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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“... all of your manifestations are simultaneous. Therefore, you are not engaging reincarnation. You are not re-manifesting again and again. This focus that you incorporate presently is unique to itself and may not be recreated, for it is uniquely your expression. The identification of a final focus or that which is interpreted as a continuing focus or a beginning focus are merely designations of position.

“A beginning focus is that which occupies the position of initiating all of the manifestations within one dimension. They all occur simultaneously, regardless of your linear time frameworks.

“A final focus is also a designation of position, that focus which generates the signal to disengage all of the focuses within a particular physical dimension. It is not necessarily what you may term in linear time to be the last focus in time frameworks, for you incorporate future focuses of yourself. This matters not, for you are designated as a position, a signal, rather than a time framework.

“A continuing focus identifies themselves as not incorporating the role or the position of the signal of being the initiating focus or the disengaging focus.

“... There are certain qualities expressed objectively within a beginning focus or a final focus that are quite obvious in the perceptions of these individuals. There is a definite recognition of their designation. There is no question within these individuals, regardless of the beliefs that may be surrounding that identification. They may be interpreted in relation to reincarnation, in which the individual may express, ‘I am the last manifestation of myself.’ They may be expressed in the beliefs that the individual is the ONLY manifestation, and there is no continuation in this reality beyond this one expression. It may be interpreted in relation to what you view as atheism, that there shall be no continuation of consciousness beyond this physical manifestation.

“... Many individuals as a designated final focus create this type of association and create a strong motivation in that type of direction of their attention. Many individuals that are the designated final focus incorporate what they interpret as a fatigue with this physical expression, an anxiousness to be, in their interpretation, ‘moving beyond.’ Although, I shall with you – as I do with other individuals, although not quite as strongly with you – caution you in this type of creation or association, that in directing your attention in those manners, you also deny yourself the appreciation of what you are engaging now.” [session 854, June 17, 2001]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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