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My Energy Exchange with Elias
by Mary Ennis

Mary speaks as Mary. Mary speaks as Elias.

An “energy exchange” with another essence that isn’t physically focused is a strange, unusual, and for the most part fascinating process. It’s an experience that seems amazing and continually changing.

One part of the energy exchange that I participate in with Elias that many people are curious about is, ‘where I am during a session ,’ while Elias is talking to other people. My experience in this action has also changed many times.

In the beginning of these sessions, in April of 1995, I could liken my experiences to what we identify as astral projection. I seemed to allow myself a lot of freedom to explore. At that time I was still aware of activity involving emotions and some sense information (such as visual and sometimes hearing). I played with physical energy centers, projected myself into places to watch physical body functions, and sometimes allowed myself to venture into other areas of consciousness. For the most part those were interesting and fun experiences for me.

During one session while Elias was talking to a group of people, I projected myself into my physical brain. I felt very tiny and as if I were visiting the landscape of another planet and watching strange creatures in action who seemed to be oblivious to my presence. The brain matter itself seemed like a very smooth but hilly landscape. The nerves appeared to me to be like some kind of immense imaginative science fictional creatures. They were all moving and spraying some substance, and also consuming the substance from other creatures. It was a fascinating experience.

As time has gone on and the energy exchange has changed, my actions during sessions have also changed. I have moved farther away from an interaction with my physical body. I don’t mean farther away in distance, but in awareness and attention. During a session now I have no physical sense information, (visual, hearing, feeling). There seems to be no awareness of anything physical. I am aware of energy and motion, which is impossible to explain, and I am also aware of me. Or rather, I am aware of that part of me that makes me who I am. I also don’t think or feel anything in that state. This is not similar to a sleeping or dreaming state at all.

The closest explanation I’ve been able to come up with is a physical comparison. Please bear in mind, though, the comparison is physical and the actual experience has no physical qualities to it.

For those of you who have experienced a trip to the beach it should be easy to visualize the explanation. Imagine yourself standing on the beach right at the water’s edge. You plant your feet in the sand, digging them in deeply giving yourself a firm stance. As you look out over the water you watch a 50 foot wave, a wall of water, coming towards you. The wave hits you with an immense force and your job is to keep standing as it engulfs you and until it recedes. If you’ve ever tried to stand up in a wave of water, even a small 3 or 4 foot wave, you know how challenging that can be.

For people that have never been to the beach, you can imagine a similar kind of experience with wind. Imagine trying to stand in one place, unmoved, in the midst of the winds of a tornado or a hurricane.

This is my experience now. Other people experience talking to and feeling Elias during a session, I experience myself and energy. It’s an interesting action to match forces of energy. It’s a fascinating phenomenon.

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