this situation (laughs) and a total wreck, and whenever I’d have to do a group session, you really did have to have top secret clearance to get into it – FBI, CIA affidavits, the whole thing (laughter) – and you literally did have to go through a psychic reading. I had feelers everywhere. I had all my little people around me that would ... you had to go through the channels before you could get to me, and the last step was actually meeting me in person before you could come to a session. And then I could freak out and go, “Oh my god, is this a person who is going to burn a cross on my lawn after this thing? Can I trust this person to come here? Oh my god, I don’t know!” Only one person at a time was allowed to come to a session in the beginning, so we had people backed up – “Sorry you can’t come this week, you have to come next week,” or whatever. There were a couple of times that I met with somebody and said “No, you can’t come,” purely out of my own fear. Come to find out, later on when the person actually would come to a session, it was fine.

I just was extremely insecure, didn’t know what the heck I was doing, bouncing back and forth, trying to figure out whether I was schizophrenic or had a brain tumor or had multiple personality syndrome, or whether I was possessed by the devil or whatever, and thinking that Vicki and Ron and Cathy and Jim and Christie and Lazlo and Debbie were all delusional for listening to me (laughter), and that they REALLY needed to seek out some serious psychiatric help! It was really difficult. It was a very difficult journey at the beginning. It was interesting, it was amazing, but it was hard, too. But then it started to get really fun, once we got past that fear factor.

But the one piece that was always consistent was that it was always amazing, and Elias was always consistent. He was an amazing thing – he IS an amazing thing. I don’t know what he is but whatever he is, he is an amazing thing, and I think the most amazing thing about Elias is that he is so not human, and so unconditionally and completely accepting of everything, no matter what it is. You could be a saint or you could be an axe-murderer, and Elias would see you the same. I think that’s one of the most wonderful qualities, and he really does translate that very well and very strongly. There’s no way you could not feel that from him.

So, anybody else? Now I’m probably going to have to change the tape, huh?

RON: It’s only been about 20 minutes

MARY: Oh, good! I did good. I did that fast, huh! So ... that’s it?

BEN: Just wait for Carole to come back ... here she is.

MARY: All right, well, like I said, it only takes a few seconds for Elias to come through. Don’t worry, no alien is going to pop out of my stomach and grab you all! It’s all fine, and we are not in London, so there won’t be any grand entrance of slamming windows! (2) (Laughs)

RODNEY: Aw, darn, I was waiting for something like that!

MARY: I know.

FEMALE: Slamming hammocks, maybe! (Laughter)

FEMALE 2: Lightening bolts?

MARY: All-righty then! I have no idea how Elias will present himself. He may just open for questions, or he may have something to say. I never know what he’s going to do. You’ll find out, and I will later! I will see you all on the break. Okay, I’m going to do the closing eyes thing still, because it will be easier...

(Elias arrives. See session 848 for the transcription of the session.)


(1) Mary is referring to the video clip that Elias did in introduction of himself for the websites. You can see it – and/or read the transcript of it – at

(2) Mary is jokingly referring to Elias’ arrival at a group session in London, where in a perfectly still room a large window slammed shut just as Elias came through. See session 646, June 17, 2000.

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