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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Your signature color is actually a translation of a vibrational quality which is exhibited by the essence, which translates within your physical dimension as a color which represents the vibrational quality of that particular essence.

“The focus color is the color that you generate in this focus that signifies your energy, its general expression of energy. You project different vibrational qualities which translate into different colors through your different energy centers and these project energy outwardly to your energy field.

“Now; your color expression, which is generated by your energy centers, is superposed upon the color expression which is generated by you within your energy field, as the expression of you within your totality, so to speak, of this focus. It is a vibrational quality. Each individual expresses a particular vibrational quality which translates into a color.” [session 994, January 22, 2002]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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