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Elias ‘‘gems’’

DON: “This has been great. Again, it’s felt to me fairly recently, maybe over the last few months, that what I’ve been thinking of as my skepticism of some of the things you’ve had to say really now feels like it’s because the literal interpretation I’ve been making of some of what you’ve had to say just doesn’t comport with the conceptualizations I’ve had for years.”

ELIAS: “I am quite understanding, and in this, what you are conceptualizing is more accurate. But I may express to you, as I have previously with other individuals, it is challenging to be offering this information to all of you in increments that you may be understanding as you widen your awareness and to be accurately offering these concepts to you within the limitations of your language – and not merely your language, but also in association with how you automatically process information in regard to what is known to you within your physical dimension.

“Now; I am aware that some individuals do express some skepticism in the information that I offer to you, for they view it to be at times inconsistent. But what these individuals are not recognizing yet is that as you all continue to widen your awareness, I also am allowed, in a manner of speaking, to broaden the information that I offer to you, and I may express to you more of the abstract and more of what is not absolute. For in your widening of awareness in increments, you begin to allow yourselves a greater understanding and knowing of what I am offering to you in these concepts.

“But I also, in compliance with each of you, offer information only to the capacity that you are allowing within your objective understanding within any time framework. As you widen more and as you generate more experiences in conjunction with your inner senses and your objective experiences, you engage conversation with myself and your questions change, and the responses to your questions change, for you are allowing yourself more of a capacity to assimilate” [session 1484, December 23, 2003]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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