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The Forgotten Self
by William Marshall

Click here to order. Publication date 25 October 2004
General Fiction
230 pp; paperback
UK publication date 31 October 2005
RRP: £9.99
Published by Contact Publishing Ltd.

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Ever wondered what the next 70 years would bring?

Inspiring New Book, The Forgotten Self, is the adventure for the 21st century. It gives a glimpse into our unfolding world to come.

An extraordinary boy is born in 1990 with epilepsy to two ordinary people. As Sean develops, his parents are both challenged and inspired but eventually come to understand the qualities that make Sean who he is. They learn it is ok to be abnormal in a world that favours normalcy. Eventually they find their own uniqueness that is inherent in themselves and in every individual.

As he grows into adulthood, Sean takes us on his journey into an ever-changing world as the Shift unfolds over the coming 70 years. Through Sean, we witness and experience human evolution and an unfolding world that makes the Renaissance pale in comparison. Along his road, he meets a variety of individuals who have their own challenges to face.

William Marshall has researched and based these projections on current trends, the Elias concepts and principles, and inspiring world leaders. These various aspects are brought together in The Forgotten Self as an expanded approach to fiction. It introduces the reader to unique concepts such as, “If it isn’t fun, don’t do it” in the most literal sense, as well as incorporating teachings from Ekhart Tolle, Seth, Elias, Joseph Campbell, Khalil Gabran and Carl Jung. Each concept or teaching is woven into the fabric of fiction.

Ultimately, The Forgotten Self is about the acceptance of self and others in a challenging and ever-changing world that is undergoing the shift in consciousness so grand that reality itself is challenged. The Forgotten Self is the adventure for the 21st century that is set to inspire.

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