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Elias ‘‘gems’’

NATASHA: “I have a question I didn’t ask you in my previous sessions; I forgot, so I want to ask it now. Why am I drawn so much to water? Is it a matter of preference in this focus, or do I have something in other focuses that I dealt in water or lived in the water or something?”

ELIAS: “Both. You incorporate a preference in this focus and that is the reason that you draw other focuses and the energy of other focuses into a reinforcement of your experience in this focus.

“In other focuses you incorporate an affinity to water in association with accomplishments, sports, and also in a genuine lack of separation in recognizing your interconnectedness to a symbol that represents life. And I may also express to you that you incorporate a focus as whale.”

NATASHA: “Thank you very much.”

ELIAS: “You are quite welcome.” [session 1468, November 08, 2003]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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