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In Memoriam, Daryl Horton (1950-2005)

Dear Paul and Gerhard, I am sending these photos to you in case you'd like to use some, any, all, etc. if you would like to speak of Daryl's disengagement on your sites.

I have polled a couple of folks and gotten no response on what, if anything they would like to say, but her vital statistics are: Born: July 19, 1950. Disengaged: December 19, 2005.

From Me: Daryl was one of the bravest people I've ever known, and she offered herself and her experience to any and all who asked. She not only "attended the lectures" (sts) but she did the homework too. She was a transcriber, and dearly loved exploring the magic of self, no matter how difficult. She truly is a Daredevil and was not afraid to Dare Evil either. She'll be missed and adored by me forever.

Much love,

A Brief Bio
By Wendy Walsh

A long time and avid member of the Elias forum, Daryl Anne Horton passed away in the early hours of Monday December 19, 2005 ending a difficult and painful struggle with terminal cancer.

Born July 19, 1950 in Seattle Washington Daryl was raised in Ann Arbor Michigan and Cincinnati Ohio. She went to Antioch college in Yellow Springs Ohio and got a Masters degree in Library Sciences. In the mid seventies Daryl moved to San Francisco with her partner. She worked at several jobs including one in a doctor's office and one as a medical transcriber. Daryl moved to Sacramento in 1990 for about 12 years, and then to her beloved home in the Berkeley hills where she lived until she passed away.

Daryl was a long time Seth reader who discovered Elias in the late nineties. She had some physical problems which brought about an early retirement, and she devoted a lot of time to the Elias forum, transcribing sessions, connecting with other members in explorations of other focuses, participating on elists and often helping people understand as they moved into deeper aspects of the Elias information. She created the Shift Assist website which will is being continued.

Daryl's cancer was diagnosed at the same time as Margot's and Margot referred to Daryl as her "fear hero." This is an apt description. Many people were moved and helped by Daryl's willingness to share her explorations of deep, difficult fear issues in her Elias sessions. Daryl never stopped trying to understand what she was creating, no matter how confounding it seemed. She also often shared tales of her many explorations of other focuses and other dimensions. Some of us are expecting to hear more....

Wendy, Susie, Sharon, Fran, Janet, Landlords, Debi, and Sheri
Wendy, Susie, Sharon, Fran, Janet, Landlords, Debi, and Sheri

Ester, Susie, Sharon, Fran, Wendy, Landlord, Debi, and Sheri
Ester, Susie, Sharon, Fran, Wendy, Landlord, Debi, and Sheri

Balloons Release Daryl's Essence
Balloons Release Daryl's Essence

Wendy Releases Daryl's Ashes on the Hill
Wendy Releases Daryl's Ashes on the Hill

View from the Hill
View from the Hill

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