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Questions and Answers about the Energy Exchange
by Mary Ennis

(Bobbiís note: There is usually a question-and-answer period which Mary conducts before a group session. This one, included below, was particularly interesting and answered some common questions about Mary and her experience in the Elias phenomenon.)

MARY: Does anybody have any questions before we get started?

ORLAN: How do you feel about pictures in the middle of a session? (Laughter as Mary makes a face.)

MARY: Just donít let me see any of them Ė they all look lame!

For anybody thatís new here, are there questions about the phenomenon or about anything?

TED: Are you aware when Elias takes over?

MARY: Am I aware of him taking over, or am I aware of the session?

TED: Aware of the session.

MARY: No. Which is good for all of you to know, because if you ask me questions on the break Iím not going to know what the heck youíre talking about!

ORLAN: So where are you then during the session?

MARY: Iím not really actually in a place. I donít exactly know how to describe it; itís not like actually going somewhere, like to a place. Iím very aware of me, whatever it is that makes me me; Iím very aware of Eliasí energy, which is pretty big. People think I just go to sleep or whatever; itís not like that. How I describe it to people is, if you can envision yourself standing on a beach and digging your feet into the sand as hard as you can, and then having a 40-foot wave hit you and try to keep standing up (laughter), thatís kind of what itís like! (Laughs)

SANDY: And thereís a reason you keep doing this? (Laughter)

MARY: Itís pretty big energy, and thatís just what I do Ė I just hold while it goes ďptschoom!Ē And then itís done. (Laughs)

MALE: Are you aware of time, the passing of time?

MARY: A little bit; itís different. Itís very different from regular time.

FEMALE: Is Elias already aware of the questions that are going to be asked?

MARY: I donít know. Heís not like a mind reader. He sees peopleís energy and whatís going on with them in energy, and so heís not as ... I mean heís very aware of when someone is speaking to him and answering their questions. But thereís another thing going on, where heís very aware of their energy and where theyíre at and whatís going on inside of each person and what direction theyíre in. I donít think heís ... itís a weird thing. Itís a phenomenon, and itís hard to put that into words. I think what he does is translate energy into whatís familiar to us, and whatís familiar to us is to talk to each other and to act like people, so he translates energy in that way.

Weíve had a couple of examples in the early sessions where he intentionally didnít translate the energy that way, and nobody listened to him. It wasnít that they didnít want to listen to him; it was like they couldnít listen to him because it was devoid of everything that we understand and that we relate to. It was totally flat Ė there was no emotion, there was no expression, there was no nothing Ė which he did purposely, kind of as an example, because heís said that he doesnít have emotion and things like that. Thatís all stuff that we do here, and so he did that to give an example of why we wouldnít be able to deal with him if he was just coming through in energy the way that he is, and it was pretty interesting. Nobody could remember a thing he said during the session.

FEMALE: Was it taped?

MARY: Yes, I believe it was. That was back in 1995. Those sessions arenít out yet, that first year. Weíve got a guy [Paul Helfrich] whoís going through them all, because back then we didnít really know what we were doing. Not that we know what weíre doing now! (Laughing) We really didnít ever think that it was ever going to be as big as itís become. I think there was only eight or ten of us that used to do little group sessions at Vickiís house.

He talked so slow then that people could actually write down word-for-word what he was saying while he was talking, because he talked SO slow, which was kind of an amazing thing in itself. Vicki and I used to play around with that, and tried to talk that slow to each other and see if we could do it. Itís amazing, because you lose your train of thought! (Laughter) You donít remember what youíre talking about when youíre talking that slow. It was pretty amazing.

So when he started to pick up the pace a little bit and talk a little bit faster, we started taping, but they Ė there were three people Ė were still writing down in notebooks what he was saying while he was saying it. By the end of Ď95 he started talking too fast for them to keep up with, but what they did was if he started to talk a little bit faster and they would miss something that he said, they would just leave a blank space in the notebook and then we would go back through the tape only to where the missing piece was and just fill in the blank. But that obviously was REALLY inaccurate. We were putting out transcripts that were taken from what people wrote down; but people donít always hear the same thing, and they donít hear what heís actually saying. So it was very inaccurate.

Now weíve got Paul going through all those tapes and re-transcribing all of those early sessions so that they are accurate, because they are pretty distorted right now.

RODNEY: Do you know when those will be ready?

MARY: I donít know. Paul was hoping heíd have them done by the end of the year, but I donít know.

RODNEY: Is he going to finish all of them before he releases any of them?

MARY: Yes. Heís going through all of them and is going to release them in one big block and put them out on both the websites.

Itís a long process, because back then we didnít make footnotes. Thereís a lot of gaps in things, where Elias would talk to us about something and we would all know what he was talking about because we had all been discussing it before the session started, but somebody reading it now wouldnít have a clue. So Paulís going through it and trying to contact me, Ron, Cathy, and Jim Ė people that were there Ė picking our brains about what was going on.

Itís really hard to remember all that was going on back then Ė unless it was some event, like the bat. (Laughs) We had a bat in a session one time. Everybody left the room and left me sitting there! (Laughter) Elias just kept talking, heís oblivious, he just kept on talking, and everybodyís one by one leaving the room because the batís flying around! He finally stopped because everybody left!

FEMALE: Were you videoing then?

MARY: Yes, yes we were at that point.

Any other questions before we get started?

FEMALE: As you go along learning all this stuff yourself and changing your own life through that, do you find you get more different abilities also, not just bringing Elias through, but yourself?

MARY: Actually, yes. I wouldnít go in the direction of psychic things, no. Iím sure I have those abilities just like everybody else does, but I donít know where they are so...

FEMALE: In awareness, then?

MARY: Yes, because I think over the last eight years I have kind of learned how to read energy a lot better. Iím pretty good at tuning into peopleís energy. In fact, for a while there I saw peopleís energy field so much that I had to turn it off because it was really distracting. Youíre talking to somebody and you see all these colors all around them. Itís like, ďWhat were you saying?Ē (Laughter) I taught myself how to turn that piece off, because itís distracting.

In group situations like this, Iíve learned how to buffer so that I donít pick up anything from people, because itís really difficult and it feels like ten thousand energy balls thrown at me. When Iím with people one on one, itís become pretty easy for me to feel out their energy and figure out ... itís not like mind reading or anything, but you kind of get an idea where somebodyís at and what their personalityís like, and you can pick up fear things and a lot of different stuff. Itís kind of interesting. You can also pick up knowing which people are Swiss cheese people! (Laughs)

FEMALE: Swiss cheese people?

MARY: Swiss cheese people are people that have all these holes in their energy field because theyíre trying to be something that theyíre not, and so they camouflage themselves. When you look at their energy field, their aura around them, it has holes in it and they look like Swiss cheese. (Laughing)

LYNDA: Itís not what youíd call a high-level cosmic definition! (Much laughter)

MARY: So thatís it? Nobody has any other questions about anything?

SANDY: Is this entity available to you at your will, or are you available at his will?

MARY: The first one. That also was a point that he made in the very beginning, because I myself, along with the rest of the people who were participating in this little group we had, thought that it was the other way around, that it was him making the choices. He kind of made a point with us one time to show me that it is my choice.

We were at Vickiís house doing a session and the cat jumped on the piano, and Elias popped out. It was very quiet in the room at that point; the cat scared everybody in the room when it jumped on the piano, and Elias popped out. I felt scared but I didnít know why because I didnít hear the piano, but I felt scared along with everybody else. Everybody else told me that the cat had jumped on the piano and scared everybody. When Elias came back in, he explained he did that on purpose to show that itís my choice and that if I donít want to do this, that would be it.

In the beginning I used to get ... I was so suggestible. The way that it first started was with a meditation, and so whenever Vicki and I would go to anything or be around people who were trying to do visualization or meditation or whatever, Iíd start to drift and then this would happen. She was constantly jabbing me, going, ďGet out of the room, donít do it here!Ē (Laughing) ďWeíre in a restaurant now, not here!Ē (Laughter) It was a little bit weird. I would start to drift and as soon as Iíd start to drift this would all happen again. I thought he would just come whenever he wanted to and that I didnít have any control over it, but that ended up not being the case.

CAROLE: I want to share something about what youíre talking about. This was early on, and we were at Vickiís. It was real late at night, and you, I, and Vicki were talking. This thing was happening to me, and it was freaking me out so I had to say something. What happened was all the thoughts were leaving my head. It was like I was going into this vacuum, and I couldnít string a sentence together. It was like my brain and my thoughts and my feelings, everything, kept getting wiped out. So I described what was going on, and you said to me, ďThatís because Elias is around so heavy right now, and he wants to come in and I wonít let him.Ē (Laughter)

MARY: Right, I remember. That used to happen, too. He would get really, really strong energy sometimes, and sometimes I would even get a headache because it would just be so strong, and everybody in the proximity could feel it. It was WHOA! Big energy happening!

RODNEY: It appears to me youíve had people ask Elias questions for you. Does that imply that you donít direct questions to him yourself?

MARY: No, I donít. I canít.

RODNEY: So you make no opportunity to communicate with him?


FEMALE: What about in dreams? I read in the sessions sometimes that people see him.

MARY: No Ė everybody else does, not me! Iím the only one that doesnít get to interact with him at all.

FEMALE: You get the direct feeling of it, though, which is pretty cool.

MARY: I get the energy of it, which itís debatable about whether thatís cool or not! (Laughter) Because itís pretty strong and it can be really intense. But as far as directly interacting with him, no, I never have.

RODNEY: Some of the comments you made last night led me to believe that you probably didnít.

MARY: The only way I would be able to is to have somebody else ask a question for me, but normally I donít do that too much.

MALE: Does it take anything out of you afterwards, physically?

MARY: Yes, but not initially. Usually for at least a couple of hours after a group session Iím pretty buzzing. Iím like super energized. Itís like 15 cups of coffee! But then there is a drop point where it all just crashes and burns, and Iím like a wet noodle. But yes, it does take stuff out of you.

FEMALE: He works your hands, too.

MARY: Yes, he does. The way the energy comes through my body, it tenses up most of my muscles and so I usually get really sore shoulders, and he does have a tendency to squeeze my hands a lot. Heís got a pretty good grip, too, which gets a little uncomfortable sometimes. But itís worth it. I donít do these group sessions that often anymore.

FEMALE: Because itís much more energy when itís a group of people, right?

MARY: Oh, huge! Huge.

FEMALE: As opposed to a single person.

MARY: Well, what you have to understand is that every person here is putting out a certain amount of energy, and Elias is coming through and heís matching the energy of every person in the room. All of the energy that you all are projecting, that same volume is coming through to match all of the energy of all of you. So thatís a pretty big energy, and that gives you a pretty wiped-out feeling later on, when it all goes away. (Laughing)

Anything else? Okay, for the benefit of the people who havenít been to a group session before, it only takes him between 10 and 30 seconds to come through. Thereís no theatrics Ė no aliens are popping out of my stomach or anything! Heís not going to jump up and yell!

All right, weíll get started. Iíll see you on the break!

(Elias arrives. See session 1368 for the transcription of the session.)

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